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  1. How are you using Kodi?

    Sorry to keep asking questions but you are the only person I know who has managed to get the iPlayer working on 17 using Android so interested to know what device, os and if possible to take screenshots of the settings in Android as I and many others have been looking for a solution. Thanks As for the skin just checking every angle.
  2. How are you using Kodi?

    Is this windows?
  3. How are you using Kodi?

    This is good news, if possible can you take screenshots of your settings for the iPlayer, proxy settings etc. Thanks. And is that the Confluence skin? Edit: the most important question that I forget to ask, which platform as it looks like windows?
  4. How are you using Kodi?

    Catch-up is a general term for many providers hence the request to confirm, We all get to that screen in Kodi 17 but no streams play, can you play a stream? And are you using out side the UK without a VPN or other? Seriously interested to know as I have found no one who can used on 17 and even the developer has acknowledged the problem and tells users to only use 16.
  5. How are you using Kodi?

    By catchup do you mean iPlayer addon? Just tried again and still not working on 17.1
  6. How are you using Kodi?

    Assuming Android platform Use Kodi 17 and SPMC for the 16.x version. The play store will only update 16 to 17 and not allow both. I use Minix XBMC version 16.3 to get round this as I have a Minix box. They will be separate entities and if like me you will only install the iPlayer on the 16 version and use 17 for everything else.
  7. How are you using Kodi?

    Still not working on Kodi 17, I also have Minix 16.3 installed only for the iPlayer all other addons now on 17. No work around yet and Mikey doesn't seem to be in any hurry to update if indeed he can.
  8. International Internet Performance Issues

    I agree I think this is impacting NEW subscribers on VDSL and it is common knowledge that 3BB are killing off ADSL and transferring unwitting existing ADSL customers as it rolls out. As for the OP on Fiber maybe it is called something different and hopefully someone with a similar setup will have specific info on the Posters needs but it seems [email protected] on VDSL is required for international streaming especially in the evenings. Day time works OK. A bit off topic but Maybe someone knows the answer to this: Does VDSL make it easier for the ISP to "control" your service as opposed to the old ADSL?
  9. International Internet Performance Issues

    From my limited experience so far it looks like the inter package probably reduces or eliminates international throttling as opposed to boosting speed. Don't know about long time subscribers but the [email protected] seems to be essential if you want low or buffer free international streaming and for anyone about to decide on their ISP should factor this in to the cost.
  10. International Internet Performance Issues

    I have 3BB 50/20 VDSL and international traffic (streaming) is excessively throttled in the evening yet all speedtests including test my.net indicate fast speeds at the same time. A VPN had zero effect! Streaming from Thailand sites are not affected. Now enquiring on [email protected] add on package for 200 baht + tax and will report back on any outcome. You will need to contact 3BB for availability on Fiber packages. Call 1530 and select English.
  11. I will add that I have a Visa "debit" ATM card with Kasikorn and it does not work as a debit card. The Kasikorn card doesn't have my name on it only something like "privileged member" and was issued immediately, my Be 1st card does have my name on it and I had to wait a week for issue. It came with a sizeable transaction limit that can be altered by calling the bank. The card arrived at the bank in a sealed envelope with PIN in protective slip. Here in Thailand a "debit" card does not necessarily mean it is a debit card and can only be used as an ATM card.
  12. I've got the Be 1st VISA debit card and have used on Aliexpress and EBay via Paypal. I also had the card registered with Verified by Visa (tip from a Thaivisa member) and booked UK return flights. The Union Pay version being unfairly & wrongly forced on some is useless.
  13. Standard passbook with ATM Savings account plus online banking. The website should tell what you can have and do with your specific fixed account. I also thought a fixed account meant no penalty free withdrawals or debits questioning the need for any kind of debit card on that type of account.
  14. I requested and received the visa debit card only last week. They are available with no restrictions as detailed on their website. Unfortunately for yourself ,and others I should add, once informed that "you can not have or not have" you are effectively stuffed as they back themselves into a corner and would rather lose your business than change their answer.
  15. Is having a credit card instead of a debit card worth the hassle?