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  1. Things like skin issues can be inherited from the dog's parents. My Bull Terrier in Thailand has a grass allergy. This can effect Bull Terrier's in the UK as UK as well. My labrador lived until 11 and she was fine here. I now have a Goldmaraner (Golden Retriever x Weimaraner) and she loves long walks here you can't tire her out. I do think that short haired breeds are probably better for the heat here. To the OP try searching the Kennel Club Thailand, or Facebook. There are also often adverts for Golden Retrievers and labs on Bahtsold.
  2. Unfortunately unless you have a dealer stamped service u you lose your warranty.
  3. I use the same mirrorcast system on my 2016 Ford Everest. The only difference is it operates wirelessly on the Everest. The only problem is google maps freezing from time to time.
  4. I don't think assets are particularly important. I applied 2.5 years ago and I'm currently waiting to be notified of my date for the oath. I think I had a bit of cash in the bank here and that was it. I think as long as you meet the criterion in terms of the points then you're fine. I used a lawyer unlike many of the others here and I found her to be very helpful.
  5. The only issue for my wife is the body roll that 2unique mentioned. My wife is coming from a 2012 Focus Sport+ and the handling for that is a class in its own in Thailand. it corners flat. Its seems as good as my MINI cooper (2003) which I bougth new in the UK and it was like a go kart. The Focus gave my wife so much confidence in corners. We haven't driven the hatchback yet but will in a week or so. A pet theory I have as to why people often can't negotiate a bend here is that none of the cars handle well apart from Fords and Mazdas which are a tiny fraction of motorists.
  6. I've just got back from Honda Rayong. My wife has just about decided on the Civic hatchback as a replacement for her 2012 Focus Sport+ . For my wife I think the hatch is perfect. It seems more sporty and more youthful than the saloon. I've always fet saloons are a bit 'middle aged' and my wife felt the saloon was more of a car someone in their 40's/50's. The hatchback looks a lot better in the metal than the photos. Again when you look at them on the car the wheels look great especially on a black car as the wheels have black in them. I like it in black and appreciate the lack of chrome which is so often out on for Asian tastes. My only negatives were that with 30K difference between the hatch the ommission of GPS,lane watch, auto start and sporty pedals seems a lot missing. The other negative is that Honda in Rayong doesn't offer a hatchback or an RS for test drives so we'll have to go to Bangkok. Also they aren't prepared to price match an y other dealer. Its the typical Chinese approach to customer service that if you aren't happy you can piss off elsewhere.
  7. Maybe the white one is going abroad, it has the twin exhaust that the Thai version doesn't have and different wheels. I'll be popping into the showroom to have a look at the weekend.
  8. Make sure you get the right size/specification battery when you replace it. My wife got a standard replacement battery for her Focus it worked to start with but the car then had intermittent problems and ultimately broke down. It turns out the battery was too small and there are a lot of electrics in the Focus. As a new Everest owner I know there are a lot of electric gadgets in the vehicle. My first port of call would be Ford. On average I find batteries last me about 2 years here.
  9. Yes I tried it last Friday its where Nida house used to be. I thought the food was nice & the Italian owner was very friendly
  10. The Mazda 3 saloon and hatch are the same price. It doesn't make sense to have a different price for the hatch unless the specification is different.
  11. Is there any evidence that the hatchback turbo RS is going to be any more expensive than the saloon? The rumors I heard were that it was going to be the same price.
  12. I have had Malay grass in Ban Chang for the last 6 years and I can confirm that dog Pee from my 2 female dogs does kill it. I try to pour water on the area where the dogs pee when I put them in the garden which minimises the impact.
  13. That's good news I'll still check with the manufacturing guys when I see them in a few weeks. Rayong branch say they haven't sold a single Focus. There's still the other problem of buyer remorse in a year or so when the completely new Focus is launched. For someone like my wife the 2017 revision doesn't look massively different to the 2012 model.
  14. I think you misunderstood my point. Ford may choose to build the Focus and Fiesta for export only as a result of the damaged brand reputation. The pickups and the Everest sell well. I like Ford and have senior contacts in Ford manufacturing and I want to thoroughly check this point before buying.
  15. I haven't bought one just yet. My wife has a 2012 2.0 Focus Sport + (the one with the dual clutch gearbox) which she was going to replace with the new Focus. It handles excellently, its comfortable and has a load of features which the competition doesn't have. The only downsides we could see were; the fact that effectively it's a revision to the existing model and a whole new model will be launched in a couple of years and the possibility that Ford might follow the same strategy as Chevrolet and only build trucks and SUV's in Thailand as a result of poor sales/damaged image because of the gearbox issue. However, we pretty much resolved to buy one until we heard about the new Civic hatchback. Hence we'll wait until after the motor show