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  1. Good to hear that means 96% got what they needed...............I know what youre thinking.
  2. arent 10% of sheep gay also?
  3. Always the glb sheep shagging necrophiliac u name it......... whatever.............stuff em, stop bleating, its way WAY more than just that tiny minority that get bullied at Thai schools.
  4. Thats ok they could farm it out to other countries....problem solved and "very Thai"
  5. Should be used more worldwide, why stop at Thailand. Has no deterrent value but has a 100% repeat offender value cessation.
  6. Had a cold for 3 days got nowt else to do id go out and give the staff I cant find a good kicking if I was able
  7. she shure is, but i think the order is more Religion /Thailand/ Wife
  8. no youre mistaken its religion thats my main target
  9. as in "bleeding useless"..............aint they all though!!
  10. Its ok Im a large That aside people believing in this rubbish are right up there with religious folk as it has the same "exactly" amount of credibility
  11. Pretty simple if expensive, fly overs HOWEVER one VERY easy way is instead of allowing both carriageways to U Turn at the same ,point they should ,if they really have to keep using them, STAGGER them 400+ metres apart so that at the very least you get a clear view of oncoming traffic, when in fact what you get is both sides of the carriageway blocking each others view of oncoming traffic 100%. Other alternative is an island, but the best would be to ban Thais from driving!!
  12. I think they should also hold the govt responsible for these death trap u turns they're an abomination
  13. kannot

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    from what I saw of the Wifes village with a sign proclaiming "This is a red village" peer pressure will ensure anyone saying any different gets squashed. Theyre all crap
  14. got the lotto numbers also have you?