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  1. We can really feel for this chap. Mostly its better to live with mixed Thai/Farang younger kids in UK /Europe first after the marriage and then if it does not work out( quite frequent) the wife can go back home while UK dad brings him/her up in UK , with UK passport, with better schools, higher standard of living etc., Generally most want to stay in UK but it can be hard going for 1 dad family although if children are in year 6 or beyond its slightly easier also depends on dad's job. The old rule applies do not get married to Thai lady unless you are really, really compatible otherwise relationships are less risk free.
  2. New Year road toll rises to 375 after six days

    A simple and quick solution make helmets compulsory as in Europe so that heads are protected as they smash the concrete roads or are hit full on by fast metal vehicles. Stop people carrying kids on bikes.. Mind you I could count endlessly Farage on bikes with no helmets in tourist areas. Is it the Sun, alcohol or sheer idiocy that stops young Farage males thinking these roads will not smash my brain or skull . I will just join in the sunny carnage because I am here and no one bothers. The emergency services will get my damaged head and body into their hospitals quick just like home as in Scandinavia, UK, Germany . The trauma teams will rescue us ...some how I don’t think.
  3. Brits already heading towards the odd marginalised people of Europe post Brexit vote; sterling dropping, high prices, squeezed wages and pensions, jobs going back to continent, staff shortages as EU workers go and tax revenues threatened. The Brexit bulldog tabloids like Mail and Sun typify a declining nation leaving 500 million other Europeans.
  4. And today Kite Surfing is being allowed again on the beach . Protecting people from their own vulnerability is not something flippant and is not nanny state. We do it over indoor smoking at work , driving with seat belts, drinking excessive alcohol and then driving a big car , wearing helmets , zoos and family fun parks and not letting kids and babies be carried on motor bikes and so on. The western world and many other advanced nations here in the far east do it. It is Thailand that needs to change to protect its own citizens young and old as well as young and old farang visiting or staying here. This is the 21st century not the 19th century
  5. In my nearly 20 years of coming to Thailand I have not experienced these temperatures or winds in HH although I know at Xmas it is always more choppy but this is I think unknown in this generally moderate area. We pass on our real deep sympathies to family and all who know him.
  6. Sorry I am now told the Thais do not use their version of schadenfreude for serious stuff only silly things
  7. Yes you often hear some Thais use schadenfreude but they call it something else which I can not spell
  8. Slightly off topic for this poor kid who we sympathise with deeply but the Nationwide policy I interpret does cover UK drivers ( hiring car I assume ) with proper UK licence in the type of transport they always drive in UK. No cover when under heavy alcohol influence and will not cover third party accident damage etc.
  9. I am sure Nationwide Flex Plus package is global multi-trip travel Insurance ( but longer vacations are limited by number of days) . I will check conditions.
  10. Ok, Ok, I was asking in a more general sense that long experienced drivers (UK ) visiting here with proper driving licence and now international driving permit would be covered? However I take on board your advice and will check my Nationwide bank repeat policy which we rarely look at as it just repeats year on year....
  11. I do not understand - are we saying adult buying travel insurance not covered for road accident or is it his age. I am much, much older here hiring car surely I am covered for most accidents?
  12. No wonder less farangs want to come here and are going other countries : it’s all getting over regulated ...too puritan. Too costly also with baht kept high.
  13. Leave or stay?

    At the end of the day if you have doubt get out - I mean if you feel you are not fully compatible in every way then it probably will not work. Most mixed marriages assuming you are a farang are not easy. Having children locks you in and separation is not easy with kids. In Europe most farang-thai marriages either split or are empty nest arrangements. Of course there are a minority that do survive but most do not and if you have doubts early on that's your warning sign. You are young - plenty of time, meet new girls, enjoy your know when the real one comes along.
  14. The slaughter on Thailand’s roads now one of the highest in the world shows a country indifferent to its tourists and its citizens. They could do so much more.
  15. Yes Chinese but Europeans no and in many places on the coast everyone one was saying how July & August was really very quiet. The Chinese are replacing the Europeans. It just amazes me how undersold Thailand is in July/Aug etc ...great stretches of beach for miles on end deserted when if airlines were more competitive they could sell more. Thailand has a self fulfilling prophecy -its the low season so not many come rubbish. They flock to Spain or Greece with music and bars and no controls in the middle of the day in supermarkets