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  1. Worgeordie and others are assuming that the passengers entered the taxi in Bangkok at 5 AM with the driver, and went on the long route to Tak and then back to Pattaya. The way I read it is that the driver drove from Bangkok to Tak in the wee hours by himself to pick up the passengers there, where sweet Daeng had taken her big big honey to meet the family and to discuss sinsod arrangements.
  2. Obviously Pattaya Beach. What I find funny (but actually not so funny at all) is that the bucket he is using is an orange "alms / monk bucket". Above all other plastic waste, how does this end up on the beach / in the ocean?
  3. I suppose that a million baht is beyond your remit or conception. In reality it is only slightly more than the value of an economy car. The sale of a premium auto or real estate would generate several millions. The OP is probably going to move around Chiang Mai, move around Thailand and maybe even get on an airplane with this money. With some care and diligence, nothing dangerous or illegal about it. You do realize that Superrich will collect a copy of his passport at the time of transaction. If there is anything untoward, then the authorities can take action. If the money comes from the sale of a property, then taxes and transfer fees have been paid and the government have their slice of the deal. Pay your brother in law 300 THB to hang out around the provincial land office. This is where the big cash deals go down as a matter of course every day. What does being a newbie have anything to do with it? The OP has more than 10X your post count. Methinks you might be trolling. After all, I took the bait, didn't I?
  4. Another good read... Check it out now if you are interested. I suspect that this page will be censored very soon.
  5. It seems that democratic memorials are being obliterated nation-wide. Things that make you go "Hmmmm". Historic Constitution Monument Torn Down In Buriram Constitution Monument Pushed Aside for Rail Line Some more interesting stories in Khaosod English news. Why Was the 1932 Revolution Plaque So Important? Why is Popular Culture Afraid of the 1932 Revolution? Tiny, Faded Marker Looms Large Over Thailand’s Democracy Debate
  6. That's rich. Did they really think that the population is stupid and no one would notice the new plaque sitting in fresh new cement? Of course the people of Thailand have a right to ask and to know what happened. Removing it and the subsequent whitewashing was the first event that could create chaos and disorder. Telling people to stop - with no reasonable explanation is just going to be "Streisand effect" and make them want to push the issue to know even more. It scares me - this could blow up into a massive problem for the kingdom. Perhaps an event like the original plaque commemorates.
  7. Kinda foolish... removing the cameras, and switching the old plaque for a new one in fresh new cement and expecting everyone to buy the story. If they wanted it gone, they should have just ripped it out of the ground in the dark of night and blamed it on scavengers.
  8. It is no surprise that they have cleared out because the ThongLor cops have a a well deserved reputation.
  9. In civilized parts of the world there are laws pertining to "theft by finding". If you find something in a public place, it must be handed in to the police, and if it remains unclaimed after a period of time, then you can collect and keep it. Unfortunately, that wouldn't work in Thailand because the cops would steal it and keep it.
  10. Only 8000? Probably not worth their time, and that is why they know it is not one of them. "Official" payouts to "legitimate" members of their department are not such a paltry sum.
  11. He should have known better than to kick the bear. Especially when the bear has Article 44 in his paws. I'm sure his attitude is adjusted by now.
  12. Good to read that nobody was trapped or injured. I hope that the damage and smoke was contained and that the IT Center at the other end of the complex is unaffected. I truly hate everything about Pantip.
  13. Yes indeed- but you fail to notice that nobody gave him a sufficient answer to the question. I knew that Crossy and / or the others here would provide the expertise in a sensible way.
  14. Outstanding. Much obliged for the info.
  15. I just purchased something called a Skybell and I am trying to get it wired up. Looking for Crossy or one of the other electrically savvy people to help me out. The specification calls for a 12vdc 10va transformer. I understand about the 10 ohm / 10 watt resistor, and have it already. My question is this: Is there a specific 12vdc 10va adapter I need to look for, or can I use a generic 12vdc adapter, and then the required in-line 10ohm resistor is what takes it down to 10va? How many amps should the transformer be? surely not 10 amps? Thanks in advance.