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  1. Sounds great! i have yet to find an avacado in Thailand that tastes even half as good as those back home (California). There's a nice article out of UC Davis that goes over grafting avacado and citrus. It's titled "Budding and Grafting Citrus and Avocados in the Home Garden". I'd upload the pdf, but can't figure out how... but a quick internet search should pull it up. Regarding patenting plants in Thailand, from what I understand, the process is pretty cumbersome with very little ability to enforce, so most people don't do it. If you really want to pursue, I'd recommend speaking with faculty in the crop science or biotech departments at one of the major AG universities and they should have someone that could guide you. Maejo U. , Chiang Mai U, and Kasetsart U. are three possibilities. Best of luck!