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  1. If true it only shows how braindead the shin followers are.
  2. " Spanish coast guards rescued nearly 600 migrants trying to make the perilous crossing from Africa, ..." ... and took them right back to 'Africa, after sinking their boat. Right?
  3. Too many accidents at U-Turns in LOS why? too many u-turns
  4. I don't want big brother. But thanks for CCTV
  5. "... he promised to go after the corrupt Thai officials ... " Great More Joke please ! Much more !!
  6. sweatalot

    Italy and Germany clash as migration rows split EU

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the four states spoke "with one voice" on the migrant issue. "Let's just say we don't belong to this migrant-loving group of friends, and neither do we want to partake," he said. A voice of common sense sounds like common sense, too
  7. So what do we see here? Thais damaging the reputation of Thailand
  8. sweatalot

    Kid protesters rise up against rude teacher

    The germ of revolution. Urgently needed
  9. "...sending out instruction to monks across the country to absolutely not handle any money personally." What is wrong with this instruction? Isn't it that what the Buddha ruled the monks?
  10. "... three-room cell ... " for this deleted I am speechless. inmates in Thailand, most of them imprisoned for much less would be dreaming about that
  11. I like it / him. Really cool. And at last something in TV to have fun about.
  12. will he really go to jail? Really do the time? He is a hiso at least
  13. sweatalot

    Fleeing Thaksin hit with second arrest warrant

    We are talking about a government pursuing a criminal. Even if this government might be criminal - they are government and a government has to pursue criminals whatever you think about them "... plotting a coup ..." Don't forget thaksin's failed coup in 2010. Do you think he (and his family clan) is any better than the military. He just used another strategy more subtle and vicious to steal power ( and riches)
  14. sweatalot

    Fleeing Thaksin hit with second arrest warrant

    What ever political reasons their might be. Thaksin is a criminal. Criminals have to be punished. A government that does not pursue criminals acts unlawful.