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  1. As I am sitting here reading these comments in serious pain, I don't have any answer. It just happened to me in Nakhon Thai two days ago, the rider stationary in the middle of the road saw a person, smiled and rode straight across in front of me. The result? My holiday ruined, my wife and I in terrible pain but fortunately no serious injuries. The offender is to attend the police station for negotiation on damages but already comments "she doesn't have any money". My near new bike 40,000 damage and my wife's telephone 7,000 not to mention the hotel and medical expenses. Other aggravating factors, but THE PAIN, unbelievable. We will see what happens but luckily it was not worse.
  2. Tell the UN to take care of the refugees and send them to Islamic countries, not our problem.
  3. Poor skill level by the divers, lacking buoyancy control.
  4. Another charge sought against Premchai

    Well said, my sentiments exactly, bury the fat scrote.
  5. You have to hope there is a hell, and I hope he is there.
  6. Immigration queues

    Aussie Arrived from KL about 5PM and only 40 minutes foreign passport visa on arrival. The wife Filipina, arriving at 8.40PM ASEAN passport just over one hour.
  7. Probably couldn't hit the side of a barn so used a shotgun.
  8. Five foot ten, love the Jeepney, always room for one more.
  9. I do believe that his corporation should ask him for an explanation following which they should act to suspend him until he is found not guilty. Innocent until proven guilty but the evidence is monumental.
  10. Beer Lao

    The price is different when it comes by longtail
  11. Beer Lao

  12. This gentleman's issue is precisely why I have chosen the Philippines, I still have a residence here and come for a couple of months each year but the attitude of the immigration staff in the Philippines is exactly the opposite of the Thai. I really feel sorry for him as he is the tourist they say they want and then treat them like shit.
  13. Yes, you have to admire the guys with balls that big, I hope they don't pay too big a price for doing their job. Why is there an investigation into the arrests? Perhaps they should investigate the crime. The sickening side of this is that none of us believes the people charged will be found guilty of anything but illegal camping and the arresting officers careers are over. This is Thailand we would all like this aspect to change for the better.
  14. My universal key, aka battery angle grinder, remarkably quiet and brutally efficient.