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  1. Krabi Town seeking studio/one broom to rent

    Thank you. I'll try. It's one month rent or more
  2. Krabi TOWN: couple want to rent studio/one bedroom with kitchen in Krabi town We have difficulty to find by Internet because all adv readdress to near tourist localities Any information ?
  3. most successfull stories are old. My experience in February has been frustrating and unsuccessful. (I had 3 months tourist visa) ''no one year visa? no bank account'' the answer of eight banks in PTY and Immigration does not give you any ''certificate of residence'' to show bank (I had regular rent contract from agency) Here other topic https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/964281-opening-bank-acc-trouble/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-11627087
  4. Economic recession in Pattaya?

    there is not comparison between Pattaya and NhaTrang beaches. I know well both. Couples or elderely arrive in PTY with false-confused information or men seek sex fun I just wrote how most russian tourists move. Another destination is Mexico
  5. Economic recession in Pattaya?

    we were in NhaTrang too, with my russian relatives. Russian tourists move to new destinations following others russian. Destination must have sea, sunshine, fish and piva (beer). Usually They do not know well the area where they will travel Most of them do not know one word of English and get all information from russian forums and most of them rent apartment from others russian people. Many are in NhaTrang as in Pattaya Wongamat area. You will see young couples with baby, try to walk on destroyed 'platform' and dirty beaches.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/230908950357612/permalink/1266435496804947/?sale_post_id=1266435496804947 fresh meat
  7. Economic recession in Pattaya?

    Go to Italy and try to live. Electricity bills Kw consumed+100% more of tax, water bills fix tax 64 Euro/six months+mc consumed, gas bill mc consumed+120% more of tax if you have your own central heating; condominium 200Euro/month ++; garbage for 100 sqm apartment 350 Euro/year and more depend which city; home tax :)) ; transport 1,5 Euro 60 minutes of public bus if they are not on strike; health assistance you could wait 13 months for a mammography in public hospital or pay a lot for private visit...and so on. Do you want to know more? That's why my wife and I, spend our winters in Thailand, like many Russian couples that do not care about bars and gogo girls
  8. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/SpecialServices/ForeignCustomers/Pages/Openinganaccountnew.aspx dead page
  9. Opening bank acc trouble

    Kasikorn: http://www.kasikornbank.com/EN/personal/Account/Pages/savings.aspx http://www.kasikornbank.com/EN/Corporate/CashManagement/DepositInvestmentSolutions/Pages/SavingDeposit.aspx All others Google links go to expired pages. Anyway I will try with other branch Documents required Natural person National ID card (Smart Card) Copy of House Registration (in case other ID cards are submitted) Birth certificate (if open to children)
  10. Opening bank acc trouble

    I will try once more. One year ago Jomtien answered: no one year visa? no cert.of residence
  11. Opening bank acc trouble

    My frustrated experience today at Central Festival Pattaya I have ''O non Imm'' and condo contract of 3 months: -Bangkok bank: you need Immigration document with proof of residence in P. -Kasikorn bank: you need immigration paper (??) -Krungthai: you need working visa They speak only few words of English, none full explanation. If I showed them my driving licence, probably same answers They do not want my money. Good luck