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  1. Puwa

    CM to Hua Hin Road Trip

    Pattara resort in Phitsanulok is a really nice spot, right in town with an oasis-like feel and great swimming. If you leave P'loke by 8am, you can hit Hua Hin mid-afternoon (traffic permitting). We go a bit further south, to Pranburi and 300 Yod, a perfect escape from the northern smoke. Have always been interested to stop and check out Uthai Thani, known for its forests.
  2. Puwa

    Nimmanhaemin -- Meh!

    Maybe my memory is off, but I feel like Nimman had a pretty short run. There wasn't much going on before 2000, was there? It peaked sometime 2007-2010, and has been losing charm ever since. Nice while it lasted, but in the long view, just a flash in the pan, unfortunately.
  3. <removed> Anyway, having engaged with you, I can answer the original question of why expats are bad at Thai: 1) arrogance (how dare you contradict me!); 2) embarrassment (quick! change the topic); 3) resentment of expats who do know the language (you're just showing off).
  4. I have the audacity. Some cringeworthy misunderstandings here. I'll start with the chicken. "Kow-man" refers to the preparation of the rice, which is steamed in chicken broth (literally, "oily rice"). That's why it has the oily texture and great taste. You can customize your order by specifying that you want your chicken skinless, or don't want the congealed blood on the side, or the liver, or a combination of steamed and fried chicken if available. Next, no one refers to northern Thai language as "Lanna," except in reference to the old orthography, the Lanna script. The language is "kam muang," spoken by "kon muang"-- how northerners refer to themselves. Muang refers to the old kingdom as defined by the influence of the governing city. Kon muang means people of the kingdom, kam muang literally means "words of the kingdom." As to the assertion that no one speaks only northern Thai, villages in the north are filled with old-timers who only speak kam muang. Depending on who their neighbors are, they may know other regional languages, like various forms of Karen, known as bwak'nyawklo. (Karieng, by the way, is a pejorative term for Karen. The proper term in Thai is byagayaw.)
  5. Puwa

    Structural Engineer Required. Chiang Mai.

    What part of town is the house in? If north of town, I can recommend someone.
  6. Puwa

    Banner at local wat

    He did: Ducka, Ducka, Ducka
  7. Maybe a good topic for a poll, along the lines of, "If you live here and don't speak Thai, why not?" Offer a few options, such as 1) I'm too lazy 2) I don't need it 3) I would like to but ... 4) My partner communicates on my behalf *** Personally, I couldn't imagine living in a country without making my best effort to learn the language. In Thailand, the benefits are enormous. Being able to read signs, labels, instructions, news, and contracts makes a huge difference. Daily life is more convenient, ordinary Thai people are at their friendliest and most comfortable, and the sketchiest ones stay away. As far as romance goes, I'd much rather invest my time and effort learning a language than waste my money in a futile bid to buy affection. Meeting women and dating is an entirely different experience to the typical farang scene. The conventional ThaiVisa wisdom that middle- or upper-class women don't date farang turns out to be complete BS. (I used to try to point this out but would get shouted down as a liar; I can only chuckle.) The only minor disadvantage is that farang who don't speak Thai tend to resent those who do. When you immediately relate to their wives and girlfriends better than they do, they become insecure (often for good reason-- you get a lot of propositions). It's also a huge advantage for picking up tourists. In sum, totally worth the effort.
  8. Reverend is spelled with an "e."
  9. I think the English ability in the general population has actually improved in the last 20 years. But I don't credit schools at all; the improvement apparently comes from access to the internet. Young people who are motivated enough take matters into their own hands and teach themselves, which is quite impressive.
  10. Puwa

    What is that insane product !?

    I can't make out the writing on the front but the back says: Caution - Always wear gloves - Do not let it come in contact with your skin. If contact occurs, wash immediately with clean water - Remove dirt and mud from exhaust pipe before applying - Rinse exhaust pipe with water after each use
  11. Puwa

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    It definitely gets points for longevity, and for being a great landmark when giving directions. Can't miss that sign.
  12. I've also followed the legend of Mechai from the old PDA days to PCDA and now the current foundation. No one can deny that his early efforts on family planning introduced Thailand to the condom and is therefore believed to have averted a worse AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s. However, though my work, I know many of Thailand's top social activists and humanitarians, and it is from their comments over the years that I draw my opinion. I also know people once involved with Mechai in Buriram. This is why I phrased it as coming from "among those in the know." There are no "links" as another poster requested. Because defamation is a thing here, I have to be careful. But if interested, one might look into the true history of the schools in Lamplaimat and the conclusions of certain overseas charitable foundations that ended their support. Since you closed your reply with the rude, "spit it out or keep your mouth shut," I will end with my own advice to you: quit the immature hero-worship ("not a single, solitary word of denigration"-- what big eyes you have, Grandma!) and go do your homework.
  13. There's something hilarious about the phrase, "allegedly pleasuring himself."