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  1. Mystery Emails

    I had the same problem some 6 months ago. A small change in the password stopped it.
  2. Gears

    I have noticed that none of my Thai relatives will use any gear higher than 3rd when driving. I wince when travelling along the outer ring road at 80kph in 3rd gear. To be fair, most of them rarely drive above 50kph. I have often suggested that a higher ratio would be kinder to the car or pickup only to be ignored. One sister-in-law said that her car goes too fast in 4th. Is this a common practice or just confined to my family?
  3. clean carpet

    Speak to Khun Ajaz at <[email protected]> or visit his showroom, Kashmir, next to Laithong on Hwy 1006
  4. I have never seen this one before . Where is it made, and where is it sold?
  5. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    It may not be quite relevent to this topic, but I will report anyway. My 90 day report toook 2 hours, mainly because, just ahead of me was an agent from a school who did approx 20 at one go. However upstairs, applying for a certificate of address, the desk ( only open 9am to 11am) was unmanned from 1005 to 1045. I was processed just in time to go back downstairs just as the number two before me was called. Forbye, I have been given a collection date for the address certificate of 27 Nov, a wait of six weeks. when I protested the girl informed me that for Thb 600 I could get an agent to process it in one day. I consider this an attempt at extortion. Also the girl showed me a calendar with almost all of the final two weeks of Oct crossed off as holidays
  6. A few years ago my renewed passport arrived at my house in Scotland by registered post at approx 1130 am. I noticed almost immediately an error in my birth date. I telephoned the help line and was refered to the Glasgow Passport Office. I was invited to visit the Glasgow office the next day, which I did, arriving at just after 10am, with, as requested, proof of birth date and new photographs. The staff were very helpful and asked me to call back atfter 3pm. I came back at approx 3.30 and a new Passport was ready. I was so satisfied with this service that I wrote a unpublished letter to The Herald. I think that the actual printing only takes a few minutes, although the preparation for printing will take as long as the staff want it to.
  7. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    In UK, Netherlands and Norway I have always been charged as each round was served, except in central London where a bar waiter wanted me to pay in advance. In Germany the common method is to put a beer mat down and mark it acording to your order using different symbols for different drinks. However it is considered prudent to turn the mat over first and check that it has not already been marked on the underside.
  8. How can you grow daffodils in Thailand. I always thouht that they need a COOL wet climate
  9. Is it still possible to renew on line and have it sent to relative's address in UK to be sent on? Registered post from UK is much cheaper than a courier.
  10. I believe they already do it that way an make a profit
  11. Tesco-Lotus, Rimping,and Makro in Hang Dong all have a few, a very few, try Wishbeer for a better selection.
  12. Eating Rice

    I quote from a letter to the othe newspaper. "How many people with diabetes or high blood pressure regularly eat Thai jasmine rice? Have their doctors ever told them that jasmine rice has been proven to raise blood sugar? Have their doctors ever told them that basmati rice has also been proven to lower blood sugar? " The letter writer states this as as a fact without any supporting proof. I have never seen any proof of this and I am very sceptical. Can any expert point me at the appropriate " medical artical?
  13. Car Light Bulbs

    Thanks to all who replied. I found them in Sridonchai road as Winnie the Khwai suggested. I have also been back to the dealeship and the salesman was adamant that I had to have the light repaired by their staff as "the rear light all has to be replaced". On reflection I think he was thinking of the latest model, which has LEDs.
  14. Car Light Bulbs

    Thanks, but I also want to carry a few spares.