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  1. Yes that's what he is telling. Looks like you don't have any experience with Thai government.
  2. Anothjer case of negligence of duty - should go to court
  3. Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

    As much as I agree with voting against Merkel - this baboon should better shut up. He has no right at all to give any recommendations about German matters.
  4. If they could erase this guy only this might be a big step to peace and freedom for the NK people
  5. Thank you Merkel! And you (deleted) will probably be reelected instead of paying for your crime and going to prison for betrayal of Europe You are also guilty for the hate of the people that hits innocent and peaceful refugees because you let the scum in
  6. ... after the soldiers go south hopefully not
  7. ... and without caring about the victims
  8. witch hunt might be over the top but it is good when the Thai take it in their own hands. May be this way they 'll learn
  9. there should bre free entry for Asians
  10. Yingluck judges provided with police guards

    No it is an indication of the shins' gang of thugs that get violent when their master doesn't get his will - or when shin money is threatened
  11. They have experience with the shin group and their pawns. Had they observed the movements in 2010 parts of Bangkok would not have been sieged, buildings would not have burnt and no lethal military intervention would have been necessary. And didn't the unrest begin because of the confiscation of ill gotten money from thaksin ?
  12. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    Now there are two cars in the river. And yes, it is all the Americans ' fault. They put men on the moon so they should be able to do everything and there is no danger for them. May be they should also be able to wake up the dead? And may be - wake you up?
  13. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    Are you aware that we are not talking of rescue in this case ? - We are talking of retrieving dead bodies. That's not worth to risk another life. Even if it is a Thai life (sarcasm off)
  14. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    I don't like to say 'bashing' but did you ever consider there might be something to criticize on common behavior by Thais? And living here means you cannot criticize anything that you experience? You must live in one of the few places in Thailand where the world is still ok.
  15. jet another example for this jurisdiction being completely out of reality