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  1. overblown myth used by people who have no clue what they are talking about: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/there-never-was-real-tulip-fever-180964915/
  2. Buying Office 2016

    nope, most of those keys are coming from Microsoft Imagine (was called Dreamspark before) which gives technically practically unlimited number of licenses to "students" in universities.. generate hundreds of those and sell them for a few dollars = $$$ I bought a whole bunch of them over the years and they have other stuff too, including Windows Server, Visual Studio, Visio, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, etc.
  3. thanks papa, I am guessing it's the same answer regarding that new CB300R? :)
  4. Surreal

    the point where this story fails vs Bitcoin is that there is not JUST one merchant. there are millions of them, and some of them don't give a crap if you want to buy their bitcoin for $10,000 or $20,000 because they will not sell it under $50,000 (or $100,000) weak hands will sell it for less but then when all the weak hands selling low (or at loss) are done.. there will only be the ones selling at $50,000 left then the price will be $50,000 in the end, it doesn't matter if you don't understand how limited availability works, you can still use dollars who get printed in the billions every year and enjoy inflation. https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoinobituaries/ it's been "dead" 236 times now
  5. Surreal

    Krungsri is using Ripple and another one already too
  6. Surreal

    yawns for overblown myth https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/there-never-was-real-tulip-fever-180964915/
  7. that's a fair point, for sure! one of the semi attractive girl that messaged me online showed me her inbox after 2 days had 195 unread messages. also, as a joke we registered my sister online once, she is fairly attractive and got over 350 messages in 3 days on some local dating I read all of the messages.. 95% of the messages were trash, kept the rest of the 5% but she laughed and was not interested in replying.
  8. just out of curiosity, if I was looking at the CB300F ABS (used to have the CB500F) would the MT-03 be a better choice in your opinion?
  9. Surreal

    market cap is the current price per coin multiplied by the number of coins in circulation example: Bitcoin: $11,690.90 per coin and 16,811,900 coins = $196,546,241,710 market cap absolutely impossible to sell even 10% of those coins at this price, there are not enough buyers, the price would drop quickly until the 10% are sold (plus some people that are panic selling) in fact you would not even be able to sell 1% of the coins (168,119 of them) at current price because there are not enough buyers https://www.gdax.com/trade/BTC-USD check on the left side and let me know if you ever see anything over 1000 BTC (you won't). green for people buying, red is people selling and even if in theory it dropped to 5000$, the market cap would be 84,059,500,000$ and still mean nothing because within a few days the price would skyrocket back to the current selling price because people are not willing to sell under $11,690 it means absolutely nothing for crypto if someone created 1,000,000,000 circulation alt coin and sold them ALL at 10 cents each to me, it creates a 100 million market cap but if I bought all those coins and decided that i'm not selling one of them under 1$ then it's now 10x that and can only go up since no one in their right mind would sell it under the price they paid for. no offense but you could have found that by yourself if you bothered to Google what you seem to want to diss market cap doesn't mean squat.
  10. Red flags on Cha-am beach

    about the Jellyfish, I seem to remember it's around September? I might be well off. they are not technically dangerous but can make you itchy plus around that time water is dirty/cloudy enough that you can't see them very well and end up swinging your hands, feet or everything "into" them all the time, meh.. I reckon it's after when its around when it gets very windy and rainy, wild seas.. but to be honest I stopped paying attention to the beach after a year or so, living 30 meters from it I was almost every day on it (I have a dog) but I would very rarely go in the water anymore, it's just not that "special" after a few months there.. if I was there I could ask around but my friend would take days to reply online, if ever (old lady)
  11. pay attention to this, the girls you meet online on sites like Thaicupid and Thaifriendly are mostly "farang hunters".. as in they would NOT date a Thai man and will give you a story that .. "once a thai man treated me poorly so no more Thai men.." trust me, I met quite a few from Thaicupid over the years (never from Thaifriendly, F that free site lol) and 95% of them told me that exact story. most girls on there are quite disillusioned.. and most of them have had farang boyfriends before (not that this is bad) but I have found from the constant contacts that I have kept with some of them over the years that most are not that smart.. (no dissing here) as they should know that they are basically dating short term tourists and that those people are only here for a fun time.. but the girls are none the wiser. I keep hearing about those e-Boyfriends or tourists they met and then cry to me when they leave or find someone else other than them. about 5 or 6 of them are now single with kids from those tourists that had no plans on staying more than a few days or weeks to begin with. proof in point: last year, i broke up with my girlfriend of 1.5 year because she had a major meltdown so i told her we needed a break, she wouldn't give me a break so i told her "maybe we should break up". anyways a week later she met an idiot tourist in hua hin (don't ask me how) and the week after that he got her pregnant. I've been hearing about this dummy for 11 months now, she married him out of shame as her family practically disowned her and now living a sexless and loveless marriage with a 2 months old kid. turns out buddy is a broke ass and has to go back home next month, lol.
  12. Red flags on Cha-am beach

    I lived in Cha-am for 4+ years (but not there now) and seen plenty of jellyfishes in the sea, there is a particular time of the year that they are damn everywhere and I wouldn't even go in the water slow season is slow for public businesses but they make a living from selling to Thai people I rented a small "bachelor" for 3000 baht literally 30 meters from the beach for those years but have you inquired prices on some of the little houses in the sois off Ruamjit? those houses they TRY to rent them for 20,000 - 30,000+ baht per month and their reasoning behind it is that almost EVERY weekend they rent those small houses to the "rich" Thai kids coming from Bangkok at 3-4-5000+ baht per night (the kids show up 4-10 of them in one little house, lol) and they make an absolute killing out of that.
  13. I got mine, 1m baht 20 years. applied on Friday the 3rd, received and filled all the forms they needed and pictures.. 6th they replied (Monday) and started the background check, it was done on Thursday I think (9th). paid on the 14th, received the welcome letter on 15th and went on Tuesday the 21st to get it applied. (my choice, could have went earlier) I dressed nicer "just in case" and arrived earlier than expected at immigration so I just waited for a bit.. he showed up shortly after. very nice gentleman gave me a fancy bag with some knick knacks inside then took my passport from me while I waited in the waiting area, returned 20 minutes later with the visa affixed. I didn't see or talk to any immigration officers living in Mae Hong Son a visa run was a 6-7h drive one way and 4000 baht private driver, total waste of time and then 350 baht at the border.. no more.
  14. you can affix the Elite Visa at Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, or Chiang Mai International Airport (Direct International Arrival Flight Only) that's what I was told
  15. to be honest I have gotten this specific answer quite a bit : "I didn't pay attention in school and did not care about learning English back then" and it's almost always the same story even my met some girl still at university and her English was quite good told me roughly the same thing I would assume that it's because the "we don't need English because Thai is better" is being pushed on all of them. plus i can confirm that they are not allowed to ask questions to the teachers because if the teachers cannot answer they will "lose face".