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  1. The only confusion between these two agencies is how to carve up the contents of the latest brown envelope delivery.
  2. Thank you guys, that makes sense. Prior to yesterday I had excellent AIS reception, here at home in the rice paddies, and they have obviously just activated the TOT partnership here so now I have 5 bars on both with the option.
  3. I normally use AIS 3G/4G Lite Network ---- This morning, I noted on access to my phone (Galaxy J7), it had connected, through a ROAMING function, to AIS-T and told me I had the option of 2 networks. I tried to manually secure the phone to just the one network to no avail. On power recycle it defaulted to a roaming function with AIS-T. Can anyone tell me what is going on here? The web site says something in Thai about TOT 3G??? Thank you in advance.
  4. So now it's the NACC's turn to run with the ball! Great excuse to add any number months of delay to at least get this fiasco past another (September) deadline. They managed to get this guy home OK so what's the fuss?
  5. How can the average Thai be held accountable for reconciliation when they are not in the pecking order to receive a Brown Envelope from Red Bull so as to maintain Boss's freedom. Spare me days! As every for every one of them this man gets richer. Anyone seen an audit on the good general's wealth lately?
  6. No one can convince me that the good general is not aware what is going on here! Big Brown Envelopes - no more needs to be said!
  7. That photo DOES NOT do justice to MOST of the damaged sidewalks in Bangkok (or the rest of the country for that matter). I walk with my head down figuring a collision with a pedestrian/motor cycle (sic) will be less painful than a broken leg OR worse!
  8. Before the Udon Thani Immigration office (who readily accept mailed reports) opened we had to deal with Nong Khai (back then it was a hive of the most intolerable men and woman working the Thai Immigration organization). They, in their wisdom, refused to accept mailed reports after many years of doing so. Me - I bit the bullet and sent em in anyway using my EMS receipt of proof that the report had been submitted - Great thing with EMS is someone has to sign for it = my report served to them = it never bit me on the arse. I believe that somewhere in the system there is a rule which states if you can prove the 90 day report was sent there is no penalty! Who cares if they do not want to issue a receipt?
  9. Agreed, there is no point. IMHO:- Their families (wives, children, parents etc.) and aquaintenses should be IMMEDIATELY deported back to their country of origin. These pricks may not care about their own lives BUT may think twice if the consequences of their actions falls on their loved ones! May not be politically correct but better their families suffer rather than the innocent.
  10. Just spent 30 minutes trying to find a note in this site to an Australian headline! Looks to me like this guy wants control for the next 20 years?
  11. Definitely unproven and mostly unsuccessful technology, they may get a few local showers but it will not relieve a drought situation:- BUT in saying that and for fearing a 70/35 year jail sentence I ain't saying any more! Be careful what you write.
  12. Heading West yes but East no. Coming out and turning right onto this road there are no warnings. Anyone unfamiliar with the location would assume they are in a rural area. We were pinged and photoed from behind!
  13. With out a doubt I find driving anywhere in Australia a relaxing experience after a 6 month stay here in Thailand. BUT: There are NO end of occasions where the governments, of ALL states, come up with a new initiative/excuse to screw their tax payers/drivers over - this is the latest from Victoria:- Makes you wonder if "ambulance chasing" lawyers aren't going to be matched by radar equipped Traffic Fine contractors! During my last trip to South Australia; on returning from visiting my elderly mother, we (my sister driving) were pinged doing 62 kmh (fine =AUD $423.00) in a so called 50 kmh zone on a rural road in the middle of no where (long straight road out of Strathalbyn) - It is a country area with fencing and cattle - NOT built up residential - So why the zoning = revenue raising! Beware this type of crap goes on all over the state of S.A. There is much more but RANT over for now! I know why I spend 10 months of the year (past 17 years) here in Thailand. Just sick of being screwed over.
  14. IMHO - Even based on the excessive Immigration queues, on arrival, Swampy does not warrant this rating. Get that sorted and I'll place it in the top 10 --- NOT BOTTOM 10
  15. This is a great photo! Blind Freddy can see the "Cladding" should have been made out of the same material that supported it and not some sort of combustible plastic. The "ambulance chasing" law firms must be chaffing at the bit!