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  1. If they were professional they could have got away with a lot more than that.
  2. It's a good idea and why where I live in Singapore corruption isn't really an issue as police officers aren't paid a pittance, they're paid reasonably well and a big part of why it's such a well-run country and very safe to live in terms of crime.
  3. 1. get to shag this girl with amazing breasts while her boyfriend is at work 2. 2-10 see 1.
  4. The problem as highlighted in most of that video is because of the traffic free-flowing in some lanes and other lanes at a standstill. You can't actually see the pedestrians until they step into your lane and it's too late for any vichievel going at a reasonable speed as their view of the pedestrians initially walking is blocked by the traffic in the other lanes. The only way this can be solved as said here multiple times is making them have lights so it's much safer for anyone walking. So everyone stops (at least most).
  5. hello55060

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I can get 121 on my ABS version please note it can take about 40-43 seconds of full throttle to go from 110-121 which is quite hard to achieve on BKK roads as something will make you slow down normally. And yeah, I find the cars and buses frustrating too here , they like to cut into your lane , then you go to the other lane to go ahead and 5 seconds later they cut back in. Especially the big buses I find love doing it (it doesn't save them any time doing it yet love doing it ) and the most annoying thing is taxis suddenly stopping in the middle lane near enough and literally making no effort to go far left or by the curb to look for / pick up/ drop off passangers . And I get the same feeling when driving very high speeds with the wobble. With things affecting the max speed and a couple of these things also may factor in the wobble Id guess it's to do with current windspeed levels in BKK, rider body weight, how much stuff you have put in the bike under the seat, how much fuel you have in the tank . I'm no expert, but that's what I thought to be the reasons.
  6. I'm next to Thong Lo BTS staying in the crest 34 which is a nice place new condo build I think 2015 with a good rooftop pool and gym 1 minute walk to BTS . It was a tossup between here and Ashton Morph 38 (the bigger one there's 2 next to each other the bigger one further has nicer rooms) I hunted around the same areas as you from asok to thonglo, looked at about 10 different condo blocks and these 2 were my preference if I was going to stay long term. The Ashton has a free 24-hour shuttle service to the BTS which is decent as it's about a 5 minute walk if you don't have a bike/car https://www.google.co.th/search?q=the+crest+34&oq=the+crest+34&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60j69i61j69i64l3&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 https://www.google.co.th/search?q=ashton+morth+38&oq=ashton+morth+38&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2945j0j9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 have lots of rooms on hipflat Edit: Forgot to add that as well there's obviously farang in this area but it's nowhere near what you will experience if you stay between Asoke/Phorm Phang where's it's rammed, so you keep a bit more of the Thai culture feeling with small local restaurants as well as bigger ones for japanese, farang food etc. and get to avoid drunks at night. Which was another big factor why I opted for here as opposed to nearer Asok which you wouldn't mind for a short-term stay, but long term I'd rather be away from all that as I will be coming back and forwards frequently between here and singapore.
  7. PP is a terrible excuse for a capital city imo. Still 20 years behind times even with all that Chinese money going into Cambodia the last few years. Go to any other capital city, then go to PP straight after. It feels like you've been in a time machine. And you see piles of garbage just floating in any little stream there is. Cambodia doesn't understand the concept of recycling.
  8. I know a fair bit about computers, but I'm really struggling with AIS fibre and trying to get it to work with torrents . Utorrent to be specific, so if the torrent is from a private tracker I seem to be able to download it fine (DHT disabled) however if it's from say an open tracker where I have to have DHT enabled then it just hangs on waiting to log in. I have tried enabling the ports in AIS router but no luck and added to windows firewall as well and the same thing. So this is what I've done in the router config page but when I check to see if it's open it's still closed. Any help would be much appreciated as it's bugging the crap out of me the fact I can use private trackers fine on same port, DHT disabled but DHT enabled is a no go.
  9. hello55060

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    121 the max I can get on ABS version I'm 52kg and as the above poster said. This bike can accelerate really fast I don't know the exact second count but you can go from 1-60 a lot faster then others bikes between 125-155cc. I tried a click 125 before and I could get 115kmph on that but acceleration nowhere near like this . This is a really smooth ride as well and feels for me a lot safer riding this in general. In BKK with all the traffic I don't really think there will be many times in which you will want it faster than 120kmph especially if a lower weight rider like myself and the wind combined hitting high speeds can make you think you can just blow over haha . I have only reached this speed anyway a few times on some of the bridges and motorways when in the rare occasion they're not piled up with traffic! And I go as fast as I can when I've not got a passager find myself rarely breaking the 80-90 mark in normal conditions with Bangkok roads, lights and traffic
  10. Can't transfer THB to £ only £ to THB. And I agree with what you said though, they are really good I've used them before with Singapore dollar and always paid out the next day .
  11. Hi, I have around 100,000 I'm looking to change into sterling and in my UK account. I have a Thai bank here and I know I can wire the money over, but they said it would take 5 days and ideally I need it done in the same day or next working day max. I went to a western union shop and they said it can only be collected as cash and can't be transferred to a UK bank which doesn't help the same plus the exchange rates are pretty poor. So say if I have 100k in a bank or as cash what is the most efficient and quickest way to get it into a bank account in the UK. I know it would be easiest if I could find a UK expat who would do a deal or something if I handed the cash and they transfer ed it to my UK account at the same time but I don't know anyone here really. Edit: I'm located in Bangkok if that helps with shops to go to or anything. Thanks in advance
  12. hello55060

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I had a look at the ABS model silver/blue and it was priced at 73,900 same as what they state on the site this was at the Yahama dealership Suksawat BKK. All models and colours were available and the other models were priced the same as on the site. I think you were quoted the Samui tax. Will be going back on Monday and getting one (need my thai friend, yes friend to buy for me as I don't have the documents now, then at a later date she will hopefully transfer it back when i get a drivers licence and residency haha)
  13. hello55060

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Don't suppose you happened to find out when the 2018 model was coming out ?
  14. As the topic suggests I'm looking to buy a rolex during my time here and I know the best place to go is to MBK mall, the problem is I know it's full of fakes and probably decent replicas... I just want to buy a genuine piece so I was wondering if anyone could tell me names of some places in the mall which only deal with genuine time pieces and recommended, so I don't waste time (no pun intended) going to a shop making out it's genuine when it's not plus I don't have loads of experience in watches, so just basically don't want to get mugged off. Or alternatively, do any places in say central world deal with this? As I guess harder to sell that sort of stuff there if they got legit dealers in the same mall, so could filter the crap out easily. Thanks in advance
  15. hello55060

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Does anyone know when the 2018 model is coming out? Looking to get one but if it's a case of waiting a month or 2 for the newer version I will hold off but if it's 3 or up I would just buy one now? I did google it but lack of information about a new release in Thailand.