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  1. Learn to make the alcohol by yourself. We need the fields for better things than massively produce the drug of choice of alcoholics.
  2. Antisocial drugs like meth, heroin and alcohol should be heavily controlled. Drugs that can be grown should be free.
  3. The control of the South China Sea has cost the West a lot of blood. The Chinese will have to fight for any further concession, they should realize that the Hong Kong contract was an exception to the rule: land is never given back for free.
  4. You mean the governments that invite them and the credible companies like the ones that do the polls before elections? What studies do we need to prove that a group that lives separately and produces more offspring will inevitably try to take control as soon as it feels it has the power to do so? When logic, history, and current events "speak" so clearly, we should be taking action not making studies. Your post is a meme/ propaganda too, and if you are no Muslim you should ask yourself why are you so welcoming to a group that sees you as the Unbeliever/Khaffir and clearly does not reciprocate your welcoming.
  5. Phuket needs cameras everywhere. It has the money and can do it. It would make some drivers a bit more conscious.
  6. DeadBite

    Elderly Irish Man Jumps to His Death in Pattaya

    I hope this for hospitals in general, not just Thailand. Who really knows the extent of medical fraud or mistakes? Not even the families of the dead. Not easy to do with limited funds, but it would be good to double or triple check any serious diagnosis about our health.