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  1. What should he have done? not cross the middle line not overtake in that area not overtake another bus not go there with a bus not drive at all (most important)
  2. The locals will be grateful for the new car park and the new market area
  3. well done police. Time that all this easy to get angry scum (Thailand seems to have a lot of them) learns that they cannot do their villainy unobserved anymore. Of course appropriate punishment is neccessary, too.
  4. I am surprised that not more accidents happen at police checkpoints. They are an obstacle and there is no warning ahead. Sometimes you have to slow down because there suddenly is an unexpected congestion
  5. Did they check his blood and urine for drugs?
  6. "... the case that he allegedly fired gunshots into the air during a concert " allegdely? what is there allegded? - I think there are videos
  7. Nattawut seeks NACC file on red-shirt crackdown case

    have they? I understand they have been quiet when it served their purpose to have their people in power. And have a corrupt government again as they please
  8. Nattawut seeks NACC file on red-shirt crackdown case

    watching the video again. Being reminded who and what the reds really are - I still prefer a junta, because I never want to hear again about those thugs (and their master) let them elect a government only if it will keep the reds in check
  9. Lifelong loyalty to a party is an oxymoron to democracy. They are showing their true face again.
  10. Nattawut seeks NACC file on red-shirt crackdown case

    Probably the army had no need to defend themselves. Otherwise I am not sure ... If "those people" did not give authority for soldiers to shoot at "protesters" who shot at soldiers they should be in prison for a very long time. You don't really know what happened, nor do I. My opinion is based on observation of the government who kept peaceful until the end and of the "protesters" who provoked every day and only failed in the end with their coupe. During the time before and during their occupation they were provoking violence and I wouldn't be surprised if they even wanted victims in their strategy. Seeing it different is one sided. I am just saying the likelihood to be guilty of killing is against the reds. If proof is given for the opposite I will gladly admit.
  11. Nattawut seeks NACC file on red-shirt crackdown case

    "The fire positions taken up by the troops at the Pathuwanaram temple shootings were clearly selected to allow an unrestricted field of fire into a location known to be being used as a refuge for unarmed civilians." might be. But I am not sure. It was an area occupied by law breakers. People in the area have been warned that force might have to be applied. They had their chance ro leave. They decided otherwise. And are you sure that there was not one in that "refuge for unarmed civilians" who shot first? Are you sure they were really unarmed civilians? As a military commander in that situation wouldn't. Which doesn't mean I would open fire for no reason. To be honest I don't know what really happened (same as you, I guess) but having observed the "peaceful protest" over the long time they unlawfully occupied a public area, with armed "protesters" under the command of a general, their propaganda and their overall behavior during that time, (inciting to burn down Bangkok, storming a hospital and so on) I believe it to be more likely the violence came from them first.
  12. Five top cops transferred after massage parlour raid

    And a serious indicator that there are efforts to improve - even if slowly. But who knows what is possible in this system. Better than doing nothing anyway.
  13. Five top cops transferred after massage parlour raid

    Again a move to the better. But why they are not sacked and taken to court is beyond me. Still much to improve
  14. You don't want to get it. When you give you give with a purpose. Otherwise you can throw the money out of the window. When you give to a beggar you give because your heart has been touched. If you your gift is abused you are betrayed.
  15. Congratulations. May he use it wisely.