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  1. rodknock

    Colonoscopy cost and recommendation

    sukhumvit hospital(ekkami) has a package gastroscopy and colonoscopy for 25,000baht. i have had 2 done there and very pleased with the doctor and hospital staff.
  2. rodknock

    Denture adhesive - Polident rip off

    i use fixodent. originally purchased from ebay. i now go back to the us once a year and stock up. polident is made in Thailand, probably why you can not get another brand. funny, polident is cheaper in the U.S. than Thailand.
  3. rodknock

    Skytrain delays till year-end: operator

    tuesday 26/06/18 am good old skytrain busted again!!! do these so called technicians have a clue what they are doing????
  4. rodknock

    testosterone lab charge

    what is an average price for a testosterone with free testosterone lab charge be in Bangkok?
  5. rodknock

    knee replacement

    in the Bangkok area who is the best doctors to do replacement on an 80 year old woman?
  6. i laugh every time i go shopping. wow, they know how to use a lot of plastic bags. Thailand complains about all the waste. unfortunately they are a third world country with no concept of recycling. in the us every grocery store has barrels to recycle plastics, bags,bottles and Styrofoam housing garbage collection has 2 garbage barrels, one garbage and one recycle. there is a total lack of trash barrels all over Bangkok, so what do they do, throw it on the ground or in the water. the government blames the Styrofoam, the issue is they have no concept of recycling or an adequate amount of trash cans or barrels. the Styrofoam is not a problem it is the PEOPLE who do not care. on the upper deck of every sky train station there is not one garbage bin, so people throw it and the same goes for the bts. the only trash receptacles are at the change window. it is such a shame Bangkok is such a dirty, filthy city. the government needs to get it together to teach and have facilities for recycling and trash. instead they waste the peoples money on defunct items, buses, radar guns, explosive detectors, blimp, fire engines, air craft carrier, judges housing and many other items. i live here and i call Bangkok my home but i am disappointed to see the lack of thought that goes on.
  7. has any one else noticed that the lower half of craigs list is not showing up. personals, resumes etc.
  8. rodknock

    Good dentist On Nut/Phra Khanong

    asavanant dental clinic. asavanant.com i have used them for a number of years. fair prices and good service. they are located close to tong lo bts station. hope this helps
  9. rodknock

    available meds

    is albuterol inhaler available in Thailand otc. or other brand. is mometasone furoate inhaler available otc. or other brand.