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  1. Benroon

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    If theres a poll going I'll take No 6
  2. Whatever you’re drinking .....stockpile it !!
  3. In your throwaway city comment you’ve just put the skids under everyone receiving a pension ! People often forget that. However I agree constituents voices should have precedence over party lines
  4. Spot on - it’s also undemocratic to stick to a vote based on lies and not a whisper of the chaos that it would cause. Having said that your average Brexit voter would be unlikely to understand them even now!
  5. Read it - they are basing it on the wider social implications of executing women. Personally the death sentence should be abolished for all.
  6. Pedant alert but its 'Let's do the mathS' - you can't do one 'math' Carry on …...
  7. This is a wind up - a 'stunning bi sexual girlfriend' that happens to have a job as well ? I'll take it !
  8. Benroon

    Buying an old classic

    I always wanted to get a GTR when I was in the U.K. but stuck to my 370z Nismo - the GTR retails around £85k - so now in Thailand a few weeks back I thought I wonder.... So I popped into my local Nissan dealer couple of weeks ago - sure we can get you one Sir ........£328,707 !!! (entry level version as well!!)
  9. Primarily because they’ve made a pigs ear of their life in their home country !
  10. Since 2007 over 400 banks or credit unions have gone bust - it seems a fair few can lose! As has frequently been pointed out if you don't like the banking system simply don't use it.
  11. wow you could actually be the most intelligent person on here "Likee, readee. No likee no readee. Simple." - Almost Shakespeare'esque However using that towering intellect could you just point out the 'political correctness' part please ? (I also know dozens and dozens of normal thais, not a single one of the ones I know are venal, perhaps it's the circle of friends you mix in that's the issue ?)
  12. Wow - earlier you stated 'every single Thai is venal' - not sure how long it took you to get round to 69,000,000 people to determine that immature generalisation and now 'nobody cares' what another poster writes. You seem to speak on behalf of a lot of people you don't know !
  13. Cheers for the time - I also found the calculator and like you arrived at £0. What throws doubt over that though is a statement in one of the other links that says unless you stay 90 days in your UK home - then you WILL be paying CGT for that year, and subsequent years. Given its a fairly recent law change, I'm going to guess a fair few expats all over the globe renting their UK house could be in for a nasty surprise !!