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  1. Interestingly enough, on my last visit, I was stopped by a policeman and after showing him my Philippines drivers license, all good, thank you. I have a document stating that ALL ASEAN nations accept each others licenses, downloaded on the net
  2. Boy Rooster, I am usually amused and enjoy your comments but apparently not all are amused or entertained, keep up the good work, I live in the Philippines but I love Thailand and if it was not so difficult to stay there I would be tempted.
  3. Well said, I really hope you are right.
  4. Yes and given the Buddhist ethos, I am surprised that the medical system doesn't have an assisted euthanasia with medical oversight.
  5. rosst

    China Just Built Its First Floating Nuclear Power Plant

    Agreed and I am pro nuclear power, I am not sure about Tsunami safe but certainly easier cooling options.
  6. Two things leap to mind, firstly, stop non Australian citizens buying our country and secondly, use the money for our suffering farm sector you <deleted> barstewards.
  7. rosst

    We need those election monitors [Editorial]

    I disagree, I was thinking that the Yingluck government was doomed and I was looking forward to the change.
  8. You are absolutely correct and we all know it, they know it too so as you say cut the crap and do your job.
  9. rosst

    What to do about local motorcycle gang

    Currently I am not faced with this issue in Sipalay City Negros Occidental Philippines. Karaoke is just as bad but they are starting to enforce a Curfew, hooray.
  10. An object lesson, if it unfolded as stated, good for her, she took him down away from his chosen destination. All the best for your future, very brave to take the hit with the road and good for you.
  11. You poor bastard, obviously unhinged, very little sympathy here, personally, very sad and I hope you get the help you need.
  12. Full marks to him for his expression of gratitude, well done sir.
  13. I am not reading anymore just in case, beautiful young lady, congratulations I hope it is a benefit to your future.
  14. Thanks for that, it is too easy to throw sh8t around with little thought for the thousands who rely on this business for their livelihood