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  1. Do not disrespect your host country and abide by normal Thai behaviors. Pattaya is not typical of this Bhuddist nation run at the moment by the army etc; by all means enjoy what Thailand offers but do so as a visitor blending in to a tourist city or wherever. The Thais have limits on drink, decency etc ...be careful as you would in Europe etc.,
  2. Surely as with all things and in most societies such matters need to be discreet and not in your face. Be careful in Thailand to be decent in public and not break normal conventions; you cannot in Europe either. Some Farangs think they can get drunk and be rude, or act crazy. No you can not - subtlety, respect and still have a good time. The Thais have their line, love a good time but they are Buddists and the alcohol limitations for example indicate a Society where like most others there are controls. Those of us who know this country know that respect is fundamental and drunk 'new comers' mistakenly think some excesses in Pattaya are the norm. No Pattaya is not the typical norm and for decades the balance is carefully controlled in this tourist city with excesses or open indecency clamped down on and people arrested.
  3. peter48

    Pushy bars

    Some bars are happy others misreable you just move on to the ones that treat cusomers as people and smile at you and they usually busy. Function of intelligence. Sexy ladies and great smiles . Easy. Its a free market for tourists and expats alike.
  4. Robbess I was referring to his social and economic policies. Your knee jerk reaction is typical of those indifferent to the sufferings of people under the extreme dictators of Saddam Hussein or the current problems of Assad in Syria. The UK/Americans/Allies were worried he had dangerous weapons already and he had already had wars against his neighbors and gassed many Kurds and others. He was a real dictator who imprisoned anyone critical of the ruling party. Citizens welcomed the soldiers who liberated Baghdad. Things fell apart later especially when sectarianism began.
  5. Tony Blair won three elections against the dreaded Tories, because he rebuilt the health service, eradicated Cancer waits, built new hospitals, new schools, brought in minimum wages, EU job rights, part-timers pay up, increased pensions, heating allowance, free bus passes for over 60s, free eye tests, expanded university places, got working class schools with better passes, got economic growth higher, got jobless down, reduced crime and strikes, looked after Scotland & Wales, won peace for N. Ireland , got the Olympics, expanded our creative, technology, financial , scientific, pharmaceuticals , IT sectors....I could go on. The 13 years of New Labour were an exemplar of how you deliver a country from the Thatcherite Neo-Liberalism that was so divisive before 1997.
  6. Yes but all tourists of all ages including Chinese and many others in all Thai resorts are being affected not just guys going in such bars who are only a subset of the massive Tourist industry. Its a great mistake and in most countries outside the strict Muslim ones unusual. By all means close girl bars but everywhere else as in international hotels and restaurants seems very strict.
  7. Not the point why restrict holiday freedoms of thousands of global tourists in restaurants etc in Thailand for their holidays. Also surely it includes all day Friday as well if its from 12.00 AM??
  8. peter48

    Auspicious holidays brings two-day alcohol ban

    Not true in Hua Hin they will not serve a single class in many restaurants
  9. peter48

    Auspicious holidays brings two-day alcohol ban

    So tourists arriving from UK will experience something unheard of in UK, Spain or Greece, on holiday , in restaurants , cafe-bars for two days but can not enjoy their holiday time with a drink or two. Seems so draconian, old fashioned and unsuited to a country so dependent on tourism. Maybe close an hour or two earlier even limit in drink bars but to stop couples , elderly or anyone have a glass or two when out ; just do not get it. So extreme. Moreover , and separately I do not want pious health / diet freaks with former eating/drinking/health issues telling me what I can and cannot do on my holiday. The vast majority of us here are responsible drinkers not young larger louts in Pataya , whatever
  10. Great to see Thai gratitude to our fellow national English guy and other international citizens helping at the site. It reminds us that the world is interdependent and we need each other so much. In a uncertain world with the Trump global trade wars kicking off soon ( and harmful Brexit) and likely to cause share downturns and job losses we are all reminded we need each other. Each country has its own skills and benefits and in a globalized world we need each other and we go forward.
  11. peter48

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    It certainly is for Brits in Thailand as the falling pound goes on and on and we get less baht per pound. Brexit is self harm and we have not reached leaving the EU yet and open tariff free market of those 500 million people. Its a constant crisis with less investment, relocation to Europe, and foreign companies preparing to exit the isolated UK which alone in Europe except Albania, Serbia wants to be alone. The price for Brits will be very high and there will be years of adjustment as pensions will be less likely to rise, rights of Brits to go to EU are lost, less tax revenues hit the NHS and services , foreign workers do not work in UK hospitality or warehouses /care homes. All this because less educated Brits swallowed the lies of UKIP and Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, supported by the Sun and Mail. The political and economic crises will worsen especially as May's government is fragile and Corbyn offers little comfort to voters. Move money when you can even the Bank of England are suggesting very low growth and high street jobs are now disappearing like snow in the desert. The world sold off sterling for one reason: bonkers Brexit.
  12. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    "a Thai girl I once knew, she always answered my questions with: »Don't think too much." Maybe that explains Thailand's weaker schooling system relative to the other Asian Tigers , its weaker high tech innovation , wealth and income inequality , its higher crime or its extremely higher accident rate and so on. Just an idea
  13. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    You are correct we are all seeking Therapy from failed Thai relationships and you are having to bear it . You are correct ...There are far worse problems, alcohol, madness, jealousy, crazy family, crazy step kids, money issues...as I said above if you are happy and your instincts say yes stay in good relationship. PS ...we are not all divorce lawyers seeking custom
  14. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    Compatibility - probably not a tick box but you know it when you have it. I married the wrong girl: we were too different , she was really too moody, she was practical some really good things but in the very early stage I think knew it- I never had that wow factor when you really know yes this it- everything physical, psychological, friend, laughing etc... As older, wiser types can only say be careful, try it out, move away from her family , live together first , you will know in your instincts ....Marriage is legal, is commitment, is pregnancy, is lovely kids, teenagers, money, property ...Never go into this without emotional commitment because you could end up divorced or separated with mixed Thai/farang kids either here or back where you come from . Forgive us if we are being too heavy here.
  15. peter48

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    I found this with my separated partner in fact in some ways it partly led to our drifting apart. They do not like lots of questions but I am not sure if that is a function of their education ; maybe university girls can sustain analytical questions while 'country girls' who left school early do not like it and get shirty about questions such as about their friends, relatives or even about things at the temple. It's frustrating for Farangs and in long term marriages blocks talking a lot because happily married couples in the west will talk things through at breakfast etc ...over coffee and tea. Its like talking about the future or mapping out options- they just can not do it. Its like part of their cognitive functions are not developed. Maybe its too abstract. However even all this is not like moods and short tempered rants. if you pick up on poor temper control and ranting leave the relationship early as it only gets worse later - by then you may have kids, mortgages etc and it gets difficult. In the end its always about compatibility and fun and sex yes but in longer term its not just sex as you get older with the same lady.