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  1. What an absolutely vile comment to make! You sir, need to really sit back and take a very long look at yourself if you truly believe the disgusting comment you made. I lost a very good lifelong friend to suicide and his wife followed shortly afterwards. Two of the best people I have ever been privileged to knowing and have as friends. I still miss them, especially at this time of year.
  2. I could not get it to work on any W10 system and all my pc's at home and (at the time) in the school office were W10. A clapped out machine running a pirate W7 that intermittently crashed was used by many of the Thai teachers that didn't have a suitable old laptop. IMO. This program is obsolete and for anyone who doesn't read Thai is a bummer to learn, especially if no one is allocated to sort occurring problems out. Even if it was available in English, there are so many hidden features in it that only someone who really knows it inside out can instruct others on its features. Many of the Thai teachers paid others to fill in their information as they were unable to comprehend the program. Personally, I told my school I was unable to fully understand it and just filled in the marks for my students, everything else was done on paper and given to the English head for her to sort out! Bottom line, it doesn't work with W10. AFAIK.
  3. People are getting really paranoid about this matter of reporting to immigration every time they step out of the front door! It makes me wonder if they ever get the time to chill and enjoy life in Thailand or are on a perpetual merry-go-round of worry. I'm so glad I live up in the boonies (in a town) where no one gives a damn about anything so petty. Many of the guys that are frequent visitors for a few weeks at a time have never done a TM30 and stay in their own houses, they are totally oblivious to the ruling. A few of the more conscientious guys do report when they arrive from overseas who are aware of the ruling but most ignore and nothing has happened yet! Our local immigration is quite a stickler to the rules but even they cannot be bothered with a rule that is so petty. JFI & MHO.
  4. Bank of Bangkok and my pension

    If they at offering the smart cards then they should offer the visa debit card. Just ask for the Be1st DEBIT Card and insist! The other cards are smart cards. If you really want to kick a stink up, print out the link off their website below.............and take it in. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBankThai/Documents/Site Documents/Other/debitbe1stdue2019_En.pdf Life is a game of patience and tolerance in this Land of S......... Smile and leave the grimace for later.
  5. arguing over satangs

    My local 7/11 rounds DOWN any amount to the nearest baht and have a chart that they scan to deduct the satang from the final amount. Purely out of interest and reading this topic, I asked the owner why he does this as he is the only one I know of that does. He told me it is easier for the cashiers to cash up, the customers like it as they are getting a discount and it saves him hassle at the bank. He also stated that he cannot adjust the shelf prices to reflect this as the pricing tickets come with the goods.
  6. Need Degree Certified/Affidavit

    Under E : Edinburgh Napier University
  7. JFYI: The main reason they are 'popular' is because motorbikes (similar price) are banned within city limits. Just go to any city police station and see the heap of confiscated motorbikes. The batteries are only guaranteed for 6 months on the cheap bikes and need replacing annually to achieve any sort of distance (50km per full charge). Oh, they must be equipped with pedals to be legal. Anything less than fully charged and they will struggle up a steep hill and under load will discharge very quickly. Basically they are cheap [email protected] A good quality electric bike can be purchased, fast and durable but will obviously cost a lot more (BTW. also banned in cities because of speed and fitted pedals are not an option!) Choose carefully my friend and happy silent motoring! Source of info: 5 years of living and travelling in China cities.
  8. 3 weeks and counting! Strangely enough it's mostly women who have given me the thumbs up; wags of my so-called friends. I say so-called friends because they have not been supportive, I can sort of sense some jealously! Oh well............ Got to admit, the attention I'm getting from my wife now is the most encouraging aspect of quitting.
  9. Most PPT fuel stations have a ProCheck garage within the forecourt area. Just take your vehicle registration book and the fee if your ride is under the age for a check or if it does need the check they do it while you wait. Normally, return for the Gov. insur and tax disc the next day. A very small fee is added for the service, about 50 baht. I do several rides, bikes and cars this way all the time. Easy Peasy.
  10. What is Roiet like to live in?

    Statement above is rubbish, don't listen to grapevine gossip. One of the few minus points about Roi-Et is the endless bar talk scandal gossip from those who have nothing else to occupy themselves with and most of this stems from the associated kept women. JMHO.
  11. Hi guys, Laptop 2.5 year old. Suddenly stopped charging and died. Sent to Asus service centre as no one locally would touch it. Got a phone call from Asus quoting 35,000 for repair. New mobo and battery. Refused and returned. After doing some research I've discovered that Asus always just replace the mobo. Could it be something that is repairable by a competent tech? (if I can find one) Nothing to lose really even if they *"!* it up. Brick checked and working fine. All cables checked. Battery internal and not easy to remove. I'm not a happy chappy and missing my WoW gaming. Any suggestions?
  12. What is Roiet like to live in?

    I've lived in 101city for over 4 years. People who live here don't really like to talk too much about our little gem or else it might get infested by that pesky Pattaya mob! lol.
  13. I stopped lighting up 7 days ago after 45 years of smoking pleasure. No particular reason why, certainly not for health reasons, just woke up on a Saturday morning with a dry mouth and sore throat after a heavy Friday night out, nothing unusual. Made a cuppa, went outside for a smoke and realised I'd left my ciggies at the bar, it was raining heavy so I went without. About 2 hours later it dawned on me that I hadn't lit up so I convinced myself to wait another 2 hours, and so it continued. Support from my wife has been fantastic and the incentives have surely been worth it! Strange, she never mentioned it before but since last Friday she tells me I no longer smell like an ashtray, my clothes can now be washed with hers, she will walk hand in hand etc. Things I've never really noticed before have now become important and I don't want to lose them. That's my incentive. It's hard, very hard. One day at a time. I can fully understand why people gain weight after quitting. It's only been 7 days but already it's the pleasure of actually being able to distinguish different tastes in food, the pleasure of eating, probably something I've never experienced before and I like it immensely! To be able to smell the 'freshness' after a heavy rain, the mango smell after pruning the tree and the freshly cut grass smell I can remember from my childhood. I've denied myself these simple pleasures for so many years and for what? I'm not going to deny that I'm still trying to convince myself of the virtues on an hourly basis and seek support wherever I can find it, especially from family. I've refrained from going out all week but tonight's the night! I'm going to be a very bad former smoker so I apologise to my friends in advance. If you smoke, keep your distance.