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  1. IMO these basket attachments should be outlawed. Yes they are good for small items but they do obstruct the headlight. Therein lies the problem, especially at night time. Bikes with out lights are a danger at night. Too damn risky/stupid in my mind. I had a basket on my wave but soon took it off. I like to see where I'm going at night and I also like to think other road users can see me: less of a chance of getting hit.
  2. I have in the past been to this shop many times. All manner of subjects in sticker form, from sports to automobiles. The also sold baseball style caps and cheap sunglasses. There were in the through road that is parallel to the road along the river. Unfortunately I don't have name for the shop. Did they move somewhere or have they closed for good. The shop was nearly opposite Chiang Mai Plastics. I think there is a wholesale T Shirt shop there now.
  3. Honda HRV

    I don't drive that fast but found nothing wrong with the acceleration if you put your foot down. Sure it's no sports car but it ain't a slug either. When the missus first picked up the car from Korat (They were difficult to find when they first came out) we drove it back to Chiang Mai. On the way we got stopped by speed camera cop. The missus was doing 140. It was more of a shock to me than her cause it didn't feel that fast. Lesson learnt. Now I ocassionally lean across and check the speedo if she is driving. Damn speed freak! Still like the car. Loads of room and love the Bluetooth connection with cellphone. Pity it doesn't have navsat as standard....maybe later models do. Very economical and so easy to drive. Those magic rear seats (like in the jazz) are a great invention. As so much extra load space when needed. Looked at Ford Ecosport, it felt like sitting on a plank. I'd happily buy another HRV if I needed a new car.
  4. Post I never thought I'd Write

    No Gonzo is the original guesthouse and restaurant near the river. It's next to the Embassy Condos.
  5. Honda HRV

    I had an HRV.....loved the car. Very nice drive and economical. Looked at other brands in the same price zone, nothing came close to the comfort and extras included with the Honda. Had a Honda Jazz in NZ and a new one in the Philippines. Great wee car...I see the HRV as the next step up.
  6. Beer Leo on tap in CM

    You may find other places outside the food courts but I doubt that they can match their pricing. Plus some of those food courts still have the beer serving ladies (Also known as eye candy or the Chang girls). I agree it is strange that Leo isn't that popular as a draught....pity as I prefer it to a Chang-over. Have you tried the Cheers brand? The one in the red can is ok. 6% alc by volume (abv). Blue can not so good. But don't get the new red/pink can confused with the red 6% can.....it's a strawberry flavoured beer. I accidentally opened one...Nasty stuff and it's only 4% abv
  7. Post I never thought I'd Write

    I stumbled upon the Pun Pun a few years ago. Had some damn fine nosh (That's slang for food for those that don't know) From the McPlop plop thru to the Fish and Chips ....I enjoyed each meal. John and Pranee have run a great little set up. I enjoyed the banter/small talk along with some other in depth discussions. Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit the Pun Pun as much as I'd have liked. I know John has had his fair share lately of 'Officials' causing him no end of bureaucratic BS. Changing licensing rules as to both guesthouse and sale of booze. Running a business for so long ain't easy when this occurs. Then there was the BS attached to his running of 3 wheeled motorcycle. I'm sorry to see you go John and hope I can catch up with you before you finally move on to greener pastures. I hope you and Pranee find a new place to settle...be it here, Myanmar or elsewhere. Best regards Andy
  8. Once a dirt bag, always a dirt bag. Yes thats a very closed point of view/mind. This ex crim is not a person I'd ever trust. For God's sake....who in their right mind stomps on a guys head once he's down? Scum....that's who this mongrel is. This Richard Cranium should spend is remaining breaths in Bangkok Hilton. Big tough guy will be crying once he gets sentenced. Absolute waste of space....damn oxygen thief.
  9. Where is this? See photo

    Blind Bambi (No idea/eye deer) but it does (Not does) look quite spectacular. Maybe worth a trip. Cheers for the picture and future outing!
  10. Game DVDs?

    Try Pantip Plaza. ..3rd or 4th floor. If none are found then yes likely a crack down.
  11. Ceramic glue

    Yes we had party telephone lines too. It appears you are making stuff up to cover what you wrote. In general and most of the time...in a household it's one person (Normally the man of the house) that does maintenance. I rarely find others that would bother to attempt jobs such as this. Perhaps the OP can clear this up once and for all. But that aside, if the repair is done correctly then there would be very little chance of said lid falling on anyone's foot. I still stand by my thinking that adding metal strips is overkill. Now it's upto the OP to decide what he wants to do. Your attempt to belittle failed....oh well you win some and.... Maybe we leave it at that? 👍
  12. Ceramic glue

    Obviously you haven't done this yourself and no matter what I say you are going to argue your point. If a person drops the ceramic lid/top twice (The 1st time it broke) and said person lifts the lid and drops it again (be it due to clumsiness or poor repair job) then said person deserves all the anguish they can get. After repairing the lid the first time with glue an metal putty one would think to take extra care the next time when lifting said lid. By your thinking....maybe the metal/aluminium strips won't be enough either. So what should one do to counter that? Encase the whole lid in titanium and plaster warning stickers telling the wanna be repair person (Home handyman) that lifting said lid may result in days of anguish and consternation....due to a slight accident (ie dropping and breaking said lid) Somewhere you have to draw a line in the sand. Either your competent in what you do or you leave well alone and let a someone who knows what they are doing to fix such things. To me it's not a difficult fix... But then I grew up on a farm and learnt to repair things. I wasn't born into a disposable society as is the norm these days. Ok.....rant over. No offence meant.
  13. Ceramic glue

    There are a lot of metal merchants in just about every area of Chiang Mai. Flat aluminium of various thickness too. Ive bought quite a bit in the past for bike projects. And the stuff I got would be idea for a job like this...but I believe the metal putty and glue would suffice. The lid to the Cistern isn't generally moved alot unless you have problems with the internal workings. Once it's all glued and putty'd back together the Cistern will support it. I've worked on a lot of these in the missus guesthouse. Yes they are quite weighty. And you do need to take care that you don't drop them. Hopefully the OP can get it back together and it survives until the missus decides to buy a new one due to it looking like a bodge job😁
  14. Ceramic glue

    Agreed.....put the glue along the broken edges bind it tight till its set and then add the metal putty to the underside. It's strong stuff and sets like metal. You could add square steel but I'd be worried about rust. Flat aluminum strips maybe better and enclose them within the metal putty onto the underside. But I think that's a bit of over kill really.
  15. Ceramic glue

    That metal putty is idea for adding strength to the underside....