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  1. Online games

    If you are looking for some games I might be able to hook you up with some games you might fancy, no pirate bs, and for free.. I got a few duplicates they would be on Steam let me know if that's something you would be interested in
  2. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10?

    IT professional for 20 years now upgraded to windows 10 on day one.. not a single problem on my 5 computers at home likely by now over 50 other systems built or upgraded to windows 10 just disable cortana and all the crap during install if you can read. also, everyone with Windows 10 should download Classic Start Menu from http://www.classicshell.net/downloads/ as the regular metro user interface is trash my friend decided to keep Metro and every time he can't find something he asks me to remotely assist him and I get a headache just thinking about it.
  3. generic question, how long have you stayed home to apply for the 2nd METV? I am tempted to do the same thing but I have been here for the full 9 months and a few visas in between 1x ED and 2-3x triple tourist visas mostly for the last 4 years and a few trips home (2-4 months usually) I am tempted to go home for like 2-3-4 weeks this December to get another METV but almost afraid that they would .. maybe decline me the visa (then the trip is a waster of time, 50,000 baht or so)
  4. Tropical Crotch Rot

    well aware of the sensitive location but Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton bud, it will either instantly or after a while sting if it's jock itch so you know it's working. then you let it dry and try to keep the area as dry as possible. might have to repeat for a while depending on severity you can expect peeling skin at some point and maybe some discoloration depending on what you use fungi drying/dying under skin has to get out somehow
  5. buy a real copy of Windows 10 in Pattaya?

    I have a source for Windows 8 Pro keys for ±700 baht, then free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (still working) I've been working IT for over 20 years now and Windows 10 is hands down the best version (up to you if you prefer OSX or Linux), I have it on my 4 computers and 2 laptops here since day 1 + upgraded 100s of people on it since it came out and still have not heard anything bad from anyone. my friend was having technical issues with some app on Windows 7, told him to update but he saying 10 was garbage because someone else told him (usually how much they know about it) and I upgraded him.. now absolutely no problem, he loves it. of course if you run Windows 10 with the Metro UI it's trash, first thing I do is get rid of that junk by installing "Classic Start Menu"
  6. skype

    I think you are talking about either the Windows 10 store version of Skype and the Desktop version of skype. there is also a "Skype for Business" version, most likely on both sides as well (total 4) and possibly more. you can totally have more than 1 version at the same time, the Windows 10 version for me is black because I use the dark theme and much different user interface (didn't open it to look for options). I personally prefer the Desktop version. https://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/ the dark blue button here starts (or installs) the Windows Store version of Skype while the white button just under gets the classic version. the reason why it's showing in Thai is most likely if you setup your location to Thailand (even if your keyboard is set to English).. I had that happen to one of my laptops that the time in the corner and date information was in Thai (I can't read it) and it was annoying as heck to change it back. in addition, my Thai girlfriend has a laptop and because I set it up under my own Microsoft account, when she added Thai language to the keyboard it keeps downloading it onto all my computers and adds a language bar, every time i take it off it disappears on her laptop and she adds it back the next time. I could easily disable the sync but I can't be bothered
  7. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    1 million baht elite is 20 years not 5.
  8. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    little correction: Elite Visa is 1 mil baht for 20 years
  9. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    i am curious about that Vietnam thing. is that right? I might consider something like this but the last time i checked it wasn't that easy or I was ill informed. shoot me a PM if you got some good information (links etc) about this 5y on visas and applying for citizenship etc.
  10. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    this visa doesn't apply to me because I am under 50 but.. personally, even if I have the money, I don't see any reasons to take it over the 1m baht Thai Elite for 20 years
  11. I would consider myself lucky if it was only one lady. I heard the same thing about Canada about 50 times at least in 4 years (every time some random girl asked me where I am from) it seems that they have this idea in their head that Canada is just like the photoshopped perfect Google Images pictures with the lakes and rockies on one side. (I never even seen them mountains as they are about 5000 kilometers west of where I lived) when I tell them it's really cold back home during the winter they always say "I love cold!" and they are the same girls who complain that they are cold when it's about 20 celcius out. we had an Australian that visited for the first time about 4 years ago, he kept saying he loved the snow and would go skiing every weekend. he did go.. but just once! after that one time he quickly learned that the -20 celcius average weather was no joke and spent the rest of the 2 months there inside (at home, in a car or on the way to the bars.)
  12. Robblok beat me to the reply but yeah. bodybuilder will almost always be heavier yes but no one would call them "overweight" even if they are generally over the average. I used to run quite a bit, wish I still did (damn dogs) for reference here's a picture of me on the left at about 68kg, 191cm. with my dad and brother about ±15kg more (so 191cm and 83-85kg)
  13. no doubt that person is either really tall and/or disillusioned about weight in general (extremely common and slightly annoying) I am athletic (not buff, save me the BS) at 191cm, (6 ft 3) ±69kg, 31' waist (Arnold had a 32' waist). 14-15% body fat I used to be leaner (10-11%), probably around 67kg or so I would see abs again.. definitely not now my dad who is slightly overweight told me one time "you should gain at least 15kg to be healthy" and it was at a time that I couldn't see my abs anymore because I gained 2-3kg.. so, I had a good laugh because he is the same height as me.. I told him "15kg for what? so I could be the same size as you and make you feel better?" oh boy, he didn't like that much, but it made him think. from my experience, most overweight people will tell athletic or thin people that they should gain weight because their view of what "normal" is, is overweight. every time I see pictures of people that I went to school with back home (Canada), I see 90% of them people are quite a bit overweight. like Facebook pictures of my thin sister with her 9 overweight friends. anyways, from this calculator linked previously: Your weight: 69 kilograms Healthy body weight range is: 67.3 to 90.9 kilograms The weight range does not consider your level of fitness. If you are a lean athlete, your weight goal based on your percent body fat would be a better indicator of what you should weigh.
  14. any brands that i should go for? I should know all that (and I will) but it's my first time dealing with tubeless. don't want to be taken for a ride and buy the cheapo ripoff ones
  15. so I have to send some stuff at the post office, a 32" monitor, some computer stuff in big enough boxes (about 4-5 boxes at most) i show up at the post office on Ruamjit in Cha-am.. and he looks at me like I'm an idiot for showing up there.. tells me he can't do it. fails to explain why (something about boxes) tells me to go to Narathip. issue is. it's about 4km away and I'm not walking there or doing 5 runs with the motorbike taxis I would rent a taxi or someone with a sidecar (or even any thai truck) for like 5 minutes but i'm afraid that I don't know anyone who has any of these. I have about 4 days to send that stuff before moving.. Logispost from the post office can do up to 200kg of stuff for 2400 baht.. and I'm sending maybe 20kg. called up some door-to-door delivery company and they quoted almost 3000 baht price to ship 2 boxes out of 5 so if anyone knows anyone with a pickup or a sidecar in the Cha-am area, that would be helpful. it's a 10 minute job at most but have to be done before I move out on Friday