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  1. Maybole

    What Pharmaceuticals To Bring Back from UK ?

    Denture sterilising tablets. In UK 60p a tube of 30. In Thailand 125Thb for 24
  2. Most Important, What does the child think?
  3. Thank Thank you, I will be there tomorrow.
  4. I have been looking also at fire extinguishers with the same amount of puzzlement. Madam would prefer a proper fire blanket, but I have as yet been unable to find one. Has anybody seen them on sale in the Chiangmai area?
  5. We have just moved into a new built two storey house.On the ground floor is a european style kitchen complete with cooker hood and full gas oven and hob . Madamme la Patronne insisted on building a separate "Thai kithen" which is accessed via covered path. In spite of it being fully equipped she has still to use it
  6. The Mongol horde reached the gates of Vienna
  7. All armed forces train to deal with likely occurences. The British army still trains to resist an invasion from France.
  8. Maybole

    Keeping a Toe In The Door -- Pros & Cons

    I am fortunate in having a brother who allows me to use his address.. My bank and Credit Card provider, although aware that I am in Thailand, have expressed a preference to my having a "home address" . Also, in a country as politially unstable as Thailand, I always have a nagging fear that a future "government " may turn hostile to aliens and I may be required to scuttle back home in a hurry.
  9. Maybole

    TM28 & TM30

    The TM30 was successfully lodged, it is the TM28 I could not get accepted.
  10. This morning, my wife and I visited Promenada to report moving house. My wife to file a TM30 reporting the presence of an "Alien" in "her" house, Myself to file a TM 28 reporting a change of address. As supporting docfuments my wife produced her ID card and copy and her Tabien Ban with copies of the relevent pages. I produced my passport and copies of the title page, original visa, latest extension of stay, Arrival card (TM6), receipt for original address notification and latest 90 day report. The TM28 was handed back but all the other copies were retained. A receipt for my wife's TM30 was stapled into my passport. The desk informed me that they dealt only with TM30 notifications. I tried severalo ther desks but none would accept the TM28. I am puzzled as to where to lodge it.
  11. Maybole

    Gas Pressure Regulator

    I have bought a gas cooker, the manual states that it is to be used for LPG which I interpret as Liquified Petroleum Gas. In Thailand there are two types, Butane in a blue bottle and mixed gas in a green bottle. Furthermore there two types of pressure regulators, a red and a green. Which gas should I use and which regulator is appropriate ?
  12. This is not confined to Thailand. My wife used to get impatient with my checking value for money between pack sizes in UK. On many occasions the smaller pack was cheaper. It's a common supermarket trick but not illegal.
  13. At the moment my registered address is at my stepdaughter's house where my wife is housemaster. A few days ago we moved into a new.built house, stil in the same province. The Ampeu office has not yet issued any ownership papers and besides, I want to be my own Housemaster. I cannot register my new address until the Ampeu issue a new ID Card to my wife. In the meantime I am supposedly breaking the law and liable for a large fine. I asked the woman at the change of address desk in Promenada about it and she seemed unaware of any problem as long as I am registered somewhere. Is there any advice ?
  14. I agree that it is a wee bit bizarre but I have my national insurance no. tattooed on my shoulder. This was done after a colleague died in a light aircraft crash and although most of his body escaped the subsequent fire all identifying documets in his briefcase were destroyed. I can foresee a time coming when everybody will be tattooed with a barcode at birth.