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  1. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    Makes me think the leader of Thailand and the USA are OFF their (similar) meds!
  2. Back before buying my 1st car here I hired from Budget in BKK on a regular bases to drive up here to Udon Thani. My Australian license was good enough for them and never a problem when stopped at a check point. So where is the problem for tourists who are normally here on a 30 day "stamped in on arrival" basis? AND as someone said "International Drivers License" is a joke!
  3. Take a look at the FACTS before making obscure observations! The 1st officer is telling him he is heading North after 1 360 deg turn ??? It should have been South then during a terrain warning he calls it as faulty (his last words). I'm pointing out the Thai mind set whether it be on the ground or in the air!
  4. The idiots driving the taxis and buses we are passengers in are not just confined to the ground, the mind set is there everywhere. Take a look at the National Geographic Channel (TrueVisions Channel 558) and look at Air Crash Investigations episode "The Lost Plane" currently being featured. When your finished think carefully with whom you fly with as well. That Captain should have never been given a license to ride a push bike let alone fly a Thai International Airbus A310, slamming it into a mountain near Kathmandu!
  5. My 23 yo step daughter graduated from a collage 6 months ago, here in Udon Thani, with certificates in mathematics and accountancy. During the 5 year study period she did "intern" work with a number of banks and Nok Air, all gave her glowing reports and she has applied for employment with all - BUT ALAS - nothing. We had Big C open a new store in our Amphore of Ban Dung - 2000 applicants for 250 positions. Results = Employees from over the road at Tesco were 'white anted' automatically put on other positions required at least 10000 Baht (graft) application fee to the Management, the greater payers were given the jobs. No education history was considered = Effin pricks! If we were in the know I would have payed to give her a kick start into the workforce. Apparently it goes on all over Thailand in ALL areas of employment! Yep, while this sort of crap goes on the great unwashed will never get along.
  6. After 10 years there was obviously no bond. On many occasions I have seen the way the (uneducated) idiot - mahout - treat these animals (in fact who is the animal). = Kama and no sympathy. I only hope they do not punish the elephant!
  7. Of late my international calls have been cut - with a musical chime - after 5 mins 14 secs, as seen on my call log. I use AIS pre paid with the 009 dialing prefix on a Galaxy J7 Logic tells me that it should not be a service provider issue, they wanting to fleece as much of my credit as possible. I'm not using any sort of a 3rd party app to control calls but just had a major firmware upgrade which seems to co-inside with the problem. Anyone seeing similar problems?
  8. IMHO, the insane prick and his stupid, brain washed flock should have been put down immediately to (1) save the tax payer heaps but more importantly (2) stop his ability to continue his cult incognito. I can see it now, the hand wringers and social engineers up in arms at my comments - may they and their loved ones lead a safe and secure life!
  9. Thank you Joe for your prompt reply, looks like things will work for me!
  10. My O Visa Extension is due early January and I intend to do a trip to Cambodia at the end of December for a few days. I know I can do my Extension prior to the trip BUT in an effort to save Passport pages:- Can I buy a Multi Entry - Re Entry Permit (3800 Baht) at the same time as doing the extension which can be used during the current extension period will last to the end of the new extension? In other words:- Does the new Extension date - Jan 2019 - completely cancel out the current one - Jan 2018 - making the newly acquired re entry permit valid immediately up to Jan 2019. I hope this is not too confusing! Thank you in advance
  11. NO, definitely not, it's electronic as used in the live stock industry.
  12. In joking:- Strange comment coming from someone with the description of being a "Pheasent Plucker" I'm pretty sure some of these 'Social Engineers' don't know or are aware how the last piece of pork they eat, here in Thailand, met it's demise!
  13. Good luck to you protecting yourself or worse your children from these disease ridden vermin! The social engineers, hand wringers and the likes of yourself don't do any thing constructive in the way of control other than just offer tearful crap.
  14. This sort of action is now being seen in our Isaan village where the 'soi dogs' are out of control. I have installed a low lying "Cattle Styled" electric fence around the front of our property in an effort to keep the mangy pricks out, only powered up late at night. Works a treat and they give the place a wide berth now while, as mentioned, other residence are resorting to the actions described in the news item! Was never a problem when we had the Sakhon Nakon dog catchers patrolling our location.
  15. You write this crap as if you expect to see immediate results. GROW UP. It takes years if not generations for the control measures to work. About time the "worlds police" came to grips with THEIR problem.