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  1. peter48

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    It certainly is for Brits in Thailand as the falling pound goes on and on and we get less baht per pound. Brexit is self harm and we have not reached leaving the EU yet and open tariff free market of those 500 million people. Its a constant crisis with less investment, relocation to Europe, and foreign companies preparing to exit the isolated UK which alone in Europe except Albania, Serbia wants to be alone. The price for Brits will be very high and there will be years of adjustment as pensions will be less likely to rise, rights of Brits to go to EU are lost, less tax revenues hit the NHS and services , foreign workers do not work in UK hospitality or warehouses /care homes. All this because less educated Brits swallowed the lies of UKIP and Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, supported by the Sun and Mail. The political and economic crises will worsen especially as May's government is fragile and Corbyn offers little comfort to voters. Move money when you can even the Bank of England are suggesting very low growth and high street jobs are now disappearing like snow in the desert. The world sold off sterling for one reason: bonkers Brexit.
  2. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    "a Thai girl I once knew, she always answered my questions with: »Don't think too much." Maybe that explains Thailand's weaker schooling system relative to the other Asian Tigers , its weaker high tech innovation , wealth and income inequality , its higher crime or its extremely higher accident rate and so on. Just an idea
  3. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    You are correct we are all seeking Therapy from failed Thai relationships and you are having to bear it . You are correct ...There are far worse problems, alcohol, madness, jealousy, crazy family, crazy step kids, money issues...as I said above if you are happy and your instincts say yes stay in good relationship. PS ...we are not all divorce lawyers seeking custom
  4. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    Compatibility - probably not a tick box but you know it when you have it. I married the wrong girl: we were too different , she was really too moody, she was practical some really good things but in the very early stage I think knew it- I never had that wow factor when you really know yes this it- everything physical, psychological, friend, laughing etc... As older, wiser types can only say be careful, try it out, move away from her family , live together first , you will know in your instincts ....Marriage is legal, is commitment, is pregnancy, is lovely kids, teenagers, money, property ...Never go into this without emotional commitment because you could end up divorced or separated with mixed Thai/farang kids either here or back where you come from . Forgive us if we are being too heavy here.
  5. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    I found this with my separated partner in fact in some ways it partly led to our drifting apart. They do not like lots of questions but I am not sure if that is a function of their education ; maybe university girls can sustain analytical questions while 'country girls' who left school early do not like it and get shirty about questions such as about their friends, relatives or even about things at the temple. It's frustrating for Farangs and in long term marriages blocks talking a lot because happily married couples in the west will talk things through at breakfast etc ...over coffee and tea. Its like talking about the future or mapping out options- they just can not do it. Its like part of their cognitive functions are not developed. Maybe its too abstract. However even all this is not like moods and short tempered rants. if you pick up on poor temper control and ranting leave the relationship early as it only gets worse later - by then you may have kids, mortgages etc and it gets difficult. In the end its always about compatibility and fun and sex yes but in longer term its not just sex as you get older with the same lady.
  6. peter48

    PHOTOS: Second largest Starbucks in the world opens in Bangkok

    "lts all about image and being seen sitting in a Starbucks tapping away on the Apple notebook while sipping a coffee with donought or donut(usa) at the ready." Absolutely you have caught the essence of post modernism especially for the millennials...to be seen drinking in Starbucks with a super coffee on an Ipad . You are it; 'I shop therefore I am' in this case 'I drink in Starbucks I am' style is everything. Actually I like those big cups of black tea they do especially as outside home few Thais can make Tea ( except trained partners) .
  7. I love it - If Christians believe in Love then lets here it. So much of church services are dreary C of E elderly men stuff but this was not out of place and showed passion & commitment. Many Brits love it and with the beautiful gospel singing it brought extra to this lovely day. We are now post modern with a non-white princess and more diversity and more reality within the Royal family. Both the couple are caring people , both from broken families and both know the world is not a picnic. Their privileged position will be used to promote charity, help disadvantaged youth and do good. Britain at its most divided state ever in recent history needed this lovely pickup.
  8. Joeyg said "Great advice. Pretty universal" Yes of course but more so in somewhere like Thailand - try getting any of those nice things in an industrial town in the middle of England or Scandi or Germany on a wet Tuesday afternoon in the middle on February etc.,.
  9. Lovely Sunshine ( try Western Europe for the last 6 miserable months) , very friendly people ( compared to most countries) , smiling good looking ladies, relaxed bars, great food , nice beaches, more outdoors exercise, blue sea, reasonable prices for beer, reasonable standard of living , petrol cheap, great for over 60s as treated like anyone else ( less ageism) , and so on. Just avoid alcoholism, boredom, drink driving, bad long term relationships ( i.e.marriage ) and end it early ( you know when its not right) with the wrong person, chill out, smile and think of wet, cloudy miserable commutes in depressing areas of Europe ( not all). Be careful what you do and boy you are lucky and back in Europe they envy you.
  10. When 6 political parties were Remain, all living PMs from Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron & May voted Remain, when all top business people and Trade Unions and all professional groups voted remain, when 90% + of all economists and analysts were Remain and the global FT claimed it was UK committing 'self harm' you know its going to be grim. When you disengage from 500 million other consumers across all Europe you know its going to be grim. Part 1 was falling pound and higher prices. Part 2 will be when we no longer have the free Tariffs to trade with EU and others like Norway + Switz and pound wll fall. Jobs, investment , wages, pensions , shares , trade, revenues, public services- all will suffer once Brexit kicks in next year. Low income groups will suffer most as pensions will be limited so more will move abroad ? Again if you have good job pensions, wealth etc you will have that option. As always low incomes or poor health will restrict your choices and living abroad with a falling pound and limited pensions is bad. Too many less educated Brits swallowed propaganda of Brexit Right Wing press like Daily Mail and Sun.
  11. It's the drugs that did it. This is Thailand recall
  12. We can really feel for this chap. Mostly its better to live with mixed Thai/Farang younger kids in UK /Europe first after the marriage and then if it does not work out( quite frequent) the wife can go back home while UK dad brings him/her up in UK , with UK passport, with better schools, higher standard of living etc., Generally most want to stay in UK but it can be hard going for 1 dad family although if children are in year 6 or beyond its slightly easier also depends on dad's job. The old rule applies do not get married to Thai lady unless you are really, really compatible otherwise relationships are less risk free.
  13. peter48

    New Year road toll rises to 375 after six days

    A simple and quick solution make helmets compulsory as in Europe so that heads are protected as they smash the concrete roads or are hit full on by fast metal vehicles. Stop people carrying kids on bikes.. Mind you I could count endlessly Farage on bikes with no helmets in tourist areas. Is it the Sun, alcohol or sheer idiocy that stops young Farage males thinking these roads will not smash my brain or skull . I will just join in the sunny carnage because I am here and no one bothers. The emergency services will get my damaged head and body into their hospitals quick just like home as in Scandinavia, UK, Germany . The trauma teams will rescue us ...some how I don’t think.
  14. Brits already heading towards the odd marginalised people of Europe post Brexit vote; sterling dropping, high prices, squeezed wages and pensions, jobs going back to continent, staff shortages as EU workers go and tax revenues threatened. The Brexit bulldog tabloids like Mail and Sun typify a declining nation leaving 500 million other Europeans.
  15. And today Kite Surfing is being allowed again on the beach . Protecting people from their own vulnerability is not something flippant and is not nanny state. We do it over indoor smoking at work , driving with seat belts, drinking excessive alcohol and then driving a big car , wearing helmets , zoos and family fun parks and not letting kids and babies be carried on motor bikes and so on. The western world and many other advanced nations here in the far east do it. It is Thailand that needs to change to protect its own citizens young and old as well as young and old farang visiting or staying here. This is the 21st century not the 19th century