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  1. Cell phone policy....

    I've found that for those who do go to university, after just completing grade 12/M6 at a traditional school system institution, that most adapt pretty quickly. Sure, there is some "OMG, they weren't lying..." kind of shock and awe that takes place in the very beginning... but I think that stops pretty quick. My guess is that that who just don't, can't or won't adapt to a "work must be on-time" and "yes, you CAN fail this class" type of university level system, either: a) choose not to go to a traditional academic-based institution where this is the system, don't meet the entrance criteria or c) become involuntarily academically ineligible (flunk out if you will) or choose to leave on their own accord short after initial enrollment. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. credit card

    I've had US issued Amex and Citi cards sent to Thailand before - directly from the issuer.. in both cases they sent them in fairly non-descript rigid mailers and with a return address that doesn't raise red flags as being a credit card issuer/bank. The thing with the pin was that the banks left a decent block of time between the date the new card was mailed and the date the new PIN was mailed --- to make intercepting both difficult at minimum. I recall now with two of my other US cards, I can choose a PIN online/by mail/by fax, but with several security-screening steps involved, as opposed to the more traditional bank-generated and bank-mailed PIN. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. My bad.. but again, larger point im trying to make (and cede you are correct in the cost differential) that while there may be cheaper options than EMS.. IMHO will always (as I see it) be the between balance between cost and time efficient ... over going in person. PS: I always thought that normal post wasn't explicitly disallowed/prohibited by Immigration in these matters, thus making it an option (albeit IMHO foolish for the lack of transparency) but I do agree that registered is marginally cheaper than EMS. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Cell phone policy....

    I agree that it should not be about "punitive" per se... but... I do think that there really needs to be a clear, objective (to extent possible) assessment... that way IF there is a deficiency (this could also be called failure, but I prefer deficiency) there is a clear map to where or what that deficiency is -- and that should bode well for a recovery plan. At the end of the day, if the attainment just isn't there, it's not there. One can argue why or how it's lacking, but so long as a fair and accurate assessment was done, then I think it's to everyone's benefit to face the facts - but with an eye to the next step ... that being a fix ... not a "no-fail, pass to next level" or proverbially kicking the can down the road if you will. As for the notion that English not being a critical subject goes. That i think (IMHO) this is really going to be on a case-by-case thing... it's true that some just won't have a real world need for English.. and others may have need ... but.. I do think in the macro picture, the movement is towards a bilingual ecosystem... Sure, one can argue what that or those second languages may be or should be, but again, in the macro sense, I don't agree that one language is enough or will enough to be competitive on a large scale. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. True... I just chose/choose EMS for the visibility and independent "verification" of it... but yes... you could drive the cost down markedly by going with just "normal" post... true. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Id overwhelmingly vote for "by mail"... For me, it's always been spot on, and cheap -- I think I paid B37 x2 (letter to Immigration and return envelope) so less than B100 and with only a trip to my local PO to drop off the letter and get it scanned (because it's EMS) So long as you haven't missed the mail-in option window of eligibility, IMHO, other than the internet option, I can't see going in person as being any better or beneficial . Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. airline carry on limits in thailand

    I agree with some of that... I don't think taking an absolute hard-line position will be financially good for the airline, nor do I think it is operationally feasible on a large scale... but... I DO think they should and have to have some limits - objective limits and whatever they are, stick to them. I think the keys are to set that limit at a reasonable level that doesn't negatively impact operations (like on-time departures and not delays due to excess cabin bags), is competitive with other airlines and leaves the passengers with a choice of taking carry on only or checking baggage. Concurrent with the above, I also do think that consistent airline enforcement is a key. I think what makes people even more angry than the rule itself is the perception (real or not) that it isn't being equitably enforced across all. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. I just did my 90 day report via mail to CW. My entry date was 25 Oct, so my 90 day would have been in about one weeks time - on 23 Jan 18. I did the report by mail (copy of passport data page, entry stamp, TM6 and current extension of stay).... I mailed it to CW early last week - well in advance of the 2 weeks early window, but making sure I was no where near the actual 23Jan 18 deadline... CW received it and processed it on 11 Jan and sent me (via my SASE) the receipt that same day... Question... I recall/thought that the NEXT 90 day report date would be in another 90 days from the current 90-day deadline of 23 Jan 18... that should be 23 April 18 But CW shows the next report due date as 11 April 18..., apparently driven off the 11 Jan 18 date that they (Immigration ) processed my current 90 data report late last week. Did i misunderstand how dates are calculated or did CW error? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. I will agree.. that's been my experience with BBL as well. When I first arrived here, I had to open a BBL account as that was how my payroll was processed... then I applied for their unsecured cards and was approved in fairly short order. My feeling is that the closer you are to: a) holding a work permit, earn more than 50,000 pm at that work permit job and c) have an account with BBL of decent size, then most of their entry-level and mid-range cards will be options for you. However, for those that don't meet a and b, If you have a proven record of holding sizable assets (sizable is of course subjective) with BBL - but don't hold a WP or have a Thai-based job - then I think that those assets can really smooth things out and make getting approved for an unsecured CC possible. I think it's those who don't meet a and b above AND have either no relationship with BBL or hold very minimal assets with them that are either denied outright, or are given the "pledge" account option.. and to a degree, given the risk profile of lending on an unsecured basis to a non-Thai, I can see a good business and loss-reduction rationale for such. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Cell phone policy....

    I'm at the university level and the university does not have a campus-wide blanket policy, but leaves it to each faculty to form their own policy commensurate with the teaching environment etc. In my faculty the Dean has set a no-use policy and each individual instructor is expected to comply - unless a waiver has been given. In my classes it is a "no use" policy and first violations are given a one-time verbal warning.. second infractions result in removal from class on that day and a mark of "absent for cause" and a third violation is referred to the Deans office for a more formal reaction. So far I've never had a step 3... I have lots of step one cases and a handful of step two, but given that a step 2 also includes a loss of points (that comes with a mark of absent for cause) for that sessions, that tends to be the last time it happens. In the demonstration school, they too have a similar policy on a school-wide basis, but it seems to be very inconsistently applied. Some teachers have an orderly process whereby phone are left on a desk near the front of the room and retrieved at the end of class.. or something similar... then there are those who only require phones to be kept inside book bags, backpacks, etc... and a few that seem to be indifferent to the matter. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. I applied at the end of December 2016 - I think it was around the end of the first week of December (2016) and I got my Visa on December 29 and my MC the next day -- just before the end of year closure. I did ask that the new cards be branch delivered as opposed to EMSed to my residence. I got an SMS from BBL telling me the card was ready for P/U. I qualified purely off Thai-based income and history of work and salary history above their minimum. My colleague (who I suspect earns less than BBLs minimum salary floor) got a card too, but had to do the "pledged" account option. His pledged account DOES show on his BBL iPhone app, but the balance showing is only the interest paid at the end of the first 6-month term and not the larger balance that is/was pledged for the card. His orange bank book does show the full balance (pledge plus interest) and updates as such. There is a red stamp in his book that essentially says (as the bank reports) "this account is used as collateral and may not be withdrawn". I also agree with the previous post - go to/use a branch that knows you (and assumably likes you) AND seems like they really want you to get approved... some branches seem like they don't care or act like only a document drop center while others will go the extra mile if you will, to help you get approved to re extent that they can. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  12. IMHO, most of the major banks here offer pretty decent promos on their basic/entry level cards and of course, improve as the card level increases as well... I have found that dining and related leisure things are common promos... if airline miles is your objective, the. I think you need to go for a card that is specifically tied to the program you're after-- here that would be either TG or AirAsia for the most part. The notion of a formal credit file is, on balance, a newer concept here in Thailand with the formation of the National Credit Bureau, and most all banks participate.. I am not aware of any short-cut to either creating or enhancing a file other than the traditional way through proper account management. One of the good things, IMHO, is that unlike the US (example only) the credit bureau data is rather limited - in that it's really only a report of your end of month balances and on-time payment history. It doesn't, for example, report how many times you've formally applied for credit (which in the US, hurts your acts or score minimally) nor does it calculate a score that uses your reported balances... so it's rather limited in scope and breadth. Getting approved for a card is part science and part art IMHO.. naturally those foreigners who have a proven Thai-based income above X level (40,000 to 50,000 tends to be a common floor) via a work-permitted job- for a period of time (commonly 6 months to one year) preceding the date of application will usually have good results.... but... that will very much depend on the banks risk position at that time, appetite for further unsecured loans and what the banks underwriting criteria are. It is not wholly uncommon to see foreigners who are on retirement status/visa/extensions (thus no Thai-based income or work permit) also be approved using assets (like bank accounts) in Kingdom, proven history of incoming transfer or the like. Another option is (common with BBL) to deposit X baht into a time deposit account. The time accounts then is "pledged" or "secured" and a credit card (not debit but credit) is issued with the same credit limit as the pledged/secured account.. some may offer a little less than pledge or a little more, but the idea works the same... The last way, and its (IMHO) not really YOU getting a card, but it is to have a Thai national (like a spouse) apply for and get approved for a card, then they add you as an Authorized User.. the primary card holder has the final liability and none of the payment history reports under your name either (so as I know it, this option won't help you build your own credit file in Thailand). Lastly, I know that both Citibank and American Express both will base, in part, their approval for a Thai-issued card, on your US (or home country) financial history with that lender. I have a Thai-issued Amex card and I got my card here baed, in part, on my multi-year history with US-based Amex (but I also work here with WP and multi-year employment history with a salary well above most banks floor/minimum) ... I have friends who've done the same leveraging their US-issues Citi cards to get a Thai-issued Citi card here. There is both BofA and Wells Fargo offices here as well, but I am not aware that they can/do issue any Thai-based V/MC cards nor are they licensed to conduct retail banking activities here. I assume the same is true for other foreign banks here with commercial banking activities (HSBC, MUFG, etc) When I initially started to look to apply, I went to the branch that held my primary accounts (like my salary account) and asked them to call CC underwriting and ask what would I need to get approved.. while that answer is/was proprietary, the branch folks were pretty good at pressing underwriting for some detailed guidelines... My last tip.. use a branch that WANTS you to get approved.. most branches and employees get perks/points or can be graded on the number of applications that they originate.. so I'd suggest you leverage your application and take it to a branch that seems like they're willing to help you get approved and want you to get approved ... and don't act either ambivalent or only as an application acceptance channel. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. In many counties, API may be sent several times. Commonly that's Day of Departure (usually around 24hrs before) and again once formal check-in has closed. Most carriers close check in around :60 to :45 before departure, so this still gives the origin country time to sent the revised batch file and for the receiving country time to re-scrub the finalized list- which really tends to be a very close mirror to the first/earlier transmission. Since scrubbing is done on an automated basis, it can be done quickly and still not create an OTD delay scenario. Only possible inadmissible pax would be flagged by the system and usually a human double checks the flag to insure its correctly applied. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Bag wrapping stations at Suvarnabhumi

    While I think low odds, the one thing to be mindful of (and you can't really control it) is that IF security wants to open your boxes for inspection - which they can do - that's done after you would have had it wrapped and after the bag leaves your sight and control. They don't rewrap bags or boxes that previously had wrapping before being cut for inspection. But again, low odds IMHO Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Can I have a car as a falang in finance?

    There is the National Credit Bureau established by the Credit Business Information Act, to which I recall most all Thai banks are members - on a required basis. I know all my Thai bank issued credit cards appear on my file (using my passport as the primary search filter as opposed to Thai national ID) and my colleagues auto loan (he as a single/unmarried person) also appears on his NCB file as well. I also receive a yearly printed "report" or statement from each creditor, that shows, by month, what data was reported during the calendar year. https://www.ncb.co.th Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app