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  1. I completely agree with you Lenny. Some of the students at the Chang International schools have gone to the top universities in the UK & USA. I also know of highly skilled & qualified educators at these schools.Ban Chang itself is a pleasant place to live & I'd have no desire to live in Pattaya or Bangkok.
  2. I don't think there is a direct correlation between a teacher putting a plant or a trampoline in the street and their ability to teach. They may well be excellent teachers but unfortunately they have a poor understanding of the concept of community or being a good neighbour. I would say don't worry and if all else fails work out your stress on the trampoline
  3. The work permit is stamped every year. One you've held a work permit for 3 consecutive years & been married for 3 years you can apply for Thai citizenship providing you're earning at least 40K Baht per month. Once you're a Thai citizen you don't need them of course. When I became Thai I handed it back.
  4. If you're married to a Thai woman you dont need PR. The basic requirements are to be married for 3 years & to have a work permit & pay tax for 3 years. Have a look on the Thai citizenship thread for more details.
  5. If you have a Thai wife the salary requirement is 40,000 Baht per month. I have had Thai citizenship for 11 months now I applied via having a Thai wife route. Thai citizenship isn't impossible if you meet the requirements.
  6. Big Guns

    Factory Building

    All you can do is talk to the local council & check that building regulations have been followed. I live in Eastern Star & one of mh neighbours has a house that backs onto the bojndary wall for Eastern Star & a developer has built huge appartments behind her house.
  7. Big Guns

    Ford Everest reliability ... again.

    It just depends whether or not you need the extra power & the additional ability & safety of 4wd. I decided I did & opted for the 3.2 4wd in 2016 & Im very happy with the car.
  8. Give them pleanty of exercise. I walk my 36 kg Goldmaraner for 7.5 kg then let her rest for 1 hour then feed her. She always finished the lot. My dogs are a bit fussy so I change the menu each day
  9. Unfortunately under the private school act schools can opt not to be part of the social security system if they provide private medical insurance. If this is the case you can't join the social security scheme. I've had this experience for the last 11 years at international schools. It's a loophole that the government should close as they are missing out on a lot of additional funding.
  10. Big Guns

    Ford Everest reliability ... again.

    I believe he meant in terms of relevance to this topic it was as useful as an orange vegetable
  11. Big Guns

    Ford Everest reliability ... again.

    I have a 2016 3.2 4wd Everedt with 36,000 km. In terms of reliability Ive had no problems. In terms of faults there was a recall that was fixed & a warning came on for the rear diff & that was fixed at same time as recall. In terms of servicing prices nothing alarming so far & Ive previously had Mazda & Isuzu 4wd pickups.
  12. Sorry I didn't fully read your original post. You should apply for Thai citizenship then you don't need a work permit. I got it a year ago & all visa & work permit issues are happily things of the past. Now Im just a regular (white) Thai bloke .
  13. You can do a PGCE without a degree if you have other qualifications or experience e.g with accounting experience/qualifications you can get onto a business PGCE. With suitable work expeience you can get onto a CDT PGCE.
  14. Its completely illegal to be working without a work permit so you should get the school to sort it. You can be fined up to 100,000 Baht and receive up to 5 years in prison. If you dont have a work permit you dont have a tax ID & can't pay tax. So if your school is deducting tax their lying to you. As a alternative you might be able to do an online PGCE without a degree & that would give you the necessary qualifications for a teaching licence & a work permit.
  15. Big Guns

    What's Happening In Phla Beach

    The Magic Roundabout seems quiet. Maybe a lack of challenging global socio political problems for the members to solve