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  1. Thank you Samui Times. A very useful article. Don't let Koh Tao and its evil off the hook. This island should stay in the headlines until everything is clear and the killers got what they deserve. Unfortunately I'm afraid of your safety, Samui Times. Please take care. The world needs your reporting.
  2. "Any kind of mobbing around the suspect car is prohibited, " Oh yeah, and then the authorities will come and start mobbing Just a time shift when the mobbing begins
  3. Pol General Chakthip Chaijinda on Thursday also ordered that officers dealing with suspects being detained in custody should not behave in any way that might suggest they are friendly with them. But if they behave in a way that shows that they are mistreating them that's ok?
  4. It seems Thailand - while ethically having no right to do so - they claim every right they want to imprison the innocent and to let the guilty walk free
  5. learning about this shameful case makes me feel very unsafe in Thailand. I am considering to leave.
  6. censorship of the arts. By now only known from the infamous reds Sad and inappropriate. Not belonging into this century Hopefully not the begin of an Iran like policy
  7. If they continue that nonsense Pattaya will go bankrupt, this being a reason for a new government
  8. a performer has to apologize for a performance that hurts nobody. And here on TV some say what she does is bad What country is this - and what forum?
  9. Good and necessary plan. Don't be so pessimistic
  10. right. but there are more and more serious reasons
  11. one of the different crackdowns that makes sense. Would make even more sense if the consequences would be harsh enough
  12. I guess if there was evidence it would have been made public. And making an investigation public before there is any reliable result is not correct. As always innocent until proven guilty. Smells like witch hunt. I believe there are people who want to get rid of Trump not because what the public criticizes, not because of his politics but for other reasons
  13. Have mercy with him. He needs a job. May be no other qualifications. And there are many ways to end up with a particular task. May be he was just taking care of the crocs and watched another artist doing what he did. Looked safe for a long time and he lost the feeling of danger. Got a good income (hopefully) not available in other ways. Not saying it was this way. But I wouldn't judge him
  14. All of this with still no proof there was any collusion and not a single piece of evidence to even begin an investigation. If this is not a witch hunt fabricated for political (or financial) reasons from sore losers then I don't know what a witch hunt is. I am not saying Trump is a good president nor the opposite. I am only watching, knowing very well that the mass media which are responsible for the news (avoiding to say reports) cannot be trusted - same as the parties in this case.