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  1. It's a touchy subject that can not be avoided. I don't often comment on others' lives, real or imagined, but the OP raises the case of not one or two persons, but a phenomenon that shows itself online and offline as well. What's up with these guys and what do I say? While Thailand is a great place to pursue a dream life, a man's true fantasies may not be filled with pleasure or adventure, but darker stuff: misery, regret, envy, paranoia. Living here allows him to assume an air of detached superiority while he grinds away day-to-day. Neither detachment nor superiority comes easy. His attitude is threatened by facts of his everyday life. He often cannot communicate or comprehend Thai, which deals a blow to superiority; he is haunted by bitter memories of past relationships, a corrosive attachment; he feels lost in the culture, unable to navigate; he distrusts others indiscriminately; he guards his wealth like a jealous vulture crouching over a roadside corpse. Battling such threats to his fragile fantasy is a full-time commitment and a lost cause. Defeat has many faces, and the one we see most is the face of complaint-- whining, whinging, peevish, indignant, cynical, jaded, shrewdly unaware, often stinking of soap and gin. To make his acquaintance-- or merely read his thoughts online-- is to subscribe to an endless lecture series covering his favorite peeves, to wit: Thai men Thai women, more narrowly, those who float unawares into his orbit Western women, including those he has known and divorced personally and those he has espied from afar Young Thai people Young western people Women he finds attractive but superficial Women he finds unattractive regardless of age or nationality The stocking, cooling, serving, and pricing of beer and other alcoholic beverages Hi-So, undefined but roughly means "owns a car" Low-So, pretty much everyone Sinsot All drivers of all motor vehicles Shop attendants Muslims Feminists Line The changing racial demography of his country of origin Thai language Smartphones Buddhist monks "Somchai" Taxes Criminals whose punishments aren't harsh enough Suspects who are not dead yet Corrupt police Songkran Bad girls and good girls Activists, NGOs, "do-gooders"; equally, scumbags, lowlifes, bad elements Difficulty in procuring a proper breakfast Lazy, cunning in-laws, their fields, livestock Lazy, cunning spouses, their relatives, opaque inner lives Lazy, cunning children, stepchildren, grandchildren, uneducated, ungrateful, ignorant Lazy, cunning girlfriends, who may or may not in fact be prostitutes Cunning women of all occupations Stray dogs Pet dogs Facebook *** The list, as you know, goes on. He stays because maintaining the attitude, doing battle, holding forth against his enemies, keeping the beer cold, snorting at the locals, worrying about his dick size-- it's enough to fill a man's day. Finally, he can like who he likes, hate who he hates, indulge whatever fantasies overtake him. But doesn't Thailand deserve, at the very least, a bit of gratitude for providing the improbable locale for his epic inner battle? Isn't it just decent to make peace with his surroundings and neighbors, the soi dogs and pretty girls? If the answer is yes, then he should try to lighten up on Thailand. If the answer is no, then unfortunately we will note his eventual, lonely demise.
  2. I know the area because until construction started a few years ago, it was a favorite mountain-biking route between the 700 year stadium and Huay Tung Tao. To place a housing development on a slope, surrounded by protected forest, draining down into two reservoirs, can only have been done without an environmental impact assessment. Photos on the web show open wastewater pipes just below the houses. The problem is that even if the court relents and turns the buildings over to CMU, the pollution threat remains. I don't think local organizers would have trouble rousing 20,000 Chiang Mai residents to march from the stadium (great parking) to the site. The gov't would be wise to heed them.
  3. Peaceful protests over environmental problems take place all the time. You don't hear about them because they are peaceful.
  4. Even petty crime can be ugly. He's lucky he didn't get knifed.
  5. Car Detailing Clay

    Wow great price!
  6. Car Detailing Clay

    Clay is the secret to a really nice finish. Usually the Meguiar-franchised car-care places have clay for sale (din nam man) but they charge crazy money for a bar.
  7. Amnesty calls for death penalty axe

    Isn't using an axe rather barbaric?
  8. - The all-seeing national security state, including Immigration, will be the most modern thing in the country, while the country at large will see varying levels of change - Bangkok will continue to evolve as it has steadily for decades, despite everything. More trains, more cars, electric motorbikes with little charging/parking stations run by guys who drive motosai taxis today. -The elite educational institutions won't change much. But the private sector will drive change for better education at lower levels replying to middle-class demand. Online instruction for the masses to complement but not yet replace the unsavable schools. - Rapidly digitized life for most citizens. Identity, payments, social, entertainment, education, etc. Some of these changes will be welcome because they replace ineffective institutions. - 50-50 that Thailand either sees major environmental crisis or makes some good moves. Coal or no coal? Agricultural burning banned or not? The country is quite vulnerable because of its dependence on shared oceans and rivers and shared airspace which is also polluted by neighbors. - Visa procedures will make it easier for legit visa-holders, and more difficult for anyone without the right permissions.
  9. "Explained" and "unexplained" are pretty squishy categories, presented as if objective but in fact quite subjective--explained to whose satisfaction? And while death is a serious event, there are other kinds of trouble just a hair's breadth away from it, such as rape, assault, attempted murder, extortion, wrongful conviction and imprisonment, significant theft etc. Think of these as "trouble." What they have in common are the bad intentions of another person. One can argue the extent to which negligence qualifies (thinking of people who get electrocuted in hotel pools with shoddy lamp wiring). So I think the real question is what is the risk to foreign visitors and expats of encountering trouble of the kinds enumerated above, whether they come out of it dead or alive. And length of time exposed to risk matters, too-- i.e., the 20-year expat versus the one-week visitor.
  10. identify snake

    I doubt it's a King Cobra. Looks like a large kukri to me. Nonvenomous.
  11. Just keep in mind that something in your appearance, attitude, or behavior marked you as an easy victim.
  12. It's been a long time, but if I remember correctly Taster's Choice was supposed to be best among the instant coffees.
  13. Orange rental bikes: ugly or useful?

    Nothing is perfect. I'd rather see Chiangmai experiment with this kind of service than not.
  14. "Lanna Futuristic" - 555 On one hand, Virgin has the brand and corporate structure to *maybe* make a go of it. On the other, Virgin's not a wildly popular brand here; 25k a year to work out in a shopping mall?; check back in 12 months.