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  1. Big Guns


    I've had my Dalmatian puppy for 3 weeks now & she seems like a good dog. She gets on great with my English Bullterrier & Goldmaraner (Golden Retriever x Weimaraner). I understand the special dietary requirements & relate as an occasional gout sufferer. Im also aware they need loads of exercise but walk my dogs between 7-10k each day so no problem. Im interested in the experiences of others who have Dalmatians here.
  2. Big Guns

    Ford Ranger 2019 Parking Assist

    Active Park Assist is only standard on Wildtrak bi turbo 4x4. If that's your model then it has it if not it doesn't.
  3. Big Guns

    What's Happening In Phla Beach

    I'm sure it will do wonders for traffic & parking down there. The new 7 eleven at the other end of Pala road over the train tracks gets seriously busy. Sometimes I think they must have free beer its so busy
  4. Big Guns

    Severance Pay for Teacher

    If he resigns he wont get severance. If his contract is terminated (which includes non renewal of a fixed term contract) then he will qualify for severance. As he's been there for 14 years he is eligible for the maximum amount which is 10 months salary.
  5. Congratulations to you. The ceremony is a nice occasion & you receive your official naturalisation documents. The final hurdle is local government officials with the ID card, fingers crossed you have helpful ones. If not just hold your breath/bite your tongue as you're almost there
  6. Big Guns

    Foreigner Pink ID Card

    Its not essy to get Thai citizenship but easier than the past. Ive had it for over a year & my wife is Thai & I work. For foreign women married to Thai men there is no need to be employed so they could be retired.
  7. SB let you know about the oath. I think in my case it might have been 5 or 6 months back in 2017 then another 4 months for RG announcement.
  8. As a Brit who now has Thai citizenship (now Thai British) I don't have any visa problems here. I have loads of British mates who are retired or who use the marriage extension to remain here. I feel desperately sorry for them bearing in mind the position of the British embassy. All have forged lives here & support wives & kids & some have businesses. Im not impressed with the actions of the British embassy or your lack of sympathy Mr Rooster.
  9. Big Guns

    2018 Honda CRV, second hand luxury, or ??

    Another option is the new Volvo XC40 which has just been launched at just over 2m for the 190 bhp version or 2.3m for the 250 bhp version. It gets great reviews in the UK.
  10. Big Guns

    What's Happening In Phla Beach

    The S Mart 'Oval Table Council' are tasked with solving major social, political & economic issues. I believe the square table was needed as they are working on the UK's Brexit deal as the fear of no deal looms
  11. I did the same as Garry & I'm now Thai British and loving it. Don't worry about the letter of intent as its0 only an issue for countries that don't allow dual citizenship
  12. Big Guns

    Mid Life Crisis ??

    I did the same in my early 30's and changed career from a marketing manager to a business teacher after doing a PGCE in the UK. You should be able to get a job at an international school relatively easily. However, some schools do ask for a minimum of 2 years experience. On the other hand some places like to hire NQT's (newly qualified teachers) as they are cheaper. It's hard work especially in the first few years when you are building up your teaching materials and learning how to do the job. Thankfully any issues from badly behaved students are very rare. Overall I'd say if you enjoy it then it can be an extremely satisfying job. Good luck.
  13. Big Guns

    Ford focus 1.5 Turbo

    Yes Ford have confirmed that they will be concentrating on pickups & SUV's in the future it was confirmed in the Thai press a while back. We won't get the new 4th generation Focus available in Europe. They will of course continue to service & stock parts in Thailand
  14. Big Guns

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Sorry for the typos on the last post I meant to write Bake a Wish at Central Rayong. Try the cakes they are fantastic.
  15. Big Guns

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I fully recommed bake a wishat central rayong. I ordered cheese cske for my mate's birthday & it wasloke a proper old school cheese cske. Not too sweet & loads of flavour. Mates who dont like cake wanted seconds ?