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  1. A little trick I learned is a teaspoon in hot coffee and apply to the bite and hold it to transfer heat which breaks down the venom in the bite. The itching will not occur but if you have a bite that is itching, apply toothpaste. True story.
  2. rosst

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    Yes but I noted only 17 Thai are interested in serving the remaining sentence in their home country, fishheads and rice not so good.
  3. A bit fired up about this, and rightly so, you are correct, most ladies in the situation of seeking an abortion are not one bit happy about it and it comes with a lifetime of thinking for most of them, I feel very sorry for them, why shouldn't they have that choice?
  4. I would take this seriously when I see the statistics for the number of breath tests for each station reaching 1,000 per night, the existing penalties if enforced are adequate in most cases and all serving police must be immediately dismissed if offending. Now that is serious.
  5. There are some serious signs that trouble is brewing I suspect that the natives are getting restless and it will not be long before the general public start to question the lack of progress. Very sad situation.
  6. rosst

    A litany of broken promises

    Very well summarised and I am sorry to say I think you are correct. I say this from the Philippines where I now live.
  7. A less known fact is that any ASEAN drivers licence is also legal and reciprocal in other ASEAN countries.
  8. This is a calculated and deliberate challenge to the Authorities and the response will be interesting. Even the legal challenge and constitutional argument will test the Junta who will be the loser if it runs its course.
  9. The main job would be to protect the Palestinians from themselves.
  10. No, 25 years in the Bangkok Hilton no parole.
  11. I am thinking this will be good Malaysia, I can't believe the balls of Najib $millions stolen and re-hidden, I think he will have his goose cooked now.
  12. Thanks, I was aware of this but most people are ignorant of this fact, a thermal strong box on all flights may be necessary.
  13. How sad he did not have a few of the right friends to help him, RIP, sad story to read and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest her armpits.
  14. Thanks for the information, I was unaware of that, the problem for me is that I am not sure he would be managing his health issues well enough for that, but hopefully he has. Good riddance