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  1. Considering that most smokers smoke because of successful PR and branding (not because of the taste) that makes smokers associate smoking with positive emotions (freedom, success, socialising, wealth, youth, beauty, being "in") May be not so bad. It reverses PR psychology by using a -say- neutral package not a brand symbol anymore. But then - why not reverse the successful campaings of the tobacco companies by associating smoking with being a looser, being a failure, being poor, being low so, being easy to manipulate... The masculine cowboy, on the horse NOT smoking, the smoking looser sitting on the ground, looking unhappy, and not healthy ...
  2. This will show Kim that the US don't trust him. And rightly so.
  3. well said. That's the way it should be. from what I have read it is neither clear what really happened nor who is telling the truth.
  4. love and jealousy never go to together. He thought he owned her. I hope this is not the definiton for love in Thailand love never kills.
  5. Not sure whom to believe but there seem to be contradictions in the lawyers story. I have the feeling he is "overmotivated" May be smells a good business?
  6. he was arrested for not raping a woman. Right?
  7. normally not the case after rape
  8. Surely the refuse to declare their assets is enough suspicion to start a criminal investigation. Problem is what about those who have to investigate. Sitting in a glass house.
  9. they played the game and won by cheating.
  10. how do you know? Normally it is the other side which is well paid by their puppet master
  11. Seems they still hope that all will be forgotten and in the end of the day they can use the buildings as intended.
  12. ... may be the international community sees a need ?
  13. I doubt he ever saw an English university. Aren't those degrees for sale in Bangkok?
  14. First their brainwash had to be undone - which would be nearly impossible
  15. Erdogan has said the order to kill Khashoggi came from the "highest levels" of the Saudi government but that he did not believe King Salman was behind it. Only one left on the "highest level" he could as well tell the name
  16. may be they have some knowledge of the English language but not of French or Spanish
  17. I have to add I am sorry for those who have to live there and whose hearts and brains have not been killed and for those little children who have no choice to be brain- and heartkilled
  18. DVT followed by pulmonary embolism
  19. what a shithole of country - if there's some good in this country they should definitely solve the muslim problem
  20. Appeal against safety? Unbelievable. Oh, I forgot, no need, Thailand is very safe already.
  21. Now - is this the religion of peace? Or of hate?
  22. So he was the master copier, may be even better and spreading corruption to more areas like a cancer. Doesn't make him any better.
  23. Wasn't he the master teacher?
  24. Good that she got a job. Normally "whistleblowers" in Thailand get chased or threatened or sued with defamation. This seems to be something like defamation law reverse. Hope they carry on.