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  1. I suppose it does take a long time for "news" to percolate down from the hills of Mongolia..........
  2. He is there most Monday mornings, as am I. For the rest of the week, can't say. I think he is German, not sure, and the dogs although terribly disabled ( challenged/ crippled/ underpriveleged; pc brigade pls advise) seem happy and friendly.
  3. Hard to find any to operate on, in this country.
  4. Where is the law that says when you hurl abuse, it must be accurate? Facts are facts, abuse is abuse......Abuse is not Facts.
  5. I can only give you the Irish answer, succinct and accurate (forgove the phony accent, I'm a Scot) "Sure an if I was goin' there, I would not be after starting from here!"
  6. I can't see the "consume before" date, but it can take a long time to ship things, like beer, to an island by sea. Also, methinks Phi Phi staff might not be so very good at stock rotation....
  7. The truth is, the definition of "work" is whatever the officer concerned wants it to be on the day. If you are "shopped" by a farang, it is unlikely anything will happen. If you are "shopped" by a Thai, you will be prosecuted to the limit of the law, regardless of the validity of the accusation. As ever, the effort expended is directly, or possibly exponentially, proportional to the potential financial return. Whatever the outcome, it will cost you!
  8. And TACTICS are after SWAT = Sneaky Whoremongering African Tourists
  9. To cut it all short, I quote my uncle, who was a well-respected radiologist in Africa, and died quickly and painlessly at 80ish, "Moderation in all things. A little of what you fancy does you good, and two well-watered whiskies of a night never did anyone any harm."
  10. Sorry, I don't understand. Who's the ' "famous" person'?
  11. Not to divert away from the reassignment of the thread, but here is a cautionary tale. A friend had a Thai will drawn up by a Thai lawyer and a farang "associate". When all was drafted and ready for signature, I had the Thai language version - the only one that counts - translated independently into English, before it was signed. The lawyers had written themselves in for a 30% cut of the estate, preferentially and before distribution of fixed legacies, and absolute discretion on the allocation of the remainder. Not even close to the Tinglish version! Sign nothing without due, and ott, diligence!
  12. Grusa

    Termites invasion of my bedroom

    I think I know him. If he is German, I thoroughly recommend him, but it is 8 years since I had cause to use him. At the time, I was renting a pool villa on the Dark Side of Pattaya. It had a Thai-style copy of a European kitchen, which is to say that all the solid looking wood is actually two layers of cheap thin plywood, separated by strips of whatever scrap is to hand. To the point where it would be less cost and trouble to use the real (if you can call chipboard and mdf real) thing! SWMBO and I had noticed a foul smell, increasing, but could not identify the source, until a cupboard shelf collapsed. Horrors, it‘s termites, call in the experts. To cut a long story short, the German guy referred to investigated, found a huge nest under the plinth, estimated 5,000,000 termites in residence. They were in all the cupboard structural panels, shelves, doors - anything hollow! They had found their way from the lower units, proceeded behind the wall tiles, to the upper units, and were eating them too! The only option was to strip out everything and burn all detritus immediately. It became obvious that the point of entry was a hole in the wall, for the gas supply to the hob. It had been drilled, a plastic pipe passed through, and never sealed. The basic nest was 600*500*15mm under the sink plinth. We were very lucky, the landlord agreed to pay for a replacement kitchen to our design within reason.......great! We had to strip all the tiles, and replace. But still, Thai style construction. We moved out a year or so later, we had a strange smell from the bedroom fitted furniture.........(amongst other problems).=
  13. too incompetent to regulate traffic and their female male staff has small breasts. 
  14. As that is the sole aim and result of the education system here.......way to go, dudes!