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  1. Has anyone had benefits removed from their employment contract as a result of Thai citizenship e.g flights & bonus. I have an issue with this at the moment. If anyone can PM me with advice as its a bit of a nightmare scenario.
  2. It's probably a few months until RG & a couple of months after for the oath. The stress or lack of it for the ID cars depends on the Kate u used in BKK. My opinion based on my experience for married bloke & got it last October.
  3. living in Chantaburi Province

    I've lived in the Chang now for 12 years and love it. There are some good restaurants and if you have kids there are 2 international schools. There are a stack of golf courses if you are that way inclined. There are a couple of good gyms. The beaches are a bit dirty but the locals love them. For shopping Tesco in the Chang is pants but there area couple of expat deli type shops. For better quality food you are better off heading to Pattaya for Makro, Tesco and Food land. There are loads of expat orientated bars some are family friendly and some are gentleman focused. There is a variety of housing for different budgets from cheap Charlie to champagne Charlie .
  4. Naturalisation is the process or route to citizenship and citizenship is the fact that an individual is a citizen of a particular country.
  5. New Honda Civic 5 door hatchback

    Ford also will be ceasing sales of the Fiesta and Focus in Thailand once they sell off current stocks.
  6. I didn't have to do UK police clearance for Thai citizenship. As I received my citizenship last October it must be a recent thing. I did need UK police clearance for my job when I first arrived in Thailand 13 years ago.
  7. I received Thai citizenship last year. When I last entered Thailand it was on my British passport as it was my only one at the time. Last month I went to Myanmar & used my Thai passport to leave & enter. Only a minute using auto gates 😁
  8. No they never mentioned popping round & my only contact with officials was during the interview process.
  9. In my experience they didn't visit my house
  10. To answer Greenchair no official has ever visited my house. In the spirit of clarity for other applicants who may be worried please be aware that you don't need to be able to speak Thai at all. Some posters and moderators on here may have their own opinions but the rules are if you have a Thai wife you dont have to be able to speak Thai. Even with my Thai passport the immigration official spoke to me in English. Great news for those of us who are rubbish at foreign languages 😁
  11. In answer to the questions about having your name on a yellow book in a different address, I live in Rayong and I was on a yellow book in BKK but it was never questioned by SB, NIA or MOI. On a positive note I used my Thai passport for the first time recently and the lack of queues both departing a returning was priceless. Clearing immigration takes about 2 minutes. I didn't understand the auto gate system and they explained how it works in English
  12. Congrats to you chaps. The ceremony at SB was very nice & I felt great. The only let down after that was the plonkers at the kate for my ID card 😁
  13. I got my citizenship in October it took 3 years. For someone who is married to a Thai national going for PR seems pointless unless you're from a country thst forbids dual nationality. Citizenship is cheaper & you dont have to be able to speak Thai.
  14. You only need to worry about singing if you are applying as a single person. In my case the NIA interview was a chat about our situation. As I speak very little Thai my wife did much of the talking.
  15. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I went to the Bella Vista recently and the quality seemed to have dropped since I last went when it was at its previous location. The burgers at Boardwalk are good but I haven't tried the steak. The Lord Nelson seems popular but again haven't tried the steak. Other options include the Camel and Hana.