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  1. After market auto parts

    That's good to know.
  2. After market auto parts

    Yes, thank you. So there are some shops like this in Bangkok. I didn't realize this. Having been around some of the bigger cities outside of Bangkok, I had just never seen them. So, I have been in the parts supply chain business for a few decades. I was just wondering then if it works in Bangkok why wouldn't there be regional outlets? Too old to even think about this, but it would seem to be a decent business idea.
  3. After market auto parts

    OK I tried the Google search, wasn't much use. Are you saying there are retailers of aftermarket auto parts in Thailand. Could you link them? I am not referring to wreckers. But, for instance, you could go in the US to NAPA auto parts and get a new, non OEM replacement part for much less than a dealer. In North America sources like this were the primary source of replacement parts for backyard mechanics and small repair shops die to the cost savings. I would have thought there would be a market in Thailand for this and was just wondering if there was a reason they don't seem to exist. Is it the import duties or are there legal restrictions?
  4. I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be any kind of after market for auto parts in Thailand. For my truck, the little pump for the windshield washer failed. Nowhere to get a replacement but Nissan. They would only sell the entire tank assembly. This week an o-ring went on the gear shifter. The mechanic said Nissan wouldn't sell an o-ring only the assembly. We'll work around that, but it seems there would be a market for this type of store. In the US there are multiple after market parts dealers and you can even order online. Is there a reason there doesn't seem to be any in Thailand?
  5. Sometimes you just have to wonder. 10 years for vapes? Same as playing cards. I have a friend who was inquiring about bringing replacement cards for a bridge club. Nope, more than 120 cards and you risk the same 10 years. It is time for legislators, when they get them, to go through the laws and seriously study whether they make sense. In the meantime, I'll be sure I always have underwear on and a shirt while driving.
  6. It's more PR less like the old saying that a lock only stops honest people. The TM 6 basically does nothing to people who want to beat the system. They'll just lie about where they are going to stay. All other information is available on the passport. So maybe they could use their manpower more efficiently. Thai citizens and long stay foreigners already have their information on file. As for visitors, perhaps all their passports could be pre-screened from airline passenger logs and only those deemed necessary of further scrutiny be stopped and questioned. That should be able to be automated so it can be done electronically and those with "flagged" passports could be intercepted. If they got rid of all the other nonsense for ex-pats it would also free up manpower to actually go after bad guys. If you have complied with the rules for a sufficient period of time, perhaps it would be appropriate to say "notify us of any changes and report once every, say, 3-5 years so we can verify." I'm not holding my breath. This intense bureaucracy and massive paperwork seems to be embedded
  7. Maybe that's it as the Canadian embassy will also accept an affidavit. But the strange part is they seem to be only verifying the stamp/signature from the embassy. As I said, it seems to make no sense at all since even that doesn't seem to be required everywhere. It's Thailand, so they get to enforce their laws as they see fit. But if it is "Thai Immigration" you'd think there would be the same regulations everywhere and a website that could explain them. On a previous discussion on the same topic Ubonjoe who is an expert on this, I believe, stated that nowhere is there a requirement for a stamp from Chaeng Wattana. I don't mind adhering to the rules, I'd just like to know what the rules are.
  8. As far as I am aware if the letter is in English, no translation necessary. Other languages, I don't know.
  9. http://wikimapia.org/2236424/Department-of-Consular-Affairs
  10. Yes. Last year at Hua Hin it was reported that not all nationalities were being required to do it. Not sure which ones and I don't know if Tha Yang is also being selective. Forgot to ask the IO.
  11. This is the form you need to send in. Also a copy of the passport photo page, visa page and I included the departure card. Sign the copies. Another funny little thing. The immigration officer came out to the house today to take photos of himself and us together. Last year I was told I should change shirts in the pictures. This year he said they wouldn't need a follow up visit if the wife also changed shirts. Very Pythonesque :-)
  12. As promised. I hope this photo is readable.
  13. Ok, little update from the exciting 14 hour trip to Chaeng Wattana. Handed all the documents in and paid and was told to return at 2:30. There is basically squat to do there so I showed up at the designated counter at 2 hoping to get the stamped letter a little early. Since we had up to a 5 hour trip back home. Nobody waiting at the counter, but was told to come back at 2:30. When I came back, just in time to hear my name called, there was between 100-150 people queued up. Anyway, that gave me time to go and talk to a very nice information lady who took a lot of trouble to help. She dug up a paper that said that I could mail the documents in with a 400 baht processing fee and 60 baht to cover postage, so hopefully this is my last trip there. Given that it is, apparently, only 2 days to get the letter mailed, in retrospect I should have just paid 60 baht and went back home immediately. This, of course, is in direct contradiction to what I was told last year at the local immigration office and by a not so nice information lady at Chaeng Wattana who told me I could have them mailed out but I had to show up in person to have them processed. But, good to know if they can manage to stick by the same rules for a full year. I'll try to post a photo of the form tomorrow. Right now, its a cold brew and bed.
  14. Really ubonjoe? Maybe the head honcho from HH is heading Petchaburi now. Yes, I know what it is for, just doesn't make much sense. I wish I could just mail the letter in to be verified but I was told this was not possible last year. I'll check again. The problem is at my embassy I can only get a letter in the morning and then it is too late to get through the zoo in Chaeng Wattana. So its a 2 day routine.
  15. Just a heads up for anybody getting an extension in the new Petchaburi Immigration office at Tha Yang. I asked when I was getting a reentry permit about 5 months ago if I needed to get my income letter from the Canadian Embassy authorised by the DFA in Chaeng Wattana as Hua Hin immigration required last year so I could get it done when I returned through Bangkok. I was told no, if I did of last year, I didn't need to do it this year. So today, off to Immigration, everything done, handed over the 1900 baht. Then they said I had to get the letter stamped by the DFA. Apparently this lunacy has migrated from Hua Hin. When I asked why they told me no before, the explanation was a retirement extension only requires a stamp one time but a marriage extension must be done every year. Huh!! The reason quoted last year was that people had been forging income letters. So you can forge it for marriage but not retirement? This is crazy. Now I think there's 4 offices only in Thailand that requires this. A friend just got his extension last week in Udon Thank without any of this nonsense. Now its compounded with some income letters needing a stamp, others not. I could actually see a one time verification. But when your on a pension and return the next year with a letter from your embassy confirming the same pension, what exactly are the chances that you're cheating? I forgot to ask if this was for all nationalities because, apparently in Hua Hin some were exempt. More logic. Oh well, off to Chaeng Wattana. I'd try inquiring at a high level about this but I'm afraid they'd consider it nation wide instead of getting rid of this nonsense.