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  1. Another Price Hike

    Chinese New Year
  2. I cannot see what Boeing has to complain of. They do not make any airliner of a competing size.
  3. Nobody has said who authorized this checkpoint. Why was it there, and was it legal?
  4. Certificate of Residence

    On the desk in the office in Promenada Chiangmai where applications are recieved is a promenent notice stating FREE SERVICE
  5. Certificate of Residence

    But you need a Residence Certificate to get a Tabien Ban.
  6. Many years ago I produced my Bahraini DL at a check point in Chiangmai. It was written in Arabic on one side and English on the other. The constable turned it every way round until I showed him the reverse. He could not read that either and I pointed out the Motorcycle and Car symbols on it. He almost threw it back and ordered me away.
  7. Certificate of Residence

    New Requirements: I have just been to Immigration in Promenada to get a Certificate of Residence in order to buy a car. A new clerkess at the desk (she actually sat it the desk instead od disappearing for a long time) now required me to obtain the original TM30 form and a copy. It of course is in the bowels of the Immigration system Even the reciept in stapled into my passport was insufficient. She now needs to get my wife's ID, House Book and our Thai Marriage Certificate, All with copies. I have not on two previous ocassions needed these. In addition, the hours for aceptance of application is now 9.00am to 11.00am
  8. change of car ownership

    I am buying a secondhand car from a family member. I know that to transfer ownership, I wll need a proof of address for the Provinial Land Transport Office in Hang Dong. I recall a post some time ago, (about two years) informing that the PLTO acepted a Driving Licence as such proof. I cannot find this post now. bearing in mind that it may be out of date information, has any body recently used a DL in this way ? If so How recently ? I am reluctant to go to the Immigration, the last Certificate of Address I got took five weeks to process.
  9. Happy New Year

    Thank you, and lang may your lum reek
  10. I worked at an airport where we regularly handled 24 flights per hour. In spite of a curfew between midnight and 6am when we were reduced to 12 per hour, we regularly exceeded 300 per day
  11. Tips for improving shower pressure ....

    How is your mains water pressure ? In Nonghoy it can be difficult to take a shower when a large number of people are home at the weekend or at some times during the week and all using a lot of water at the same time. An expensive solution would be to put a 500l water tank above the ceiling, keep it full by pump and thus have a permanent head of water.
  12. WiFi ON/OFF

    My neice has an HP Pavillion g series laptop. It has been upgraded successfully from W7 to W10 and has been operating well for more than one year. It stopped working and I found that the battery was absolutely flat. An overnight charge has cured that, but the WiFi will not come on. Toggling F12 has no effect although the light stays on. Going via Network and Sharing Centre I found that the WiFi was switched OFF and turned it back ON. However I must have missed a save button somewhere because, after a shut down and later start, the WiFi is "not found" and I cannot find this ON/OFF button again. Request directions.
  13. Mystery Emails

    I had the same problem some 6 months ago. A small change in the password stopped it.
  14. Gears

    I have noticed that none of my Thai relatives will use any gear higher than 3rd when driving. I wince when travelling along the outer ring road at 80kph in 3rd gear. To be fair, most of them rarely drive above 50kph. I have often suggested that a higher ratio would be kinder to the car or pickup only to be ignored. One sister-in-law said that her car goes too fast in 4th. Is this a common practice or just confined to my family?
  15. clean carpet

    Speak to Khun Ajaz at <[email protected]> or visit his showroom, Kashmir, next to Laithong on Hwy 1006