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  1. What, you mean driving them......? i thought they already were!
  2. Where I come from, if you are certified, men in white coats drag you off to a mental hospital......
  3. Fi fo fi fum, I smell someone........... stinks.
  4. This club has been inappropriately apostrophised.
  5. Tthe wife and I took the train to butterworth 18 months ago. Alcohol banned, signs everywhere. At every stop, vendors came on board, with discreet cool boxes of ice-cold drinks including cans of beer. Not even grossly overpriced! Take a condom, and pretend it's a coke!
  6. Discussing religion and politics can be deleterious to your health......
  8. Would you swim in this? (Turn down the sound) Two days ago.
  9. That is the very last thing the government want....... In any department.
  10. Are Grab, Mafia, and Uber all at each others throats? I have never had any problem with GrabTaxi in Pattaya, provided they can find me!
  11. Praise where praise is due, it's fantastic. Please don't tell anyone, or it will soon cease to be so...............
  12. I see rats sitting under trees every day, rain or shine. They generally wear orange sleeveless jackets, sometimes brown uniforms.