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  1. CMKiwi

    New Project Next To Hillside 4

    Maybe they could can (Like air freshener) the smoke and use it to clear away all the `disturbances`in the South of the country?
  2. CMKiwi

    New Project Next To Hillside 4

    Sad to hear the restaurant has closed...they had very tasty food (If you like spicy) and never a problem with delivery to the room I used to stay in. I thought the new location for the gym was great.... but my mind boggles why they left the lockers on the 4th floor! Weird stuff but TiT as they say. And I can back up what has been said about the 'green land' on the city side. Yes it does belong to the Royals.... I doubt anything will ever be built on it (Apart from the caretakers quarters expanding...which seem rather cramped now, after their last expansion) It would make a great park however. I noticed last week, when passing HS4 that nothing seems to be happening on the vacant land (Doi Suthep side). Well aware of all the discussion about new condo etc, just seems to be taking a long time for even the ground breaking to begin. Bet the residents on that side dont mind if it never happens
  3. CMKiwi

    Compare Chiang Mai With Phenom Penh..........

    I went on my 1st and only trip to PP about a year ago. It was visa renewal time and instead of heading up to Mae Sai thought PP might be a good change. I knew a guy (Brit working in Oz) who went to PP for a holiday, unfortunately he got a tad pissed and fell down some stairs...or so he says, and he was still in PP when I vsited. He had been there several times and as such showed me the ropes and all the nightspots. I have to admit I did like the place even tho I was only there for 4 days. I was introduced to the happy pizza, which incidentally blew me away....so much so that I had to go back to my room and sleep it off! Very good sleep as well. Its a bit of a catch 22 really, eating happy pizza and then you get the munchies...eat more pizza? Overall I agree with what most posts have said. Medical could be a bit of a worry should you get seriously injured, I know of some that have worldwide health insurance so thay can fly back to Thailand for emergency ops etc. No doubt the premiums are enough to cover that eventuality. I found the locals in PP to be very nice and polite, even the tuk tuk drivers are good. They like to strike up a conversation without being too intrusive and without pushing you to hire them. You dont get the insistant 'tuk tuk' phrase that seems to eminate from 85 percent of drivers in CM. Like I know its a bloody tuk tuk.... (Ok I wont get wound up by them stating the obvious). The bars I went to were good and the women were not too pushy, but thats not to say they werent on the make. I suppose I'll just say it was fun and I did get to know one of them a bit more intimately. It was a great 4 days and the atmosphere towards foreigners was a lot better than here. Agree that public sanitation is in dire need of a shake up, however the locals struggle through each day with a smile and an openess to outsiders that is quite refreshing. I never got down to Sihonoukville, although I heard it was nice albeit a bit too touristy for my liking. Maybe Ill go see next time so I can appraise it 1st hand. The trip to PP was a good eye opener but enjoyable too. Meanwhile, I like CM. Its been good so far and Ive only been here a year.....Im still finding new places and seeing new opportunities.
  4. CMKiwi

    Dogs (Again)

    I put air horns on the bike....scares the shit out of dogs (And a few humans too), GF hates them but they have saved me from an accident time and time again. Had one accident with dog in the Phils, managed to stay on the bike by hitting it square on. Luckily it wasnt a Great Dane so I didnt go over the handlebars. Have heard of too many bad accidents where drivers/riders swerve.
  5. CMKiwi

    Craft Beer Has Landed In Chiang Mai...

    I was in the No1 bar last night and also saw all the fridges full of this craft beer, but like a lot of other TV members was a bit shy when it comes to price difference. Leo is ok for me, its cold, its brown and it tastes fine for a beer. Maybe when it warms up a bit and I feel like a treat I may try one. But then at that price I could just go to 7/11 and get 4 large Leo's. Yes it must be hard running a bar in that area.
  6. CMKiwi

    Lamb Donor Kebab Chiang Mai

    Went and had my first SK Lamb doner/donor/donna (whatever) kebab yesterday.....bloody fantastic. And I will likely be back in 2 weeks time for another one. Great service, good food and amazing price. Well done Rob, all credit to you and your staff
  7. CMKiwi

    New Project Next To Hillside 4

    Nothing there yet and it will take time before it appears (As usual in CM). I have a place in HS4 but it does not face Doi Suthep..... and I think its better. Afternoon sun doesnt fry the condo. Love it
  8. Yes that Keeway is a nice looking bike, but as per a lot of other replies....Id rather get a more well known brand. There is the reliability factor, serviceability and after market parts that make part of the equation. However in saying that I hope you have a great time on the bike and that it suits your purpose. I do agree in regards the CRF seat....I rented one from Chiang Mai up to Mai Sai (Visa Run); thankfully I stayed the night in Mai Sai as my butt couldnt handle a return the same day! When I do buy a CRF, I will surely get a gel seat for it. All the best
  9. CMKiwi

    Failed Test Ride On A 650 Ninja

    Does the kiwi/aussie phrase ¨Bugger¨come to mind?
  10. Sometimes good people react immediately when someone is in dire need of help. Unfortunately it does not always result in a great outcome. I wont go into the health and safety issues (Far too many to list, not that many Thai industries take much notice anyway). Very sad that 2 people lost their lives and only hope a procedure is put in place to prevent this from reoccurring. RIP
  11. CMKiwi

    Skirts For Sweden Male Train Drivers

    Its all quite humorous really.... Im sure the company will end up regretting their initial decision in not permitting shorts. Tailored shorts, long sox/socks and shoes (Not sandals) look fine as part of a uniform during summer. Whats the problem me thinks.
  12. Hmmmm how about packaging all the evidence up and shipping that along with these idiots back to Iran? Im sure that Iran has a very dim view of drug runners/pushers or users and I doubt that they would ever turn up on Thailand shores again.