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  1. What happened to my newsletters?

    Tried unsubscribe, no email received but I got this message on Safari, whatever it means?
  2. I have not received an email newsletter since Monday! Am I alone, or is TV going down the Swanee?
  3. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    Because they are all waiting for their second or third attempt, or in the queue to pay the tea money.
  4. In my experience, the only time the traffic flow really smoothly is when the traffic lights fail completely. When they switched on the tls on the railway line in Pattaya, the traffic gridlocked completely in all directions, and including rail traffic! they have not been used in years. At busy times on that road, at certain junctions, there is often gridlock and it takes two competent and communicating policemen at each to tls. keep them flowing. These resources are however in short supply. In UK, tls have traffic sensors, and are linked, so that traffic is managed in a joined-up algorithm. I have never seen such a system here. I was once told...I don't know if it was true.... that there is only one man in Thailand, a Dutchman, who is capable of programming sequential lights. Another major cause of congestion is the reliance on U-turns, especially for trucks and buses. Often at TLs right turns are banned,at peak times, forcing traffic to turn left and U-turn, thus increasing the congestion. Factor in Thai impatience and total ignorance of lane discipline, so that four-way lights have to be sequenced so only one direction can be green at any one time...even if there is no substantial amount of traffic....no wonder the country is gridlocked.
  5. I am on page 9 of 10 of this crap. It was amusing but has ceased to be so long ago. As I am about to click the "post" button, it is now 9 of 11. How sad are you people? So a Norwegian woman had a dispute with Fuji about the bill, and a Thai woman objected to her behaviour. Is this really news? Will it be 9 of 12 by the time I actually click? Maybe TV should run a sweepstake on the number of pages of replies to topics. (Oh sorry, that would be like bridge, totally illegal.).......better still, maybe they should limit the replies to 20 per topic, first come first serve.
  6. The wanking bankers continue to screw us all.....they are the only ones who don't get poorer by the day.
  7. Dare I suggest the lasting solution? Learn from the film "The Mouse that Roared". There is no hope for this country unless a benign power conquers and colonises it! Before the "if you don't like it the way it is, go home" brigade give me a hard time - yes, I accept that in the long run it will spoil everything we expats like about it, but hopefully most of us will be dead by then! Hopefully not by traffic accident.
  8. Stunned surgeons find 263 coins in man’s stomach

    I misread the headline, "Stunned Sturgeons.............." must be a fishy story. Sorry! 🤔
  9. Court accepts Bt14-bn King Power case

    I would have thought that using the name King Power contravenes lese majeste laws, unless HM owns it ? I understand he does not.
  10. Well I suppose as a cover for the real reason, it was a very good try.
  11. No it's not. It's the kid swimming amongst the turds to collect the 1 baht coin, seconds after launch, before the prayer is even started, trashing the whole thing. The spirits have to work hard to get there first!
  12. Best wood fired Napoli style pizza in town

    Totally agree. Pity the rest of the menu is crap, unless you are Australian.
  13. Not just tourism, or possibly even tourism, is held back by lack of English, and it's government policy! i remember in Abhisits' time as PM, a bill being presented to parliament to make English the second official language of the country. It was rejected out of hand. I can't think why...🤔