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  1. I would have thought a songtheaw would do the trip but if we are talking a Harley sized bike then thats not going to work.... what make model is your bike? I have seen those flatbed type trucks specially designed for taking broken down cars/pickups away. They load them onto the back (Which has both a tilt deck and winch system) Possibly a bit of overkill and Id hate to think of the cost. I'll do some research and report back what I can come up with...perhaps try the motorcycle forum?
  2. Now that engine looks like a beast or very close to a rocket.... I wouldn't like to be sitting on it when it takes off, I'd likely fill my pants!
  3. The Prince Royal College market was a great weekend market. Lots of interesting stuff to be found (Plus a lot of junk) but it always had a good vibe to the place. I believe some of the stall holders moved to the weekend markets that sometimes occur near the Chiang Mai Race course. Ive been there a few times but a lot of the vendors are missing from Prince Royal days. There was one vendor that did a lot of bicycle stuff, rechargable LED lights etc. Very neat items and at sharp prices... dont know where he went. Another vendor has a huge collection of secondhand power adaptors, from things like cellphone chargers to printer power packs. Great to use when you want to run a string of 12v LEDs. He's disappeared too. Only fulltime secondhand place that I know of is the big tin shed in Nong Hoi area down past the Holiday Inn, however over the year the lady has steadily increased her prices on most things. Still need mosquito repellent when visiting that place though. Time move on huh? Some call it progress but sometimes its also a backwards step. Just my opinion mind...
  4. Yes, the Hypermotards always look sweet. Id love for Tonys Big Bikes in Chiang Mai to get one in his rental line up. I rent it just for a day and do a quick trip up to Mai Sai border and back to see if I would fit one ok. I like off road but since Ive been in Thailand its 95% on the tarmac, hence why I like this style of bike. Maybe just maybe with the 939s now in the market a few of the older 821 will appear in the secondhand market....Christmas is just around the corner!
  5. Good stories and love to hear more....but back to the OP. These are being made in India, and I wonder if we will ever see them here. Honda XRE300 nice looking simple ADV bike
  6. Jeez thats bring up the long lost past..... I remember the X7. Was a nice looking bike in its day. Here's one for you.... The Suzuki RE5. A local bike dealer in my very small home town back in NZ had one on display. Every morning on the way to school Id see him polishing the bike, Im surprised he didnt polish the paint off. Unfortunately they didnt last long due to rotor wear and expense
  7. There was also another blog about KTMs and the initial franchise owner for Thailand apparently didnt have the customers best interests at heart. The bikes came from India but the customs duty plus store mark up (Profit margin) was a bit crazy to say the least. Since then KTM HQ stepped in and a new 'franchise owner' has taken over. This resulted in a huge reduction of purchase price for the customer. Im sure a few KTM owners were a bit miffed that their bikes lost a bit of value 'overnight'. But all said and done, in the end it will benefit future KTM buyers. I look forward to seeing the 390 Adventure.
  8. That would be opposite the old Tops Supermarket then.... they also sell pet supplies and limited medications for cats and dogs. Great little shop.
  9. Back in the eighties the RD350 was a bike that you needed to know how to control. Too many idiots thought they could ride anything. But that bike had some kick to the inexperienced. Once you got use to its quirks and figured out its power band range then it's was a fun bike. I once made a mistake of being a pillion passenger with a guy who had no idea how to ride let alone control an RD350. Never again.
  10. Sounds a bit like an Alfa Romeo car I had back in the mid eighties. It loved the revs and open roads. Around town it was a dog. It would throw itself out of tune and burn a clutch slave cylinder each year. Maintenance was a prick but boy the fun on the open road was always worth a smile.
  11. I went to this shop (stable cables) this afternoon. 10m just 120 baht and my oh my, what a difference. Streaming is a lot more stable (pun not intended). Tesco cable is now in my crap wire bin out in the shed. Nice guy in the shop....very helpful. Will recommend without hesitation.
  12. We to a further update.... I went into town today (Chiang Mai) and brought a new ethernet cable. A blog on the CM forum directed me to a shop that makes and sells cable of better quality but about the same price as bog standard Tesco lotus stuff! My what a difference that made. Mobdro is running better with a lot less drop outs. A mate also lent me an updated/spec'd android box running Android 6.'s quick. Opens up so fast. I gotta get me one. 4.4.4 just doesn't cut the mustard any longer. All happy here now!
  13. I believe it is a paid subscription from the UK. The box looks pretty much like the bog standard boxes we get here....didn't go into the mechanics of it so unsure what version of whatever is running. But my main point is this.... mobdro although free is not doing the job it once did. As many people say, you sometimes gets what you pay for. This paid subscription from the UK looks pretty damn fine IMHO. And at 6000 baht a year is quite palatable.
  14. I and a few other expats around the area have been having quite a few problems with Mobdro of late. Very erratic streaming and at times any particular stream will just disappear for a while. e.g. you may be watching Discovery Turbo and then it begins to freeze. If you go out of the stream an attempt to 'hook' onto a different stream then sometimes the logo for Discovery Turbo disappears too. This can be very frustrating. Ive tried the VPN route as suggested but it didnt make much difference. Seems possible that those providing the stream maybe over-run with 'customers' and bandwith or whatever they use cant cope. Im sticking/perservering with it for the moment...partially cause its still free but may in the not too distant future fork out 6k a year and get a box from the UK. A mate down in Hua Hin got one a few months back. Initial cost was a bit more as he had to pay for the new box but the selection of movies/live sports etc was very good and most are in HD. I was down his way a week ago and was very impressed with the quality of picture and his details of 24hr service from the providers. I'll try and find out more details and post later
  15. Well us kiwis having come from a remote part of the world do tend to try and get one over everyone else... Aussies...yes the underarm incident South Africans... food poisoning in the Rugby World Cup French... Rainbow Warrior bombing Americans... Nuclear powered ships Hell we might as well be poms, we certain whinge a lot! Nahhhh its just friendly banter ... Back to the OP, if it is those case moth things they can be a real bastard to remove. Some of them stick like shit on a blanket. I usually use the vacuum cleaner and scrape/suck them off the walls/ceiling. Harmless enough things but just a bit unsightly.