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  1. I agree social media have a downside politicians - at least in certain countries - don't need a downside they are the downside
  2. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    so they want electronic handcuffs for tourists? If I wouldn't know I better would doubt their common sense as well as their intelligence. No need for doubt.
  3. Watana said he wanted to pass on his moral support to the party, which he hoped would help bring back people’s politics, while enabling more young bloods to enter politics and ending the junta’s rule. Good for him - if he's sincere but why now? why did he not pass on moral support to people who were pro democracy and for this reason against the shins, corruption and cronyism ?
  4. Somyot ‘yet to decide’ on entering politics

    shouldn't somebody else decide to make him subject to law enforcement?
  5. brake failure ... I am fed up with this it is either brain failure or caused by boiling the brakes by not using low gear, as BBG stated oh, wait - that's brain failure, too
  6. nice to hear from him again but I had expected something more important the story of his unusual wealth obviously showing in his unusual watches ..
  7. Thaksin Shinawatra has decided not to fight a legal battle regarding a telecoms concession case against him because he disagreed with a new law Oh yes. I, too would disagree with a law that could find me guilty.
  8. More important: they should be fined (and heavily) if the motorcycle is not insured
  9. .... and I am afraid they are by far outnumbered by the undemocratic and even more corrupt Shin dynastie and their election pawns
  10. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    Unbelievable. Another 15 days and another ... and another until all is forgotten - they hope. .... but an elderly couple who collect some mushrooms for a meal goes to jail for years If this is not unfairness - what is?
  11. Son kills father with an axe to the face then smiles Land of Smile
  12. Seeing that baby go free made me cry. There are Thai people with a good heart
  13. yeah he can spend his money for what he wants. If it is clear that he got it lawfully and free from corruption This he could have proven by listing it when asked about his fortune. He did not do it - so it's clear the money was ill gotten - until he proves the opposite - which he avoids. It should be him who is in trouble not Teearakiat.
  14. don't call him dog. Dogs are decent animals. They don't deserve to be compared with scum.