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  1. About $3 billion a year? Cool when the Crown Prince buys himself a $2 billion yacht. The national wealth these 5000 organized criminals who justify their theft with royal titles have stolen runs in the trillions. Sometimes even the Mafia splurged a little.
  2. I hope if that's true she will be happy in Canada instead of being stoned to death for her sexual preferences. Am I misreading your intent?
  3. I congratulate Trudeau, with whom I have many differences on this. I get a bit tired of the false rhetoric on illegal immigrants. They are asylum seekers who cross the border illegally but under Canadian and international law if they present themselves for processing they are not illegal immigrants. The last number I read was 24,000 last year of which 90% are expected to be rejected. It is true that having people flee the self proclaimed "world's greatest democracy" is slightly ludicrous but the Big Orange Bigot taking away temporary protection status from people like Haitians. As far as SA and economics, the while thing was triggered when they sentenced a reporter to a flogging for criticizing MBS. His family lives in Montreal and Canada objected to the abuse of human rights. SA is sensitive to that and overreacted. I'm not going to criticize Canada for standing up to a guy who cuts up journalists. Canada now has more high tech immigrants than silicone valley and plans to bring in 1 million people to fill suitable jobs. A comprehensive program of affordable education in those areas would be a great idea for Canadians already resident. I agree the indigenous people have been treated abysmally and that needs fixing fast. Locking in oil only helps MBS and Putin and hurts Canada. But, I hope, their will be more future scrutiny of which regimes the American arms manufacturer based in Canada sell its products to. If Canada doesn't get a dime in Saudi money going forward, it wouldn't bother me a bit.