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  1. Was this HK or US $'s? Someone was suggesting HK$.
  2. At least he was doing it for nothing. Any perversion is catered to in very Thai places like Soi Cowboy!
  3. Me too. Many times I've had to put my bag in the overhead locker 8 or 10 rows from my seat because it's full of suitcases.
  4. The EU Grand Project must be maintained at any cost, just ask people in Greece.
  5. Andrew65

    Very sad goings-on in Pattaya

    For many years I lived at or stopped for long periods at a hotel in Bangkok. There was a lady who worked as a waitress in the coffee shop who had a Downs Syndrome boy who was about 4 years old at the time. It seemed like the owners of the hotel very kindly turned a blind eye to the fact that he used to come to work with her, the other staff used to look out for him. In later years he would beg outside, some days he might make as much as his mother earned. She always kept a close watch over him, as others did (partly for fear of his money being stolen). I doubt involvement of other people in this, he was "earning his keep" for his now ageing single mother. He's now maybe 30 years old and the hotel has closed down. I guess he will be sort of ok as long as his mother's around. There obviously aren't the facilities in Thailand to look after people like this, as there is in the West. `It's very sad. I will be around there again soon and will be sure to give mum some money, even if it's only 100 Baht. I am aware that people are preying on these people, I'm not sure that this was the case here.
  6. Many years ago I took my Thai girlfriend out of Thailand on holiday (to Cambodia). When I queried why she had been stamped-out of Thailand she said it was so that the Thai gvt could keep track of Thais working overseas. Not sure if it's the same now?
  7. Andrew65

    Five Africans arrested with fake visas

    There are also "agents" who will get European visas for your wife/GF for a "fee". They're passing money under the table to these kinds of people. Quite common knowledge I think, and it ain't just black Africans involved.