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  1. Thread starter isn't looking for an intensive program.
  2. By the way, I was at Bangkok Bank in Kad Suan Kaew yesterday. Lo and behold, suddenly an older guy with an American accent shouted loudly at the counter staff for NOT understanding his English. This is what he said 'Nobody here seems to understand any English, I said PAY IN'. The poor girl at the counter was shaken with fear and didn't dare to look at him in the face. In the first place, this is NOT America so he shouldn't expect people to know English well. That would be like someone going to America and shout at Americans for NOT knowing Chinese. He should learn to speak Thai well instead and most importantly how to behave in a civilized manner.
  3. That ranking includes ability to read and speak the language and not just to speak. Japanese has no tones so it is easier to speak and it doesn't have as many difficult vowels as Thai. If the ranking is just based on spoken language alone, Japanese would be easier than both Thai and Chinese.
  4. Click the link below for language difficulty ranking for English speakers. http://www.effectivelanguagelearning.com/language-guide/language-difficulty Thai is the second most difficult language to learn for English speakers. The most difficult is Chinese. In fact, all tonal languages are most difficult for European speakers.
  5. Written Thai doesn't correspond to the spoken Thai 20% of the time. It maybe written as short vowel but Thai speak it as long vowel. You don't need to learn to read Thai which is based on Indic script, YMCA IPA transcription is good enough.
  6. If you are slow, don't listen to Dante and don't go to YMCA , their course is quite intensive. A lot of things are covered in one month. Payap university is very intensive. You can request for an observation class so you can sit in for about 20 minutes in YMCA, Chiang Mai university, AUA. I did a sit-in in all three places, the slowest is Chiang Mai university because they take one year to teach what other places take 3 months to teach. Chiang Mai university have cultural outings so it can be fun. Do note that the course they teach is different from the Lanna language that Chiang Mai people speak.
  7. Could it be Thai baht is seen as 'haven' in times of crisis instead of the Yuan? US dollar is going down further today!
  8. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    I don't look or reply to any posts by certain rude people whose teachers didn't teach him what is courtesy in his young days, in case you didn't notice. Like what I said, have a further look at post #1 and post #6 and #7 just in case you still don't understand what I am saying.
  9. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    Mind telling me why there is a different queue when they are non-Thai citizens too? They are just ordinary tourists with visa-on-arrival.
  10. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    There is only one long queue for all non-Thai citizens and not several queues.
  11. Your pension is shrinking and so are a lot of us.
  12. Yesterday, I was at the Chiang Mai airport and I was patiently waiting for my turn at immigration counters with a very long queue to get into Thailand again. By the time (almost 30 minutes) I reached the front of the long queue, I noticed several Chinese tourists going straight to the leftmost counters meant for disabled people and Thai passports without any queuing at all. When I complained to the Thai officer in charge of the queue, she told me the tourists just paid Visa-on-arrival from another counter. Could somebody tell me what has this got to do with getting into express queue? After they've paid their visa in another counter , shouldn't they queue up on the single queue just like the rest of us?
  13. Where can I get a sample test paper online?
  14. Baht has beaten the Korean Won to become best performing currency in Asia. The government is alright with this? http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/finance/1301979/stronger-baht-seen-as-fleeting