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  1. kannot

    New pick up time 2018--help needed

    Not uncommon, one of the biggest factors will be the dealer at the end of the day, brand doesnt matter too much if dealer is helpful, had good and awful from Honda and others over the years. Tried many different brands of vehicles also. Pop back to Isuzu with the Wife, am sure a salesman will rapidly approach and let her explain you'd been in earlier but gotten no response, i'd do it just for a laugh.
  2. As was my reply, Agnes Some of my Bikes, course I was younger then!! The Gsx250 I stripped ( nut and bolt) rebuilt the engine and buffed it up in 1996 owned it since 1982..........First bike I ever had
  3. kannot

    Best All-round 4x4

    They're just about to open another 16 service centres nationwide apparently and Ive seen 2 new dealerships open recently. https://media.gm.com/media/th/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/th/en/2018/august/0817_2S.html
  4. Thought about buying one to keep in the house as an ornament, never smoked, except the rear tyre of a Z1100R Eddie Lawson Replica
  5. shes 250km away, you see thats how you have a good marriage...........meet up every 3 weeks for debauched shaggin sessions, staff stay with me at the land she works in BKK, they speak to her more than I do.
  6. kannot

    Tops Market Coming to Hua Hin

    I'm 40km outside of Hua Hin heading south half way up a mountain and Ive got Fibre broadband.
  7. Always bought Suzuki bikes up until this bastard thing Gsx 250, Gsx 750es, GsxR 750wn GsxR 1100N GsxR1100wp Suzuki Katana Final Edition 1100 ............finally after years and years Honda Cbr 650f.........eyeing up Ducati V4 currently.
  8. Careful youll incur the wrath of Trans with any mention of another countries models.
  9. Careful, as well as a Ford thread Im gonna open a Ducati V4 thread
  10. Ask Toyota? They rattle like crazy passenger side with no one in it and its not the metal buckle on the plastic its inside its housing somewhere.
  11. Doesnt cover uranium depleted apparently.
  12. Had a lot to do with Trading standards in the UK years ago, they used to have some balls then, now theve been castrated.
  13. Simple.......Yeah Chevvy do a "hideous Orange" I could just write KERRY EXPRESS on the side........saw one in a ditch the other day though??
  14. Mines been reliable enough, seatbelts rattle like buggery, although I dont think Ive ever had a car that's been unreliable ever, includes Fiat Uno Turbos 3 ,Vauxhall Astra GSI 16v Vauxhall Astravan. Citroen Berlingo ( and theyre supposed to be crap, great thing indestructable, ugly as a pig mind used for work ) Peugeot 205cc Cabriolet, Bmw 325i, Vw Corrado V6 The Juke and Toyota Hi lux 2,5 Jazz, Alfa 147 3.2 etc been thru most manufacturers. Worst, Suzuki but on a bike. Biggest fault was new Astravan which had the metal work in the dashboard live, found out when fitting a stereo and what should all have been neutral wasnt. Service varied from all, Fiat was the best but that was 1989-91, mostly down to the dealer and me changing it yearly with them, but no breakdowns in any of those vehicles.
  15. Ill ask the staff to ask her and let you know