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  1. does any one really believe he will resign, even tho he said he would. yielding power is like a drug, you can not give it up. there is only one person who can do anything and he is a BUDDY, so it will never happen. keep dreaming!!!
  2. Erectile Dysfunction

    bangkok hospital,somboon leungwattanakij m.d. in the urology center.
  3. Testosterone Therapy and Where to buy?

    at bangkok hospital, somboon leungwattanakij m.d. he is in the urology center. very good specializes in ed.
  4. Renewal of NON-O Retirement

    i do not understand how some one would move to a country and have no conception of the laws and rules for staying there!!!
  5. so the new no smoking on the beach law starts tomorrow. who is going to enforce it? they better put cctv on the beaches to see where the money goes!!
  6. Nebido cheap?

    good luck
  7. Gastric reflux treatment ?

    hi, if you are in the Bangkok area, i have a box of omepeazole of 99capsules you can have if you need them. exp.02-19. i took one and found out i am allergic to them.
  8. androgel

    does any one know where you can buy androgel in Bangkok.
  9. Health Clinic, Sukhumvit area

    dr. donna med consult located on soi 49 02-081-7855 very good service and very fair prices.
  10. Ten-pin Bowling places

    i forgot, any major bowl will be expensive. not sure of the sf prices(MBK), but the lanes are not maintained well.
  11. Ten-pin Bowling places

    if you go up to latphro road there is new star bowl at imperial world on the 7th. floor. good prices, they have 28lanes. the lanes are maintained well and they also have leagues.
  12. Thais working abroad prone to exploitation

    why not exploit thais over seas, they exploit all farangs in Thailands. monkey see,monkey do. so be it.
  13. lumbar mri

    thank you!!
  14. lumbar mri

    can any one give me the approximate cost of a lumbar mri with out contrast and also suggest a doctor and hospital in bangkok that is reasonable. back has flared up again and probably need shots or surgery, been on going for 20 years. have had at least 12 different types of back injections and also had a radio-frequency burn for a nerve. thanks.