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  1. Apple TV 3rd Gen model a1469

    Hello, I've sent you a PM
  2. Sorry about that, I misunderstood. If you want thai characters on the right column you would need to change your phone's language to thai. I'm not able to attach a picture for some reason to give you an example.
  3. You don't need to change the phone's language but rather just add a thai keyboard. How to add a built-in keyboard Launch Settings from your Home screen. Tap on the General button. Swipe up to scroll down the menu. Tap on Keyboard. Tap on the Keyboards button. Tap on Add New Keyboard. Swipe up to scroll down the list of options. Tap on the keyboard you want to select. Switch between keyboards using the globe symbol on the keyboard.
  4. I'd be happy to explore this option further, was this 700 meters of fiber that you ran? Can you share where you sourced the cable itself?
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. My current plan is True Cable and it is provided via coax cable to the condo. Valid point about not having the capacity - that being said, I'd be happy with an outside run.
  6. I agree! - It makes no sense. I have had TOT, 3BB and AIS all run fiber to other houses / condos without issue as far as the length of the run from the main road. The only differentiation here that I can tell is that this run is going up to the 5th floor vs. out to a main road. To my mind it's the same length of cable either way, perhaps less than previous runs they've done for me in the past without any issue. I asked them for a quote to run it or to just send a guy with plenty of fiber and I'd sort it out with him and they specifically said they cannot run it higher than the 3rd floor. When I asked for more detail I got "sir, we cannot. Can only chan saam" aka third floor. So, it seems they refuse to quote it or even set install appointment knowing I am on the 5th floor. I also have service with them at other properties and have been a customer for years, they don't seem to care. If anybody else has any other ideas, please let me know.
  7. I could have sworn I read a similar story here before - tried to search but the search function seems a bit flaky at the moment. After weeks of unusable service from True, we are interested in switching to 3bb fiber but currently stay on the 5th floor of an 8 floor condo. 3bb says they can take it up to the 3rd floor and it's our responsibility to get it up the remaining 2 floors. I'm happy to pay cash to anyone that can take it up the extra 2 floors. I spoke to the juristic person at the condo and he said he would try to find somebody as well but I'd rather get it done sooner vs. later. My questions are as follows.... 1. Does anyone know a fiber tech or somebody that works for 3bb, TRUE, etc or a company that would have the skills / tools needed and could do this job? Location in Silom area of Bkk. If so, kindly PM me their contact info. 2. Has anyone had any similar experience with placing the order and getting the installer out and then giving him a few quid to extend the line the additional 2 floors? Any help or advice is appreciated.
  8. As them to swap out the technicolor for a Cisco EPC3928, which they'll do for free. Once you get the Cisco login using admin password Navigate to Administration - management - working mode and change to "bridge only"
  9. I tried a search but the forum search feature seems to be a bit "off" right now. If somebody was to buy a number plate in Bangkok, what would the process be to use that plate on previously registered motorbike in Phuket? What paperwork would be required with this process? Primary residence would be in Phuket but also have an address in Bangkok if that helps at all. Bike is currently registered and taxes paid with existing (phuket) plate in phuket at phuket DLT. What would the process be to 1. *** Legally *** use the plate on the motorbike in Phuket 2. Pay yearly taxes - i.e. where would this need to be done? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Thailand Elite

    Yes, quite a lot of us. We like the convenience and hassle free way of life. Permit free travel, the cars to and from the airport, expedidated immigration services and knowing we have 5 years or whatever package you choose of not needing ever to deal with immigration. If you live in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chang Mai or Phuket, even your 90 day reports are taken care of for you should you wish them to be. Are you sure they will take care of 90 day reports outside of bangkok? Last I heard it was only for people living in Bangkok.
  11. AIS to True

    The old providers do tend to drag their feet, regardless of which provider it is, in my experience. Might I suggest you go to the true shop one last time and ask them to display your account info on their computer screen. Take a photo of this screen and email it to AIS and ask them to retry the port request. In my experience this helps with the following A) You know and AIS is informed on the proper spelling *and spacing* of your name on the True side. For example, if you use a middle name it could be written in the first name or last name fields on True's system and that could cause the port to fail because the names, spelling and spacing need to be identical on both AIS and True's systems. You have a record of the port request and it makes following up easier. Also, you can have your wife call and she can reference the email if the time comes that you get frustrated and need her assistance. I've successfully ported numbers to / from / between AIS, DTAC and True and the shortest time to complete was 2 days while the longest was just shy of 2 months. On that particular occasion the old provider had me incorrectly flagged as being under a contract and not eligible to port out. It took several trips to the old provider and more calls / emails than I care to admit but it eventually got done. There was a reference to some governing body of some sort that AIS could report True's uncooperative behavior to in order to help things move along but I didn't understand how that worked. It was brought up to me by my new provider in the 2 month port I mentioned above. Just something you might want to ask about. Sorry I don't have more specific info. It's a pain in the @ss but keep at it and don't give up. Good luck
  12. Any Firefox experts here?