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  1. Truck driver blames reckless tourist not brake failure this time? Who will stille believe a Thai driver when they blame something other than himself for an accident? (Even if sometimes they might be right)
  2. have to add ... and the safety of others
  3. Can I really believe this? Just watch what will happen.
  4. I have a yellow book. Do I also need to proceed with TM 30 when I am returning from abroad? Does anybody know or give me a link? sorry just found myself: If you have a yellow house book (tabienbaan) or co-own a house, that does not acquit you of the obligation to report yourself. http://www.chiangmailocator.com/wiki-the-tm-30-form-all-you-need-to-know-about-it-and-why-it-matters-to-you-p172
  5. "If he’s untouchable, why has he been arrested?" they should have checked (=touched) him before as he obviously belongs to a group with high likelihood of terrorism and seems to be increasing in number
  6. That name does not surprise me. But for political correctness reasons those are all untouchable.
  7. Why? Worked to good? or not good enough?
  8. stupid? or evil? Driving this way he deserves being hit by a car and learning the hard way.
  9. Nothing to do with fast driving. The McLaren had stopped when the pickup hit it
  10. I hope the group will succeed. It is not only against encroachment but also against those that are "more equal"
  11. They do not say when it will be completely built - if ever. Smells like a fishy trick and different from the promise that was officially made before
  12. Just in case his story was true - would that make his behavior appropriate? Or even acceptable?
  13. more cctv in LOS and posters would have the opportunity to say this all the time
  14. ... All the driver had to do was slowing down and pass by on the left side of the man. (Nolt to mention: ...All the driver had to do was to watch the street)