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  1. I don't believe their mobile phones have anything to do wit their accident. But I do believe their sitting under a tree on the otherwise empty beach caused it. It might be true that many lightning victims had their mobile with them. The reason is clear: how many percent have no mobile with them. Same logic as "people who were struck by lightning had a head, so they are more in danger than than those without"
  2. I can't believe that several hospitals did nothing? I guess blood check, Ultrasound and CT scan would have given clear results years ago and then probably surgery would have needed to be done. May be she only saw the interns and did not wait for an appointment with a consultant? Anyway I wish her full recovery.
  3. mafia in action - hope they did not make an offer that can't be refused
  4. "a few drinks to clear his head" must be the Thai way to clear the head I am sure there are better ways
  5. "dodgy-roads-in-pattaya" in Pattaya? Everywhere all over Thailand
  6. Good for you. But having suffered from a disease does not make you an expert for it. One patient is not like the other. While some with Meniere get back to normal within days some respond well to a simple treatment - others cannot be treated successfully at all
  7. USA, China, South Korea, Japan .... how long are they going to wait?
  8. Congratulations - more of that please. Anyway I am afraid they are not very representative for Thai pupils.
  9. So they decided to abuse the weakest one for their own purposes
  10. Will be difficult to sack 90 % of the BIB, put at least a third of them in prison and then start all over
  11. Thai food would be the last reason to come to Thailand for me. I am happy that Western food is available here.
  12. Nothing more urgent to do?Aren't there murderers to catch? People to protect? Get the Red Bull?
  13. on his facebook site he says he wants to go to India next.