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  1. Angkor is by no means the only thing to see in Siem Reap. I haven't been since the hordes began overrunning the place the last couple of years, but touring the many other temple sites was enjoyable, and they might not be quite as crowded as Angkor.
  2. There is no question that Thai immigration "links" old & new passports as far as one's immigration history with Thailand goes. Getting a new passport certainly doesn't erase all those back-to-back visits to the country, one's accumulated visa collection, and things like overstays or deportations from Thailand. No way in fact to conceal that history, even with a name change in the case of U.S. citizens. BUT your comment is the first I've ever heard about this "electronic" record of a deportation getting shared between countries. Recording a deportation (for example) "electronically" in Country A, whatever that actually means, doesn't mean that Country B become magically aware of it unless they either see the stamp in the passport (so, NON-electronically) or are participating in some kind of mutually accessible, i.e., "shared", database. I've never heard of such a real-time database in use between countries anywhere except between the U.S. and Canada (who share criminal records), or the INTERPOL lists, or no-fly lists. I wouldn't have thought in the OP's case that if he gets a new PP, Thai immigration would be aware of the deportation from the other country, unless ICW something high-profile that would put it in the international wanted lists. So please tell us more.
  3. Nope. correct answer: scrutinize comments for any opportunity to bash other members Easy enough for those with experience at it...
  4. " But as long as the Thai officials are a little bit flexible, allow one to get to an ATM or things like that, things will be OK." They reportedly do not.
  5. "We all need to increase the pressure on Pyongyang in diplomacy and sanctions, and that must include China using its influence to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table." Oh, good. More "pressure", "diplomacy" and "sanctions". Bring them back to the "negotiating table". Yeah. That's always worked SOOOoooooo well. Here's a clue: If you relax the sanctions and send aid, he'll keep building & testing. If you increase the sanctions and eliminate the aid he'll keep building and testing. If you negotiate, he'll keep building & testing. If you don't negotiate, he'll keep building & testing. If you get China involved, he'll keep building & testing. If you don't get China involved, he'll keep building & testing. ^^^^^^^^ Anyone else seeing a pattern here yet?
  6. Sleeping people "wake up". Drunk people sober up. Depressed people give up. But psychotics? For sociopaths like this one, they just drive the price of peace up. By negotiating deals with fatboy and his antecedents, the U.S. and the rest of the world have only been progressively and dangerously "enabling" these NORK sickos.
  7. "Let the authorities handle this problem." "I won't interfere in his." What's your point? NO ONE here in this thread is suggesting anything different! The suggestion IS that the authorities should handle it, not any I've seen that you or any other foreigner should.
  8. With all due respect, no one is claiming that everyone is being asked to show the B20K. No one is claiming that most are being asked. No one is even claiming that many are being asked. So one person saying he wasn't asked means absolutely nothing, and it's beyond absurd to suggest that only those "drunk, in flip flops, shorts, a wife beater tee shirt, my face and body adorned in tattoos with a passport awash with tourist visa stamps" are being asked. Obviously, a one-time/first-time arrival is not likely to be asked (but actually SHOULD be as they're just as likely, if not even more likely, to constitute the financial "risk" the B20K check supposedly addresses!).
  9. "UK will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal, warns top EU commissioner" And in the meantime, just as the UK is not free to negotiate any trade deals of its own until Brexit is complete (because they are still a "member"), SO does the UK continue to benefit from the existing EU trade affiliation until Brexit is complete (because they are still a "member" and so entitled), right? All this just another clear example of how the EU operation extorts member countries out of their sovereignty, and should motivate the remaining members to reconsider the whole scheme.
  10. They make their money whether they issue the visa or not; the application fee is non-refundable - as I suspect you well know - and you really can't miss that oft-repeated notice during the process. If this B20K thing were one tenth as well publicized as the non-refundable application fee, it wouldn't be an issue at all... But I agree that it's the tourist visa and visa-exempt abusers that have made life difficult for everyone else. Unfortunately but predictably, the B20K thing is pretty easy for these serial abusers to "figure out", so now the cash check quickly evolves into something that pretty much only burdens those playing by the rules and haven't been to Thailand 50 times so as to be aware of these new and quaint little customs. .
  11. Although not what you experienced apparently, magnetrons DO burn out in microwaves.
  12. Agreed. Esp. if the TV(s) obtained in home country is/are dated several months after the corresponding last departure. I guess they could put that much together.
  13. So if your flight itinerary to/from home country includes a stopover in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul ... , as nearly all from the states do, then they don't even know you've been "home".
  14. Technically true,, but only in terms of declarations of war, which are not actual "attacks". The French and BEF (British Expeditionary Force) were in fact attacked by the Germans. Prior to that was the "Phoney War" or Sitzkrieg, lasting from 1 SEP 1939 (the invasion of Poland; Britain declared war two days later on the 3rd) until the German attack on France and the low countries on 10 May 1940, during which there were no hostilities (hence the name). So your statement that "they weren't attacked by the Germans" is patently false; they in fact most certainly and famously were.
  15. Welcome to 2017, Jack. People use credit and debit cards now, and many avoid carrying cash because of the risk of theft or loss, or simply because they prefer using their cards for the miles, rewards, expense records, etc. To them, THAT'S "keeping it simple" ! Yes, it's not THAT big a thing to carry the cash IF YOU KNOW it's going to be a requirement at the immigration counters! But unless you have a lifetime subscription to "Obscure Thai Immigration Gotcha's Weekly", just how exactly do you know this?