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  1. Wide world

    Grand Island, Nebraska USA Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Tourist boats add tax on to tickets

    Somebody wants a new house or luxury vehicle...lol.
  3. I would think it was meant that it was 1500 baht a day for the whole lot of them.
  4. Jomtien Immigration: Reporting returns after travel

    I'll continue to file new TM-30's upon my arrival into the kingdom over 30 days or not, just to be safe. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Best Seafood Buffet

    Down the road past the Rompho Market and behind the beer bars is a seafood buffet in Jomtien. It opens after 5 and costs about 400 baht iirc but you have to cook it with their supplied stuff at the table.
  6. It must certainly be the fault of global warming......lol
  7. Jomtien Immigration: Reporting returns after travel

    I checked in at Chon Buri immigration after coming back from getting a non-O at Laos for a new TM-30. The lady at that time, about 3 months ago told me that unless I was out of country for more than 30 days getting a new TM-30 wasn't required. Since then I'm read a few posts about people having problems because they didn't get a new TM-30 after returning within 30 days. I think I'll just get a new TM-30 next time I return from out of country just in case, and to be on the safe side. Their rules are ever changing and no two people seem to follow the same ones from what I've experienced and read, so playing it safe and getting a new TM-30 each time might be a good move imho.
  8. Good casual footwear?

    I buy only Merrill now. My feet are happy. One point of warning, be careful and make sure they fit as their sizing can be a little small sometimes. ymmv
  9. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    150 Baht half rack ribs @ Richman Poorman on Soi 9 in Jomtien. Perhaps the best ribs available in the Pattaya area, I've been able to eat the ribs with just a fork. I haven't had to use a knife ever, they are cooked that tender and the taste.... It comes with one side, coleslaw or potato salad. French fries are added for 30 bath extra. Only available weekdays between 12 noon and 4 pm. I have no idea how long this deal will last but imho it's a good one. I'll add two photos from his Facebook page, trust me the real deal looks and of course tastes much better.
  10. Some decent Kebap in Jomtien available?

    The guy at the Rompho Market selling Donar Kebabs is there almost everynight and works next to what I assume must be his wife with the next cart selling bugs and stuff. He is extremely good at what he does and I have complete confidence with the sanitary and health conditions used. After many years of buying from this guy, not once did I pay for any discomforts or illness, ymmv. I like and prefer restaurants but one thing that you usually can't do there is watch the cooking, assembly and health practices like you can with this guy. He even wears a mask while he's preparing the food.
  11. Some decent Kebap in Jomtien available?

    Yep Turkish isn't my first language. Turkish: döner or döner kebap, [døˈnɛɾ ˈcebɑp].
  12. Some decent Kebap in Jomtien available?

    I assume you must mean kebab. Rompho Market on 2nd Road there are a couple of vendors during the evening, towards Kiss Food and Drink. One sells donor kebabs rolled up in flat bread with chicken and all of the trimmings. The other sells it what I assume is a traditional kebab, on a long stick offered with pork or chicken and mixed with veggies, since I said pork it is probably not traditional. This vendor also sells some German food like bratwurst sausage offered in a bun or not with trimmings which is pretty good. Once in a great moon you'll find a vendor selling donor kebabs up on Bun Kanchana Alley across the street from the Mae La-Or Market at night next to the Tesco Lotus Express also. There is another vendor that sells donor kebabs but is mobile and hard to locate sometimes. Many times at Beach Road and Soi 5, 2nd Road and sometimes further up Beach Road, hard to find like I said.
  13. I was recently advised at the Chon Buri Immigration in Jomtien that if I was out of country for 30 days or less there is no need to file a new TM30. Since then I've read reports that it is required there within 24hrs of arriving to my residence. I pretty sure that no one knows what exactly is required and I'll continue to file TM30's just in case, unless of course they offer me a signed letter stating the 30 day or less requirement.
  14. Where to buy Brazil nuts in Pattaya?

    I've seen small packets of them at 7-11. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. I order from these guys all of the time for delivery. Pizza Company They even have an IOS app also, probably Google Play also. Right now they have an awesome special of two pizzas for 299 plus an only 40 baht delivery fee. If I wish to dine in, preordering probably isn't possible, they have numerous places that do that, Sukhumvit by Thepprasit, Beach Road, Central Festival Shopping.