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  1. Best Kodi builds 2016/2017

    Agreed an updated URL resolver should sort out a lot of problems. I'm also using Pyramid as an add on a lot. It tends to have good sources that don't buffer and actually play. Good quality too...even their SD is pretty good and no darn Cam quality rubbish.
  2. Canthai are you referring to the MX shop next to Riders Corner in Chiang Mai? If so I think that closed down about a year ago. Riders Corner have taken over the shop space. Don't know what became of Nae. Another option maybe to talk to the lads are Burning motorcycle parts. Just over the Nararot Bridge.
  3. I remember looking at a building out Baan Tawai some years back. It was just a skeleton but concrete rot had really set in, to the point that you could grab a piece and crumple it in your hands. It sat on a nice piece of land and I though someone will probably buy it just for the land and bulldoze the building. But no! Someone came along and slapped some mortar to cover all the gaps and then did a cladding of CGI (Corrugated Galvanised Iron). It sold within a month..... so much for due dilligence or even a builders report. Scary stuff. Oh and it was a 3 story building.
  4. 100,000,000 sold.

    Thats the one I was trying to refer to. Quite unique looking and not ugly like that Qbix I have spotted lately on the streets around Chiang Mai. That should be renamed to Weet-bix.
  5. 100,000,000 sold.

    An interesting video history of the Honda Cub range. The CT110 was used in NZ and Aussie as a postmans' bike. Some farmers also used them as the back 'shelf' was an ideal size for the sheep dog to jump onto. As kids my brother had a C70. We use to give it hell racing it along a local beach....till the authorities said perhaps we should pick another place to race. Bulletproof motors made this bike extremely popular not just in Asia but throughout the world. 100 million bikes can't be wrong. I like that yellow one in the video. Looks very much a work horse with a bit of retro thrown in. It's amazing that even when these cubs started off with such small motors, they withstood loads I'm sure the designers never had in mind. Cheers for posting the video.
  6. Were to buy comfrey root?

    Maybe he meant comfort...ie short for comfortable. But I'm not sure many of those are left in Loh Kroh.
  7. BMW pricey in Thailand? Nah never! I do like the look of those two model mind. I'll have to put them in my bucket list of purchased and then they will probably end up in the pool room... Cheers cobber
  8. 1000cc Enfield

    Burt Munro (The Worlds Fastest Indian) also did his own sand casting in his New Zealand garage. Quite an unasuming character in his day. Anthony Hopkins did a very good portrayal of him in the movie. And his record on that Indian still stands today. When someone sets the mind to something, its amazing what can happen. Another great Kiwi biker was John Brittan. Died well before he was due..... and that bike he made was aheads of its day.
  9. A good linked write up from an off road riders perspective. I agree in what you say.... reviews done by someone who has 'loaned' the bike for a few days dont really hold muchtractioninmyopinionqqMet Met a guy today at CM Immigration. He had just rode down from Chiang Rai on his 3 month old Honda Rebel. It had a fair bit of dirt on it and I commented that its good to see some one that actually rides their bike...instead of leaving it in the garage, too afraid to get it dirty. Come on Honda.... listen to your customers and sort out the problems 'real' riders have identified. Id always put an offroad fender /front mudguard on an ADV bike. Why? Cause if the rider goes off road as explained in the above link. An on road fender can only take so much mud before it jams your wheel tight. Off road fenders still do the job required when 'On road'. That ones really a no brainer. And how about a Honda 500 Africa Twin? It would be a lot lighter than the 1000 and I do believe there is a market for such a bike...but have it more off road orientated. Fix up the probelms with the CRF1000 and use a 500 as a stepping board. I am quite loyal to Honda but they also need to be loyal to their customers. Yamaha is progressing in leaps and bounds in the scooter/super scooter catergory. Honda better beware should Yamaha go into the ADV scene. Suzuki are also there and their V Strom is one nice looking bike and has recieved some very favourable comments.
  10. AKA a EJK by Dobeck should/could/ would do the job nicely
  11. New Models For The Thai Market

    Yes I saw them in Honda Big Wing Chiang Mai a few days ago. They look uncanningly like a big version of their MSX. Just like the Forza and the PCX. IMHO the 100k price tag is a bit over the top.
  12. Maya Mall, neighbour from hell

    And it matters nought as to how many sound checks they do...at the end of the day you will still hear their screechy voices that some call singing. Glad I live in Mae Rim. Had a good year in HS4 luckily that was before Maya was opened.
  13. That pipe comming out of the header sure looks like the beginning of a 2 stroke expansion chamber but it could just be camera angle
  14. Its a nice looking bike....whats the cost like? Maintainence programme? Servicing and backup? Cant be hard to beat Ducati in a lot of these areas from what Ive read! Still its gonna take some time to convince me that the Chinese made bikes are up to scratch.
  15. I think the Chinese are masters at replication (Copying). I remember a few years back seeing a car show room in Chiang Mai some of these Chinese cars. Some looked like early Jaguars, Morgan Plus 8 and even a London Taxi. Very smart people but I dont think they have yet mastered quality control or decent engine specs. Give them time and they may just get there.