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  1. Uber Problems Complain to Where ?

    Do you know Edith Clampton?
  2. piles of rubbish.

    I think you are right. I must have been hanging on to an old truth, maybe half-truth.
  3. piles of rubbish.

    The garbage problem in Singapore is solved by the convenient fact that Singapore is an island. The garbage barges that dump waste in the ocean run constantly.
  4. It may be a tangential point, but "Cheap Charlie" as a phrase has a 1950s feeling to it, antiquated and dorky.
  5. Buying a bike for the little one.

    When I was in your shoes several years ago, I bought a small size Haro BMX bike for my son. Sturdy, small wheels, no gears to complicate things, adjustable seat and bars as time goes by, decent brakes. Paid about 5000 new.
  6. Old for domestic, new for international would be ok for me since CNX isn't a hub.
  7. The back-and-forth between Sek and the cops was hilarious as they tried to cajole him into giving up. Years ago, Loso was the hottest band in the country and Sek was a superstar. He's a good songwriter and had a great voice. "Jai Sang Ma" and "Om Pra Ma Pud Gaw Mai Chua" were anthems of the day. But success fed his demons and here we are.
  8. Here's the crux of the matter. If you spend your time categorizing women as good and bad, and worrying who's who, you've already missed the point and lost the plot.
  9. I don't want to ring in the New year by bickering here. If you read your own OP objectively, you can understand the dismissive replies. It reeks of the white man's burden. Judging from your many posts over the years defending and explaining bargirl relationships in acute detail, one would think your mastery of language and culture would prepare you to represent yourself in all local matters.
  10. Jogging / running

    So just to be clear, it sounds like there are four options for jogging et.c in that area: 1) the outer, free loop of Huay Thung Tao, now ~4.5km after work in recent years, 2) the inner part of Huay Tung Tao around the reservoir-- expect to pay 20-50 baht, 3) the 700 Year Sports Stadium, also on the Canal Road but closer to town, which was built for the Southeast Asian Games in 1995, and 4) the jogging/cycling path along the Canal Road. Although there has been some rather shocking development in the area in the last 10 years (mountain bikers know what I mean), at least the bike path is in good use.
  11. Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden in Mae Rim is beautiful first thing in the morning.
  12. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Thread summary: lonely guy asks where to meet people, 100 other lonely guys ignore him and boast about their great life choices. OP, as some have proposed, your best bet will be to pursue the activities you like and find others with similar intetrsts along the way.
  13. Your post is mostly rubbish, but I think you are onto something important with this cycological pressure. Does this explain Thailand's traffic problems? I do see a lot of cyclogic on the roads. Maybe ir should be harder to get a cyclogist license?