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  1. explain to me

    i read that the government allocated a financial aid package to fund the 300 baht welfare cards for 11million people of 41.9billion baht. by my math if you multiply 11milionX300(not every one gets 300baht, some get 200baht. i used 300baht)=3,300,000,000baht. where does the rest of the 41.9billion baht GO?
  2. Prices for Uloric or Febuxostat 40/80mg

    if you are not having a flair up, why not see about going on allopurinol? it keeps the flair up's away. i have been on it for years, 300mg. a day
  3. i am allergic to omeprazole. if i take it i turn fire engine red and itch all over. i use prevacid fdt 30 when necessary and no allergic reaction.
  4. Alcohol ban for royal cremation

    i know of one bar in soi cowboy that will be closed the 25th,26th and 27th. i would assume all the bars will be closed. went to cowboy last night and all the big signs were turned off.
  5. Random Urine-testing Returns To Asoke

    i thought you were only required to do a piss test at a police station?
  6. what do you expect!! overcharge ha-ha, something new!!! who is going to do anything about it, the police, ha-ha!!! just another day in LOS(land of Scams)
  7. Mail Order Generic Sidalis

    you can buy sidegra(viagra) in Thailand and is very cheap. i paid 165baht for package of 4 100mg. last time i purchased.
  8. waste of money

    wow, they are building a skywalk from udomsuk to bangna. i guess all the 7-11 stores and family mart stores will want access to the skywalk as there is nothing else worth while. what a waste of money. somebody got a nice brown bag!!
  9. Knee Replacement

    my knee replacement was done in the U.S. in 2010 i was an auto technician for 30 years and just beat my knees. i had one done and the other done 3 months later. i was lucky and had mine done through medicare, cost me $800.00 for both knees and included rehab. facility. keep an open mind and be positive!! most people who complain about issues after replacement were not serious about physical therapy. i have 0 pain i go bowling 2-3 times a week with no problems.
  10. Knee Replacement

    i have had booth knees replaced. all i can say is physical therapy is the most important part of knee replacement. you need to keep doing it. i still walk in the swimming pool where i live and walk forward and backwards to exercise my knees.
  11. foot and ankle

    went to bumrungrad thursday aug. 31 to pick up inserts. doc. fitted inserts went to cashier "no charge", wow inserts are helping alot.
  12. Deep vein Thrombosis

    i use compressionstockings.com in the us. they ship world wide and are very reasonable. i wear medivan assure closed toe 30-40 in large. these were prescribed for me when i had my dvt,
  13. Deep vein Thrombosis

    forgot, let me add, have you or your doctor ever mentioned a vena cava minor filter to help stop clots going to your lungs and on? might want to ask your doctor if you are a candidate for one. they are not 100%, but sure makes you confident. i have a Green Field Filter in me
  14. Deep vein Thrombosis

    most hospitals have an anticoagulant clinic now as it has become a major issue with stents, bypass and any heart surgery and any one can can geta dvd. just thought i would pass on MY information and experience. i find it easy to be on warfarin as i test weekly with my own tester. warfarin, coumadin is super cheap(generic) in thailand and is over the counter. good luck
  15. foot and ankle

    follow up saw a DR. Pantasak Tansakul at Bumrungrad hospital, his specialty is physical medicine and rehabilition. special clinical interests: prosthetics and orthotics. all i can say is this is an awesome doctor; he spent almost an hour going over my leg and foot movements and suggested therapy that can be done with a towel at home and orthotic shoe inserts and wear a boot to support the ankle. here is a breakdown of the charges, custom made inserts 5250baht, doctor fee 1200baht, nursing and opd 380baht. money well spent!! i know people have asked where they can get inserts made, here you are at a fair price.