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  1. HoudiniXLogic

    I Noticed A Guy Staring At My Old Honda 2 Stroke.

    Its so funny about Thai people and buying and selling bikes. I remember a few years ago a friend of mine got a 92 VFR400 and the first day him and me were testing out the bike. We went out to the noodle stall and parked the bike next to the table. Some dudes came by and took a look and they're already asking if my buddy was gonna sell it. It eventually got to a point where my buddy made a sticker saying "not for sale, please dont ask" and stuck it on his bike.
  2. HoudiniXLogic

    Route 66 Club Bans Ladyboys

    Route66's main target customer is Thai university kids, not farangs but you do see some that venture into there anyways.
  3. HoudiniXLogic

    Isn't Smoking In Restaurants Illegal?

    As a smoker myself, I've always enjoyed my cigarettes more while outdoors.
  4. or should i say my buddy bribed a policeman 60,000 baht at ekkamai for a bunch of pot, and one week later the police officer makes headline news. is that vague enough? thats all I can make it because its common knowledge in sukhumvit that its the thonglor station that patrols ekkamai bus station.
  5. HoudiniXLogic

    How Does The Law Stand On This ?

    Stay out of it. Putting your nose deeper into the subject will only cause trouble for yourself. I know for a fact that a lot of Thai's are not for adoption, so them finding "a baby in the street and keeping it" is a happy jokey way of them saying "look, a relative of ours made a mess, and we're forced to take care of it". But from what you've been posting, they would consider you the nosy farang and shun you even more.
  6. HoudiniXLogic

    How To Deal With Loan Sharks In Thailand?

    Oh man, those of you with Thai wives should probably do what my dad did. Basically raised me full well knowing how parasitic the Thai side of my family is. I guess my mom only got less parasitic when the old man passed away when she realised that she now had to take care of me, and the fact that I got the better share of the will also. Well she dealt with that pretty fine and didnt flip out, and we had a mutual understanding of each other. She started using money more wisely now that there was a limit to it (even though it was up there in the million baht mark), and I started having to deal with BS. Luckily for my dad, mom, and me, my half brother (from thai moms marriage) is more independent and not lazy, and the only thing my dad payed for him was his tuition to university. Well the grandma's, the uncle, the "distant" relative, those are the leechers. Grandma just leaches from the whole family. Makes everybody feel bad and forces them to give some money to her. She doesnt use it for anything. The uncle's got a good job, working in a managerial position for a reputable company, except for the fact that him and his son are trying to get into the golf clique, and have spent a good portion on golf equipment....hi-so wannabes. As for the cousin's and distant relatives in the upcountry...everytime I visit there with my mom, I'm always confronted with them. When I was a kid, they'd tease me for being a farangs kid and not being full Thai. Well times have changed, I've grown up with an education, while they're pretending to be fixing motorbikes. So these days If they ask me to pay for something, I'll remind them of what they did and make them apologise in public, and I'll give the ultimate disrespect and pat their head. It makes you question your ownself when you do this, but it does get fun at times.