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  1. The only safe driver n Thailand.
  2. HOT Magazine, Issue 7,8 Volume 5

    Why would I risk downloading this crap? Is it any different from all the other crap I don't download? TV/TN must be desparate, or financially involved, to be pushing this rubbish. Go away.
  3. Is it mere coincidence that as I view it, this page advertises a dive company and the Ramayana water park? Does somebody know the same thing the rest of us do?
  4. In this case the guy was 86 and died of multiple organ failure following weeks in coma and several ill-advised resuscitations. I doubt anyone would be grateful for what's left over. A welcome release for all concerned.
  5. Thank you for that, but I understand there should also be something for the monks, and something to pay for the wake? I also went to one where I was asked for ฿100 to help pay for the charcoal - even though it was a gas-fired crematorium?
  6. I have to attend the funeral of a close family friend. I know that money is expected to change hands, but have no feeling for how much, to whom and when it should be paid. Any advice?
  7. The aircraft is not a jet, it is a kit built ultralight, powered by a two-stroke engine, and recently imported from the UK. As with all things aviation in Thailand, least said soonest mended.
  8. I can just imagine how safe a pedestrian underpass on Second Road would be, especially in the rain... Oh sorry, I forgot, it would never open because of the lack of trained operators....
  9. I'm not entirely sure that Indians count as farangs?
  10. Honest Thais

    When you walk on the street, do you notice the clean paving slabs, or do you notice the chewing gum, the dog shit, and the broken slabs? when you read the newspaper, do you read about a kind old lady who gave sixpence to a beggar, or about a monk who kicked him to death? when you drive, do you notice the well behaved citizen who drives in a straight line, in the correct lane, at a steady speed, or do you notice the a....hole who weaves in and out causing danger to everyone? Do you notice the bikers whose machine is standard from the shop, or the antisocial cretins with noisy souped-up exhausts, racing at 3am? Sad truth, we only notice and remember the bad things in this world, we quickly forget the good. The only things that sell newspapers and TV are sex, violence, stupidity, and war. Anything else in there is just padding! Thailand is the same as anywhere else, only two things float to the top. Sadly Thai society has rhe same problem as Pattaya Bay, there's an awful lot of turds have surfaced!
  11. Where do you get that idea? The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand is the least efficient and most dysfunctional of all government departments. It manages to ensure that most pilots and most aeroplanes spend most of their time unable to leave the ground, or go anywhere when they do. It is vastly worse now than it ever was before ICAO started in on them. Imposing Thai thinking on top of international rules = administrative constipation. If they tried employing people who actually know something about their subject, instead of recycling ill educated civil servants with paper degrees, they might get somewhere. An ability to read and comprehend English language documentation might also be helpful!
  12. If they go to such lengths to avoid losing ฿600, how much effort will they put into not coughing up when you have a claim? Get a new agent/insurance company!