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  1. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    Stallions Centaur max250
  2. Hello! I plan to have a motorbike tour from Pattaya to Koh Kood and I would like to know which ferry I have to use if I want to bring my bike with me (I don't want to park it on the mainland just for renting a scooter when on the island). Thank you for advice!
  3. He is the first guy who can say: "I got fined by police for having sex in Pattaya" lol Sense of the story: its safer not to pay for the girl 👹👹👹
  4. Yes so it is... google Swiss Statement or couple study hiv. Like someone on here said the way the people think about this disease (like 30 years ago) and how it is medically threated now is completely another story.
  5. Reading the comments I must to say that Jingthing is a very educated person and probably one of the few who think about every point of view before making a comment... and yes I think there is more to know about the news than what is written
  6. Yes I ate one on a motocross trip in Laos when I was hosted by a friendly family somewhere in the jungle... the other two dishes were morning glory and dog.