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  1. Very true as it was my first visit to Savanakhet I thought I'd pass along my experiences. Vientiane on the other hand was requiring a medical and background clearance on my last visit for a non-O.
  2. Just a heads up that Savannakhet is wanting a ticket out of Thailand and an online copy of your bank statement for tourist visas, along with the usual copies of passport, Laos Visa and entry stamp etc. I overheard him saying to a few rejected applicants that the bank statement must have at least 20,000 baht in it. For the non-O (for purposes of retirement) I only supplied them the copies of my passport info page, Laos Visa and entry stamp along with a copy of my consulate income verification letter (notorized and the original was shown to him). He did ask for a copy of a online bank statement, which I had but he did not request a onward ticket out of Thailand. I had a ticket just in case. There were many people being turned away for not having the requested documents. One gentleman was given a hard time for wearing a printed t-shirt and jumping out of the line and over the chain to deposit his backpack on a table. So beware as they are watching you and it's probably best to be in good dress and behavior. I wore long shorts, sandals and a collared shirt, nothing was mentioned to me.
  3. The OMG Burger place is a new one on me. Is it worth trying? It's so close to Jim's Burger & Beer, I almost think I'll opt out as Jim's has burgers that don't disappoint.
  4. Sorry to keep asking, so the days out of country prior to the re-entry usage count against the permission to stay duration?
  5. So if a person had a setv not an extension, using a reentry permit wouldn't change or extend the expiration date, just keep it active? Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Thanks KhunBENQ!
  7. Okay I was thinking the TM-8 could be used for a re-entry permit with a tourist visa at the local immigration office or at an airport such as the Suvarnabhumi airport. Thanks for the response.
  8. Currently I have a Tourist Visa and am going out of Thailand for a non-O Visa base on retirement as I have multiple Visa Exempts and enough Tourist Visas from Vientiane to warrant a warning stamp. If I am successful in getting the re-entry permit and then I get the desired non-0 later is it possible to re-enter using the non-0 even though I already have a re-entry permit? I'm just caculating my options prior to my non-O visa run for possible problems. Right now if the worst were to happen the re-entry permit will give me at least two more options to get my ducks in a row.
  9. Thanks kgpr and Jai Dee!
  10. TOT still running okay.
  11. No idea what the name of this bird is. Pic taken at Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai Province. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. I agree with the above comments, check with your condo office and ask what's available first. Not all companies service everywhere. Personally where I stay, TOT is the best. Probably not the best of the best but the best where I stay. Check, ask around. The locals can be a wealth of information.
  13. Try baht sold, then like a previous poster said go look.
  14. The only time I was demanded extra was once at Central Festival from Jomtien, gave the gf the 20 extra baht without question and without any hint of agitation and proceded to take a photo of his truck with the number. He got out of his truck, highly upset. I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on, it's not illegal to take pictures of a truck on public property last I checked :-).
  15. That explains the driver's frustration at 2nd and North Pattaya Rd. demanding 20 baht for the ride from Jomtien with the other rider. I gave 20 baht for the virtually uninterrupted ride from Beach Rd. to Jomtien because that would be the regular price if switching rides on 2nd Rd. Or you can just say taxi and get one for yourself for 200 baht at 2nd to Jomtien:-). Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app