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  1. Benefits marrying a Public Servant in Thailand

    Based on some responses it s eems like the biggest benefit is for the farang to get on corrupton bandwagon...
  2. Ducati Registration???

    I'm happy to inform you that I finally received my registration book... It showed up in the mail Tuesday, 2 Nov. I did not get the metal plate and I'm not sure if it is coming later or I have to go to the Registration Office to get it... I'd like to say thank you to Kannikar from Ducati who definitely got the the whole thing moving.
  3. Ducati Registration???

    Just to keep you all up to date, I received encouraging email from Kannikar who is affiliated with Ducati Thailand... According to him there is one more step to complete before I can get my registration papers. Unfortunately, I'm out of the country at this time and not much can be done until I get back to Thailand.
  4. Ducati Registration???

    I live in Surin... There is a Ducati in Buriram but I did not buy directly from them because they said it would take over a month to get that particular model... By buying in BKK I had it delivered, free of charge, within 4 days. I never got a red license plate either. About 4 years ago I bought Kawasaki in Korat and they registered it in there. I still have the bike with original license plate and never had a problem with renewing registration and paying road tax... I was told by Ducati that I can't start the registration process by myself and they have to do it. I really like to get my registration papers soon so I can ride to other parts of the country.
  5. Ducati Registration???

    "Similar response" to what I've been getting from Ducati.
  6. I bought a Ducati Scrambler in early June in BKK and the price included registration and license plate fee. Since I live in different province I was asked whether I want a BKK license plate or my local province's plate. Initially I opted for BKK but a few days later I got a call from Ducati informing me that according to a new regulation I have to have a plate from the province where I reside (this was also going to cost me 2000 Baht more). After paying additional money Ducati assured me that they will take care of everything and I should have my registration in a couple of months... Well, It has been four and half months and I'm still waiting for the paperwork... Each time I called Ducati I was told that everything is on track and I should be getting my paperwork shortly. Last week, while at local Ducati dealership, I spoke to another foreigner who told me that he has been waiting for about a year for his registration papers and gets similar response from Ducati people... I remember reading about Vespa dealer and his recent trouble with Thai tax authority and I hope that Ducati Thailand is on solid legal footing in this country. Does anyone know an "average" waiting time for registration paperwork on Big Bikes?
  7. New Restaurant In Buached

    Here are few pictures.
  8. New Restaurant In Buached

    New staff
  9. New Restaurant In Buached

    There is a new restaurant in Buached with a foreign food and great staff. It is called Pinto, next to the market. Good watering hole.
  10. In order for a foreign spouse to collect SS survivor benefits she would have to reside in US for at least 5 years with her husband after getting married.