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  1. The Thai verb for "to maintain" in this sense is <<<<Thai language removed>>>> . <<<<Thai language removed>>>> means to take care of or assist, and <<<<Thai language removed>>>> appended to it conveys the sense of ongoing care. The translation you cite starts with the word <<<<Thai language removed>>>> , which means to repair, and is also acceptable in Thai usage but throws the translation machines out of whack.
  2. While they're at it, they should arrest whoever is responsible for the respray on that BMW.
  3. Wow, that's a bitter pill. I hope the pharmacists gets a dose of her own medicine. Anyway, it would be a shot in the arm for her victims. I guess they didn't have the right chemistry.
  4. Step 1, seek advice on ThaiVisa...
  5. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Tis the season. On good aluminum frames, the welds between tubes should look like these in the attached photo.. Good steel frames won't show welds because the tubes do not attach directly to each other, but to connecting lugs. Carbon fiber is another matter entirely. And since we are talking about mountain bikes, suspension is more important than frame. Good suspension forks are pricey, and very good ones will make your eyes water. If buying an entry-level bike, go for whichever has the best fork. Compared to a fork, thing like gears and brakes are cheaper to upgrade. If you want to ride more challenging trails, a bike with a rear shock in addition to the front fork is called for. Good "full suspension" bikes are much more complicated technologically than hardtail bikes and have more equipment, so are more expensive, 100,000 baht range. For a decent hardtail, look for: nicely welded aluminum frame, good fork for the class of bike, disc brakes (not essential but simplifies wheel maintenance), single or double chainrings on the crankset, 10 or 11 rear gear cogs, Shimano or SRAM gear and brake components. If you can locate these specs in your price range, you should be ok.
  6. Panyaden School interview -advice

    CMIS is non-profit
  7. Flooding Baan Sala to Hangdong Road

    As an irrigation canal, its purpose is to carry water for agriculture.
  8. Anything that inspires such a long and detailed post is destined to cause trouble.
  9. Top government aid says decriminalize ganja!

    Highland: Thailand's Marijuana Awakening
  10. They moved quickly to staunch any spread of anti-muslim sentiment from the radical Burmese monks and laymen next door. Thai authorities understand the danger in letting those divisions spread from the south and take hold throughout. It would be a disaster.
  11. Car Light Bulbs

    Along this trip, on the southbound side, is a car electric shop that might have the bulb you need. https://goo.gl/maps/LRSUGp2rfk12
  12. Thai Prof Quits UN; LGBTS Concerned

    FYI, Ajaan Vitit is one of Thailand's great citizens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitit_Muntarbhorn