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  1. I last did it in February. There is a list of possible destinations on the overhead signs directing passengers to transfer points. I think that Phuket is on the list. I believe that it depends on the airport having an international facility. Immigration is a single desk, but I have never seen a queue at it. You will have to clear Customs at the destination.
  2. I cannot find an exact answe ron this forum. My HP Pavillion laptop stopped charging. I bought it second-hand about a year ago and it came with a new replacement charger. The repair shop insists that the charger had damaged the computer's charging circuit and that I should buy a new HP one. I have seen many chargers and they all show a very similar output of 19v and approx 2.5 amps. The only difference I can see is in the jack plug. I am suspicious of the repair shop's advice and would like opinion(s) from knowlageable members . Thanks in advance
  3. Two comments. There has been no publicity, how do we know what is the route and where are the stops? Also, how long before the the seelaw monopoly blockades or gets it stopped?
  4. One advantage of gravel is that you will hear snybody coming in.
  5. I have the message now Thank you all who replied
  6. No notification stapled in passport. However, original application for extension was made on 26th April and granted wef 9th June Confirm date for 90 day report 26th April +90 or 9th June +90 TKS
  7. I am sorry to bring up a well used topic but, I cannot find ahy relevent post in Immigration. Forbye, a search brings up 288 pages. I got my Extension of Stay due to marriage to a Thai citizen on 9th June. No mention was made at the time of a need to report address every 90 days nor is there any mention in the stamp in my passport. Do I need to send/deliver a form TM47 to immigration every 90 days? I apologise again for my ignorance of what must be common knowledge.
  8. When does Extortion become Bribery ?
  9. Also for Nonghoy from 8am to 8pm today, although at this time, 10am, still on
  10. My grand daughter has aked me if Scotland has "Olympics"for science and mathmatics. After a bit of questioning. it appears to be a kind of competion for tuition places at a higher education institution or a prestige school. The nearest I can work out is a Bursary, but this does not fit exactly. Can any member explain (in word of one syllable please) what she might mean.
  11. Thank you
  12. Thank you ,but what is their name and address please ?
  13. To get back to basics, where is the agent, if any in Chiangmai ?
  14. Try this one. It was recomended to me by a local Thai Resturant owner. They charged me a deposit of GBP65, delivered boxes the next day and collected the full boxes two days after I announced that they were ready. On recovry to their main depot they required a furthe GBP499 to ship all the way to Chiangmai. The boxes, all 210Kg, sat in their depot in Kent for nearly six weeks and as a result the company missed their promulgated shipping time of 49 to 70 days by a full 20 days.. But, everything turned up intact with no extra fees.