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  1. I believe "hub" can claim that trophy in the LOS.
  2. Benmart

    Visit from the police in Nakhon Phanom

    I have learned to minimze my use of the word "why". Often it is none of my business, and other times the reply puts me in my place.
  3. It goes on worldwide. Sex, Money and Power. The Trilogy of Evil to those who are evil.
  4. Were you there? Or relying on a breaking news story?
  5. I find no humour in the pain, misery and misfortune of others. Those that do, I wish them well...well far from me.
  6. Juvenile comments are poor camouflage for corrupt minds.
  7. No tigers mentioned in this article. Just cats and dogs. Staying focused often requires open eyes and an open mind.
  8. I have yet to work for the Norwegian Government or their diplomatic corps. I reserve my comments to those professions I have worked in or for. Otherwise, my words are of questionable merit.
  9. Two different countries. Two different people. No relationship that I am aware of.
  10. Why the need for an investigation? You seem to have all the bases covered with armchair detective work.
  11. I find no humor in the pain, misery and misfortune of others. The crude and tasteless comments about the lady confirm that some posters may be; intoxicated when posting such things, suffering from delayed maturity or just plain lower life forms who never developed civil behaviors.
  12. "Most" is an ambiguous term in this case. I've yet to know what number "most" represents.
  13. Not being German, I believe that whatever is needed, it can be decided by the German people and not by an outsider such as myself.
  14. My crystal ball is not working, but yours seems to be functioning.