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  1. I know of a metal fabrication shop out Mae Rim way....it's actually a shop that makes aftermarket exhausts/mufflers/silencers for motorbikes. I don't know the name of it but they produce the Home brand of slip on mufflers. I've had several welding jobs done there. Mild steel and alloy and their welding is very good. If you look for or head towards Sala Cafe then you are in the right area. At a T intersection there is a shop on the right known as the red bar. Drive straight ahead about 150 metres and the shop is on the right. Word of warning, the guys don't speak a word of English.
  2. Sad to hear Stu closed down, I think the rent was just getting too high amongst other things. When he took over the shop he got his own workers in and trained them to his standard. The previous people weren't so exacting and Stu knew this. I had a good conversation with him some time ago, he was so mad with shoddy workmanship that he decided to have his own shop. I wouldn't know where to take a good bike to now....
  3. CMKiwi


    My oh my....if this appears in Thailand I expect it to sell like hot cakes in the expat community. I've been ranting on for ages about Honda bring out one here. Hopefully they will bring out a road version like the CRF250M as well. Although I have been looking at the Suzuki DRZ400SM for a while, this would definitely change my focus in Thailand. Maybe something to look forward to for my return in a year or so.
  4. CMKiwi

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    I missed out on a very gd deal about 6 months back. A guy was selling a 5 yr old 500F for 85k in Korat. He had done most of the mods to it and added a bit of bling too. Only had 24k on the clock. Wished to hell I'd bought it but in hindsight as I am about to move back to NZ maybe it's better that I didn't I will look again if I return in a year.
  5. CMKiwi

    Lifan KPT 200

    It looks ok. Nicer if they fitted a 300cc into it IMHO.
  6. CMKiwi

    CRF Bagger..

    They may be cumbersome if you actually go offroad/cross country but on the tarmac they are fine. As for the silly little tool bag... If the cap fits...
  7. CMKiwi

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    You can get 2nd hand CB500F for under 100k nowadays. Very nice bike and easy to handle. It's a 2 cylinder machine and quite smooth and with enough power to cruise about. If I return to Thailand it's a bike I'd get.
  8. CMKiwi

    Honda HRV

    Although a lot of these new SUVs are starting to look the same the Toyota C-HR is very unique. Initially I liked the design style but after a few more views from different angles my mind is changed. It really is quite ugly in the rear. I had the same thoughts with the Nissan Juke, and that's been around awhile in Europe but newish to Thailand. Initially I loved the Rally style look it has. Lately I'm not fussed with it. However styling is only but one part of driving pleasure...I'm sure even super cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari may look great but some are absolutely a pain to ride in. But I wouldn't complain if I won one. As previous people have said, sit in vehicles you like. If possible take one for a test drive. If not possible hire a rental. That way you will get a better idea of what suits you (Albeit for a short time) Good luck
  9. CMKiwi

    Should I move immediately or stay?

    I can't really see your reasoning to move unless there is more to this. A suspected yaaba dealer has been removed from your area, well done by the cops. Therefore one less idiot who could have mucked up your life. Unless you have other problems with where you live why are you thinking of moving? If you like the area then stay, otherwise move. It's up to you really. Personally I'm none too impressed with some of the local police in Mae Rim, however moving away would not necessarily sort out perceived problems. I am sure there are 'rotten apples' in all areas of Thailand, in fact everywhere in the world. It all comes down to what you are willing to accept before you act. And that is a personal or individual thing. One persons tolerance can be far higher or lower than the next persons. Do what you are happy with, enjoy life as it is often too short.
  10. E/S, this has nothing to do with 'farung cheap Charlie whims' as you put it. But as per your normal responses, nothing of great interest to add.
  11. CMKiwi


    A Thai couple that have a stall in the Mae Rim plaza market have a variety of tomatoes. They on occasion have ones resembling the beefsteak variety. Sometimes they have vine tomatoes. At one stage they had some of the tastiest cherry tomatoes I've had. Prices are good. Beefsteak type for 40 baht a kg. Local type tomatoes for about 10-20 baht a kg. Cherry type (Italian version) were a bit expensive at 70 baht/kg.
  12. HaleySabai, interesting re your comments about SOD. And for most parts I have to agree with you. Years ago I quite enjoyed eating there but as time went buy it just became too expensive. Portion sizes have always been on the small size but way back when it was cheaper it wasn't such a factor. I haven't been for a meal there for over a year. The last occasion was when a friend hosted a dinner party due to him leaving the area. He ordered the Kobe beef as a treat for use all to share....yes it is expensive. What annoyed us was that most of the weight was taken up by a large bone! When you're paying by kg it makes for a very expensive cut. Ray and Nui's lunchtime menu were at one time a very economic alternative, however I'm unsure if it still exists. They are very nice people and I wish then all the best. But I gave found that my buck stretches further by dinning elsewhere. Backyard (Formerly called My Backyard) is a very nice outfit. They have both Western and Thai meals. A shop opposite Green Valley has excellent Thai dishes but you need to be able to understand Thai as all their menus are in Thai. Mae Rim is growing all the time as the urban shift creeps North. New places open and close with regularity. Sometimes you find some great hidden gems and that makes the place so magical. Unfortunately I have left the area but hope to visit in about a year with a possibility of settling in the area again. It is a great spot.
  13. CMKiwi


    A little rain in the old town tonight but nthing spectacular like Mae Rim a few nights ago. Alas I shall miss all the excitement as I'm heading down to Hua Hin for a month before returning to NZ after a 8 year break. Not sure when I may return...but generally good memories of the place. Hopefully the clowns in charge will get the boot and something resembling democracy will come to the fore. I won't hold my breath. It's been a pleasure helping folk on TV. And some very good feedback too.
  14. CMKiwi

    Raining in Chiang Mai

    Yes I got caught out Tuesday evening from about 6:30. Was going to attend the Mae Rim Tuesday market but the storm from the South arrived. Torrential rain would have put off a lot of punters and annoyed the stall holders. Had a few drinks with fellow expats at a ma and pa shop instead. Waited until about 8pm for a break in the downpour before jumping on the scooter and heading home. Seems to have rained all night and it's continuing now. Will have to start up the lawnmower in the next few days I think....it's growing fast.
  15. CMKiwi

    Motorcycle seat re-upholstery

    I look forward to your update, I've never heard of or seen a bad review of his work. He is very knowledgeable of materials too. I'm off back to NZ in about a months time. Should I get (buy) the bike that I'm after, then it's very likely that I will bring the seat back with me for 'alteration'. His workmanship is very good and prices are more than fair. I'd hate to think what it would cost for the same job back in NZ.