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  1. you know the statistics of black people in Thailand? I am not saying all colored people - but what kind of Africans go to Thailand? And they are easy to discern because of their look. I will not use your wording bs - but your comment is lacking common sense
  2. Nothing wrong with targeting a special race if they have a record of crime that is remarkably higher than that of another race - at least in the location of the raid.
  3. German police rule out terrorism in Munich knife attack

    First I wanted to like this post. - But then - I don't know where your 99.1 % comes from - but I am sure they are responsible for most of the terrorist attracks
  4. "Dr Thaweepoke Angkawanich, of the National Elephant Institute in Lampang, said he wanted to apologise" There is nothing to apologize. Nobody can do miracles. And nobody should expect miracles form doctors or vets. Nature is always stronger. I'm sure they did the best they could.
  5. German police rule out terrorism in Munich knife attack

    of course not terrorism. nothing to do with Islam. - by order of Merkel just don't mention "terrorism" in the news anymore. Everybody knows.
  6. " thundershowers and sharp mercury drop" " I am here. Where is the sharp mercury drop?`? where is it?"
  7. All safe as Phuket tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    Yet another "brake failure" For correctness sake I suggest they modify the reporting in the future: instead of "brake failure" use "brake failure claimed by the driver"
  8. I wonder is it the fault of Thailand or the fault of those Nigerians
  9. "... the Trump administration trying to drive the world into a horrible nuclear disaster." The US have nukes for decades. After the firs and only use to end World 'War 2 they never used them nor threatened to do so. Kim has some nukes and now want s much more and he already threatened to use them. I don't think it's the US who are the threat
  10. Rescued elephant’s chance of survival is slim

    Reminds me on a story of an African elephant hunter who was active 100 years ago. He said he had observed that elephants who feel they will die soon go to the water where they can stand until they die. Then they stand there often for days until their hour comes and they sink under water.
  11. I doubt it - while agreeing that some things are not as they should. You are by far over the top
  12. The British / Aussie was wrong but the Thai was wrong, too running over somebody or attacking their car with a machete is wrong but knocking down somebody (in particular if this one is calm and talking to other people) is wrong - regardless whatever might have happened before I expect the Thai to be punished appropriately. and the farang appropriately, too ( I mean appropriately not over the top) maybe his knockout could be considered as mitigating
  13. preparations for a red interpol arrest alert ?
  14. his was not an act of self defence ... nor was the Thai man's punch
  15. And if so (I doubt it) - that incident was over. No reason to floor that man. No self defense