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  1. Your friend would be best off being evaluated back in her home country. She needs someone who can fully comprehend her condition. Any medication can be continued here easily if required. It's premature to suggest specific therapies without a diagnosis. Depression? Chemical imbalance? PTSD? Hormonal? And it's probably not a good idea to accept a prescription if the doctor hasn't made a diagnosis. Thai psychologists push Prozac like Halloween candy, partly because they don't do CBT, or what we know in general as psychotherapy or talk therapy, not for Thais and not for westerners. Instead, they do 10-minute prescription renewals.
  2. "A man who tried to fool someone" could be the subtitle of every biography of every Thailand expat.
  3. His platoon came looking?
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't understand this story?
  5. Cheap, easy, and they mail where you ask.
  6. I don't like the obsession with whiteness-- which is ironic because I am a caucasian who benefits from it, unfairly, in a thousand ways large and small. In Thai culture, the love of whiteness shows up in ideals of beauty but isn't a barrier to other kinds of success. Look at all the dark old dirty dog politicians. Where I come from, whiteness isn't required for beauty, arts, and entertainment, but unfortunately, it helps with everything else.
  7. I guess the pertinent question is who wanted to expose the bribe at this moment, and to what end?
  8. OK, MDC? USA? CM? OMG! <deleted>! YOLO.
  9. Thailand is always expecting a windfall.
  10. Injury is one thing, offense another. If you have been injured by, for example, his misapplication of law or regulation, then you might seek redress, such as a second chance to submit an application or refund of a fee. But if you are not injured, but merely insulted, then don't expect much of a hearing.
  11. Good question, maybe it just suffers by association.
  12. I don't care if he qualifies for the title Swedish, but he definitely doesn't qualify for the title con man.
  13. I think the purpose of promoting biochar is to improve existing soil, and so reduce or delay the need to clear new land. Rice-hull biochar is a good amendment to clay soil. Mae Chaem is a sensible place to start because the bwak'nyaw in those hills are fairly well organized and educated, and some past conservation work has gone well. It's easy to criticize based on a half-literate Nation article-- written, edited, published, and reprinted here without journalistic standards or principles-- and our own worst suspicions, but that seems an incomplete way to draw conclusions. Unfortunately, the article is written to emphasize the online fundraising rather than a clear explication of the effort.