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  1. he might be a bad man but has a good idea
  2. plenty going spare in the village next to me if they are short
  3. surprised they even know what a baton is with their education system in Thailand
  4. what happened to the time you simply gave stuff back that wasnt yours and didnt want or expect ANY reward..........?
  5. Nutch Prasopsin is the same woman who had American YouTuber My Mate Nate, charged for animal cruelty for filming his cats fight a scorpion. Time to charge her with animal cruelty feeding it inappropriate food stuffs, next we'll need a poll to see who wants her hung drawn and quartered, finally a petition signed by all the netizens in Thailand who must be equally "disgusted" at this "vile" behaviour
  6. which is why accident statistics from each country provide a much better picture than an individual account
  7. Thailand number 2 in the world for deaths on the road disagrees with you
  8. depending who you bank with Id tell them nothing unless you already have a UK address to use as next thing if they think you are living outside the Uk they will want to close the account, HSBC exempt from this.....or used to be not sure now http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/money/uk-banking-options-narrowing-for-british-expats/
  9. Thats only one account, what was in the other........s
  10. dont be so stupid, they already know the answer , even before the judges, in fact they knew the answer even before they decided to proceed with a case against her............ both sides are equally abhorrent except one side has been chosen sort of democratically, good or bad they should stick with that decision even if it does lead to civil war..............end result, it will anyway
  11. gufaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw....law and facts
  12. nah the dispute festers on for another 10 years between deceaseds family and the other family then history repeats itself
  13. No, he goes to see FIL smiles says "hey lets talk about this, im sorry " then when FIL back is turned stabs him to death with concealed knife.
  14. yes " vote for the candidates we approve and the policies we allow" some vote!
  15. How many of those judges do you think are red supporters?