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  1. any brands that i should go for? I should know all that (and I will) but it's my first time dealing with tubeless. don't want to be taken for a ride and buy the cheapo ripoff ones
  2. so I have to send some stuff at the post office, a 32" monitor, some computer stuff in big enough boxes (about 4-5 boxes at most) i show up at the post office on Ruamjit in Cha-am.. and he looks at me like I'm an idiot for showing up there.. tells me he can't do it. fails to explain why (something about boxes) tells me to go to Narathip. issue is. it's about 4km away and I'm not walking there or doing 5 runs with the motorbike taxis I would rent a taxi or someone with a sidecar (or even any thai truck) for like 5 minutes but i'm afraid that I don't know anyone who has any of these. I have about 4 days to send that stuff before moving.. Logispost from the post office can do up to 200kg of stuff for 2400 baht.. and I'm sending maybe 20kg. called up some door-to-door delivery company and they quoted almost 3000 baht price to ship 2 boxes out of 5 so if anyone knows anyone with a pickup or a sidecar in the Cha-am area, that would be helpful. it's a 10 minute job at most but have to be done before I move out on Friday
  3. if you have their mac address just block them yeah.. it should be in the options for Edimax. if you have anything like smart TV or tablets it might be that too. you'll see if you block it and something stops working
  4. I have had plenty of extended trips on scooter myself. I drove back and forth from Phetchaburi to Mae Hong Son (practically nonstop, ±1000 km each way) + visited most of Isaan the previous year which amounted in another 2300kms in 3-4 days. I ran it on a Honda Wave, but it would be feasible on any bike as long as its in good condition and you don't wring the throttle 100% the whole way. I would suggest getting oil changed/maintenance first of course. about the trips, locals strongly against it, "bike would run too hot" and blabla It seems they are scared of running a motorbike more than like 20kms for some odd reasons I went to Myanmar border in Kanchanaburi for visa runs from Cha-am which is a 8 hours or so deal a few times.. local taxi guy asked me where i would sleep.. I said "what? I'll be back here the same day!" to which he replied "Impossible." next day at 1pm I am sitting on the beach.. he comes around and asks why I didn't go to Myanmar. I told him "I already went and was back 30 minutes ago"
  5. I am interested in better type/dimensions information etc myself. I have just gotten a second hand one, and while can't say I have looked into it much and by no means an expert (far from it), the front tire looks a bit crappy.. anyone knows offhand how much we talking about for proper replacements?
  6. i had to google that, aren't they kind of tripods too? the only issue here is there is 1-2 spinning things inside with lasers, gyro of some sort and it makes tripods vibrate and some annoying noise.. could be dampened i guess.. but the contractor poles are the best idea. besides, i went to homepro yesterday and found some extendable shower curtain thing that went to 310cm but they would not let me open it to see how it was tightened and told me it was a screw.. if its a screw it means the inner part was drilled with holes at every X cm.. and that doesn't really work if you want to put something really tight. so back to square 1 for now
  7. I am looking to rent a Chiang Mai based pickup+driver to come pick up my stuff in Cha-am, Phetchaburi and bring it back along to Pai (give or take 2000km total back and forth) I do not have a lot of stuff, mostly plastic bins (6 so far) and then my dog (in or out of his large crate) which I can all load and unload myself from the pickup. not much if any help needed. same at end location would be hoping for a drivers rate plus I pay for gas (or flat quote all the way, depending), preferably a pickup with cover and LPG would be preferable would prefer an overnight, leaving at 8pm if possible. using the Chiang Mai forums as ours is a little bare, maximizing the chances. any help is appreciated.
  8. I live in Cha-am, looking to move to Pai (in Mae Hong Son, which is a little bit shy of 1000km) I need a pickup and thai driver because I can't drive myself I do not have a lot of stuff, mostly plastic bins (6 so far) and then my dog (in or out of his crate) which I can all load and unload myself from the pickup. not much if any help needed. same at end location would prefer doing an overnight, leaving at 8pm if possible. would be hoping for flat drivers rate plus paying for gas, preferably a pickup with covered box and LPG. any help is appreciated.
  9. I am looking to move very soon from Phetchaburi to Mae Hon Son (800km or so) with my dog, he is about 33kg.. I have a travel crate. Issue i am having is that apparently Nok Air (and maybe Thai Airways) will not bring a dog over 20kg I thought "fine, I will bring him by train then".. I get my lady friend to call the train station to ask how much and they tell her "can not, only up to 20kg" that can't be right? can it? normally on trains I load up his crate myself unload at end station and bring him to next train from BKK to Chiang Mai (no more trains after that) I am not sure if she asked someone who has no idea what they are talking about or they really have this ridiculous rule I don't have a drivers license for car/pickup so what would be the other options if those airlines won't load a 40kg at most box for a 1.5 hour flight or on a train? I didn't expect the train to NOT be an option so now i am feeling like i will be quite stuck. any ideas?
  10. yeah, I just had to drive about 500 kms this morning to do a visa run myself. on a motorbike (not the big kind) left at 4am, was back at 1pm. almost got run over by some huge truck. I am planning on getting TE visa in January or so and won't miss driving to the border, I can tell you that!
  11. yeah I don't really want a photography tripod or anything like that.. that is an option but the boxes have a very fast spinning laser thing in there .. replacing one box would not be any fun (if even possible here) extendable shower curtains, yes but..not sure if i would trust that much compared to those poles. acrow poles worst case scenario, fine.. but but they look like they would be MUCH heavier and not as portable. feel like i should get them poles with me next time I fly in but.. that might not be for several months.
  12. haha. yeah, nope. aye, I googled Acrow props and definitely got a lot of hits but those maybe are a little heavy duty for my use. I want to mount two of these (similar to the ones i posted if possible) bottom part up and mount put a clamp/bracket with a camera mount on top very high in opposite corners of room it's for mounting Virtual Reality tracking hardware (2 little square boxes), saves me from drilling holes (and much more portable!) would they have a different name if I am looking for the .. ceiling fixer type then?
  13. hey, I am looking to see if any of you guys knew where I could buy something similar to this I might be using the wrong terms here. but I searched for contractor pole thailand and all i get is information about contractors (people) installing telephone/electric poles. homepro here does not have and not very helpful. technically only need 2 of them at maximum range 3m but those linked are 365cm I think
  14. hope your sweat guard works properly.. I know of at least 2 people who killed their VR set with sweat.. but.. they were quite out of shape (fat etc) I know you are fit, you should be fine. just be careful with it. it's not covered in warranty "water" damage. haha
  15. hey Rob, would you by any chance know where I would be able to find some Contractor Poles in Thailand.. I am sure you can figure out the use for them goes up to 365cm. with a little clamp with camera screw. can mount the lighthouses. I thought of long shower curtains but. some ceilings are very high here .. in my room 280cm now. most tension rods 2.6m at most. i saw a few VR games in E3, can't remember any names tho