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  1. AIS vs 3BB wifi hotspot

    For those who want to have wifi hotspot in shopping malls.Here is my experience. 3BB - Foodcourt can't receive 3BB signal even though it is inside shopping mall in Bigc - speed is low at 0.5 M if you are lucky at times - various login problems at shopping mall - non refundable even though there are few weeks left of unused internet AIS -No such problems above -The speed is 12 M at foodcourt -They can refund for unused weeks if you buy the one month option. They subtract on a weekly basis. -Price is cheaper at 69 baht per month versus 106 baht at 3BB
  2. Metal computer table

    The furniture shop called Roonruang near bigc has it. Prices are reasonable too.
  3. Requirements to open bank account?

    Bangkok bank is relatively easy to open for tourists. Go to the popular ''farang' branch in Kad Suan Kaew. SCB is the hardest from my experience.
  4. Metal computer table

    Does anyone know where I can get this type of metal or aluminium computer table in Chiang Mai? http://www.asiasold.com/view/computer-desk-137523 I have been to Office Mate and Living Index but they don't carry metal ones. They are mostly made of those cheap melamine boards.
  5. Just send the smokers to the hospital and watch those dying of lung cancers. It will shock them into quitting smoking..
  6. Please don't vape, it smells just as horrible to non-smokers and the area covered is even wider. You should see those Muslim Arab puffing the air around them.
  7. There are quite a lot of quack acupuncturists just like there are quack doctors. I am glad you found a good one.
  8. I think you might want to go to some Buddhist temples, they may have a traditional method to help smokers quit.
  9. cost of living Chaing Mai/provinces

    The Baht if getting stronger and stronger, so you might choose other countries instead.
  10. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    Good job finally....
  11. 1 year Thai language visa -- Chiang Mai

    What's your ranking (from best to worst) on the various Thai language schools in Chiang Mai?
  12. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    Sorry. I meant 'richer'. There are still some who prefer to do it themselves and save some money.
  13. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    I thought it is 3800 baht from the board that I saw last week.
  14. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    It is a good place for rich customers but not average customers. All customers are expected to join the queue and not jump queue to be served first just because they have more money than the rest. It's alright if you pay someone to join the queue and do some paperwork for you but to jump queue is a no-no. There are many outside companies who can assist foreigners to queue up for you. Sometimes, I notice an immigration officer will disappear somewhere for quite sometime and take exceedingly long to serve one person. I mean it makes no sense to serve a maximum 25 customers per day for retirement queue or only serve out 30 queue numbers for residence cert. This month and this year I actually saw the retirement immigration officer working at the table whereas last year, I couldn't see him at all and I have to collect my passport after noon time when he return from somewhere to sign it. I could recognise the same signature on my visa. This year was when GT4 was closed albeit temporarily.
  15. 1 year Thai language visa -- Chiang Mai

    Actually, you can sit for one class for half an hour (with permission from school staff) and try to choose the school that you like. Usually, more serious students choose Payap university, Chiang Mai university program is rather relaxed at the beginning but they force you to learn their Thai alphabets. I assume that you come from European-centric languages country so Thai language is quite difficult to master because it has tones and Thai people do speak very fast in real life. Philippines or Malaysia would be an easier option if you can't pick up a difficult language.