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  1. I want to register my sons birth with the UK authorities - We live in Thailand 1. My son is 4 years old (July 2013) 2. Father British (Born British in the UK) Mother Thai 3. Parents were married in 2004 4. Do I need to fill out a form MN1 and send to UK or is he British already and all I have to do is apply for a passport for him? Any info or advice would be great. I did this 12 years ago with my eldest son, but it has all changed.
  2. I have some land in the center of Korat and I'm just in the planning stage to build a house. What I need to know is what is the average cost per Talag Waa (TW) or SQM cost. I have searched and found: 9000 TW Basic 15000 TW Average 25000+ TW Top end I do not need advice on the dangers of buying property, as I have lived here 25 years, and the property is being built for my children (Thai Citizens) Anyone got any up to date information. Cheers.