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  1. OP, I had a similar problem and ended up using a tub of filler (some call it putty) thinned out with 30% water. It ends up with a thin paint like consistency and dries super-fast when applied by brush. I use Bozny brand available in HomePro.
  2. I live in a mains supplied hard water area. Whenever I wash the car I make sure it's in the shade and always chamois it as not to leave streaks and water marks. If it rains and the car gets dry in the sun, I just use dampened old newspapers on the glass and bodywork to remove the marks left by the rain when I want it to look 'clean' again. I think I read somewhere that the print or paper contains a very mild acid. I've tried many different car washing products (expensive ones as well) and the best so far is Tesco Wash & Wax! Very little wiping to do on the bodywork after a wash and seems to dry virtually streak free. It also removes previous water marks from rain. Sorry for this but if your car is glass coated you shouldn't have a problem.
  3. Most hotels/resorts charge more on their websites than online booking companies. Fact. Example: I recently went to Koh Lanta for a few days. Checked resort websites, some my wife phoned and ALL were more expensive going direct than using an online booking company. Some were nearly double the price if booking direct. Part of the deal online companies insist on is that THEY are cheaper than the hotel/resort direct. If the hotel/resort breaks this contract they are no longer listed online by the companies involved. Hard but good business sense for both parties concerned. The hotels/resorts are represented online in a busy marketplace and save on admin costs, a huge advantage over an independent who has to do his own marketing. I was in a related industry for over 30 years and was slightly involved in the initial beginnings of online marketing.
  4. TBH, it's a very broad and complicated topic, even more so to put it into practise. I personally think that all 'tourists' with a stay of under 60 days should have mandatory travel insurance regardless of age. This could be checked at the check-in desk at the original point of departure? No insurance, no flight. It's not expensive! Those on METV and Non Imm O should have travel insurance valid for the length of their visa. Those on extensions of stay based on marriage should be included in the Thai system. Those on extensions of stay based on retirement should have basic healthcare insurance provided by the Thai authorities at an affordable cost ( based on the more you claim, the more you pay). Or provide their own insurance. (policy or available money in a Thai Bank) I think it's all talk anyway and it will never happen, too much work involved.
  5. After giving my school over 3 years loyalty, never late once, no pay rises and more administrative duties put upon me as and when, they decided to include a few more clauses into the new contract for this academic year. One was a ฿1000 deduction every month refunded at the end of the contract, apparently to discourage a teacher walking out. Another was a 3 month notice period! They were very surprised when I refused to sign and said bye bye!
  6. I.T.City is a good shop. I buy most of my goods from them and never had a reason for complaint yet. If you get a good sales guy, like in my local shop, they will order most things if they possibly can for you.
  7. I was on a retirement extension, got married and changed to a married extension. Why? My wife changed all her I.D's incl. Gov. official I.D., documents, bank details, etc. to my surname without hesitation. Not by my request but by her own insistence. She is financially independent, good income, own house, car and kids at good Uni's so no financial benefits. Simply, she is proud to be my wife, so it was only natural to me to be proud to be her husband and this was a good way of showing it! Of course, it made getting a work permit less hassle and released ฿400,000 enabling me to buy a small car for myself to run around in. Although now I'm officially retired, I have no intention on going back on a retirement extension, even though I have the funds and it would be a slightly easier process. Yes, a few more bits of paper for immigration and a double trip to the office but it's no real hassle. Yes, I have to take my wife for the yearly 30 second interview which she enjoys as she has told me it makes her feel proud to be part of me and my life in Thailand with her. It's not just about money, convenience, work permits or whatever. For me and my wife it's also about the wellbeing within our relationship. She likes having a foreign surname, she is proud of it and was overjoyed when I changed my extension to marriage for her. Just a small way of showing commitment to each other, even though it really doesn't make an iota of difference.
  8. Recently I had a mini-break to Koh Lanta from N-E Thailand and decided to test my Thai I.D card to the max. All flights accepted it, AirAsia and Lion Air. Krabi airport to resort on Koh Lanta by minibus and return at 1/2 the advertised price. (Thai price) Resort and motorbike hire. Local attraction (Thai price) Discount in a restaurant! It has its uses as far as I'm concerned. BTW. I have even opened a bank account with no other documentation apart from my I.D. card!
  9. This is the only site I could find about the books. BTW : Neil formerly at CBA ???
  10. Ok ... I've been to specsavers! Go to the individual contacts list. Choose your contact. Open the menu bar drop down list. (top right) Choose 'set ringtone'. (this will open the ringtone list) Choose the desired ringtone. It can also be done with group contacts. Google is still your friend!
  11. Google is your friend!
  12. Unlike AirAsia, LionAir will not accept a web check-in over 24hrs from time of departure and I'll be away in that period of time. I pretty sure that it takes 15 mins from the plane to the arrivals terminal so a bit of a rush but I don't know my way around the new terminal unlike the old. No check-in baggage, boarding pass required only.
  13. We are arriving at DM with AirAsia and departing with LionAir. How long will it take (approx.) to get from arrivals to the LionAir check-in counter then to the departure gate? With a bit of luck I might be able to use the web check-in for our boarding passes but it looks doubtful as the LionAir service is only available 24hrs before and I might not be able to access a pc or printer during this time. From the time of arrival to the time of departure we have got about 1hr 15mins providing there are no delays. Many thanks in advance!
  14. Several members have had this problem. Just move your cursor to the right hand side within the search box to type. Not obvious and a bad design but it does work .......Sometimes! Hope this cures your problem.