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  1. Folks, almost any Bangkok Bank branch will open saving account for you with only visa exempt stamp and affidavit from your embassy (they calls it "reference letter" but really it is affidavit where you declare your address in Thailand and consul just notarises your signature). If you stay at the hotel or guesthouse just don't write hotel's name in address, it should looks like an apartment address in residential building. But bear in mind that if you need internet banking they will send letter with password by regular post.
  2. A lot of German folk songs sound like "fascist type", e.g. the song about New Year Tree. This is just distinctive language feature. What about swastika symbol, IMHO, Asian guys do not associate it with nazi but European apparently do. And if European guy has swastika tattoo especially combined with gothic sentences in German or Latin languages he most likely can be a member or supporter of nazi movement.