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  1. Legal question

    Legal question A resort that requests you pay for your room charge in full when checking in, then not return the balance if you check out before the booked end of your stay. Is this legal? I heard that a tourist called the Tourist Police and they told the resort they had to return the balance.
  2. Did they try it with a tour bus? I am guessing motorcycles are exempt....
  3. Retirees in Thailand

    quality of life and living on retirement income.
  4. There is even a hidden naturist beach, not really a beach but a place to get away from everyone and sun in your all together.
  5. You will need a minimum of 2 Thai in the company. These are members do not receive income from you. They can be Thai friends, relatives or clerks in the law firm between them they will own 51% of the company.
  6. Canada Expats

    If you can still transfer funds from your bank a bank in London or New York then you should be able to transfer funds to a Bangkok branch in those cities. And it can be an online transfer that only takes a couple of days at most.
  7. Keep me safe! - Why Road safety in Thailand cannot improve.

    There are driving laws on the books but they are enforced. Bless their little hearts Motorcycles are in or cause most accidents, I believe. The police only do Road Checks Points and rarely (if at all) cruise and issue tickets for incorrect driving, so people are allowed to mostly drive as fate allows. I would like to imagine what it would be like if there were Motorcycle cops cruising and giving tickets like in other countries. I am now learned in the ways of driving here but sometimes I wish it was safer for all.
  8. Please put a Return Deposit on plastic bottles.
  9. They should show the difference between Car/Truck accidents and Motorcycle. I have seen more Motorcycle accidents than I have seen Car/Truck. Of course Bus should be a different category also. I worked in Saudi for 11 years...they are really bad. But then they don't report their data. Personally I think they beat the Thai in having more deadly accidents.
  10. Social Security from USA.

    I am registered with the Embassy as living here but not with SS. Been this way for over 5 years. No problems. I think the State Dept and SS dont share info.
  11. start living like you live here and not on holiday. Live like a local not a tourist.
  12. thai id card for foreigners

    I have the Yellow book and the Pink card. I had the help of a Thai friend and my Thai wife. We live in Nong Pru, Banglamuang just outside of Pattaya.
  13. The fine is too much. Why not have the offenders clean 50 meters of beach....
  14. The simpilest way and most effect is put a return deposit on plastic.
  15. Pool leaking 12 cm per day?

    I had a leak in the return pipe from the drain ( which is is under cement) we plugged it and no more leak. If I need to drain the pool I use a submerisable pump.