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  1. Bank of Bangkok and my pension

    on that type of account they can not issue a debit card. you are required to go to the bank to get your money or transfer it to a regular account that issues a debit card. no there are no other banks that get direct deposit. you can still get a visa card, they have to order it and takes a week. you have to push them. make sure you tell them you need it to make purchases on line! the union pay card is useless and can not use for on line purchases. what i do is an ach transfer to bkk. bank in n.y. it takes 2business days to get to my account. it is cheaper than swift. it goes to a regular account not the locked direct deposit account. a little effort to set it up, but when done works great. the only time i have an issue is when a u.s. holiday is followed by a Thai. holiday when all the banks are closed.
  2. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    you forgot to give him a gun.
  3. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    same old s--t every year at holiday time, nothing changes. they have laws on the books, but the biggest breakers are the people who are supposed to enforce them. road law enforcement is a joke here!! just dog an pony show!!
  4. Blood Test for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    if you can pm me i can talk to you easier with suggestions.
  5. Blood Test for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    check out med consult clinic, dr. donna. very reasonable and good service in bkk. soi 49
  6. Arthritic Knees-"Synvisc-One"

    just remember you are throwing good money out that is only a temporary relieve if it works. the inevitable is you will need knee replacement. i went that route, arthroscopic cleaning on left knee. did shots on right knee. 6months later did shots again and one more time. had both knees replaced, awesome to be pain free and mobility. the hardest part of knee replacement is keeping a positive attitude and PHYSICAL THERAPY. i can not tell you how many people have complained about the surgery but did not due therapy. i still do therapy in the pool, walk forward and walk backwards 3/4 to 1hour a day. my knees were done in 2010 and i could not be happier.
  7. i need to use bangkok bank for ach transfer to bangkok bank in N.Y. that is the cheapest and reliable way to get my funds from my us. bank. as i said, they will still issue a visa card, it depends on the branch if they want to do the paper work. my branch on sukhumvit road said no longer give out. went to a branch in a big c and they were happy to help me. i have used siam commercial bank before and was happy with them. reason i left was only way to do transfer was swift which cost more.
  8. oh, siam commercial is a good bank, has visa and mastercard.
  9. yea, the union pay card is useless. went to tesco and big c and they did not accept it. totally useless. went to bangkok bank and they ordered me a new visa debit card. they do not "give" them out any more but you can order one. takes a week and even comes with your name on it.
  10. hey, you forgot about the aircraft carrier which is useless and the air ship that was a waist of money except to the people who received brown bags. oh how the s--t flows here.
  11. has any one been able to ascertain if we can or can not do 90 day report at imperial world, recently?
  12. Knee Replacement

    riding a motor bike is crazy after having your knees replaced. have you ever checked the price of a knee revision if you have problems with your knee(crash). yes it can happen to you!!
  13. Warfarin

    i have been on warfarin since a dvt in 2005. it is not expensive in Thailand. i also bought my own tester and test every week, simple. i feel more confident testing every week opposed to the other drugs where no testing is done. there was a driver in NASCAR who was on one of those drugs and sponsored by them, op's had a relapse and can no longer drive.
  14. Prices for Uloric or Febuxostat 40/80mg

    just want to add, i buy allopurinol 100tabs.,300mg for 180baht. very inexpensive here. i would talk to a doctor about it.
  15. Prices for Uloric or Febuxostat 40/80mg

    300mg. is what my doctor put me on in the U.S. i have thought about going to a lower dose, but it will probably be very hard to communicate with a Thai. doctor to reduce amount. i am afraid if i reduce the dosage i could get a flair up, and in no way do i want to go through that hell again.