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  1. Another excuse for detion without proof.
  2. There is no mention of warming the pot beforehand. Since pouring the water into a cold pot will immediately reduce its temperature below boiling point, it will result in a poor brew. Furthermore pouring a hot liquid into a cold ceramic or glass container risks cracking the container (due to differencial heating) with the danger of losing all the tea.
  3. Scanguard apperared on my laptop unasked. I scanned it with Avast anti-virus and found it clean, however Scanguard claimed to have found over 500 viruses and malware on my system which could be removed for a fee. I suspect that it could be a scam.
  4. Missing Newsletter

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum, if not please re-direct to the correct one, I used to recieve a newsletter every day. Recently , I have not recieved any newsletter on Tues., Wed, and Thursday. this has happened this week, last week and the week before. . I tried to report to Thai visa support but only recieved a reply directing me to another site.This site has not replied.I have checked my blocked list and my junk mail list with no result .My attempt to re-register for tne newsletter was met with " your Email address is already registered for our newsletter". I still want to recieve a daily newsletter. Somebody please direct me to the correct procedure.
  5. VCOMP100.DLL missing

    I get the message " Program cannot start because VCOMP100.Dll is missing" every time I start my computer. If I click on th OK button the panel, the message disappears and the browser etc will start and function normally. A trawl through Google finds a number of sites offering a download to fix the problem for a fee. I feel that there must be a simpler solution, would an expert please advise me
  6. Honda Wave Gear Shifter Adjustmnent

    The lever should be on a splined shaft. Loosen the pinch bolt underneath, pull the leaver off and replace one spline further round. Retighten the pinch bolt
  7. I have not recieved my daily newsletter since Wednesday. I tried to re- register and was informed that my Email address "is already registered". Checks on Junk mail and Blocked sites have proved negative. Please check and if necessary re-instate me.
  8. Car Air Conditioning

    I got to this workshop just after 9am and was attended to immediately, 25mins and 400ThB later my system was recharged to its great improvement. I am very satisfied. It was slightly difficult to find being on the oposite side of the road from that which I expexted. It is on the left side (East side) about 7 trees after the traffic lights at the Pollce Station when heading south on Hwy 106 Many thanks to all who replied.
  9. Car Air Conditioning

    I am posting this in the Chiangmai forum rather than motoring because I need local knowledge rather than technical advice. My 8 year old car's Aircon is failing to cool adequately. Given its age it may just be low on gas. I want to try that first. My sister-in-law was ripped off by the main dealer who completely renewed the entire system for the same problem. I need a reliable Aircon specialist in the Nong Hoy area or near Pakhoi Tai on the outer ring road. Advice please
  10. Another Price Hike

    Chinese New Year
  11. I cannot see what Boeing has to complain of. They do not make any airliner of a competing size.
  12. Nobody has said who authorized this checkpoint. Why was it there, and was it legal?
  13. Certificate of Residence

    On the desk in the office in Promenada Chiangmai where applications are recieved is a promenent notice stating FREE SERVICE
  14. Certificate of Residence

    But you need a Residence Certificate to get a Tabien Ban.
  15. Many years ago I produced my Bahraini DL at a check point in Chiangmai. It was written in Arabic on one side and English on the other. The constable turned it every way round until I showed him the reverse. He could not read that either and I pointed out the Motorcycle and Car symbols on it. He almost threw it back and ordered me away.