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  1. Yes. They are not encouraged to look ahead, think ahead, or indeed at all, and are not trained to consider potential dangers or the consequences of their actions to themselves or to others. They are encouraged to put all their faith in Bhudda and karma. If they, or some innocent bystander, are killed, maimed, or impoverished, it was meant to be and not avoidable. Another factor is loss of face. It is unacceptable to lose face, so no-one ever fails a test or exam, however incompetent. Just pay tea money and it all goes away.
  2. Remember that the gentlemen to whom you refer are products of the very education system to which I refer.......'nuff said!
  3. I can recommend Eva Air, LAX ,Taipei, BKK. Safe, efficient, transit lounge OK. Make sure he has enough cash dollars to buy food!
  4. I do not believe that Thai people, at any level of society, are inherently unintelligent, stupid, lazy or venal. They are born normal, with the normal range of intelligence and intellectual curiosity. I do however believe that the vast majority of the population are deliberately made that way by the education system, which is deliberately perpetuated by the hi-so classes for their own advantage. Brainwashing works.
  5. Name and Shame might be appropriate?
  6. It's not just English! Thai pilots learn everything by rote, with little or no understanding of the subjects. They sit multiple choice exams,having learned 2k answers to the possible 2k questions, some of which are completely wrong! No Thai student commercial pilot ever fails, it has cost so much to get there the loss of face would be unacceptable, so no matter how incompetent they get their licences. As for English, they are required to have "level 4" as a minimum. Very few are anywhere near that good, which is quite a low standard. Again, nobody fails! Most aviation manuals etc are written in English. It takes longer to read an instruction than the time available to carry it out - if it is even understood.
  7. Just back from Chiang Rai. At one of the temples - the Big White Bhudda, I don't remember its name - there are mountains of good quality pineapples, both ripe and unripe, free to take away, as many as you want. The sponsor of the temple is paying ß1 per kg to the farmers and giving them away free to all comers. Philanthropy.
  8. .Thai drivers seem to be are unable to think analytically about many anythings and also unable to process thought rapidly. They don't seem to be able judge the consequences of the risk they take or maybe and don't understand the risk they are taking. Kind of unbelievable considering all the news and videos on the subject of highway deaths
  9. If the deal seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Insist that the owner named in the book attends at the DLT in person to sign the papers, if not - walk away.
  10. As there are a couple of bridges missing, one with a house standing on the site, don't hold your breath!
  11. Grusa

    'Magical moment' as man clocks more than 100mph in shed on wheels

    So what? There are faster sheds on wheels on Sukhumwit, but here they call them "Lorries".
  12. Grusa

    Mid-range smartphone recommendations

    I totally recommend Vivo, I have a V3, the Mrs has a later one, both do more, and better, than I ever expected. Much better than the Oppos that went before, and I thought they were wonderful. I am now looking to replace my dying iPad2 with a Huayei - Grrrrr....., I hate Apple!
  13. You gave away my cunning assassination plot.....
  14. Tie wraps peng mak mak. Much better to use binding wire, then everything can short out spectacularly.