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  1. Govt floats long-term land leases for foreigners

    There is already the possibility to lease the land for 30 years, increasing 20 years makes little difference.
  2. I'm sure, oral agreements do not apply in Thailand. New rules regarding a person to stand as garantor is that they can no longer be required for payment. The conclusion is that you can keep the car and continue the installment or stop paying and returning the car. I believe the seller still has a debt of the car and want a person who will take over the loan of the car in the car company, the real owner of the car is the car company. The seller has no use for a personal garantor otherwise.
  3. I got my ID card last week, went very smoothly. Took the Yellow house book to the Nongprue municipality that issued it, so they could confirmed the validity. Other documents needed was: Passport with the extension of visas, driver's licenses. Made copies of all documents. Brought the confirmation and the rest of the documents to the Ampur of Banglamung and got the ID card, cost 100 baht.
  4. Surely bus company's insurance will pay the children's hospital bill? If they do not have any insurance, must surely bus company owners pay for it. If they don't have money, sell the bus.