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  1. seems to be some confusion on where this is. Trang but Rayong are not anywhere near each other>>>>hmmmmmmmmm
  2. everett kendall

    Saudi Arabia's women drivers get ready to steer their lives

    But I not sure they can actually buy a car or get their divers license. I read that somewhere.
  3. everett kendall

    Cost to drive from Khon kaen to Pattaya

    Desiel Chevy Colorado drove from Pattaya to Chang Mi. Started with a full tank and had about half left when I got there. 8 hrs drive time.
  4. everett kendall

    Looking for air con: store and model recommendation please

    Samsung at Num Chai
  5. everett kendall

    Ants on the floor

    The best way is Borax Another way is put it in a circle and a drop of honey in the center.
  6. The basic but traditional Thai Pakama could be worn. Not costly as they can be had for about 120 baht in local markets. Add a t-shirt or Songkran flowered shirt and you are good to go. Of course there are many ways to wear the Pakama. http://tomrollingstone.com/2016/03/29/the-pakama-ผ้าขาวม้า-an-isaan-fashion-statement-northeast-thailand/
  7. everett kendall

    Saudi Arabia's first new cinema in decades to open April 18

    OH WOW... Mixed gender. How are they going to punish the men that do their stuff?
  8. everett kendall

    Football betting house crackdown in Phuket

    I am surprised they don't ban football like they did with Darts and Crossforr game as well as Bridge.
  9. This is the locations of the companies no 2 shop the other one No 1 is in Naklua but not sure where. https://goo.gl/maps/o7QKUcHmc462 This is their Facebook page พัทยาเบเกอรี่ พัทยาเบเกอรี่ You will have to do a search for it, as it will not let me paste the link.
  10. everett kendall

    Lizards in home

    Turn on the aircon, most will go outside.
  11. everett kendall

    Village Fees

    How do you make residents pay the maintenance fees. If a house owner refuses to pay what recourse is there? BTW- 15,000 Baht a month seems extremely high for the maintenance fee.
  12. everett kendall

    Where to get a laptop repaired in Pattaya?

    Liberty Computers on 3rd road. I' ve used them for years.
  13. everett kendall

    ANTS - is this the solution?

    If you only kill the ants you see, you will not get rid of them. Using Boric acid powder in a bottle cap with a drop of honey in the center will get rid of the colony. At least for many months.
  14. everett kendall

    Legal question

    Legal question A resort that requests you pay for your room charge in full when checking in, then not return the balance if you check out before the booked end of your stay. Is this legal? I heard that a tourist called the Tourist Police and they told the resort they had to return the balance.