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  1. 418 deaths over 7 days = 60 per day. I wonder what the daily average is for every other day of the year that is not one of the seven dangerous days? Seems to me that every day is a dangerous day, and the daily count is probably not far below the Songkran dangerous day count.
  2. Gotta figure that the land there is worth billions, especially when redeveloped into shopping malls and highrises, but unfortunate to see another green area in the center of Bangkok get swallowed up by the concrete jungle.
  3. Who can they mate with? As far as I am concerned, Thai officials can mate with themselves.
  4. Thailand actually does this better than Canada. Beaches have stone property markers that look like milestones to define where the private land starts and where the public beach begins. Unfortunately these often get removed by the property owner. In our native Canada, the high tides leave no definitive marker other than garbage and driftwood.
  5. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    And 119% from 113 cases.
  6. I was particularly impressed by the box full of sex toys on the bed behind them.
  7. I never understand why these stories are news. Returning things that are left in taxis and hotels are just common decency, and in many places are the law. In places like this, the headlines and shocking news would be "Van driver steals 3,300 euros from tourist".
  8. " Sawang Boriboon medics desperately tried to save his life with CPR" reads to me like they were not successful. If the guy survived, and is in the hospital, I hope that he makes a full recovery. Too bad it wasn't the district chief himself that got jolted. If it was him, something might get done.
  9. If the job is something that a foreigner can do and be paid in cash and avoid taxes, the Thai will be paid in cash also. Are you naive enough to believe that every Thai honestly and dutifully reports and pays tax on their cash income?
  10. Heavy rains forecast nationwide

    " Some roads in urban areas are submerged under 30 centimeters of water with pot holes allowing flooding up to 50 centimeters. The roads are no longer able to be driven by personal vehicles " Methinks that roads with 20cm deep potholes were already unable to be driven by personal vehicles before the rain started.
  11. Why do they call it a 10 year visa when in fact it is only a 5 year visa? What will be required after 5 years to obtain a further 5 years? This sounds like a 30 year lease that is "guaranteed renewable" for 2 more periods of 30 years, when there is really no guarantee at all.
  12. Kudos to everyone who replied with useful info and locations to get the boxes. Top honors go to Taiping, who gave me enough info in a private message to find the shop he mentioned, which is on the corner of Ekkamai 16. Great place- exactly what I was looking for. A family operation in a shophouse, with an incredible inventory of electrical stuff. They had exactly what I was after - the white TTM brand boxes with the rubber o-rings, and had them in many shapes and sizes. I know there are probably tons of places like this all over the city, but none in any of my usual routes. It was great to find a place like this that is reasonably close to home without having to schlep all the way to Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Rangsit, etc. which I was prepared to do if this place didn't pan out. I saw lots on the internet as many suggested, but all on Lazada were "Ships From Abroad", which meant a wait of about 3 weeks, same as if order from eBay or Alibaba. I didn't want to wait that long to get them. And, as it turns out, I probably got them a lot cheaper buying them here. 80 baht each... almost felt like I was stealing them! The reasoning behind the white box was purely aesthetic for me. I'm using these for outdoor security cameras, most of which will be up under the soffits of the house. I would have taken grey if they were the first and best that I could find. Definitely not yellow- too ugly and obtrusive, especially for security cameras that I don't really want to make obvious / call attention to. Also- I believe that the yellow stuff is poorer quality as other people have mentioned. Happy day- I'm off to go and play with my new toys!
  13. I'm looking to buy some outdoor weatherproof junction boxes, like this: I've looked in HomePro, Boonthavorn, and all of the other usual places. They either don't have anything like it, or the ones they do have are flimsy crap. I want like this with O-ring gasket. I see these in use everywhere, but where to get them in BKK? Thanks in advance.
  14. Is this news worthy of email bulletin / LINE update, et al? Is there severe weather coming imminently? Or is this just more "posturing" in advance of the rainy season? If the former, some weather / meteorological information would be useful. If the latter, kinda stupid to post this. They are giving up their deniability when the rainy season does hit and the inevitable problems start happening.