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  1. For instanse I would like to find all Thai businesses related to dogs grooming to offer them my merchandise. Does anybody offering such service to query goverment business registration databases?
  2. New slots available. Will resolve Wordpress issues, help with Shopify, etc.
  3. So, If I'll visit Savannakhet, I'll receive 1 year visa, but need go out from Thailand every 90 days. If I'll do same visa in Thailand, I will get 1 year without obligation to leave every 90 days, but I need to show 400k baht, right?
  4. Somebody tells me If I earn below 1 million baht per year, I do not need to be registered entrepreneur. But if I want to sell at Lazada, for instance, are they ask for some documents? So what is the most hassle free and cheap form of entrepreneurship for Thai person?..
  5. I have a few kg, searching for professional roasters near Sukhumvit. Any suggestions are welcome.
  6. http://www.thethailandlife.com/non-immigrant-visa-extend-stay-60-days
  7. ANY hospital can do it, 200-300 baht
  8. Where to live on Thon Buri side?

    Why need to live near busy noizy street? Little soi is better, barking dogs only. Condos in this area: http://prakard.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=36
  9. Coffee

    There is over 50 variations of fresh coffee beans: http://www.linlin.in.th/coffee/coffee-beans/. I've bought a lot alreeady.
  10. Neighbour dogs roaming the Moobaan.

    Dogs ultrasonic probaly will save you http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=200002895&initiative_id=AS_20160625031317&SearchText=dog+ultrasonic
  11. Versatile online marketing specialist with exposure and experience in all facets of internet marketing, including web designing and onsite and offsite SEO. Exceptional ability to increase ranking and revenues of Ecommerce websites. A dynamic manager who can lead an existing team and hire new talent. A go-getter who thrives on challenges and turns marketing issues into sales opportunities. Geared towards proactive marketing with the ability to get the highest ROI for every promotional media used. Adept at transforming floundering websites into profitable internet properties capable of yielding sales and profits. A unique ability to combine Eastern and Western values and an in depth understanding of client purchasing behavior that allows for the creation of exceptional online marketing strategies. Proficient in combining online and offline marketing to increase brand awareness and retention as well as sales revenues. Will send CV by request.
  12. Fitness First

    They happy to take extra money for everything! Pay slightly late - fee, pay cash (not credit card) - fee. + annoying music, crowds in busy hours - after 1 year I'm quit.