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  1. Ok, I'll bite. I didn't know N Korea HAD any nuclear launch-capable submarines, or even any nuke-tipped missiles to launch from said fictional N Korean missile subs. So by all means, share your source! No. I didn't think so...
  2. In common law, burglary is actually defined as occurring during night time hours. Why are people having so much trouble with this? Darkness gives the miscreant an advantage and the victim a disadvantage so the penalties are higher. Geez. Get over it and stop trying to back bite every little thing. That's a game for children.
  3. That realization, here, is at least a generation away. Thailand has no idea how much goings on such as this damage it on the global stage. Apologists will yammer endlessly about how stuff like this happens everywhere. But you know what? It really doesn't.
  4. Lol. Like anybody except Berliners cares what Berliners think about anything. 'Wonder how much beer & sausage had to be doled out to pay for this anyway.
  5. Yeah, they're painting themselves on the skyline with their predictable wingnut efforts to thwart democracy and the rule of law. These cases need to start making their way to the SC sooner rather than later. Obamockracy will have created quite a backlog I expect however.
  6. So in your world, charges should be "creative"? "Your Honor, the defense protests the lack of flair in the charges and moves for a dismissal on the grounds of non creativity!" Meetings should certainly be scheduled to review the lack of creativity in all legal statutes. We certainly can't have Pattaya getting an international reputation for uninspiring charges!
  7. Just another socialist success story...
  8. Hopefully Donald has some low-paid junior deputy no-name assistant to an assistant to an assistant flunky who'll be handling these "calls to the UN". THe UN: a total waste of time, and a bloated nest of uselessness no sane person would ever take seriously.
  9. Oh, so boy statesman is still running at the mouth. Well, that & golf always were the only two things he was ever good at. His idea of "working for a living" no doubt.
  10. What incredible nonsense. China squats on an entire ocean, suddenly claims it as its own, and sets about militarising it over the objections of half a dozen other countries "playing by the rules" for centuries, but when S. Korea chooses to host ships from allied nations in its own indisputably territorial waters THAT's a "provocation". Honestly, the things that come out of the mouths of thug-sympathizing dim bulbs.
  11. EXACTLY! This fine product brought to you by the Nanny State. Better living thru lame & pathetic dependency.
  12. And that's true here, home, or anywhere.
  13. Amazing how some few insist on deflecting the issue from parental irresponsibility and neglect/abuse of their children, and perhaps the cultural and societal factors involved in this tragedy, to dim bickering over the supposed need for censorship. It's no more about Facebook than it is about the availability of rope. Get A Clue!!!
  14. You know that's just not quite true. Back in the day. before the masses discovered Pattaya and the tourist trade consisted of a relative few homogeneous, in-the-know westerners, Walking Street, and Pattaya itself, were a remarkably pastoral place. Then it got "discovered", and the moralizers have had a field day ever since.
  15. Those of you reporting your own experiences, or those of others, WRT "extensions" need to SPECIFY what kind of extensions you're talking about. Some who're trying to follow this discussion are just anticipating 30d extensions on their SETVs and are trying to figure out whether they need to be concerned or not.