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  1. My wife has just informed me that the female 'boss' at Phetchaburi spitefully told her to go back to Hua Hin. What a bunch of w*****s. Can I do this? Thank you.
  2. Cheers Ubonjoe They were very rude, and would not be questioned on their knowledge. The uniform gave them superpowers. They were not confused mate, just bloody arrogant.
  3. It started at 9 am this morning. Hua Hin immigration refused to grant me an extra 60 days on my 90-day allowance on my non-immigrant O. reason: paperwork all correct but I lived nearer to the Phetchaburi office. Which I do, but is it really necessary to make us go to the other office. I smiled and begrudgingly we made our way to the Phetchaburi office. We walked in and smiled. Asked the officer to extend my visa. He started by asking why I was not leaving the country? This was then followed by a thorough examination of all the paperwork. He wanted my wife's original Tabien Baan, not a photocopy. Still smiling I said that I would go and fetch it, and was there anything else in addition that he needed? at this point, he got the knock, started laughing at us, and the female staff came to join in. In addition to all the other paperwork we had prepared/ photocopied and had checked at HH immigration, the list as follows was DEMANDED for a 60-day extension on my 90 days multi-entry O visa: Photo Medical for me Proof of seasoned funds My landlady's/ wife's originalTabien Baan A certification from our Amphur in Bangkok to confirm the original marriage certificate was indeed original All other paperwork and receipt from our marriage as they would not accept the lady sitting next to me was my wife One last point to note is that I provided all these documents my Non-o would be cancelled after 60 days extension and I would need to obtain a new one. yes, they spoke good enough English and understood the request. I was initially very patient, and polite, infact, I surprisingly remained fairly polite. I'm losing the will to live in Thailand. Think I'll take my money somewhere it is appreciated.
  4. Good afternoon Please, can anybody advise me if the new immigration office will extend my 90-day multi-entry non-O on marriage, for another 60 days with the relevant documents, and my wife? Also, I've just read that it's open until 10 pm. Is this correct? Cheers guys. I
  5. Submitted the paperwork on Thursday.
  6. I have just returned and there were no problems at all for this visa. No financials needed. A word of warning tho......Get there early as it was packed...Well over 100 people. The person behind me when collecting had ticket no. 119 and i'm sure that wouldn't have been the last ticket issued! Good luck.
  7. Thank you...Ill check the flights there...
  8. Sorry to hijack guys, but am I correct in understanding that if there is the equivalent of 400k in a UK bank account I can obtain a multi non O based on marriage in a different place than Savannakhet? It seems that the flights are expensive, and I don't fancy the 9 hour bus ride from Bangkok..... Thank you!
  9. Yup......Couldn't have said it better myself!
  10. Any developments on the acceptance of FTM from the British embassy yet guys?
  11. I just checked with these and it's 1900 baht for a translation and verification by the MFA. Also includes post to your home by EMS. Doesn't seem too bad.
  12. Good evening everybody Please can anybody kindly offer me their opinion. My multi entry non-o visa finishes soon and cannot be renewed as wife no longer available. I understand that there are no hard and fast rules but would I be pushing my luck to gain 3 single entry tourist visas back to back from Laos and Penang, ultimately extending the first two at immigration to carry me through until September? Thank you.
  13. Re marry my ex wife?

    Thank you everyone for your replies. She seems to be learning her lesson as it was the old Thai jealousy and control chestnut. Her family demanded a divorce after I walked out. I was far too soft. It won't happen again.... I didn't say I was going to do it...just considering my options for the future..lol!
  14. Re marry my ex wife?

    Make situations work for you...every cloud has a silver lining (although sometimes difficult to find).