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  1. HoudiniXLogic

    Thailand Fishing

    Work permit will work just fine.
  2. HoudiniXLogic

    Thailand Fishing

    Noomfish456 https://www.facebook.com/Noomfish456/ basically a cheaper version of Bung Samran and they charge Thais and Foreigners the same (250 baht per rod). As far as I know, theres the usual Striped and Mekong catfish, Redtail Catfish, a bunch of carp (even koi) but I dont think they have Alligator Gar or Arapaima there. A much lower chance of breaking your rods. Bung Maruay https://m.facebook.com/บ่อตกปลาบึงขวางฟิชชิ่งปาร์ค-426124917408600/ A fishing park that mainly caters to Thai people and isnt too expensive, but you might have some communication problems. Bung Tepa aka J Ang Fishing Park https://m.facebook.com/J.eng.Fishingpark/ Basically they specialise in the Chao Phraya Giant Catfish (Pla Tepa). You can use deadbait there.
  3. HoudiniXLogic

    Safety question in SiRacha

    Fish at the rocks by the skatepark. Also the theft you should be more worried aboutis your car/motorbike being broken into/stolen rather than someone attacking you while youre fishing.
  4. HoudiniXLogic

    Best Fishing Park ?

    Ummm I hate to burst your bubble but Bungsamran, even at the farang price, is still cheaper than Jurassic or Gillhams. There are also differences with bait methods and presentation although neither place allows you to bring outside bait (you must buy the bait at the venue). Jurassic doesnt allow outsiders to bring their own rods and rigs without prior permission, but at Bungsamran you can bring almost any rig you want as long as youre targeting Catfish and Carp species (predatory species are a different story there). The Arapaima arent included in the initial price at BSR, thats a 20,000 baht story right there. I think Jurassic alligns itself with some UK Carp fishing association or something like that
  5. HoudiniXLogic

    Bait and lures for fresh water fish

    Go to Kanchanaburi and fish the reserviors for Snakeheads and Hampala Barb. If youre lucky you might catch a Giant featherback. Nan river in phitsanulok for Goonch species catfish (Bagarius species) Even in fishing parks, if theyre not uptight with rules and let you fish whatever rig or bait, go cover the weedy areas by the side with your lure (some kind of imitation frog) and youll get snakeheads.
  6. HoudiniXLogic

    Baitcasting vs Spinning

    Lovely lake!! My moms compound in Rangsit has a lake there thats stocked with a bunch of aquarium dumps from the tenants in the mooban. When I was younger, all the guards were cool with me fishing in front of the “no fishing” sign. Once I was around 16 they werent ok with it anymore....a new head guard came and tried to take my rod (which I refused) and that was the end of that. TBH I never fell in love with LM Bass fishing....probably because I found the beauty in trout fishing first. I cant see a stream without thinking about fishing in Colorado.
  7. HoudiniXLogic

    Baitcasting vs Spinning

    Lol for better or for worse, you really remind me of my dad with your last paragraph (RIP to my old man). He really loved to go fishing in Kanchannaburi (Purposely misspelled. I always associate Kanchanaburi with Snakeheads aka scientific name Channa). I still remember going on a boat in the Srinakarin reservoir. Nobody caught anything that day, not even the guides. On the cruise back to the resort, my dad asked them to drive the boat slower and he trolled two spoons behind the boat (dont know how far I just remember that it was almost half a spool of the Penn 210 in the water). All the guides kept saying “mai dai alai lokk”(you’re not gonna catch anything), but they werent gonna say no to a 200 baht tip from a farang fisherman. Anyways about 10 minutes in and the reel screamed. He fought and pulled in a HUGE Hampala Barb weighing at 7 kilos (weighed it), and another one which was almost 5 kilos. The guides were in disbelief. Whole way back they were talking about how they gotta try trolling lures.
  8. HoudiniXLogic

    Baitcasting vs Spinning

    I almost always prefer to use conventional reels at Bungsamran when fishing for the Pla Beuks. I just prefer it more and dont really mind dealing with the occasional birds nest, but as I get more used to the reel it happens less and less. Recently I got the FC Monster Mariner IV and that rod is way more suited for new BSR than the first 3 Mariners (all of them were 5’ while the new one is 5’6”) and casts further, I have the III and IV and tested it side by side. (they designed this rod specifically for this pond). The spiral guides are a nice bonus. The reel I use is a Penn Fathom 30 Lever Drag 2 Speed with 80lb mono backing, 50lb braid mainline, and 7-8 meters of 60lb mono top shot (the mono after the float helps sink the braid). I recently got a spinning set up to use with my girlfriend. FC monster H20 with a Penn Slammer III reel. She already knows how to fish so thats awesome, she just wont bother learning to use an overhead reel. She prefers sea fishing from a boat and the shrimp pond fishing with ultra-light Chinglew-style tackle, but recently shes expressed interest in trying out BSR properly. Had also been thinking of a good spinning setup but havent found a reason to pull the trigger until this. Oh and how the Thais afford those high end Accurate reels? Credit Card debt and they sell it off to pay off the debt when they cant afford to finance it anymore...and end up getting a much cheaper and durable reel... or stop completely when the wife considers it too “bhaab”.
  9. HoudiniXLogic

    Activity in the Middle of a Lake.

    If theres noone fishing there then it might be a no fishing pond on private property. The owner is probably a very religious Buddhist person (not gonna get into that). But as Jack above said, its unlikely to be Krasoob/Hampala Barb as isolated ponds cant support that, so the best possibility is probably snakeheads.
  10. HoudiniXLogic

    Fishing pond near future park

    probably too late but เจ.ซี. ฟิชชิ่งปาร์ค 814 ถนนรังสิต-นครนายก ตำบลประชาธิปัตย์ Amphoe Thanyaburi, Chang Wat Pathum Thani 12130 082 009 3039 https://goo.gl/maps/QntaTn4nd582 Here is a place for Chao Phraya Giant Catfish aka Bung Tepa (prounounced Tay-Pahh) บึงเทพาฟิชชิ่งปาร์ค บ่อตกปลาเจ๊เอ็ง บ่อตกปลาเจ๊เอ็ง 65/2 หมู่1 สามโคก Chang Wat Pathum Thani 12160 089 687 3113 https://goo.gl/maps/bm5otf8kSVz i was JUST told about it by a Thai fishing buddy.
  11. HoudiniXLogic

    Free fishing Pattaya area

    Well.... you can say that I was fishing before I was born.... I was shown an old photo of my mom pregnant with me and handlining for seabream or small mackarel. I remember being around lots of tackle as a kid, I guess I was around 5 or 6 when I was actually starting fishing. Fished almost every weekend with my dad, at least twice a month regardless of weather, did that until my dad passed away when I was 15. After he passed away, I didnt get to go out fishing much, and after I turned 18 I barely touched a rod... aside from school and working, my free time was doing pretty much what other 18 to 25 year olds are doing - partying and chasing girls.... so in a sense I never stopped fishing, just changed from getting fish to getting girls. Even though at that time I wasnt an avid angler, I always had a rod and reel plus a tackle box close by. But I was mountain biking and skateboarding a lot, and didnt have a car, but probably once a year my friends would want a Bungsamran trip and I was pretty much the guy who had the tackle for it (FC Monster Mariner rod with my dads old Penn 210 reel loaded with 50 lb mono)... I updated my rods but I was too attached to that reel. Until earlier this year I finally purchased my first car, and for the last 6 months I have been going out fishing almost every weekend (and also spending an ungodly ammount on fishing gear also). Ive also now started to work and maintain my own gear, which thanks to building my own mountain bike wheels Ive somehow acquired the patience to properly dissassemble and reassemble a fishing reel. Even during the “hiatus”, if I saw a body of water, the first thing I always thought of was fishing there. In summary, basically fished from 5-15, stopped from 15 till 30 except for sparse trips, now 30 with a car and fully back into it.
  12. HoudiniXLogic

    Free fishing Pattaya area

    Nong Pla Lhai Pluak Daeng District, Rayong 21140 https://goo.gl/maps/mKcdnJ4Ak8C2 Dok Krai Rayong https://goo.gl/maps/VdAXp3N3NeN2 Klong Yai Reservoir Lahan, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong 21140 https://goo.gl/maps/FH9pNmsFVSD2 อ่างเก็บน้ำห้วยชากนอก Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150 https://goo.gl/maps/rKvU1bAiNBn Here are some places that I found. Check in the photos (on Google Maps) and I see rod set ups and people posing with their catch.
  13. HoudiniXLogic

    Free fishing Pattaya area

    Oh also you can fish at the Dok Krai reservoir, the local Thais do that. If not then close by theres also Nong Pla Lhai. Those are natural reservoirs near the Pattaya, although its actually in Rayong.
  14. HoudiniXLogic

    Free fishing Pattaya area

    A little bit too far, I'm looking for something around Pattaya. I've passed a couple whilst cycling where i see Thais fishing with multiple rods, i need to check these out next time i pass. The thing that occurred to me is whether Soi dogs are a problem which would ruin the experience Ah those Thais with a bunch of rods, they’re actually bottom fishing mainly for carp/barb species. Alternating baits between bread, rice husk, and the occasional earthworms if the fishing shop has them in stock. It really depends with the soi dogs, but I wouldnt fish near a spot where a local old lady feeds the soi dogs. Although being a dog owner for all of my life I know my way around soi dogs and have faced off more than a few packs, I would not advise anyone to take the risks I do. also “pla gin dee mai?” = fish takin the bait? ”dai gee tua wan nee?” = how many fish you caught today? “Ohooo size dee mak” = Good size! “Size waan waan” = Tiny fish ”Mee taa size waan waan” = Only tiny fish here “Size rub kaek” = Good size to start the day off
  15. HoudiniXLogic

    Free fishing Pattaya area

    Well you can float fish the irrigation canals (NOT KLONGS). Usually on the way to BSR theres some good natural spots (but no fisherman stops there because BSR mission). Theres this one spot Sunflower Bangkok Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Khwaeng Lat Phrao, Khet Lat Phrao, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10230 https://goo.gl/maps/GEtT8urwPFQ2 I see a lot of thai people fishing there using floats and bait, or artificial lures.