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  1. Did they charge for this upgrade? What's the advantage of upgrading later rather than during booking time?
  2. Sorry, how did you upgrade to premium seat? I thought everything is fixed once we buy the economy ticket except for last minute baggage checkin
  3. Yeah, Air Asia keeps on putting more and more add-ons just to increase the price. They spray people with insecticide when going to certain countries. I might try Vietjet and Lion Air to see the differences.
  4. First time I 've heard of Vietjet. Between Vietjet, Nok Air, Airasia and Lion Air, which is the best value for money? We don't need expensive lounges and price shouldn't be much more expensive (around 1000 baht)
  5. The main airport is more convenient as it has a train connected to the city center. The budget airlines usually use the budget airport and you have to take taxi or bus to city center. Budget airlines are cheaper than premium airline such as Thai airways, but you pay for what you get. The two best budget airlines are Airasia and Nok Air. It depends on when you want to fly, if it is very near today, then the prices are expensive.
  6. Good solid computer tables are difficult to find in CM. When I say computer tables, I mean those with sliding keyboard panels and a place to put the printer
  7. EricTh

    UK Pounds

    Try the two money exchangers on Loi Kroh Road, they handle large volume of transactions everyday. As already suggested, Super Rich and another one on same road within 5 mins walk from each other.
  8. Thai people are very protective of the religion, temples and monarchy. Other than that, traffic offences, prostitution are considered less serious to the ones above.
  9. EricTh

    Police Patrol Surprise Visit

    I think it depends on the type of Visa. If you are on retirement visa, then the only proof is the bank. They don't need to go to your house to verify.
  10. It's an allergy. https://www.healthline.com/health/allergies/msg#evidence
  11. I don't know why people go to Imm Aim when there are much better vegetarian shops around. I went to Imm Aim once to try the food there and never went back again.
  12. EricTh

    Thai words that aren't really Thai

    Moderator, please close this topic. This thread will only invite some trolls.
  13. EricTh

    Thai words that aren't really Thai

    We have to 'unbrainwash' what they were told that those words are rude and that it's perfectly normal to use them just like 'i' and 'you'. Most of the time, average Thai people just use 'brother' to me which I find annoying since I am not that close to them to be called 'bro'. Nobody uses "Khun" with me except for Thai teachers so the Thai teachers don't teach practical Thai.
  14. EricTh

    Thai words of Chinese origin

    They probably sit and eat on the wooden floor, there are still many rural area in South East Asia who does this.
  15. You might try this. https://www.facebook.com/chada.chadadesign/