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  1. Thanks attrayant! Next time I might get my crayons out so I can draw a picture eh!
  2. Because 2nd Amendment! You cannot change an Amendment! You cannot change ANY amendment! Anywhere! No amendment anywhere has EVER been changed!!!
  3. Exactly Croc. All the comments so far on this thread are about the act itself and not the hypocrisy of the Beet-rooter himself. The Beet-rooter is a joke, as you've pointed out above, as is the National Party too. A question I'd like to see asked of the Nationals is how have they all of a sudden become the party of Coal and Fracking? Couldn't be the influence of Gina the Hutt could it? Surely not! And to think the good folks of New England had a chance to drop-kick this flea recently following the by-election brought on by his citizenship drama... Opportunity missed, but then again maybe the New England electorate has the representative they deserve eh!
  4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Remington Bankruptcy How can a gun manufacturing company in the US go broke? Especially one with a pedigree like Remington?
  5. Finally, someone says it! His spelling is atrocious!
  6. Berlusconi does the best Thunderbirds puppet impersonation eh!
  7. He looks like a Thunderbirds puppet
  8. I wish these two paragraphs had appeared at the top of the story rather then at the bottom. I then would not have wasted my time reading this article. Most of his clients support the right to bear arms? Fair enough then, most of his clients received zero sympathy from me. I'll reserve what ever sympathy I can muster to go to his clients that DO question this 'right'
  9. What's that term the conservative pundits like to throw out there? Oh yeah... 'nothingburger'
  10. Agree Trans, Love it or hate it the 'Nanny States' have made their roads a safer place to be. It's just a shame that draconian policing seems to be an unavoidable byproduct. How to make roads safer in Thailand without following the Nanny State template?
  11. Couldn't agree more Richard, I can't see anything changing until a points-based licencing system is introduced in Thailand and enforced. Maybe combined with a vehicle impounding process for certain offences. Nothing will change until traffic and vehicle transgressions are enforced. I must be honest though, I would hate the price of safer roads in Thailand to mean the same level of policing we experience now in most western countries... how can we arrive at a happy medium, that is the question!
  12. Sex unlikely to cause cardiac arrest, study finds

    Shouldn't this topic be in the 'In Your Face' section?
  13. Sex unlikely to cause cardiac arrest, study finds

    Now this is science I can (cough) get behind... so to speak