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  1. whats the <deleted> point in extending the lines when the amount of carriages is still only 4 per train...........woefully inadequate
  2. I feel sorry for his photographer who must have to work twice as hard as him!!
  3. kannot

    The reasons we fly the flag

    and even the style is "debatable"
  4. kannot

    Minor parties to establish online identity

    youre gonna need an app with some moronic game in it to get most Thais attention
  5. kannot

    30 more villages in Phayao hit by floods

    yeah 100 baht for you (peasant) 500 baht for me
  6. kannot

    The reasons we fly the flag

    i prefer the "all white " flag
  7. kannot

    The reasons we fly the flag

    theres a difference between respect and forced respect though
  8. kannot

    The reasons we fly the flag

    they all thought it meant free beer day when they saw them out?
  9. kannot

    The reasons we fly the flag

    get that bs propaganda in while theyre young always works wonders.................to be proud of the country requires you do things that actually.......................oh mai pen rai
  10. Too late mate, theyre already there!! Just another "stop" being put on anyone they dont think "appropriate"
  11. eh? I saw it was 23c in those caves...................did he mention all the lucky charms, Monk-eys and other mumbo jumbo buddhist crap actually didnt get those boys out?
  12. Sounds religious to me
  13. and claim it as their own