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  1. Further to my post I should add that it was based on marriage, photo copies of certificate and her Thai id. Also done at Queens Gate and a ME. Picked up my passport the next day.
  2. I got my Non-O in September. Under 65 and retired. No state pension but just showed private pension statement. Also had bank statements as a back up but they didn't seem interested. Also had a return ticket for March.
  3. She can always get another Thai to help her with filling out the imm card or even a Brit, nice smile works wonders. When it comes to imm probably easiest if she shows her passport to one of the officials at the entrance of the hall and they will point her to the correct queue. Wrong queue might cause her to be set to the back of the correct queue. There used to be telephones in arrival area in the terminal for contacting immigration. Don't know if they are still there.
  4. tso310

    Roadside airplanes

    Can I suggest that it is not a Transal C-160 but a CASA CN-235. Its those 6 blades that made me think it might not be a C-160 although there may have been a prop upgrade but I could ot find any ref to one.