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  1. Here is a sample I found on the internet. Your local Ampeu office should have their own form. Register it with the Ampeu and make sure that it is noted on the chanote in the same way a mortgage is, and of course, KEEP A COPY. .https://www.samuiforsale.com/other-miscellaneous/usufruct-agreement-sample.html
  2. Maybole

    Receiving Overseas Mail

    My Bank ATM/Debit card expired in May. Having no faith in Thai Post, I Emailed the bank and recieved a reply to send a letter of confirmation. I wanted the bank to send the card to a UK address from whence it could be sent on by Royal Mail Tracked and Signed method. Before my letter had arrived the bank's automatic system sent it direct to me in Thailand. To my surprise it arrived at the correct address 24 days later. It had had chinese lettering added somewhere but the address did not include Thailand only Chiangmai. I suspect that it initially went to somewhere in China and was redirected. However my faith in Chinese abd Thai Postal Services is enhanced.
  3. Maybole

    Lazada not accepting COD?

    I have had several orders from Lazada in the last year the last being 2 weeks ago at Thb17000. All were COD but I have noticed that on some items a message pops up "COD not Available". I think that some suppliers especially from outside Thailand do not offer COD.
  4. Maybole

    Transit/Immigration Query

    The last time I left I had an Emirates ticket. The CNX to BKK leg was wth Bangkok Aitways. I checked in at the international desk at CNX and my baggage was checked all the way to GLA. Similarly I was issued with Boarding cards all the way. I left CNX through the International Departures and was interepted at BKK by staff who directed me to a bus which took me direct to International Departures. I suggest you check in at the International Desk at CNX and show both tickets.
  5. Maybole

    Gate Lights

    Chiangmai area. I have seen solar powered gate lights somewhere in Chiangmai, approx a year ago. Now I cannot remember where. Has any member seen them recently. If so ,where?
  6. And I cannot find a place to safely dispose of a dead Li-ion laptop battery.
  7. Maybole

    RCBO found not connected

    Many Thanks Crossy. I presume that two neutral wires sharing a common connection point on the neutral bar in the distribution box does not constitute s "shared neutral". I have seen that.
  8. Maybole

    RCBO found not connected

    I am just completing a house, The (Thai) electrician seems to have done a good job. I have never heard of a "shared neutral" before. Expert, please explain exactly what this is, I want to check my system.
  9. Maybole

    Waste Disposal

    Where in Chiangmai can I safely dispose of a defunct Li-Ion laptop battery ?
  10. Maybole

    Hardware needs

    I am in the Chiangmai area. I am looking for a graip or garden fork, a proper rake and a dutch hoe.
  11. I remember something similar in Shetland. The residents co-operated by bagging everthing, but, the council initially neglected to put a roof on the 2.5 m high cages. The local gull population loved them.
  12. Import a few thousand Koreans, they love dogs
  13. Maybole

    Forum down at 22:30

    It happens to me also, but I thought that it might just be too busy to handle all those who want to log on. 5 mins later it all works normally
  14. Another excuse for detion without proof.
  15. There is no mention of warming the pot beforehand. Since pouring the water into a cold pot will immediately reduce its temperature below boiling point, it will result in a poor brew. Furthermore pouring a hot liquid into a cold ceramic or glass container risks cracking the container (due to differencial heating) with the danger of losing all the tea.