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  1. In BC, Canada a trip of around 60kms is around 400 baht for an adult, cheaper for kids. Admittedly its not a fast ferry. But for a 110 km in Thailand to cost 1250 baht seems a bit much. Last trip to Pattaya (lightest traffic I've ever seen, mind you) it took me about 4 hours to Chaam. Not significantly more than the ferry when you factor in getting there, boarding/unboarding etc. A round trip for the wife and I would be 5000 baht. That isn't any incentive for me to take it. Certainly not for a Thai family who can pack 15 people in the pickup :-) I'd never take a minivan again but the bus, at around 400 baht seems like a better alternative than this ferry. Unfortunately, I think of is limited service although I guess you could go to Suvarnabhumi and transfer. So I would think, at these prices, the ferry will only appeal to a limited number of tourists and I really don't like its chances of survival. Too bad, it would be great if there was an economic ferry service from major urban areas to explore the different islands etc.
  2. I understand the wish to stop cagro bed riders as it is many times more dangerous than riding in the cab, but this edict is ridiculous departure from established practice. Perhaps a sensible first step would be ban cargo riders on main highways enabling local transportation. Likewise, make extended cab truck manufacturers put rear seatbelts on all new models and enforce fines for not using them while not enforcing the rule on trucks that didn't come equipped with them. This was how it was implemented in North America years ago where older cars didn't have rear seatbelts. But the glaring inconsistencies are nearly absurd. Songthaews are OK, so if you put benches in the back of a truck you can carry people there but not in the cab without seatbelts? Are public buses going to make all passengers buckle up? And I guess that forbids people standing. Trains? No bathroom breaks. As others have pointed out, I have seen entire families riding on a motorbike with no helmets and this is where they choose to start safety measures. Maybe its a response to the horrendous truck/mini-van crash that left 25 dead. But a significant number of them burned to seat while trapped in the van. Pulling them out if they were strapped in wouldn't have been any easier. How about some sensible things like: Daylight running lights. Actual patrol cars to ticket speeders, weavers and tailgaters. Separate u-turns for each direction. Heavy vehicle safety checks and log books for professional drivers (there was an edict about using GPS on mini-van drivers, but I never heard of it since) Professional driver training and significant penalties for professional drivers if they break road laws. Just like the seat belt change these could be gradually introduced and enforced.
  3. Clearly this guy had some serious issues. The passport retention is, apparently, what put him over the edge. There are ways of dealing with that without stabbing somebody and jumping off a roof. As was mentioned earlier, thebpolice seem to have done everything they could deserve recognition of that. The only good thing I can think of is he was using a bamboo stick and not a gun so this didn't end up as the typical murder/suicide.
  4. And if the vehicles in the opposition direction do the same? Nobody ever moves.
  5. These people were friends of a friend. This U-turn is dangerous as the traffic on the highway is usually doing 120+. Its another one of those 2 way turns where your line of sight becomes blocked by vehicles turning from the opposite direction.
  6. I love this. Somehow the clowns got from whether Canadian citizens suffer terrorist attacks and needless firearm homicides to the great overwhelming question of whether Canadian squeegee kids spend the money on pot. And, I hope they do just to piss you clowns off. That, is your greatest concern with Canada? Don't worry that those squeegee kids can walk into a hospital and get treatment for leukemia.,.worry more that the quarter you toss them for cleaning your windshield will help pay for a joint for them and their friends. As an old friend used to say to me "give your head a shake". And if you don't want to do that, try Google!
  7. You were debating?
  8. Yeah, had to go work Winnipeg after 30 years in Vancouver. Welcome to Canada. My first week it hit -52C. Absolutely right...if you've never experienced it you have no idea. Started taking holidays as far away as I could...Thailand is 12 time zones from Winnipeg. Left here +35C and landed to -35C. Stopped the return trip as soon as I could :-) Its better here eh? :-)
  9. Spoken like a true tight wing shill. Those 7 countries were identified years ago because of documentation issues. The 2 year screening process pretty much eliminates it. And you're right, many Muslim countries at not affected including the ones responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Of course, the Trump Organization has business ties with many of them. This has nothing to do with securing the country since you will be unable to find one instance of a terrorist attack by a citizen of those 7 countries on US soil in the last 25 years. It is a publicity stunt went horribly wrong. Every study shows legal immigrants much less likely to commit crimes than the native population. They, strangely, only want a better life and try harder to abide by the laws since the threat of deportation is always there. But getting back to the original topic, perhaps actions like this that openly discriminate against a given religious group (probably in violation of the US Constitution) is why America faces problems that Canada doesn't.
  10. The topic was Canada, I gave an opinion as a Canadian. I am unaware of the situation in Sweden. I will say, that there are limits on how many refugees a country can accommodate in a given time frame. If they can not be integrated with the greater society and end up in racially separated ghettoes and are subject to discrimination by current residents of a country, it is very likely that problems will ensue. Canada has integrated millions of immigrants from many countries and cultures successfully. It hasn't always been smooth. As I said before, perhaps this is because the inclusion of other cultures is seen as an enhancement to the country rather than a threat. As long as immigrants abide by the rule of the secular law in place, they're welcome. Olbermann did a great piece on exactly this.
  11. Speaking as a Canadian, I think the answer may lie in a greater tolerance of other cultures. There is not the inherent need to categorize the society as Christian as there seems to be in the US. Unfortunately, a lot of "Christians" in America are anything but or they wouldn't be against helping destitute refugees. Couple this attitude with US military forays in Muslim nations and you have a high level of antagonism towards the US government. Their decisions to support despots like the Shah of Iran, Hussein and the Saudi dictators has led to a revolt against those dictators, and against America. Unfortunately, the leaders of the revolt were fundamentalist religious fanatics. Apart from all of that, besides 9/11 the great majority of terrorist actions in the US we're by US citizens. They had easy access to automatic weapons to accomplish these acts. In Canada, this is just not so. And we don't have the 10,000 gun homicides that the US has as a consequence. Of course, much like Thailand explains away its road death toll with bizarre explanations there are those in the US who chant "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Eddie Izzard did a piece on putting Charlton Heston in a house full of monkeys with machine guns but maybe this sums it up :-)
  12. Used to make my own beer in U-brews in Canada. High end operation, imported all the hops etc. from abroad. It was wonderful. Made great ales, stouts etc. for the same price as Bud <deleted> . I wish they'd open something like that here. The big breweries think everyone wants to drink their crappy lagers and imported ales etc are very expensive.
  13. I agree with the above post. I realize it is harder in urban areas, but it is possible to reduce waste to nearly nothing in rural areas. For cities the first step has to be eliminating all the plastic that gets foisted on you here. Then having separate bins for organics and recyclables (maybe as a carrot you don't charge for pickup of these, only garbage to encourage sorting). But, in our own home, waste organics are composted, the dogs eat meat scraps, bottles, cardboard and plastic bottles are recycled. We generate, virtually no waste that has to go to a dump. All of this is completely possible for most people living in rural areas.
  14. I hope they don't get any larger punishment for damaging a piece of fabric than that girl did for killing 9 people with her car. Maybe they can even ask to do their community service in a location of their choice, like their own country :-)
  15. When they took away the old criminals from the Pattaya Bridge Club. So these police pickups are going to be illegal? :-)