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  1. Do I need a yellow book?

    I got my Yellow Book last year and then I got my pink Thai style ID card. This simiple card has helped me eith identification at my bank when I didnt have my Passport with me. And I use it as the first proof of ID at hospitals or with the police. It does have an eye opening effect with Thai. They do not see many expats with it.
  2. Line Mobile

    been using it for at least 2 years. Great app for chatting and making worldwide hone calls free
  3. New swimming pool - costs ?

    you might try here https://www.facebook.com/pebblecretethailand/ They have been very helpful in consulting on and planning the construction of a 10x25 meter pool for a client.
  4. Imagine how many people you could help. Giving people an extra year of income would be a wonderful start. Of course eithout them knowing where it came from.
  5. Soi Dogs

    amonia and water in a spray bottle or squirt gun
  6. In praise of Jomtien Immigration

    hear hear, I like them also, they are doing a great job
  7. check the data https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate
  8. Foreign tourists arrested after naked romp on Pattaya beach

    why do skinny dipping in that dirty water when there is a perfectly good naturist resort in town with a beautiful pool.
  9. dont forget yo have 20,000 baht in your wallet
  10. Quality Expats

    So then Quality equalls money... hmmm Not a good measurement of quality. How about you get 10 sworn statments from quality Thai that say you contribute to society.
  11. I justify it by the cost of living between the US and Thailand. If I lived there I would have 2 jobs; flipping burgers and then saying " Welcome to Walmart.
  12. How do you like the new Skype for iOS?

    I use LINE. It is easier and FREE. When I do have to call a landline I just use dtac not all that expensive. If a friend in the states does not Line I suggest they get it. I don't know anyone that still uses a persoal land line, that is so 80's.
  13. There is a creek that runs behind some buildings across the street from Bali Hai. If you saw it you would not believe it, black water and garbage. Sure it empties in the sea.
  14. Did they have Work Permits? Falang Volunteers after the tidal wave couldn' t help because they didnt hsve them.