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  1. i burnt mine, went up real well!
  2. population reduction sorted.
  3. kannot

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I fitted gas struts to bonnet and tailgate also hand carved a piece of mdf and sprayed it matt black to mount a second tablet on the dashboard, am awaiting two dashcams and will add them into the fuseboard soon
  4. Oh really, come on, its like Princess Diana all over again.
  5. kannot

    PM declares stance against corruption

    how does that 80/20 work when theres only one of them?
  6. kannot

    PM declares stance against corruption

    The only stunt suitable Id say...they could almost be twins??
  7. kannot

    PM declares stance against corruption

    Wife regularly gets asked for bribe money at various land offices, sorry no change noticed, kin joke as usual.
  8. comical aint it, youd expect to see a white english gal , its pc gone freakin mad.
  9. Wonder where those communities dump their trash???
  10. you have to earn it and dying does not make it compulsory.
  11. Id call it pretty dumb, much better ways and less incriminating than beating to death, accidents are always useful
  12. if only they had had a speed camera, that would have sorted this all out for sure.