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  1. It's a pub at Lamai Beach, not the O2... They are ok for a holiday venue having a few beers.
  2. They still play a number of nights every week at The Shamrock. Still pretty decent
  3. Due to age and height I only go Business now and for the last 3 years have flown Finnair. Very reasonable cost and it's not a long stopover. Looking forward to the new A350 this year. However, being honest I would prefer a direct and have noticed EVA sales that come much closer in cost so this year have used up most of my points for a economy/upgraded to Business on Finnair and may go with EVA next.
  4. Just flown Finnair business class, 3 bags allowed , Yep, you're right. Were you on the A350 ?
  5. Finnair business is always reasonably priced and you get an allowance of a couple of bags.
  6. Are you equating the law abiding ladyboys with rabid soi dogs? Tough question that
  7. The queue for the EEC automatic gates was massive when I arrived back last month. Took around 40 mins to get through.
  8. Dogs or Ladyboys ?
  9. Have been going to Lamai Beach for the past 10 years and it one of my biggest pet hates. If you walk along the beach there seem to be dogs everywhere. Then they appear in the Main Street at night. All rather unpleasant. Get rid of them and ladyboys on motor bikes, they seem to appear out of nowhere, and it will be a much nicer place.
  10. You could be right. This is my 10th year coming to Lamai and I have never seen the bars so empty. They also seem to stay open as long as there are punters. I was walking back at 0330 last night and loads were still open with music playing. Definitely a change of tourist type though I am sure that will change next month. Speaking to a bar owner, they all seem to be banking on a good Dec and Jan.
  11. I got a business flight to BKK for £1400 on Finnair. Had I waited a while I got an email from EVA quoting £1600 up to 20th Dec I think it was. Some deals are out there.
  12. Agreed. I would cut out the first BKK bit and maybe Phuket. Go straight to Pattaya when you arrive.
  13. I have flown with AY a few times, last being Nov 2014. It was not flat going out but was coming back. Have booked again for Nov and on seat allocations it suggests it's the new A330 but it may of course change. You can't compare it to BA business but it's certainly a level up from premium economy. I paid £1400. I wouldn't use them if on business but it works for me going on holiday.
  14. I have been to the one in Lamai before and it was on a Sunday
  15. I used to get a bug for a day so I now always have Thai food spicy. If it's not I add chilli. No idea if that works but I have been ok for the last 6 or so visits.