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  1. I'm hoping against hope that's a true story. I have my doubts, it just sounds too perfect. And here I was thinking Stralya was immune to this Trump/Brexit madness that seems to be sweeping the collective Anglo-Saxon world. Looks like I was wrong.
  2. Unless there's been a change in the Aussie preferential voting system I'm not aware of, my understanding is you CAN vote for a minor party/independent in the House of Reps and ensure your vote will not go to the two major parties if that's what you want. First step, vote for your first choice as you normally would (number one in the box next to the your first-choice candidate) and then vote each remaining vote with the same number, (number 2 in each remaining box on the ballot paper). If you don't miss a box your vote is legal and will be accepted. It's crucial you don't leave an empty box. Then your vote is valid, will be counted, and not go the major parties if your vote loses out in the early voting counts. Anyone know if this is still the case?
  3. Great perspective from the rest of the world, especially from concerned (or amused) citizens from allied countries as you accurately put it. Bouncing this comment because it deserves it. Shame I can't like this comment a hundred times, so I'll just have to settle for a barely adequate 'Thanks' You're on the money farcanall, or should I say 'Farcanell, you're on the money!'
  4. Slice of heaven. What a top spot to blow the froth of a beer or seven...
  5. Pickering's a flea, he should stick to being a cartoonist, drawing politicians with their 'wedding tackle' out. It's the only thing he's qualified to do.
  6. So true. Queensland has a rich left of centre history. It's just a shame most Aussie's seem unaware of it.
  7. True words Samran. And if you've got some Bushranger (Australian slang for outlaw), even better! Of all the bastardized bastards on the face of this planet, we win the biccie I reckon.
  8. Brilliant book, can't recommend it enough. Hard to think of a journalist more qualified to comment of the Middle East then Robert Fisk. He has a residency, if that is the correct term to use, at the Independent, link below:- Robert Fisk at The Independent Rare journalism for these 'fake news' times!
  9. Wow, underlined comment, must be true then. I suppose it makes a difference from ALL CAPS THOUGH DOESN"T IT
  10. Don't forget we got a couple of shot guns too. Just to keep the rabbits down
  11. ^^^ Turnbull is too weak? Not that I give a toss either way regarding conservative politics, but the only thing Abbott is going to win is the Wooden Spoon. The Aussie electorate saw in his first stint that he's only effective as an opposition leader. Given the top gig he went missing in action. Just too many negatives with 'Dr. No' and not enough positives
  12. "We have no knowledge" is about the only thing I will believe coming from a trumper
  13. Everyone will become China's bitch, eventually... just give it time