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  1. Breakfast Buffets

    Rabbit Resort offers a decent buffet for walk-ins in Jomtien, right next to the walkway by the beach. 300 baht last time I was there, perhaps a little pricey.
  2. Wat A Place

    Buddha in the Mist Bokar Mountain, Cambodia
  3. A work permit is easy to get as an owner, you just need to employ at least 4 Thais for every expat working there last I checked. I know of several expats that cook in their restaurants and know of the pains and annoyances that they endure to stay legal sometimes.
  4. Breakfast Buffets

    While I wasn't blown away by their buffet you're right the peanut butter offering is a nice choice, and they have real bacon also :-).
  5. Getting to Aranyaprathet from Pattaya

  6. Breakfast Buffets

    While the Apex and Lek buffet options are of good value, for a little more you can get the LK Empress on Beach Road and it includes an omelette bar. The attached video is of the old set up, they've changed it up a bit. No bacon btw while I was there last.
  7. Sizzler does do a decent burger although it doesn't fare well with my go to places for a decent burger, Jim's Burger, OMG Burgers, RMPM, and BBQ Primetime on the 9. The bun isn't toasted and it's cold, very chewy. That's why I didn't mention Sizzler, their salad bar is probably the best in Pattaya from what I've seen though :-).
  8. I googled Germania and found an old 2013 post in German about it. They list the address as 32 Soi 4 Chaiyapruk 1, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20260. According to Google Maps it's just past the turn at the end of Beach Rd. in Jomtien. Although I'm not a big German food fan, (I am 100% German blood although American) it might be worth checking out. That is if they're still there and if they happen to have something other than Sauerkraut:-). Trip Advisor doesn't list them btw.
  9. Yes, I've noticed that the Sichuan sauce is much more readily available stateside than it is here for example.
  10. I recently barely passed a hearing test at a medical test facility in Lincoln, NE, USA for a job. The attending physician said I was close to needing hear enhancement devices but passed me anyway. I stated that I have had a history of ear wax accumulation and that due to the lack of a recent cleaning that it might be the reason for the hearing results. He quickly checked my ears with his visual probe and light and said no wax build up here that he could see, not the problem. Anyway today I went for a hair cut since they are much more reasonable in Thailand than in the USA and during that haircut the barber mentioned that there was wax build up in my ears. Offering to clean it out carefully and without pain I agreed and walked away about 100 baht lighter. It was painless and she basically picked out the wax, swabbing it with wet and dry swabs and with the picking tools. I'll be back, with the haircut, ear cleaning and a small tip I paid 220 baht. This was done at a barber at the Rompho Market in Jomtien next to KISS up the road from 2nd Road.
  11. One thing I've noticed although it's probably biased is the recent influx of quality cheeseburgers. Yes I like cheeseburgers. My short list is Jim's Burgers, RMPM, OMG Burgers, Barbeque Prime Time on the 9. After years of eating chow hall food from Indian cooks in Iraq and Afghanistan curry based meals aren't really relished anymore, probably a shame. I do like the Chinese food though and find it to be mostly different here than the offerings stateside in the USA. Another influx of improvement seems to be the smoked pork ribs, many great choices abound now, street wise not so much. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Chinese tour groups

    I was on Beach Road in Pattaya at about 7:30 am or shortly before 8 am yesterday (Thursday). There were throngs of Chinese tourists, probably several hundred if not a thousand or so there disembarking from their tourist busses along most of Beach Road and were apparently headed for Koh Larn. I have no idea how many more were there during the morning as I left shorly after getting some breakfast. The only issue I had was trying to walk down a sidewalk which was blocked by unaware or uncaring people from a bus load of Chinese tourists. Luckily a Thai street hawker stepped in and asked them to move in Chinese (I assume it was Chinese as it wan't the Thai language).
  13. I'm certainly no expert as it seems the requirements change with every visit even with the same laws on the books. Anyway, I believe the TM 28 form is used for a change of residence. Of course I would check with your local immigration office first as they might be interpeting the law a little different there and who knows, maybe there's an updated check list for TM 28's.
  14. Update from earlier today at Chon Buri Immigration. I went with the above items mentioned and was handed a check list and a blank TM30 by the front desk. Unfortunately I was missing the filled out TM30, lease agreement, the owner's house book and his ID card. Based on the overfull room shortly before lunch I decided to wait until about 2pm before returning. I returned with all of the required items on the check list and saw the lady about 5 minutes after my arrival at 2pm. She kept the new TM30 form and items 1-4 on the check list. Items 5-7 were handed back as I had my previous receipt for the TM30 which is the same residence. No change in residence.
  15. Wide world

    Phillips 66 gas station, Geneva, Nebraska, USA. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app