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  1. Did I see right - police happens to be at the scene, approaches the perp's car and do nothing?
  2. and that is impossible to conclude. They might say "we found no evidence" But how did they find evidence "that there was no rape" impossible.
  3. gaiving them the shirt without examining it before in the UK was an incredible mistake. At least they stopped claiming she wasn't raped. Just t hey found no evidence. ( How? months after the event because they refused to accept her record) So now it should be legal to say the woman was probably raped in Koh Tao. Thai Police started investigation months later and then found no evidence
  4. hopefully they will not use it as an excuse to let more crap in
  5. What I dont understand: they gave the shirt to Thai police without checking for DNA before?? !! If so - incredible self goal.
  6. sweatalot

    Top 10 scams in Thailand

    You'r really looking for something or someone to nag about, do you? I enjoyed reading that article and those few minor mistakes didn't bother me at all.
  7. everything shoucl be done to find the scum who did this. Name them, shame them, Make them pay a huge compensation, No matter if they have to sell everything they have - take it away. And no chance to avoid a long prison term. Even sharia comes to mind - while I'm being far from being a fan
  8. We don't know. We only have many theories. What about this one? It's her brother and sister who take her home to protect her from staying with a druggy or criminal after warning her? Just an idea not even a theory. But be aware that you don't know.
  9. ruptured liver, broken ribs come from trying to resuscitate her not necessarily an indicator of mistreatment. If it was an anaphylactic reaction the correct drugs applied would have helped - but we don't know - may be they did. Sometimes you lose a battle against death - but again for a cosmetic procedure? Was the patient informed about the risck?
  10. sweatalot

    Myanmar man ‘confesses’ he killed bearcat

    How much did the perps with the gun pay him? I mean for that claim (not for their claimed buying the dead animal)
  11. They get what they deserve - but still not enough.
  12. Not unexpected - but anyway I believe that even on Koh Tao people might dy by accident - sometimes
  13. yes for sure - given their performance in the Hanna Witheridge and David Miller case
  14. Was surprised not to hear from this moron for so long. Seems now he's got a new idea to mess Thailand up. He belongs in prison Now waitint for Nattawut to come out
  15. good so. except for the greedy TAT that doesn'T care what they are doing to the countrie and her people.