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  1. Haha thanks, I quite enjoyed it myself. In fact, it was your avatar that I spotted earlier in the thread that helped me make the connection. I'm not a teetotaler though. I was just pondering about a relationship between alcoholism, which is one kind of disease, and virulently hateful racism, which is another kind of disease. Interesting new views on the latter https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1071634/ http://bigthink.com/articles/is-racism-a-form-of-mental-illness There are also some interesting videos of people having extreme racist breakdowns in which you can observe the same behavior repeated often enough to suggest a pattern.
  2. Outspoken racism seems to correlate with alcoholism. A drink, a soapbox, an unsolicited opinion. The silver lining, because there always is one, is that this is how one learns about the lowlifes of foreign lands: lowlife Frenchman who hate Algerians, lowlife Brits who hate "Pakis," lowlife Americans who hate Mexicans. Thailand has long been a magnet for drunks and lowlifes of the world, sort of a UN for drunken scumbags.
  3. KY Potjaman begged Thaksin not to go into politics, pleading that it would only come to no good. Love or hate the Shinawtras, it is indisputable that she was right.
  4. I'm not sure if Il Forno is still around, so please check for updates before going. As you may have guessed, it's an Italian restaurant, which is not only wheelchair friendly, but is operated entirely by staff with disabilities (and some great abilities in making pizza and pasta). Hope you can check it out.
  5. Life (in general or life in Thailand) is full of things that can distract and agitate the mind, and generate all sorts of pointless negative reactions. I don't particularly like the Night Bazaar, so I avoid going there. I approach ThaiVisa topics the same way. I skip right past those likely to cause me grief and consternation. *** OP is not wrong to empathize . He knows these folks and feels their pain. It's easier for others to condemn them when they are mere hypothetical persons, not real persons known to us, whose lives and livelihoods have some meaning.
  6. At the time I posted a photo of the notice from the traffic police stating that the market would be closed to ease congestion.
  7. Jogging on Chiang Mai ring road, came across new Benz pulled over, beautiful woman next to it waving for help. Looked inside, giant toads everywhere. She had rescued them from the market and was going to release for merit when they escaped. Gathered toads, accompanied her to reservoir. Affair lasted about 3 years. Love this country.
  8. Depends on the car. New FB battery for a 1500cc Honda 1900B.
  9. Wife's father was Thai commando killed in action supporting American troops in Vietnam. Old friend was Thai army ranger killed protecting Karen refugees in Mae Sariang 20 years ago. Men join up and men go down; it's been the human experience for time immemorial. Have some respect.
  10. Some flaws cost a pretty penny.
  11. I sometimes disagreed, but never doubted that she is a person of good intent, which counts for an awful lot. Best of luck to you and Hubby.
  12. One way the gov't handles cases like this is to wait until he leaves the country then blacklist him for re-entry. No arrest or trial, minimal publicity, no legal standing for the accused, and no explanation required. And once you are out, it's nearly impossible to get back in. Personally, though, I think it's better to articulate the charges and use the justice system.