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  1. I was in Cochin this time last year and apart from the difficulty and price of the excellent beer, I enjoyed it immensely and I am saddened by the loss of life and the damage to some really beautiful and historic buildings. Delightful happy people and beautiful food, I loved it.
  2. Let us hope that the sea gypsies can arrive and continue their culture in peace in this place.
  3. Hmm. I suspect I may have laughed and watched
  4. It really is that easy, so what is the real reason? The police sit on their arse and don't enforce the current rules and fines. You and I and 90% of the foreigners here know this and cannot realise that it was not obvious to the people making this submission to the people who also already know this and blindly refuse to do anything about it. Go figure.
  5. Unfortunately not so in Australia, any of the left wing touchy freely human rights lawyers brigade will cost our country hundreds of thousands in legal proceedings and administrative reviews should you make a complaint
  6. And I bet you there was not one bloody Muslim among them, work is a dirty word, only for their women.
  7. I have seen reports that hundreds of flights are cancelled, I live in the Philippines, chaos ensues.
  8. I am truly sickened by what this shows, corruption of the highest office
  9. Almost without a doubt, refueling from Jerry cans, had a spill hot exhaust kaboom
  10. In Communist countries they are called cooperatives
  11. The safety of the device or otherwise aside, where is the toilet waste and kitchen waste going? Into holding tanks? Hmm, like <deleted> they are
  12. This will be excellent as long as certified organic is backed by good quality certification process
  13. I have friends who live there and fortunately they and their families are safe but all living outside in tents, the poor are particularly hard hit as they have no work no money and no possessions, tragic.
  14. I believe that there is currently no definite link but caution when using is paramount. This is not to say that at a later date it may be established. These trials and monstrous payouts need to be explained and documentary proof required prior to the payment. I am no friend of Monsanto who has sold out and taken their profit, Bayer may rue the purchase of this time bomb.
  15. rosst

    NCPO maintains ban on political activities

    How transparent and pathetic they now appear.