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  1. Water bills payment

    Can anybody tell me how I can pay my water bill online? I looked into Bangkok Bank website but they don't have an option for PWA which stands for Provincial Water Authority in Chiang Mai. They have an option for Metro Electricity Authority to pay our electricity bill but not for water.
  2. Cialis in Chiang Mai

    US drug companies and 'health authorities' are owned by the powerful and richest men in US, they have more interest in their profits rather than welfare of people. After all, slow poison takes years to affect you and you can't blame the drug companies for that.
  3. I didn't know that. In fact one kid threw water at me when I was riding my bike a few days ago. I doubt the police would charge him.
  4. Raining in Chiang Mai

    It's raining heavily in sansai now. much, much more heavier than this afternoon. Bangkok Post reported that a man died of lightning under a big tree yesterday while splashing water. It is dangerous to be under a tree during a storm.
  5. Ordering from Lazada

    Has anybody ordered anything from Lazada in Chiang Mai? Is it safe? Can I pay them when they deliver the goods or must I pay beforehand?
  6. Raining in Chiang Mai

    It was short , now it has stopped.
  7. Raining in Chiang Mai

    It's raining in Chiang Mai now. What a relief from the hot weather.
  8. Origin of Songkran

    Surprisingly, China also celebrates this as seen in the link above.
  9. Why no milkshakes?

    True. Most East Asians including Thai are lactose intolerant, they can't take dairy products. I see a lot of stalls selling soya drinks in all colors inside plastic bags, this their 'milk shake' - Thai style.
  10. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    These boys don't seem to understand that splashing water on a biker can cause accident if he is blinded temporarily by the water and smashed into something. The party time is supposed to stop at 5pm so they are doing so illegally.
  11. And also delaying the election indefinitely.
  12. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    Songkran was never about throwing buckets of water at people in roads, read the origin below.
  13. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    I was riding in my bike last night at around 7 pm , I thought the party was over but when I tried to pass a section of the highway in Chiang Mai, there were two kids waiting for bikers to pass by just to splash at them. I thought by speeding up, I would have avoided them but alas, the boy caught me and I was drenched wet when I sat at a stall for my dinner. Now I am afraid to go out for dinner until the water throwing stops. I mean these people should adhere to the time when water throwing is allowed.
  14. Origin of Songkran

    Have you been to Myanmar for their water festival? How was it?
  15. Origin of Songkran

    I found an interesting article on origin of Songkran. For those who want to know, click below. http://eastasiaorigin.blogspot.com/2018/04/origin-of-songkran-in-thailand.html