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  1. Hi folks, does anyone know if you can buy travel insurance to cover your stay in Thailand, when you arrive at any of the Airports, ie., Suvarnaphum, Don Mueang, or Udon Thani.
  2. It's time to call the Brussels elites bluff now by declaring we will leave without a deal and see how much turmoil it causes in the rest of the EU. All you ever read about is how bad it will be for the UK., well just the fact that there is a massive trade imbalance between the UK., and the rest of the EU., in the EU's favour tells you how much more it will hurt individual EU., countries. We will have 39 billion a year to help cushion the after affects. freedom to trade with who we like, stop giving Benefits handouts for kids living in EU., countries. We only ever hear from the bias media that are trying to overturn the referendum about how much it will damage the UK., economy. Well its a two way collision, so damage to both parties.
  3. I don't know how you come to the conclusion that the North East has the lowest pensions. My pension is 127 quid less than what you've stated. Must be some **oody rich Geordies in the UK. Not in Manchester I can assure you of that.
  4. I came back to the UK., in 2009, after 15 years living and working in South East Asia. Went and stayed at a nieces house, I was 61 yeas old at the time. Went into a jobcentre, just to see how much they had changed in the 40 years since I'd last been in one. I was approached by a very nice guy, who asked if I needed any help. I said no thanks. I was amazed, they had computers for job seekers. The same guy asked me again if he could help. He asked me if I was looking for work, which at that moment in time I wasn't and told him that if I was the jobcentre wouldn't have jobs that I would be interested in. He asked me what sort of money I had been earning when I was working. I told him between 280 & 420 quid a day. He said they would never have any jobs on that sort of money. I said that's why I'm not looking for a job in the jobcentre. A lady came over and said she had overheard our conversation and asked me if I wanted to sign on for jobseekers allowance and that if I did and they offered me a job on the then minimum wage, I would have to take it or lose my jobseekers allowance. When I asked her what she meant by minimum wage, well when she told me I just laughed. Then she asked me how old I was. I told her 61, she said, oh! you can sign on for guaranteed pension credit, which I had never heard of, being out of the UK., for a long time. She gave me a phone number, I contacted the relevant people, had a home interview and got what was pretty much the pension I would get when I would be 65 years old, thankyou very much. Got my bus pass, which you could get at 60 at that time, went and registered at my nieces GP surgery. They asked me for a utility bill with my name and the address on it where I was living. I told them I wasn't the householder and therefore didn't have any utility bills with my name on. I told them I had my British passport and they told me to bring it in, so they could photocopy it. Did that and that was it. So I was back living in the UK., and within a month was back in the system, getting my state pension equivalent, bus pass and NI., GP.,and if needed hospital treatment. That is why they put the Great in Great Britain.
  5. I wrote to the then Minister of the DWP., with the following: Would be pleased to hear replies. To Rt., Honourable David Gauke MP 31/10/2017 Minister of Work & Pensions Dear Sir, I would like to request that the Government look at the discriminatory way some pensioners are treated when wishing to retire to some countries, with regard to the state pension annual increase. I have studied the Government position with regard to this and find it incomprehensible that some pensioners wishing to retire in their twilight years to countries where they may have family, to be penalised because of where they wish to retire too. Government legislation states that if you live in a country which has a social security agreement with the UK., you get the annual state pension increase, but if you don’t live in one of these countries you do not get the annual increase. If a pensioner has paid into the NI., contributions all his/her working life, then you should either be given the annual increase if you move abroad, or you should not be given it regardless of where you choose to live. I have read a Briefing Paper Number CBP-01457, 13 April 2017., which states that the UK., will pay the annual increase to retirees that live in any country that has legislation requiring the UK., Government to increase pensions annually. I find it distasteful that the UK., Government it seems will not give the annual increase to pensioners, unless forced to by a foreign Governments requirements. The Philippines is a signatory to this social security agreement with the UK., I have read. I’d like to know how many Philippino retirees are resident in the UK., for the UK., Government to have a reciprical agreement with the Philippines Government. I suspect none, unless they are very wealthy, in which case, unlike most British retirees an annual increase would be of no benefit to any Philippino retirees. I’d also like to ask why if your in receipt of housing benefit, council tax benefit and in receipt of a means tested pension top up, which I am, the time you are allowed outside of the UK., without losing any of these benefits, has been reduced from thirteen weeks to four weeks. In my case I have extended family in Asia and because I cannot go to live with them because of the discrimination to pensioners like myself, with regard to the annual pension increase and the low state pension I receive, I only get the chance to visit them every few years, which is the time it takes me to save enough to make the trip. I’d also like to make the point that the amount of benefits outside of my basic state pension is altogether over 8,000 GBP annually, not including my bus pass and the use of the NHS. Taken that the annual pension increase is approximately, 200 GBP., I would of thought that in many pensioners cases that are the same as mine, it would be grossly more in the Governments favour to allow the annual pension increase regardless of which country you wish to retire too. I cannot see any justification in this descrimination toward pensioners, who as in my case have been low earners in their working lives and do not have access to private pension funds
  6. When I contacted the Thai Embassy in London a few years ago to enquire about getting a non-immigrant "O" multiple entry visa. The information I got back was that after ninety days you were not allowed back until 48 hours later. I need to clarify this, as I'm applying for an "O" visa soon and need to know if Nong Khai Thai immigration will not let you back in until 48 hours after exiting. I had an "O" visa years ago and when I did a border run at Nong Khai and came back the same day, an hour later, the immigration officer, when re-entering Thailand gave me a not so nice glare, but let me in anyway.