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  1. Mind giving me the link to the website page?
  2. I remember a few months back when I asked an officer there why they don't allow online reporting. I got a strange answer. Anyway, I hope it will be up soon.
  3. If you print money too long and interest rate kept artificially low, the bubble will burst one day.
  4. If the US economy is strong, then it is mostly due to speculative activities of fund managers. When they repatriate funds back to US in the future, the dollar would rise again.
  5. Does it mean that the US dollar is going to slide further for the next few years because Trump will be president for another 4 years.
  6. Why is the US dollar dropping so much so quickly?
  7. Sorry I got confused myself with Castrol oil, what I meant was Castor oil and not Castol oil.
  8. I think they misunderstood you. They thought it is Castrol oil and not Castor oil.They sound the same to Thai. Castrol oil is an engine oil used for motorbikes, it is the name of a brand. Castor oil is an oil from a plant.
  9. Unfortunately, a lot of these so-called tourists do work illegally in Thailand if they are frequent visitors to Thailand. I have known quite a few who worked as part time English teachers or doing online business while on tourist visas. 20k baht is too little. It should be raised to 100k baht. But this doesn't affect genuine tourists who visit two times per year.
  10. Does anybody know where to buy Castor oil in Chiang Mai. I've asked many shops and they don't have it.
  11. Thanks. Is that the police headquarters in Bangkok near Siam Paragon?
  12. Wow! Thanks a lot. This is my first year so I still have to wait 4 more years. Speaking Thai is not a problem. Where can I get more information regarding this? Is there an office in Chiang Mai or do I go to Bangkok? The ministry name and road name would be helpful.
  13. I doubt that is an appropriate word. Tourists usually mean they visit tourist sites, eat at tourist spots, stay in hotels, get tax refunds on goods purchased when they leave the country etc. A more accurate description would be 'temporary resident'. Although some who stayed for more than 10 years might be considered 'permanent resident' .
  14. I read the first post but he had a work permit in Thailand. Is there anyway for a retiree to get Thai citizenship? What are the requirements.