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  1. Try this one. It was recomended to me by a local Thai Resturant owner. They charged me a deposit of GBP65, delivered boxes the next day and collected the full boxes two days after I announced that they were ready. On recovry to their main depot they required a furthe GBP499 to ship all the way to Chiangmai. The boxes, all 210Kg, sat in their depot in Kent for nearly six weeks and as a result the company missed their promulgated shipping time of 49 to 70 days by a full 20 days.. But, everything turned up intact with no extra fees.
  2. I am trying to find cold sea-water fish in Chiangmai for use in Fish and Chips. Fresh is unlikely and I can make do with frozem. I would like Haddock or Cod. The latest post I can find on the subject is from July last year. Somebody please update me.
  3. My son -in-law insists that any new applicant for a thai driving licence must produce evidence of taking a course of at least 10 hours instruction with an approved school before applying. Is this True?
  4. A long time ago I had a pilot friend who always wore a red sock on his left foot and a green on on his right. He said it was to remember port from starboard. His chief pilot was an absolute martinet in matters of uniform and it used to drive him appoplectic. I think that was the real intention.
  5. Excellen,t and a very speedy reply too. Thank you
  6. I have used my non-O visa. I am now applying for an extension of stay due to marriage to a Thai citizen We went to the Ampeu in Chiangmai last week to obtain a KR2 or KR3 or both to support the application. Because the marriage took place outside Thailand, the official would only issue a KR22 which is a confirmation that we have registered a foreign marriage with the Ampeu, She assured us that this KR22 was sufficient for Immigration purposes. I am slightly sceptical. Can any expert on Immigration matters reassure me?
  7. I sold a hoose in Scotland and by the time the money was creditted to my account, I had moved to Chiangmai. The Clydesdale Bank would only accept a postal application via their own downladed form and the postal service took 18 days to deliver a registered letter to my bank. The bank manager telephoned me in Chiangmai to check that I had actually sent it. The money was in Kasikorni Bank HQ in Bangkok within 48 hours. I spoke to the branch manager who telephoned Bangkok and arranged for me to be sent a Foreign Exchange Form by Email. I completed the form, Emailed it back and for good measure took a hard copy to my branch of Kbank. The amount minus a small fee was in my account the next day. Well done Clydesdale and Kasikorn Banks but Nul Pointes to Thai Postal Service.
  8. I have been living in a moban in Nonghoy, Chiangmai for 3 months. During that time only 2 pieces of mail,both addressed to my wife, from UK have been delivered. Email enquires have elicited that my bank has sent me 4 items, my pension administration 3, my brother 11 redirects. Not one has reached me. Conversations with other falang have produced the opinion that Nonghoy Delivery office will only deliver mail addressed in Thai. I want to complain but I cannot find out how. Nonghoy Post Office staff just blanked me
  9. May has become Trump's poodle
  10. I was bitten trying to pull a neighbouring dog off our family pet. One week later that animal is still healthy. I went to Lanna Hosp. where I was quoted Thb 22000 for a course After protesting I was informed that a cheaper serum made from horses was available at Thb 7500 a course. I opted for that and an attempt to dissuade was made because "most people are allergic to it". I insisted and had to pay an extra Thb 1000 for an allergy test, which of course proved negative. I go for my 3rd shot on Friday.
  11. I have been in the back of several pick-ups recently. None of them had seat belts fitted in the back. What is the law in this situation? Also I was in the front of a See-law last week and unable to use a seat belt because it had been cut off!
  12. Thailand is about 1700 km from North to South. Could they be more specific.
  13. That's it exactly.. Wikipedia suggests that is caribean in origin but naturalized in Vietnam.It has now reached Chiangmai. According to Madamme is was plentiful 50 years ago, but in 35 years of visits I only met it yesterday.Thank you.
  14. My wife has given me a fruit which she calls "Chiangmai Apple". It is about the same size as a european apple but much darker being a purplish colour almost overall ,shading to pale green near the stalk. Inside it is pale cream shading to purple near the centre where many black seeds are arranged in a star pattern aroundt the vertical. The flesh is pulpy and has to be scooped out tp eat. It is sweet. . What is the correct name, thai ,latin or any other. Sorry I cannot post a picture, it has been eaten.