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  1. I used to complain about the high price of bad wine here. Then they raised price by another 30% or more. It worked! I don't complain anymore. Judging by the local Makro display where the same 2 boxes are missing for 3 weeks now. I think a lot of others are also not complaining. I fully expect the lack of sales and profits will induce the usual response...another price hike. I wonder what happens to all that wine when it's shelf life ends.
  2. Psychic

    International flights begin at Hua Hin airport

    Hope they expand into more Thailand locations as well as other neighbouring countries.
  3. Psychic

    YET ANOTHER Beer Tax Hike?

    I'm with you. Actually, just got back from Canada where I was drinking IPA's, porters and stouts for essentially the same price as the swill they call beer here. It had, a few years ago, the benefit of being cheap swill. So, along with not buying the overpriced pseudo wines I am now not buying the overpriced beer. Since, I assume, most of the cost is tax the government has substantially reduced my contribution to the national finances. :-)
  4. Psychic

    YET ANOTHER Beer Tax Hike?

    Yes congratulation Thai government. The wife used to have a glass of wine or two every evening. So, the government got their share of the already outrageous tax. When she saw the price increase she said no more. 1000 baht for 3L of that boxed swill is ridiculous. And total tax donations from us has shrunk to a nice round zero. I heard Thailand was considering joining the TPP. Would that mean they'd allow actual real wine from the producing countries in duty free? I'll believe that when I see it...the oligopolies don't want anyone eating their pie. But a glass of that crappy wine in a restaurant was going for 150 baht. Now I guess it will be 200 plus. Good luck with that, its more expensive than most western countries where you don't drink a fruit juice mix. Another brilliantly conceived plan.
  5. Psychic

    What type of pool

    Its going to be a few years for me. But I'm looking at a natural swimming pool...cleaned by plants in an other pool area then aerated and replaced back in the swimming pond. No tiling etc. Just a plastic liner. No chemicals/salt filter etc. And they can look very nice and natural. I might end up going with a fibreglass liner for the main pool just for simplicity. There is a video on YouTube of someone in Thailand having one installed. As always, the price will depend on size, aesthetics etc. But they should come in a good deal cheaper than a regular in ground pool.
  6. Love Stanhope. Just not sure this is the time and place. Dont mention alcohol brands, Doug. :-)
  7. Psychic

    7-Eleven To Sell Cans Of Thai Craft Beer

    It's a shame really that Thailand insists on granting a virtual monopoly to the manufacturers of the crap that passes for beer here and throttling domestic manufacturing of good quality craft beer. My understanding is that craft brewers have to export their beer and re-import it paying the ridiculous tariffs instead of selling it directly in Thailand. It makes the pricing ridiculous. It wouldn't be so bad if the major manufacturers would produce a decent ale, stout or porter. But they have no interest in that and the powers that be don't seem to want any challenge to their monopoly. The rise in craft brewing in North America was one of the greatest things to happen there. There are thousands of little breweries experimenting with different recipes and holding expositions to compete. A beer festival in Thailand. Leo, Singh's, Chang. What you like!
  8. But in bizarro land, if I remember correctly, you cannot sit in the back of a cab but if you install seats in the truck bed as in songthaews its OK to sit there. Maybe I'll tie a plastic chair to the bed and have the kid sit there. Makes as much sense of the police seeming to only require the driver of a motorcycle to wear a helmet while the 3 passengers are fine without one. I'd like to see numbers for the number of people who died in the back seat of a pickup compared to all those who died in the back seat of minibuses driven by lunatics. Doubtless there needs to be serious consideration given to road safety. But this a strange place to start.
  9. Psychic

    Moving to Cha Am in the New Year.

    Depends on budget etc. Have a friend right now renting a townhouse near the hospital for 4000B. Some others come for the winter and rent hotel rooms near the beach for 10-20,000. I much prefer Chaam to Hua Hin. Its quieter, cheaper etc. But not much nightlife and I keep waiting for a Makro or something like it to open.
  10. Psychic

    New legislation Smoke-Free along the beach

    I was just thinking I was sorry for not taking a photo in Chaam yesterday. It is disgusting following the weekend Bangkok day trips. And they're worried about cigarette butts!
  11. Every Wednesday they close the seating areas to clean up the beach. It seems to have gotten very bad in the last few days. No, they don't clean it. And you could count the number of foreigners on the beach recently on one hand. When they do come they usually sit on the rental seats and the renters are usually pretty good about giving you a container to put your garbage and butts in. But on Mondays after the weekend "mat" parties there is bottles, plastic, food containers etc. If they are going to actually have police on the beach just start fining people who leave their trash and walk away. There is no need to get all heavy handed on what you can do. But there needs to be a sense of responsibility instilled. Come, enjoy and then clean up your mess.
  12. Cool. Now when they arrest somebody for having a beer or a smoke they can check down his swim suit and nail him for no underwear and maybe even failing to have his passport. Ka-ching!
  13. Good, have the "litter" police on beaches. Since I don't believe it is the smoking that is the issue but the cigarette butts, then use those upright guardians of the law that are being assigned to the beaches for this to monitor everything. If you put down a picnic mat and leave Styrofoam food containers, plastic bags and bottles and glass bottles in your wake then you should be fined relative to your pollution. Cigarette butt...2000 baht. Plastic bag.......4000 baht. Plastic bottle...10,000 baht. Food in Styrofoam...7500 baht. Horse droppings.....1000 per kilo. Collect all those fines and use the money to buy sealed garbage containers and pay people to empty them regularly. Never going to happen. When I've went swimming around there it wasn't cigarette butts that were a big problem but all the other crap the tide washes out. And mentioning this to several falang who live in the HH area, they said there are people who walk the beaches and clean up on a volunteer basis. Most of them aren't Thai. I used to smoke. I'd put the butt out and dump it in the garbage bin if I was on the beach. I did the same with any other garbage I produced. Its not a difficult thing to master. It disgusts me after a Thai holiday to look at the garbage that is left on the beach. Just roll up the mat and leave everything there. I've said for a long time they need police monitoring and fining people who do this, at least until it becomes ingrained that it is unacceptable. Smokers aren't the big problem, but if it leads to policing those people who think it is OK to leave their trash on the beach it might actually be a good thing.
  14. Made the mistake of stopping for a pedestrian in HH once. He was nearly killed when he, wrongly, assumed the other lane would stop. Its like stopping for a motorbike already in a roundabout. Its the right thing to do but there'll probably be a dead motorcyclist if he assumes everyone will apply the rules of the road.
  15. "It's for health reasons". So the alcoholic drink recommended by my doctor to the wife and I for high cholesterol (red wine )receives the biggest tax increase. The most dangerous, modified diesel fuel (Lao Khao) gets the smallest. Since most Thai drinkers I know will drink more LK and less beer if beer gets too expensive and never drink wine at all, I suspect I know the targets of this tax increase. Those of us that live here will have to make do with whatever is imposed. Tourists are a different matter. I am hearing glowing reports about Vietnam. Apparently some areas have massive influxes of Russians. Raising "sin taxes" will have one inevitable outcome. It will drive away the "sinners". I doubt there are enough high spending Chinese or top end tourists to substitute. And I assume even those will start heading to cheaper, cleaner places. There are multiple places globally that can now offer what Thailand used to, cheap, safe, clean holidays. But for western tourists, it is still a long flight. And flying the same amount of time can usually lead to somewhere that is at least equivalent to a Thai vacation. If it becomes considerably less expensive that will be their choice.