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  1. I don't care much for the incident as it goes on here all the bloody time. It's the OBVIOUS corruption! In any half arsed society it's the law and magistrates who decide bail, NOT the idiot politicians or relatives!
  2. There is no way known they are going to ban the under powered, over loaded, heavily polluting, 40 year old Isuzu sugar cane hauliers from the roads, within Isaan, at any time! They are a law unto them selves
  3. He has no idea what he is talking about! From when? up to 2015 it was 500 Baht then I paid 550 Baht in Nov 2016.
  4. As has probably been stated the contents of a Stat Dec is not the business of the notary witnessing the applicants signature. Obviously someone further up the food chain has pointed this out to the Embassy. So now, how do they justify a fee increase from 550 Baht to 1830 Baht UNLESS they intend to issue certified income certificates (UK Embassy) in lieu of the Stat Dec???????
  5. The only thing to be "Expected" on April 27th is BIGGER brown paper bags!
  6. How do you suggest they/we do that? As 99% of extended cab pickups do not have approved rear seat belt securing points you think I just drill a couple of strategically located holes and bolt some sort of generic belt in. Yep that'll work in your dreams - not mine!
  7. Not a problem for the rural population as it will be as "Strictly Enforced" as the Helmet laws. AND does it apply to Baht Buses, Tuk Tuks, Samlors, and the like? "He warned that drivers and passengers can be fined up to 5,000 baht in the case of public transport vehicles. " AND as someone has mentioned: What about the millions of extended cab pick ups on the roads without seat belts for rear seat pessengers? Etc Etc Etc? Very poorly thought money grab and excuse for another corruption avenue,
  8. This charade is hitting the International press so surely the PM MUST be aware of it and what a laughing stock Thailand is becoming over this matter. So is he or is he NOT going to do anything about it?
  9. So long as the 'Brown Paper Bags' are progressing up the food chain NOTHING is going to get this guy to justice. We will just continue to get the same olde - occasional - bit of rhetorical BS. Some time in the future the statute of limitations will run out and that's that!
  10. Personally I don't care how long the site is down so long as it's 2nd coming is a 100% improvement on the crap they inflicted on us during the 1st attempt 2 years ago. During that period I only had one successful filing of my online 90 day report. Mail has ALWAYS worked well for me through the Udon Thani office.
  11. Can't get money out of an empty suit case (144 in total if I remember correctly)! Probably planning on getting bigger brown envelopes off the RedBull empire, in lieu, as they are still hiding the cop killer and the statute of limitations has not been reached yet!
  12. Obviously distracted by something? Seems like a safe overtake of the camera vehicle but then he brakes twice for no apparent reason then drifts into the path of the truck. Yes, did the camera car do a runner?
  13. Look at the photo, maybe they should put em all on the Immigration Desks to help sort the queues. That would be a more practical use of man power rather than having em pissing in each others pockets.
  14. Only hope that in my case they have a CPA on the consular staff who understands my tax return (I can barely make head nor tale of it) and they understand that the days of paper bank statements are long gone. Being a Thai witnessing the Stat Dec wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't ask for my Aussie Bank Book!! 5555555 Looks like I'll have to take my NoteBook PC with me next year. The gods of bureaucracy and hoops are alive and well.
  15. BS! Just needs a wallet full of cash! (Now you mention Alcohol? Are you some sort of forensic expert or just missing your meds?) In saying this he is easy pickings for the so called Thai Justice System. - Just ask the "Red Bull" Family! EDIT:- My condolences to Mr. Keating and both families, all of you do not need nor be subjected the the crap that goes on here in this totally misguided country!