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  1. What is the bus company's name that travels direct to Nong Khai from Chiang Mai?
  2. Which condo is that cheap? Even a studio condo like Nakornping condo near Kad Suan Kaew cost 2 million and above.
  3. No! That's just poor English. It really means that foreigners can buy a condo with their passport as an identifying document. It's actually targeted at Chinese tourists.
  4. That was a bad decision after all CMU is a reputable university in Chiang Mai. They don't need to market it if their teachers are good and the prices are reasonable. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. It is just like Payap University Thai language program, their reputation is good but the location isn't good as I got lost trying to find my way there on my bike. Moreover, their prices are quite expensive compared to CMU or YMCA.
  5. Is there a direct bus from Chiang Mai to Vientiane? If not, is there one to Nong Khai? Which bus company do you recommend that is reasonably priced and comfortable.
  6. Was that a TEFL course or learn Thai course?
  7. I did read about this scam a few years back but I always thought it was the TEFL English course which are dominated by English speaking teachers from UK and America. Why would an Australian be involved in a teaching Thai course? Morever, all the teachers are native Thai people. When I went to the office to ask about the Thai course, I didn't see any white people there.
  8. Phoned them but the girl said they don't have it at the moment.
  9. I went to the two gem shops in Loi Kroh road and Tapae road and they don't have the gem that I wanted. He asked me to go to Bangkok for untreated and unheated sapphire. Does anyone know of a good gem shop in Bangkok that sells natural sapphire?
  10. Wasn't that the TEFL course to learn how to teach English? They charge an exorbitant 50,000 baht for one month course which turn out to be useless for most students as they couldn't get a job in Thailand after graduation. There were just too many foreigners trying to teach English in Thailand. These are two different programs and course fees. We are talking about 'learning Thai' and not 'teaching English'. Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. True. But this is a very small minority that usually don't work in pharmacies, shopping malls, shops, banks where they come into contact with ordinary people most of the time. They are the exception rather than the norm and were probably educated in western countries. I was amazed at how poor the English fluency level is at Bangkok Bank when I asked about their various deposit schemes. Whereas if you go to Malaysia or Singapore, you can see many people in the customer service line who can speak good English.
  12. That's why I said there are not many Thai people who can speak good English but others here disagree with me.
  13. They are the ones who I meet at customer service centers at shopping malls and banks. I always ask customer service 'do you speak English?' , they always say 'little'. Their little is really very little and I had trouble communicating with them beyond very basic English. To communicate at this level is nearly impossible for them.
  14. I evaluated the lesson and the teacher that day. The teacher was a bit lazy and didn't really teach. His English fluency is very basic. When one of the students asked what is equivalent of 'absolutely' in Thai, he couldn't understand at first. He just handed out several pages of test paper and ask students the right order of the sentence in Thai. I was expecting him to teach instead of testing the students at the beginning of the lesson. The regular students had difficulty understanding what was written. This course teaches both writing and speaking right near the beginning which was tough for the students. However, in YMCA, they only teach speaking but nobody wanted to continue to level 4. Few went to level 3.
  15. i think she means level 2. a few months ago, i did ask about intermediate course but it wasn't offered yet. i sat for level 1 just for 10 mins to evaluate the course. level 2 has never been offered before so how can there be level 3? the course manager even showed me the red book that will be used in level 2. by david smyth