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  1. Deep vein Thrombosis

    forgot, let me add, have you or your doctor ever mentioned a vena cava minor filter to help stop clots going to your lungs and on? might want to ask your doctor if you are a candidate for one. they are not 100%, but sure makes you confident. i have a Green Field Filter in me
  2. Deep vein Thrombosis

    most hospitals have an anticoagulant clinic now as it has become a major issue with stents, bypass and any heart surgery and any one can can geta dvd. just thought i would pass on MY information and experience. i find it easy to be on warfarin as i test weekly with my own tester. warfarin, coumadin is super cheap(generic) in thailand and is over the counter. good luck
  3. foot and ankle

    follow up saw a DR. Pantasak Tansakul at Bumrungrad hospital, his specialty is physical medicine and rehabilition. special clinical interests: prosthetics and orthotics. all i can say is this is an awesome doctor; he spent almost an hour going over my leg and foot movements and suggested therapy that can be done with a towel at home and orthotic shoe inserts and wear a boot to support the ankle. here is a breakdown of the charges, custom made inserts 5250baht, doctor fee 1200baht, nursing and opd 380baht. money well spent!! i know people have asked where they can get inserts made, here you are at a fair price.
  4. Deep vein Thrombosis

    i had a dvt in 2005, spent 3 weeks in hospital and then 4weeks rehabilitation hospital.. after dvt had vena cava minor filter(greenfield filter) inserted. i was put on disability and told i could not work anymore at my job, automotive technician as too easy to get hurt and have internal bleeding. am on warfarin for life and test weekly with own tester(rouche), maintain between 2-3 inr. wearing compression stockings is good and should be worn all the time except night time!! any questions feel free to ask.
  5. foot and ankle

    wow, saw DR. Bavornrit at Bumrungrat! awesome doctor, speaks fluent english. did xray of right foot. ends up my problem is flat footed and need new inserts. they make them there at Bumrungrad. i will follow up with price tomorrow. thank you Sheryl, your the best!! rodknock
  6. foot and ankle

    thank you very much, you are the best!!! rodknock
  7. foot and ankle

    looking for a foot and ankle doctor in bkk.
  8. Xarelto

    has your friend asked the doctor about a vena cava minor filter. it helps prevent clots passing to the lungs and heart. when i had my dvt in 2005 they did the filter on me. in 2010 i had to have knee replacements and doctor told me he would do it if i did not have the filter. i am on warfarin at home test weekly.
  9. if i was in the U.S. and returning to Thailand could i have an income affidavit notarized in the U.S. and use it at immigration or does it have to be from the embassy.
  10. HCT

    yes from sukhumvit before the big c
  11. if you are in the states, i would suggest getting a retirement visa there. in the long run it is much simpler. if you live on the west coast apply at the LA. consulate. you will need to get a doctors statement and a background check from the police. it was easy to get a retirement visa from them. you can get either a single or multiple entry. then all you have to do is a yearly extension of stay. you will also need to do 90 day reports, but they are easy. you can show ss income and savings combined to meet the 65,000baht requirement.
  12. dog and pony show way to add more to brown bag!!!
  13. when the rabbit card was coming out it was supposed to be good for the mrt also, NOT just another plan not planed well. this will fall on it's nose and they will try and blame someone!!!!!!!!! just give it time who gets the brown bags now?
  14. Nothing Done To Extradite 'Boss Red Bull'

    money talks and bullsh-t walks
  15. Arthritic Knees-"Synvisc-One"

    i had synvisc shots in the states. just remember they are a band-aid, does not repair any thing only a cushion. eventually had both knees replaced. shots do not work for every one and only last months.