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  1. kekalot

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    I have done much further rides than this. I drove from Phetchaburi to Pai (and back 3 weeks later) with very little stops (food, gas, a little nap under the sala) it's not that dangerous, just wear a helmet and take your time.. you will likely feel like falling asleep after 10+ hours.. if that happens just stop for a while at some 7eleven/gas station, that sorted me out. also did a tour of issan before heading to chiang rai and drove straight from chiang rai back to Phetchaburi after the worst is the bottom is going to be hurt and you won't get to SEE many things.. unless you want to stop everywhere or make detours.. it sounds like an adventure but it's just driving on the side of highways at like 80 km/h (Fino?) it's just roads and roads and roads. even on my Honda Wave when I was getting close I was wringing the throttle and going over 100 just to get it over with it reminds me of that time that I told one of the local guy i know that I was going to Kanchanaburi / Myanmar border to get my visa run, he asked me "where will you sleep?".. I said "sleep? I will be back the same day!" to which he replied "IMPOSSIBLE!" the next day, I was on the beach at about 1 PM when he came and asked me why I didn't go to Myanmar and I told him "I already went this morning". I had left around 4am, was done with it at 9, back on the beach at 12:30pm.
  2. kekalot

    Did you know you're a daddy? >..<

    I've had that told to me numerous times in the 5 years I've been here. I'd say about a dozen times so far. also got quite a few women that looked very sad when I told them I got the snip. Met a particular one that was quite forward about it too, I didn't give her one obviously (snipped, lol) but I looked her up about 12 months later she had a mixed child so she got what she wanted. I am 35, tall and athletic body type, maybe that has something to do with it?
  3. kekalot

    How can facebook know what my Thai phone number is?

    most likely simply by someone having your phone number in their Contacts and sharing it with Facebook to "find friends" they get your name, phone number and other information
  4. yeah i know about the space, I owned two Models Ds before, one before I moved here and one that I ordered after with Amazon and meant to bring here but they literally shipped it in two plastic bags so I returned it do you recall how much the taxes were on the SkiErg? I'm just trying to guess how much it would be for the C2.. also can't wait until they get the BikeErg!.. I'm tempted to send one here myself manually ;\
  5. cool, checked their website which seems to be a rip off from Rogue Fitness website, haha the price is semi fair I guess (59k) but I think it's obtainable around the 45-50k range either directly with C2 (they would ship here) or with Aviron Racing I will look into it within two months, i don't really have the space to put it right now so would have to move to a place with 2 bedrooms (not as much as an headache as it sounds) thanks, I really need to get back in shape, have an extra 2-3kg to lose, 555
  6. I've been wanting to get a C2 Rower for a while (had one back home) Seara in Bangkok sells them but they overprice the hell out of them (can't remember how much but I was thinking 75k) Aviron Racing (in Penang, Malaysia) are (or were) selling them with door to door shipping for 1055 USD but ... apparently TNT would need to send someone to pickup my passport for a "few days" while they create an electronic importers account. I have found that to be quite strange I asked my partner at the time if she'd let TNT get her Thai ID (and was hoping to not get the farang price) but she said hell no.. also I am quite wary of them being able to charge whatever they want for this document and then for taxes instead of the correct amounts (something UPS likes to do to Canadians) and then if I refuse they either keep the package or return it and who knows if i'd get a refund if anyone has any idea about where to get one (Model D, black) (in the 50k range without all the faffing..) i'm listening.
  7. when I was living in Pai someone on the local Facebook group was complaining that there was garbage being left around and that there should be a group made to pick it up. there were only two options to this: #1. pick it up, put it in bins, then the dump trucks brings all of it to the football field sized rubbish dump, piles it up with the rest of the 7-8 meters deep of unsorted garbage (batteries, plastics, you name it!) and burn it.. and it would burn nonstop for AT LEAST least 2-4 weeks and EVERYONE in the valley would breathe the toxins (Pai went over 450 on AQI this year, the average in Chiang Mai during burning season was 150ish) or #2. leave the garbage laying around.
  8. kekalot

    Kids Driving Motorbikes

    I agree with the take the bike, then charge 000 baht or even more to get it back. then if it happens 2-3 times or bike not claimed within X amounts of days, sold at auctions. the kids don't own the bike, of course. but if the parents knew this would happen there would be a LOT less kids driving on the street, a lot less adults without helmets/drivers license/insurance too. less accidents, less deaths etc
  9. a friend near Hua Hin just told me that the Department of Livestock Development took their 5 dogs about 2-3 hours ago from the way she is talking, she seems to think they will be killed.
  10. hey, I would like an update on that if you kept at it. this is my experience: I ran barefoot most of my running, always lost feet calluses in the winter when I wasn't running, sadly (I'm from Canada). most people do not know how to walk anymore, let alone run. they heel strike on both due to shoes. I don't (not anymore) I used to run 20m 5Ks on my lunch breaks at work quite often.. at the start of the "season" I would end up sometimes with some blisters (much less than I got with hot shoes).. once i had blood filled ones I can recall about maybe 2 times that I hurt my feet on glass in the last 11 years. just very small shards, took them out. I stepped on still lit cigarettes 2-3 times, no needles or anything silly. now in Thailand I have practically stopped running long distances (soi dogs) but still walk barefoot practically everywhere I go. humans were walking and running barefoot for hundred of thousands of years before the invention of the "running shoes".
  11. overblown myth used by people who have no clue what they are talking about: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/there-never-was-real-tulip-fever-180964915/
  12. kekalot

    Buying Office 2016

    nope, most of those keys are coming from Microsoft Imagine (was called Dreamspark before) which gives technically practically unlimited number of licenses to "students" in universities.. generate hundreds of those and sell them for a few dollars = $$$ I bought a whole bunch of them over the years and they have other stuff too, including Windows Server, Visual Studio, Visio, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, etc.
  13. thanks papa, I am guessing it's the same answer regarding that new CB300R? :)
  14. kekalot


    the point where this story fails vs Bitcoin is that there is not JUST one merchant. there are millions of them, and some of them don't give a crap if you want to buy their bitcoin for $10,000 or $20,000 because they will not sell it under $50,000 (or $100,000) weak hands will sell it for less but then when all the weak hands selling low (or at loss) are done.. there will only be the ones selling at $50,000 left then the price will be $50,000 in the end, it doesn't matter if you don't understand how limited availability works, you can still use dollars who get printed in the billions every year and enjoy inflation. https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoinobituaries/ it's been "dead" 236 times now
  15. kekalot


    Krungsri is using Ripple and another one already too