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  1. Generally happy with Lazada. Some items delivered VERY fast. Got screwed once for about 120 Baht (Wrong charger cable). Wasn't worth following up on. Randomly, they won't accept my foreign credit card. About COD and inspecting the goods. Was told by a driver that I could not open the cardboard box before paying. That if it was wrong, I had to go through the return process. Like so many things here, makes no sense. I sputtered about COD ... I can understand that you can't open the individual items - Should I argue again next time? Thanks and happy shopping
  2. Here in Pattaya the driving is such a pleasure. Aside from the Tunnel -- Latest pet peeve is the U-Turn opposite the Makro. They put the turn just a few feet up from the entrance. Unless there is zero traffic, there is no way to safely cut across Sukhumvit. Problem is, it's so close, it's tempting to try. Going around for another pass is the right thing to do -- But you have to force yourself. Have been on both sides there - Having to go around and have been cut off from someone trying the impossible. A shame - Unless they move the turn, people are going to get clobbered. Needlessly.
  3. The specific type of document is irrelevant. The embassy will simply check your ID, and ask that you attest to the accuracy of the information Aside from providing the Notary service, they assume no responsibility to review the information. While many legal services in Thailand offer "Notary" services, I am not aware of any that hold U.S. (and/or other foreign) credentials that would be accepted overseas. That's why you need to go to your embassy.
  4. My wife and I had to notarize some docs 2 years ago. I had originally made a separate appointment for her. But after emailing the embassy, they said to cancel her separate appointment & add her name to the comment - note section of my appointment. To be safe - Carry a copy of any emails to the window.
  5. Still very happy with the Jomtien office. Did my 90 day report this afternoon. Had to wait all of 12 minutes — Which is a bit of a record. Also dropped off a thank you letter to them in the snail mail at the Post Office just down the block. (Cost me all of 3 baht). If anyone else out here wants to bother with a real paper letter of thanks — Here’s where I sent mine: Chonburi Immigration 75/265 Moo 12, Jomtien Soi 5, Nongrpue, Banglamung, ChonBuri, Thailand 20150 Attention: Pol. Col. Chaiyod Varakjunkeat
  6. Sorry you had a hard time - Often get random experiences with these companies. I've had great luck with Amazon Prime. Spent about a year considering using Amazon (from the US) to ship here to Thailand. Had read different things about the customs and delays. Finally tried with two test cases - One about $50, and the other $100. Both came in at about 10 days. (Not expedited shipping). The 1st order had a minor delivery problem. (Or address is slightly complicated - We share security with a big hotel. ) I clarified the address on email, and was contacted several times to make sure I got the package. Note I had NOT complained. But they followed up. Point of the long post -- I've found over the years that Amazon Prime has the best customer service I've ever dealt with. The few timesI've had a problem they've been on my side. Not sure how different Amazon U.K. is -- But for me, I'm more than willing to try to get a higher end item delivered out here. Good luck with your stuff.
  7. Where To Buy Fresh Seafood in Pattaya

    My wife likes Ratanakorn market. On thepasit next to the colosseum. They open late at night, and shutdown before lunch. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  8. Great Food Delivery -- Jomtien?

    Tipping not expected -- I never used to tip. Never got a dirty look or any attitude. But -- I started to feel kinda bad -- The last two orders I did give 40 or 50 baht. I have no idea what their deal is with the delivery people. Allways been nice and polite.
  9. Two of my favorite things about Jomtien. 1) The local Immigration office. 2) Pattaya Meals at http://pattayameals.com Their food is very good - Portions generous. They don't charge delivery and tipping is not expected. (Personally, I really appreciate this approach). They are also very response to special requests and offer 1 out of 10 free. Highly recommended. I've also used Food panda. Otherwise - I don't have much experience with food delivery. I know some restaurants may deliver on their own - Seems kind of random. Anyone out there have other places they can recommend? (I didn't want to bury this under the Hit-Run Restaurant Review. That's sort of a different question). - Thanks -
  10. Is it my imagination, or did they shrink the text on the daily news email down to where we need an electron microscope? Or - Did I <deleted> a setting someplace?
  11. Pastrami on Rye

    Was not crazy about the pastrami (I grew up in NY. Like the cheaper style more). But the staff at por was well trained, and I thought the bagels were good. Especially for here In Thailand. I give them credit for trying. Hate to see places like this fail. Tried to order from wok n rock (western Chinese) here in jomtien last night, only to see they also folded. Anyone know of an alternative bagel in jomtien? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  12. The Worst Day.

    When our dog died last year of complications from a tick bite. Absolutely avoidable. The vet earlier did an x-ray, but no blood test. At the time, we didn't know any better. Shocking, as ticks (We have since learned) are a common and often virulently dangerous problem here. Of course I just spent 5 mins daydreaming on some of the other, but will stop at one ...
  13. Who controls the beach seating?

    We live in Jomtien - Near Soi 8. The standard wood folding chairs everyone offers were apparently designed by the same people who invented dental pliers. Where are the vendors who offer white beds? I'd gladly pay the extra Bht.
  14. I filled out the information form at Jomtien Immigration this week. (Was unable to process online (AGAIN!). Was not happy with the surprise, whinged and cursed, but filled out the form using basic information i had on hand. When they took my paperwork, the woman barely glanced at it. The biggest grief with the new info form was the need for a photo. Jumped out to the shop next door, they charged 100 baht for 2 photos, and ran back inside -- Finished in 2 minutes and back out the door with my passport.. On a related matter - Many people have noted here how easy and fast Jomtien Immigration is, I agree -- especially when compared to Singapore or back home in the USA. Has anyone collected an address where I might send an actual letter to them? Like anyone else, the people who work there might appreciate an honest thanks you ... regards - k
  15. IKEA - shopping from Pattaya

    We used IKEA in San Francisco. (Total kitchen remodel) Are happy with the quality and result. Would expect ikea to be more expensive out here. Word of advice -- use only people who have experience with ikea. They're not as simple as they look. We used index for a built in closet. Problem is they sub contract, no nothing it standard & they weren't cheap... Good luck ... K