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  1. Pollution continues on South Pattaya Beach

    So, how unsafe is it recommended to be?
  2. How do you park a bus inside four washing machines?
  3. Annoying Soi Dogs

    Set up a Cambodian workers village nearby. The dogs will quickly disappear, along with rats, cats, etc.
  4. What? You have them file a CV before you buy them a drink?
  5. It's a pity we no longer have a penal colony ........
  6. New Phone Purchase in Thailand

    I was very happy with my Oppo, but my Vivo V3 is even better, about ฿6000. Probably they have newer models now, I've had it a year or so.
  7. Paying big money to judges and prosecutors is bribery. Paying big money to lawyers, to give some of it to judges and prosecutors, is due process.
  8. "Whisky" comes from Scotland. "Whiskey" comes from elsewhere. My normal drinking whisky in Scotland was 100 Pipers. Here, it is the same stuff, but cheaper! I find the complete ignorance of the nature of whisky amongst my non-Scottish friends, and some of the not-non, astounding! A "single malt" whisky is the product of a single distillery, or even a single part of a single distillery. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the same taste and quality, as with fine wines variations occur by year and season. By definition, a "scotch whisky" must be matured in an oak cask for a minimum of three years before sale. Many single malts are on the market, the range of tastes is amazing. They are classified by the area from which they originate, and the taste largely depends on the water source used in the brewing stage. Islay malts such as Laphroig have a very strong peaty taste, which some love, others hate. Lowland malts tend to be less strongly flavoured and sweeter. "Blended" whisky is an industrial product - but not necessarily of poor taste or quality. Expert blenders work to mix together single malts and grain whiskys (but never whiskies!) to achieve consistency of taste year by year. Many single malts are distilled and sold purely for the blending industry and cannot be bought retail. (Others, such as "House of Lords" are made for limited markets, or for export only) The point being, whisky tastes are so diverse that one mans' treat is anothers' poison! So I like 100 Pipers, and don't like Johny Walker Red, but Black is OK. Chivas Regal is good but not worth the money. Single Malt? If you like Laphroig, you won't like my favourite (which changes with time, but for now), An Cnoc. You are very unlikely to find it here, and certainly not cheaply! It's about £15 a bottle in blighty. How to drink it? Well certainly not the Thai way, drowned with water and by the bottle! A few cubes of ice, in deference to the climate, and a splash of water to cut the taste. Neat whiskys are generally too strong, a little water brings out the flavour. Too much ruins it. Use good quality water, but no need to go mad with fancy brand names. Soda is ok if you like but do compare with plain water, the difference is remarkable. Lemonade? Yes, ok if it's poor quality whisky, but not if the lemonade is modern chemical crap like Sprite! Ginger Ale? Same applies. Coke? Never - go straight to Hell, do not pass Go, do not collect 200! A closing story. Many years ago, Mrs G and I went to California, and visited with her old school friend, who was recently divorced. In the car from LAX, she explained that her ex was spending $2000 a month on whiskey and coke. Naive as I then was, I thought "what a disgusting mixture, and how much whiskey must he be drinking to cost so much!" Mrs G later explained it was Cocaine, not Coca Cola.
  9. Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

    Not. Many things have to be signed off by a "competent Official" of the department or ministry concerned. "Ça n'exist pas ici", to quote my French friends!
  10. The last thing any government wants is for its poulation to live longer. The sooner you die, the less the government has to pay out for pensions, social welfare, health care, etc., etc. This goes even more for farangland than here. Smoke and drink and gorge yourselves to death, pensioners, otherwise there won't be enough money for submarines.
  11. Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

    How about Civil Servant, Government officer, Competent Official, Prime Minister, K***.
  12. "Hubby dear, the news says that poor girl down the road was raped by half the population of this village, that means by nearly all the men. Were you one of them?" "No, dear, of course not. How could you think such a thing? No Thai man would ever do that!" "Well that's terrible! All the neighbourhood wives and I are going on a protest march to stick up for you!" "Well, good, but remember that Somchai, Nong, and some of their pals might have been involved, and none of this is good for our village reputation." "Well I think that's even worse! How could that slut make such an allegation. We better send her to a mental institution, where she can have her attitude changed. She needs to realise that this is a country where we respect our chidren, human rights, and the sanctity of childhood. There is no rape, child abuse or prostitution here - not in Thailand, not on this island, and especially not in this village!"
  13. No, it was way less artificial looking than that. i think it was a laser photocopy, but on high quality paper that did not turn to mush in the sea.
  14. To be reasonable, could "they" not just fix the sewage, the hygeine, the security and the cables, but leave the sleaze and overall experience as it is? I rarely go there, only to take visitors who want to see it, never ever spend any money there, but absolutely defend its right to exist, and the rights of others to be ripped off any way they like, except of course the terrorists.