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  1. Search youtube for "Royal Thai Army abuse", you'll find it.
  2. Not that I am any kind of an expert, or even a mediocre speaker of Thai, I am surprised that no one has stated the glaringly obvious: 1. krap, however you chose to spell or phoneticise it, is a very impolite word in English, and causes huge mental hang-ups, 2. For that very reason many farang, myself included, choose to say "kap", which seems to be perfectly acceptable to the Thai, and I believe is regionally correct, 3. The use of Ka or Krap is frequently a marker for the .sexual orientation of the speaker. I have no doubt those better informed will correct me.............
  3. The cost of a retirement visa renewal is 1,900 baht. Why did YOU pay utterly stupid money?
  4. This may be a silly question, but if it is illegal to ride on the bench seat of a pickup, why is it there? It takes up a lot of useful room, and is easily damaged by goods placed on it. A useable load tray with tie-down points would be safer and cheaper to manufacture! Conversely, if it is not illegal per se, but only because of the lack of seat belts, what apart from cost is the problem with fitting them? i understand there may be problems with vehicle tax and registration, insurance etc., surely these can be fixed by a mountain of paperwork and a few(or a lot?) of baht.
  5. My behaviour would certainly change if you irrigated me!
  6. Most of these Thai "singers" are so off-key that anyone exposed to the for more than 10 minutes must be driven to violence. Having to work beside them for days on end seems excellent justification for murder!
  7. Which is inculcated at home and at school, and in the temples, from the moment of birth. There is no quick fix, and probably no slow one either. Same as fundamentalist so called religious cultures.
  8. I have a mental list of people, those that surprise me they have not been quietly shot for any one of various reasons. I will not name them all, suffice it to say that at least two US presidents, Mugabe, Thaksin, Dhamachaya, and this guy are on the list. I do understand that many of these people live in fear of their lives and are well protected. This one seems to me to be an easy target! Where are the avenging family members and colleagues?
  9. I wondered for a minute how big a hole an "earthquake drill" woul make, and why you would need one in an underpass? Sorreeeeee..........
  10. There is nothing wrong with the sea. There is too much salt water in the garbage dump and sewage plant!
  11. Was the landowners' name "Vlad", by any chance"............
  12. Is that a hard- on in his pants?