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  1. Don't be sexist! The men are the same!
  2. Getting rid of Pigeons.

    Maybe you mean Naphtha? Not many Big Cs stock napalm..so fa as I know
  3. Come back and say that in six months......
  4. Sunglasses? Ok if it's sunny, but after 5:00pm? Face masks? Ok if there is smog, but on a rainy day? Police car/truck with illegally dark tinted windscreen? On the road after 5:00 pm. No legible officer ID badge? At any time? Given the Thai love of ecology and environmental sustainability, every officer should be required by law to provide to every member of the public with whom he interacts, a business card with his name in Thai and English, a photo, his service number and rank, his station contact telephone number and location details (gps coordinates). It wouldn't even cost very much to set up.
  5. Getting rid of Pigeons.

  6. Getting rid of Pigeons.

    No idea, in Thailand, don't think anyone uses it any more. Daiso sell bird scaring hawks and cats, ฿60 each, work very well.
  7. Getting rid of Pigeons.

    Ordinary rat bait works, but kills fish and pets. Bread with calcium carbide in it will not kill your pets, but makes the pigeon blow up in mid air. https://g.co/kgs/YdhUwG
  8. It means that in any area of one square anything, it will be raining over 10% of it all the time, or all of it 10% of the time, or 50% of it 20% of the time, but there's a 90% chance they are 100% wrong.
  9. I would have said, but TV crashed out on me midway through, as usual, and I am surprised so much actually got published, that I use my Thai driving licence, which carries my old passport number. Faced with a "take it or leave it, cos I don't have my passport with me" stance (never true, it's against the law!) they always back down rather than lose the business. I stay in all levels 5 star to cheap bungalows. Depends on price, deals available to me, and location.
  10. For sure, none of these watches are fake, they are the real thing! The owners should be investigated for being unusually rich.....
  11. ""Your motorbike DL has your name, birth date and passport number on it. More than enough for Immigration to find you in their files/records." But not enough info for the hotel to do a report. That requires you TM6 card number, permit to stay date and etc." My licence carries my old passport number, not my current one. I never use my passport to check into a hotel. Never had a problem in 11 years.
  12. There were no fat people in Auschwitz. Todays obesity epidemic is due to the food industry pushing huge quantities of sugars, and carbohydrates which become sugar, into absolutely everything. It is exacerbated by the ignorance of doctors who do not understand the science, but accept at face value what they are told when training, and by Big Pharma afterwards. BP has a vested interest in not making people better, but condemning them to a lifetime on expensive medication, most of which simply does not work, some of which has serious and/or addictive side effects. The food industry has a vested interest in selling an addictive drug which the body does not need at all....sugar. The body is perfectly capable of making all the sugar it needs, on demand from fats, proteins, etc., but the process is (reperably) damaged by excessive consumption of dietary sugar. There are those who can cope with the excess sugar, most cannot, and can end up with a perfectly curable disease: Type 2 diabetes, with all the consequences, heart disease, blindness, amputations are all common sequelae. Much of the published research is tainted by lack of independent funding, biased recording of data, and downright academic dishonesty. Only now is it becoming clear just how corrupt are the big three industries: - Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Tobacco.