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  1. If you are a man and you want to become a naturalised Thai citizen you must choose and register a Thai name. This was how it was explained to me. I had to register a Thai name but there was no obligation to use it. My Thai passport and ID card are both in my English name. The rules are very different for women adopting the citizenship of their husband and someone more knowledgeable than me will explain.
  2. Lets please get back to providing useful advice for citizenship applicants based on our experience & knowledge.
  3. The requirements differ from council to council with the requirements for the ID card. I didn't need to have my passport translated. However, they asked for photocopies of my passport, work permit, wedding certificate and other annoying things I can't remember. Their rule seems to be there are no official rules so we'll ask for all the stuff we asked for last time again
  4. I'm in the same situation. I simply went to immigration this week and they wrote in my passport that I'm now a Thai citizen. As Garry P stated if you use your foreign passport to leave Thailand you are breaking the rules of being a Thai citizen so its best not to do that. Your best solution is to go to immigration and get them to write in your passport as I and many others have done.
  5. Why did you apply for PR and not citizenship? It sounds like you're qualified for citizenship. In my case I bypassed PR and went straight for citizenship and got it.
  6. You can't renounce British citizenship if like me you were born in Britain to British parents.
  7. On the topic on cancellation of the visa for a naturalised Thai I've discovered that its not possible to get another person to go on your behalf. They cancelled the work permit without me having to attend. So unfortunately I will have to go in person. I will have missed the 90 day reporting but it seems ludicrous that I could get fined for that as I have a Thai ID card & passport.
  8. I meant not an issue. Sorry stupid phone 😁
  9. Im not an expert but I would expect it to be an issue. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable chaps could comment
  10. For the Thai passport i showed the naturalisation document, ID card & british passport. They didnt ask but Id take house blue book just in case. The lady from work said I should cancel visa & return work permit & she's taking care of it.
  11. I've left it to a member of staff that deals with immigration to take back my work permit & cancel my visa.
  12. I'll try to answer the various questions. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I've achieved Thai citizenship and I haven't celebrated yet, but I'll rectify that on Friday. It's been a lot of hassle but yes it's worth it. One thing that troubled me in the past was that Thailand is my home but if I was dismissed from my position I'd have to leave the country immediately. For me the single biggest problem was not living in Bangkok. This meant a lot of additional expense and travel time and the council (ampoe/kate) made my life hell because I was registered in a house in Bangkok which I obviously didn't live in. Other than that it was relatively plain sailing all be it with many photocopies and signatures.
  13. I've finally finished now and received my Thai ID card and passport last week
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