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  1. Paid Visa Queue

    20k....hells bells that's a bit steep methinks! I think it's around 6-7k for a retirement (extension of stay) visa. Have you tried other agencies? There was a blog somewhere where someone said they paid just 300 baht to a guy to wait in a queue. Maybe try the visa forum...
  2. Helmet Checks - Green Book Requirement Again ?

    About 1 hour ago I got stopped at the notorious Lanna Golf course checkpoint. For some reason I had a gut feeling they would have both sides of the road 'blocked' and they didn't disappoint. I thought I had everything in order but alas the road tax was expired. Dammit! I said I'll pay at the station...no problems there. I asked what if I get stopped at another checkpoint as they retained my drivers licence. Nice policeman said, no problem you show this ticket. Good for 7 days he said. Well I'm going to get my monies worth and drive around town for the next 6 days without current road tax. The missus said she will take the ticket in and pay the 200 baht fine instead of me having to pay 400 baht fine. This time I was in the wrong.....still a pain in the asre and those checkpoints will continue to annoy all.
  3. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Stu, Similar occurrence with my missus guesthouse. Chinese guest books a bed in a dormitory. This is the cheapest option at 150 baht per night. On arrival asks if there is a discount. When the answer is given ie NO. They then ask if room comes with free breakfast. I kid you not. Some people really take the piss.
  4. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    I would think that if this model proves to be popular it wont be long before a huge range of accessories appear on the market. If however you are one of the first to own one, there are lots of local welding fabricators about who should be able and willing to 'knock up' a rack to fit. Out Mae Rim way I know of a local shop that makes stainless steel exhaust systems for bikes, they also do aluminium welding. Very good quality welders that dont charge like a wounded bull. I'll wait till 'Pops' get some in as rentals and take one for a spin to see if they are all they are cracked up to be first.
  5. Alert: Chiang Mai cooks.....

    Don't they have cast iron pots and pans in Wararot market? I haven't been there for a while but I'm sure I saw some there a while ago. Once seasoned, cast iron pots/skillets are great.
  6. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    I've heard of people recycling the pods by making a slit and putting new grounds in.
  7. Yes Gonzo they do, but you will probably find they just swap out the muffler for the inspection and then change it back afterwards. The reason why they want to make so much noise?..... to make up for an apparent small appendage. A replacement form of masculinity for those that arent sure what I mean. When I lived in Hillside 4 there use to be a group that would use Huay Keow Road as a racing strip late at night or around 3am. Generally they were cut down jap scooters with either a straight pipe and/or no baffles in the muffler/silencer. I was so tempted to string a wire across the road at about neck height but that may have voided my visa. Unless the BiB get off their chuff I dont believe much will change anytime soon.
  8. Advertising a bar or restaurant for sale

    Not very often do I see a successful bar for sale....this has gotta be a goldmine! A great opportunity as well....surprise surprise. Sorry if I sound a bit skeptical, it's a hard business to have in Chiang Mai. Some (few) do well and a lot struggle. However I wish you the best in your endeavours.
  9. Zoe Complex.

    I spoke with Ron from CM Saloon yesterday and he wasn't aware of the sale/move but stated that it didn't really affect him. Life goes on in some parts regardless of changes around them.
  10. Zoe Complex.

    How very Thai of you....got to point these things out! Worth a slight laugh. I didnt realise Zoe stretched that far back...but when you look at the big carpark they have I suppose it does
  11. Zoe Complex.

    Sorry to rock your boat but the closure of Zoe Yellow isn't a rumour. It's fact and will be gone from its current location by April 2018. That is from the land owners mouth and all leasees know this (ie all current 'owners' in that area). My missus being one of them.
  12. Zoe Complex.

    The people in Zoe are probably quite happy that you would rather spend 3 hours in the UN IRISH too....
  13. Zoe Complex.

    In the pas and Im talking over 2 years ago a few 'drunks' did get a bit of a hiding at Zoe Yellow, this was due to these drunks starting fights and annoying other customers. They didnt listen to the bouncers and were very aggressive when forcibly removed. Hence they got a bit of a slapping. After a few incidents like that the Police clamped down on troublemakers in the area. Some of the bouncers were also moved on. All in all it is a good place for the younger crowd. Live and Loud music with generally a good vibe. Loi Kroh however is IMHO slowly but surely dying
  14. Best Kodi builds 2016/2017

    Wow that Infusion build does look good. I've been using Pulse lately but may change to this one. First things first I have to get 3BB techo's out to check their fibre lines. Our signal has been terrible the last 2 weeks....had a techo out a week ago and he was useless. He said to the missus that we need an access point! <deleted> the box is right near the modem. It was a Saturday and he was just being lazy. He didn't even bother to bring in his box of tricks to test the line. I was none too impressed.
  15. Zoe Complex.

    In regards to Zoe Yellow marking their beers, yes they do and have done for some time now. When a customer buys a beer they have some type of paint pen to mark the bottle as coming from their premises. The bouncers do NOT beat up people wishing to use their area if the have beers from 'outside' they do however advise them of their policy as show them one of many signs that state that no outside alcohol is allowed. That's normal for most places I believe. Although some of the low life's do try and push the boundaries quite often. My missus has a bar in that area and yes it will be closing down around April 2018. The area near JJ market/Kamthieng market seems to be the replacement site for the Zoe Yellow complex. It may work but then it may not due to its location away from town. If and it's a big if, the authorities at be were to also push Loi Kroh establishments out that way....a new 'sin city' or 'red light' area maybe in the making. I agree that if it's very close to the Thai drinking area, I could see a bit of violence erupting should idiots from one zone upset the other. Maybe the police will monitor both in the opening months. At least there isn't many 7 11s close by for the mutton heads to buy cheap booze from and gate crash legitimate bars. We shall see....