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  1. They should show the difference between Car/Truck accidents and Motorcycle. I have seen more Motorcycle accidents than I have seen Car/Truck. Of course Bus should be a different category also. I worked in Saudi for 11 years...they are really bad. But then they don't report their data. Personally I think they beat the Thai in having more deadly accidents.
  2. Social Security from USA.

    I am registered with the Embassy as living here but not with SS. Been this way for over 5 years. No problems. I think the State Dept and SS dont share info.
  3. start living like you live here and not on holiday. Live like a local not a tourist.
  4. thai id card for foreigners

    I have the Yellow book and the Pink card. I had the help of a Thai friend and my Thai wife. We live in Nong Pru, Banglamuang just outside of Pattaya.
  5. The fine is too much. Why not have the offenders clean 50 meters of beach....
  6. The simpilest way and most effect is put a return deposit on plastic.
  7. Pool leaking 12 cm per day?

    I had a leak in the return pipe from the drain ( which is is under cement) we plugged it and no more leak. If I need to drain the pool I use a submerisable pump.
  8. Booze sales banned on beach starting in Oct.

    so this just cuts any income for the beach vendors to the bone... Not to smart at all
  9. True. 4 yrs ago I got into Kow Jai with drivers Lic. at Thai price. But I have not tried it yet eith my Pink id card.
  10. I have a Official Thailand ID card (pink in color). It identifies me, just as a one issued to a Thai. Not many farang have them as you can only get the after having the Yellow Book. Have not been any where I could use it to get the Thai price. Wonder if it works.
  11. I want/need to stop smoking.

    I have used yhis with great success. http://www.thaihypnosis.com She is really excellent.
  12. Not all Americans are <deleted>, but he is for sure. It was not an impersonation!
  13. Neighbors dog is coming inside our yard attacking our dog

    dont hit them with spray in the eyes. body shots. they dont like the smell.
  14. Do I need a yellow book?

    I got my Yellow Book last year and then I got my pink Thai style ID card. This simiple card has helped me eith identification at my bank when I didnt have my Passport with me. And I use it as the first proof of ID at hospitals or with the police. It does have an eye opening effect with Thai. They do not see many expats with it.