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  1. Also not mentioned is that the track also holds a large number of corporate days. It is the only FIA grade 1 and FIM grade A circuit in Thailand. The only controversy is that Valentino Rossi has described it as boring to ride. I should also add that the Buriram airport terminal is only able to hold 300 passengers. You'll be lucky to find any accomodation with 60km of Buriram for this event. Rooms in houses have been going for 1500b a night.
  2. Right thats me out of here. Anyone know which countries allow this so I can organise my move or is a farang having a wank deemed as taking away a job from a Thai ?
  3. tso310

    Congratulations to Buriram FC

    Wake Up, I actually think Bangkok Utd are the most attractive team to watch in Thailand. As far as resources are concerned its simply down to the owners pocket. I don't know how much clubs get from True. I see that your team is currently averaging 3,000 people a game. Late payment of players is supposed to be rife. Last season Sisaket lost most of their foreign players and staff in the summer break due to non payment of salaries. Pos Team Total High Low Average Change 1 Buriram United 185,430 30,011 6,294 11,589 −16.6% 2 SCG Muangthong United 118,013 12,721 5,315 7,868 −10.7% 3 Nakhon Ratchasima 122,104 17,319 1,465 7,632 +36.0% 4 Suphanburi 76,559 13,156 1,559 5,104 −32.9% 5 Bangkok Glass 73,948 8,896 3,247 4,930 −7.1% 6 Chonburi 65,134 7,801 2,871 4,342 +23.1% 7 Sukhothai 63,899 6,475 2,423 4,260 −0.8% 8 Port 64,995 6,629 2,040 4,062 −3.5% 9 PT Prachuap 59,239 4,979 3,127 3,949 +172.5%† 10 Chiangrai United 57,744 10,054 1,238 3,609 −44.8% 11 Ratchaburi Mitr Phol 47,603 4,374 1,979 3,174 −13.8% 12 Chainat Hornbill 48,190 5,656 2,219 3,012 +119.2%† 13 Bangkok United 47,186 8,205 1,410 2,949 +3.3% 14 Navy 40,939 4,903 1,648 2,729 −11.4% 15 Pattaya United 42,793 5,500 1,616 2,675 −24.0% 16 Police Tero 38,787 4,540 1,467 2,586 +42.4% 17 Ubon UMT United 39,450 5,272 1,225 2,466 −23.4% 18 Air Force Central 33,676 6,756 1,009 2,105 −42.1%† League total 1,225,689 30,011 1,009 4,393 −4.6% The money for FA and League cups round wins is frankly a joke. With the league dropping to 16 teams next season thus 5 being relegated this season, 3 up still, clubs have definitely cut back this season. I think salary demands for Coelho was the reason Buriram did not take up an option to buy him. He was on loan from a Belgium club. The other rule change occurring for next season is that up to 3 ASEAN players will be allowed on the pitch, currently 1. So with 1 Asian Conference, 3 Asean and 3 Farang (for want of a better term) you could conceivably only have 4 Thai players on the pitch per side. Thailand did well to get into the last Asian Conference World Cup qualifying but the lake of decent strikers and central defenders was very obvious. Which positions do clubs fill with farangs ? Virtually all Thai Premier League clubs fill these positions with primarily Brazilian and African players. Big and strong. Right that's enough from me. The current poor general organisation of Thai football annoys me. A few years ago it was doing well but well reminds one of what has happened to Thai Air. BTW Thailand,s best FIFA ranking was as high as 43 in 1998. Currently 111 but up from a low of 165 in 2014 which I think was due to political problems at the time. Doug
  4. .. on yet another League title following Bangkok Utds shock home defeat yesterday. Meanwhile we can all look forward to another exciting season in 2019 with more changes to the league which do not address attendances dropping or the helping the financial distress of a number of clubs continuing.
  5. The 3 A340-500s still in storage since 2014. Readers will remember that they actually had a decent offer a couple of years ago from a private Middle East buyer to convert them to VIP. Turned down by Thai and at a time when nobody airline wanted this type of a/c not even the Iranians.
  6. Yet more plastic pollution in Thailand. Should be using something more natural like leather or so I'm told.
  7. Can't agree with you more. You can chart the whole sorry mess Thai is in back to when Thai and TAC were merged. Thai slowly went from being a true 5 star airline to the confused mess it is today. As was said in a previous Thai thread, they should do what MAS did and get a foreigner with a proven track record in this industry and sort this sorry mess out.
  8. tso310

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    The answers are correct after you have factored in the tea money.
  9. Looking forward to some enterprising UK Indians setting up corner shops here. They can teach the locals a thing or two.
  10. Are the farmers fully aware of the risks and have they been advised about covering their body when using and washing themselves after ?
  11. Whatever his nationality, which is irrelevant to the story, the guy is a jerk and deserves what he's got.