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  1. Thank you Phuket Man, as per your saying we would need to prepare following documents: - My passport & copy ( with NON-IM B type visa) - My mother passport & copy ( with NON-IM O type visa ) - Proof of family relationship - Birth Certificate or any other document prooving family relationship - Application form Are there any other documents needed? Such as TM30 receipt of notification of staying, as my mother is currently staying at our place or any other that you would be aware of? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I have been living here in Thailand on a Business (B) Visa extension and Work permit for several years with my Thai wife to whom I am legally married here in Thailand. We are residing in Nonthaburi province. We have just got a child and we would like my mother to spend some time with us, half a year up to one year, to help us in taking care of our child. My mother is currently staying with us here in Nonthaburi province holding an O Type VISA with Single entry that is valid for only 3 months. Can anyone please advise if it is possible for her to extend her O Type single entry VISA from 3 months to a year, and what would be requirements / necessary documents for her to do so? Thank you in advance!