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  1. I believe that some of the Milford residents belong the the Ban Chang Round Table Society. They have daily meetings to solve local, national and international issues outside a small shop next to the Pala roundabout. They should be able to give you the good the bad and the ugly about the Milford.
  2. The forst Amphur in Bangkok refused to process it because my work permit is in Rayong. Your wife doesn't have to be on the tabien baan in Bangkok.
  3. Maybe salty and vinegar as if it doesn't work at least its tasty
  4. Well you are the tranny
  5. I would register in Bangkok. Just a word of caution some Amphurs will not do it and one flatly refused to register me. I had to go to a 'friendly Amphur' that my lawyer knew and register in her Tabien Baan. Its just a formality as my work permit is in Rayong and this was never questioned my special branch, NIA or MOI.
  6. Congratulations, I'm in the same boat I did the oath in May.
  7. I completely agree. To those of you who are married to Thai nationals and don't speak Thai don't worry, I couldn't even answer those questions and I still passed.
  8. If you search on Facebook there is a place called Chiang Rai sheepdogs that has Border Collie puppies. I realise it's not exactly close to Bangkok.
  9. My nomination for top seafood restaurant in Ban Chang is Ban Bai Boon on Hat Nam Rin. The food is exceptional, I would say equal to a quality restaurant in Bangkok. It's a little bit pricey. The service is fantastic. You can take your own wine and they will charge corkage. You MUST pre book, you can't just wander in off the street. If you call them they will send you a PDF of the menu. AS you must pre book quite often I've been with my wife and we have the restaurant to ourselves and they literally close the gate after us when we arrive.
  10. Good job lads the Tom looks a bit like Pablo Escobar. They've nicked the Sattahip Cartel
  11. If you have enough points you can. I just know a few words, I can't string a sentence together.
  12. I haven't got any dogs from a pet shop! As I don't live upcountry on a farm I don't have much of a problem with snakes & scorpions! I think a Jack Russell Terrier will be equally adept as your hairy duo in tackling critters!
  13. I appear to be the only person on this thread that doesn't speak Thai and the only one that has used a lawyer. I have a very demanding job as does my wife and the lawyer has managed the process for us extremely well. My recommendation is do whatever works best for your own personal circumstances. I'm just waiting for the announcement in the Royal Gazette. My wife seems to think there have been no notices about citizenship for a couple of months in the RG. Maybe the next one will be a big batch, fingers crossed.
  14. I find what is written about a breed's characteristics isn't always 100% true. I have an English Bull Terrier and they are supposed to not like swimming and can be dog aggressive. Mine loves swimming and isn't the least bit dog aggressive. I used to have a labrador in Thailand (now sadly passed away at 11 years) and she hated swimming and was very dog aggressive. I guess it depends on the individual dog
  15. I'm confused by these 'boat like' comments about the Everest. I have an Everest and tested the Pajero Sport and Fortuner as well. The Everest has the best handling followed by the Fortuner and the Pajero Sport. The reviews in Thailand say the same. The Pajero Sport had the most soggy handling and I believe Mitsubishi dealers have a special 'ahoy captain' promotion at the moment with a free Jolly Roger and a parrot with every Pajero Sport booking