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  1. Car Light Bulbs

    Thanks to all who replied. I found them in Sridonchai road as Winnie the Khwai suggested. I have also been back to the dealeship and the salesman was adamant that I had to have the light repaired by their staff as "the rear light all has to be replaced". On reflection I think he was thinking of the latest model, which has LEDs.
  2. Car Light Bulbs

    Thanks, but I also want to carry a few spares.
  3. Car Light Bulbs

    I have been looking for 12v 21w single filament car light bulbs for some time. So far I cannot find any in Chiangmai . Agent will change a bulb but not sell a new part. Request help.
  4. The generals must get their new cars
  5. Contact the Royal Thai Embassy. They often send staff around the UK on Consular visits. My wife renewed hers in Edinburgh a year or so ago.
  6. Dealership/Showroom Stallion Motorcycles

    I tried to and I had a Thai speaker with me.
  7. Dealership/Showroom Stallion Motorcycles

    There were no staff there and the neighbouring cafe staff just looked at me as if I had horns
  8. I try again. Will some expert tell me where the Stallion Motorcyle dealer or showroom is. The previously mentioned showroom on HuayKaew Road is a secondhand bike shop Thanks
  9. valves and guides.

    I disagree, lead in petrol built up a self lubricating coating which which supplemented the lubrication from oil. I recall valve failures in light aircraft engines when 100LL fuel was introduced in the 1980s. The engine manufacturers and overhaulers had to run the engines on leaded fuel for 10 hours to build this coating up. This was a temporary fix until new valve and guide metals were developed
  10. valves and guides.

    I have done it a few times. Heating the head and drifting out the old guides, (quickly before the heat expands the guides) works well. If they do not move , try to drill them carefully but I do not recommend this method, it is difficut to do without damaging the head. To remove valve seats, carefully drill two holes at opposite diameters and break them apart. In both cases a hot head and frozen guides and seats will go together without force.
  11. Amazon Prime - anyone else been duped like me?

    Two years ago I bought a small item from Amazon and was astonished a month later to have a sum deducted from my debit card in favour of Amazon. I protested but Amazon claimed that I had signed up to a month's trial with Amazon Prime when I bought the item. I searched their order site and unovered an obscure box which had to be UNTICKED otherwise I would be AUTOMATICALLY enroled in Amazon Prime. So, All of you, please search the Amazon site carefully otherwise you will be conned.
  12. Today the price has been modified to Thb116000
  13. No, definitely on the Ct400 t,the 250 was Thb76000
  14. I saw a Stallion CT400 in Big C in Chiangmai yesterday for THB 89000. I am impressed but sales rep was dumb. He could not tell me if or where there was a showroom/dealer in Chiangmai Nor could he gve me any infomation beyond " 400cc, 5 speed". Of course there are no brochures I would like a lot more information before I proceed. Where is the nearest dealer to Chiangmai?