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  1. ^^^ Yes, unbelievable isn't it. Some folks shouldn't have kids should they
  2. I got to the 'were kidnapped while backpacking in Afghanistan' and stopped there.
  3. Douche bag maybe, but that's a pretty astute way to handle a character like Trump, don't you think?
  4. But doesn't deny 'Moron' remark... just too funny!
  5. Shouldn't this be filed under OFF your face?
  6. Now here I was thinking the 'Leege' part of the Rugby family were the dopey ones... the again, he's a forward I suppose, so there you go. Just cracks me up every time I hear one of the Rah Rah crowd doing something, errr, 'League-y', or as League is referred to in Oz, 'MungoBall' Because as we all know, a Rah Rah acting like a league-y is just not cricket, what what hey hey?
  7. All this was so preventable. Why did the Kurds not got a seat at the Versailles Treaty at the end of WWI? A stupefying short-sighted decision. Also, the largest ethnic group in the world to be not represented at The UN. And how can a people who estimates put at 30 million be called an ethnic group in the first place? We are still living with the consequences of WWI today
  8. Australia's "Ganja Queen" set to leave Bali

    That goes without saying, when in Rome and all that. It doesn't matter if you think dope is harmless are not, you should always be a good guest and obey the local laws wherever you find yourself to be. I was only referring to the fairness of the sentence she served, that's all
  9. Australia's "Ganja Queen" set to leave Bali

    Correct kitten. Barlow and Chambers were hanged for trying to export heroin from Malaysia, NOT ganga. Heroin is a on whole different level from dope. Regardless what the TVF kangaroo court think of Corby the person, the crime she committed and sentence imposed is what we should keep ourselves to commenting on. Myself, I reckon the sentence was way too harsh for a drug that is legalised in some many countries now, including various states in the US. https://buzzghana.com/countries-legalize-marijuana/ It is a matter of time before it becomes legal again in Oz.
  10. Does she progress to 'No money, no honey' mode?
  11. Now that is petty, and speaks volumes to his character and amateur mindset. Does he not realise his every move, or in this case his every non-move, is going to be analysed? This was a media event, two leaders of the free world meet and this flea can't even shake her hand! This bloke has no idea how to carry himself as the leader of the free world. The Art of the Deal indeed!
  12. Taken from your link above Frits:- Job Description Welder Requisition ID : 00340703 Description Welder – Req #340703 Starting Wage - $21.35 That's a shocking rate for an experienced tradesman! Good welders in any capital city in Australia can make double that, exchange rates notwithstanding. https://www.seek.com.au/welder-jobs No wonder no one wants to be on the tools in the US...
  13. $300,000 a year for welding? Really? SIGN ME UP!!! You must have accidentally added an extra zero on the end there, surely!
  14. ^ I'm not commenting either. Please take my silence to indicate disagreement with whatever follows...
  15. And, believe it or not, the CFC ban mentioned above all happened during Reagan's watch. Yep, we can thank the 1987 Montreal Protocol for the continuing recovery of the Ozone Layer. Who would have thunk it eh? Link below regarding the current health of the Ozone Layer:- Ozone Layer on the Mend (source: www.sciencemag.org) Good to see that conservatives can agree to do something positive for the planet.