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  1. Big Guns

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I agree that the Korean restaurant is great when we went there a waitress came over & cooked our beef at the table.
  2. Yes as many have said its an extreme test of patience and I'm glad that in my case its all behind me now. One of my mates had a bit of a curved ball thrown at him in his application process. Apparently the British embassy claimed that they were no longer able to stamp a person's letter of intent to give up British citizenship. They said he had to get a form from the UK. Have any other British applicants experienced this? I wondered if it was just that a junior employee was confused and made up an excuse as I had this experience and a more senior employee rectified it.
  3. Big Guns

    Not again..!

    The Focus is/was made in Rayong in Pluak Daeng I know Ive had many site visits with my business students
  4. Big Guns

    Not again..!

    Ford are ending all car production in Thailand and concentrating on pickups and SUV's. They are following the same strategy as Chevrolet. It's a shame as the Focus is a good car, unfortunately its image was irreparably damaged by the gearbox issue with the previous model. My wife still owns that car and most of the time its a cracking car with spirited performance (for Thailand) and fantastic handling.
  5. Yes but I don't think I'm eligible to vote for 4 years after gaining citizenship. I seem to remember this figure from somehere
  6. Big Guns

    New rascal...

    My Bull Terrier Maggie is 11 years old now. As a pup the ears flop over and stick up as the pup gets older as is the case with your dog. Unfortunately skin problems do occur with Bull Terriers. My girl is allergic to grass. One easy solution is to put a dog t-shirt on her when she's in the garden (she spends most of the time in the house). They can also suffer from allergies to flea and mosquito bites. Great dogs, really funny and fantastic personalities they can really make you laugh at their daft antics.
  7. Big Guns

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Isn't the Bella Vista called Jasmine now? I wish them all the best. When Bella Vista started it was great but towards the end standards seriously slipped
  8. Can a private or international school employ people without a work permit? If they hire staff from abroad are the new members of staff allowed to work either before the application is filed or when the application is being processed?
  9. Big Guns

    Dry Cleaning in Ban Chang

    Try the pink coloured dry cleaning place on the Sukhumvit. Its on the opposite side of the road to Tesco just down from Harrods (the place with buckets, pots and pans) and a picture framing place which is virtually next door. I've been going there for 12 years and their friendly and do a good job.
  10. Big Guns

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I've had Thai food and ribs at Micasa it was brilliant. The service was friendly and as a bonus they have draft Heineken.
  11. Big Guns

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I've tried the buffet shabu shabu and sushi at the venue which used to house the clock bar. I've been there a couple of times, the foods been great and I've always been virtually too full to walk by the time I've left. Its 299 Baht per head which I feel is a bargain. There's a new small place offering barbecued pork, chicken and beef at 10 baht per stick. The chilli version is great but is super hot. Its located on the opposite side of the road to the over 50's club and they also have a hydroponics lettuce place there. The other place I tried recently is the new Korean restaurant which is in the place that has a gym, steam room, massage and sauna. This is located heading away from the over 50's nightclub towards the traffic lights. The food was really good quality and very tasty.
  12. Sorry to hear that I completely understand what you are going through. We lost our lab 1.5 years ago and as my Bullterrier is approaching 11 it makes me think about the inevitable. As other people said celebrate the good times and the good memories.
  13. Has anyone had benefits removed from their employment contract as a result of Thai citizenship e.g flights & bonus. I have an issue with this at the moment. If anyone can PM me with advice as its a bit of a nightmare scenario.
  14. It's probably a few months until RG & a couple of months after for the oath. The stress or lack of it for the ID cars depends on the Kate u used in BKK. My opinion based on my experience for married bloke & got it last October.
  15. Big Guns

    living in Chantaburi Province

    I've lived in the Chang now for 12 years and love it. There are some good restaurants and if you have kids there are 2 international schools. There are a stack of golf courses if you are that way inclined. There are a couple of good gyms. The beaches are a bit dirty but the locals love them. For shopping Tesco in the Chang is pants but there area couple of expat deli type shops. For better quality food you are better off heading to Pattaya for Makro, Tesco and Food land. There are loads of expat orientated bars some are family friendly and some are gentleman focused. There is a variety of housing for different budgets from cheap Charlie to champagne Charlie .