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  1. To the OP you could do what I did & get Thai citizenship if you want to pay the Thai price. I can now grow rice to maximize my frugality
  2. Beer pricing in bars

    90 Baht on the strip for a beer now. Where's the round table application form?
  3. Hawking in Thailand

    There's a place in Sai Noi, Nothaburi and they use birds of prey including hawks, owls and eagles. It's a business for them as firms hire them to get rid of vermin. They also have German Short Haired Pointers that they use with the birds.
  4. Yes that was about 2 years as the MOI interview was August 2016
  5. I first got the ball rolling by talking to my lawyer in August 2014. I first wanted to apply for PR but she told me I was eligible for citizenship. I think my first visit to SB was September 2014.
  6. Do I still have to do 90 day reporting until I get my ID card? It's not a massive hassle as my employer does it, just wondering.
  7. Woo hoo my name has just been announced in the Royal Gazette. I'm now Thai - British. The next little wait will be for my Thai ID. It's taken 3 years and 1 month.
  8. Beer pricing in bars

    I believe there is a cartel of entrepreneurs (in the loosest sense) who run bars on the strip who engage in price collusion/price fixing. That's if you can apply the economic concept of oligopoly to the Ban Chang strip. It's generally 80 baht for a beer in every bar. Outside of the strip generally the Thai economic and social concept of 'up to you' is applied to pricing.
  9. If you're going for the Titanium plus spec then the only difference between the 3.2 and the 2.2 is the engine size and 4WD. I've got the 3,2 4WD and love it. I felt the 2.2 was underpowered as my previous vehicle was a Mazda BT50 3.2. I also wanted permanent 4WD as the roads I use are frequently covered in sand or are flooded. The only negative I have about my 3.2 Everest is that its a bit of a thirsty beast and I average 9.2 km per liter.
  10. I did the MOI interview in August 2016 and did the oath at SB in May 2017. I am still waiting for the Royal Gazette but have been informed by my lawyer that it is likely to be in October. I imagine according to this forum that the documents will arrive at SB probably about a month after the Gazette. Yes its a slow process and yes patience is indeed a virtue.
  11. Vespa gts 300 super Price reduction

    I had a Vespa GTS Supersport and it was a brilliant little bike. Its the only bike I regret selling. It was dead easy to sell and I didn't lose much there was a queue of Thai customers. My wife loved it and it always got loads of admiring comments from locals. If you're single you'll find yourself with many interested ladies. The handling is top notch, build quality is very good and they are quite nippy. It's got the feel good factor you don't get with a Japanese bike and you feel like you're riding something a bit special. I think I'm talking myself into getting another one
  12. This sounds like a good reason not to have bars on your windows. An alarm/deadlocks/a dog inside the house or all three are a far safer solution.
  13. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I tried Chuan Chim on Sunday afternoon (used to be the Flower Garden) on the Sukhumvit opposite the big PTT garage. We ordered prawn cakes, grilled beef, yam moo, gaeng liang, vegetable dipping and rice and I had a couple of beers. The bill was just over 1000 baht and the food was fantastic. I went at about 4pm so it was empty so I don't know what the quality is like when it's busy, but I was really impressed with the quality and value.
  14. Ban Chang round Table (virtual reality)

    As the table isn't round I'm afraid the esteemed gentleman may find it unsuitable. Plus its lacks traffic chaos
  15. Have any foreign men been granted Thai citizenship this year? There have been a number of foreign women who have been given Thai citizenship this year. The latest news I got from my lawyer is that she expects my name to be in the Royal Gazette in October (I did the oath in May).