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  1. She was only a remainer as she did not want to appear disloyal to the then leader Cameron and scupper her future prospects. She then went into hiding during the campaign earning the nickname of submarine. Boris is an opportunist who dithered about being a brexiteer or a remainer until he saw the chance to advance his own leadership prospects. I despair if this intelligent clown is the future.
  2. I purchased a condo off plan several years ago and the price was based on the advertised area of the condo. The purchase contract stated that the final area may increase or decrease based on the the Land Office calculation. When I received the ownership document the final area was less than that advertised and I contacted the developer to claim the appropriate refund. Eventually I received the refund in full including the small overpayment on sinking fund and maintenance.
  3. sandy102uk

    Reduced tolerance to alcohol

    My tolerance to alcohol fell after I reached 71. My blood tests are normal but I reduced my intake to accommodate the change and now have 3 or 4 alcohol free days a week. I still have a drink the other days and feel fine. It's all about getting used to being old.
  4. Shirley Bassey Kelvin Hall Glasgow 1974. What a performer!
  5. Everytime I hear the word crackdown here I crackup.
  6. The nice blue flash when you remove an electric plug from a socket. Bum gun