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  1. Pickpockets are actually the far more likely and prevalent threat, and I think you're all going to be largely, no, entirely, on your own with them.
  2. Absolutely, totally wrong. This post is misinformational and should be deleted before it touches off a flurry of wasted response. (It was never an "extension" in the first place, didn't have anything specific to do with visa exempt entries in the 2nd place, and really is essentially off-topic overall.)
  3. hawker9000

    SURVEY: Health Care for All -- Good or Bad?

    What's actually "creaking at the seams" is the global population, not some whack-a-mole healthcare system. In not so many years you'll all be asking how to even FEED everyone, let alone provide healthcare for them. (Starvation and scarcity of clean water are actually already at crisis proportions in some parts of the world.) "Careful management" of healthcare systems (i.e., more oversight, more regulation, more reporting, more red tape) will only lead to more & more bureaucratization, ever increasing costs & delays, and ever decreasing efficiencies & privacy. Most doctors already march to the beat of somebody's interests other than the patient's. And those who were already sacrificing to pay through the nose for what they felt was quality healthcare will watch helplessly as it degrades to mediocre at best ... while its cost keeps climbing. ...The epically sad story of the decline of American public education all over again Amazing how many slow learners just don't get what happens to just about everything big government sticks its "progressive" nose and grasping, sticky fingers into. But snowflakes love that stuff.
  4. Well then you're expecting the ridiculous. The State of California is not just a "big lawn" that can be mowed every once in awhile. And a good chunk of it is actually federal land. Yes, there will be repeats and the scrub DOES grow back when the rains come again. That's what scrubland is. The threat is well understood, the peak risk periods and factors are equally well understood, and the state and local governments are constantly modernizing and upgrading, at considerable cost to taxpayers incidentally, but your citing lack of "land management" is just ignorant and delusional, when talking about something the size of that particular state anyway. And while we're on the subject, when property is destroyed on such a large scale, governments lose property and other tax revenue, and in tax-happy states like California that means there's more than enough incentive for government to avoid and minimize that destruction. You really need to learn a little more about your subject before you start going off.
  5. hawker9000

    Us 100's to Thai Baht

    Maybe you should've been looking for a collector instead of a money changer...
  6. hawker9000

    Us 100's to Thai Baht

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder what would have happened if the first money changer had run them through again. In the states where vending machines will accept bills as well as coins, it's not at all uncommon to have a dollar bill kicked out, and then sometimes accepted on a 2nd or 3rd pass, or by another vending machine. Even relatively fresh, untorn, un-dog-eared bills. For employees working those machines in Thailand, I'm sure they're simply following basic instructions to just let the machine do the thinking, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  7. NO!!!!! It STARTS at HOME! I knew what the term "defensive driving" meant, along with the importance & priority of pedestrians, etc., before I ever set foot in a drivers ed class. Schools are an important place for learning courtesy, consideration and respect for the law to be sure. But bad habits and total disregard for others are things learned before a child gets to the first grade from watching parents and elders, and then not likely to be easily undone.
  8. "no beach users, we fine them for smoking so they no come " Absolute rubbish. 'Just the opposite in fact, IF it's enforced on a lasting basis.
  9. The problem is actually one of corruption in Mexico. It's simply (and obviously) already a failed state, and THAT's why the situation with the cartels is what it is. In many parts of the country no one dares lay a finger on them, and they buy whatever and whoever they want. And who they can't buy, they simply kill. And then Latino gangs like MS-13 bring all this into the U.S... There's a neighborhood in Washington, D.C., less than 7 miles from the White House, under the thumb of MS-13. Homeowners there actually paying protection money. The ONLY way to get a handle on this is to start with and get very tough on the users. It's DEMAND that keeps all this going. I wouldn't build any more jails for them: I'd build work camps instead, and I'm talking hard labor! (Building the border wall, for example...) And the death penalty needs to be applied to the chiefs and traffickers, not just those on whom police might be able to pin a murder wrap. Those chiefs and higher-ups go to prison and end up controlling their gangs and ordering hits from THERE, so it does little good to just incarcerate them. Even less good to deport them - 'almost nothing (until a wall gets built, that is...) to stop them from coming back. And they do precisely that. And members of city councils in cities declaring themselves "sanctuary cities" need to be indicted on conspiracy charges; they're using public office to openly aid and abet illegal activity and known criminals by refusing to cooperate with federal authorities. Get a few of them behind bars where they belong, along with members of the judiciary playing along with this, and the tide will turn. Snowflakes have convinced their drones that all this is impractical, inhumane, racist and politically incorrect (OMG! - the worst cut of all!). With the exception of the PC-part (which is after all whatever they say it is...) , it's none of that. It just takes the public will to solve the problem at hand with the means at hand.
  10. I don't think you quite grasp the scope and nature of the problem. You're not going to firebreak a state the size of California. The state had a "wet" winter last year which created a lot of scrub vegetation. Then this fall CA did not have the usual rains starting in OCT. So all that scrub vegetation dried out and became nothing but fuel. And THEN there were some relatively intense Santa Anna's (very dry winds which blow in from the east where the desert is), first affecting LA and later moving south to San Diego. Under these conditions it takes very little to touch off a wildfire, and they spread VERY quickly. As long as the dry, gusty winds and very low humidity continue, it's difficult for firemen to contain it because embers are picked up by the winds and carried ahead of the existing fire for miles. And a single ember can ignite another flare-up or get up under the eves of a home and into an attic and ignite the house. There ARE things homeowners can and should do to make their homes more "defensible", but that's not where these fires start, and if a big one comes your way, there's nothing much to do but evacuate. (Some homeowners do remain behind refusing to evacuate, but that's almost always ill-advised & dangerous and an extra burden on firefighters & police.) I just happened to be watching the news at noontime when the "Lilac" fire started; fire trucks were there literally within minutes (the first one took less than 3 minutes - it started right next to a major interstate/state-route interchange and so was reported immediately). But even so, with fire trucks on scene and aerial drops called it, in just ONE hour it went from 17 acres, to 50 acres, to 150 acres, to 450 acres. By early evening they were saying 3500 acres and it went to 4100 acres before midnight. For awhile, they were thinking it wouldn't stop until it got to the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Anna let up though, and they were able to get a handle on it. And THAT fire was a pinprick compared to some of the fires up in LA, such as the Thomas Fire which is @ more than a quarter MILLION acres at the moment, started Dec 4th, and firefighters expect to still be fighting it come January. The snowflakes running the CA legislature are pandering morons to be sure, but they can't be blamed for this. The problem in this case is NOT one of lack of awareness, lack of resources, lack of preplanning & preparation, or bureaucratic interference & delay. And everyone in Southern California was well aware of this year's threat months ago and watching for it. Even Navy & USMC helos were participating in the airdrops.
  11. 'Always a few Pyongyang thug-loving sympathizer-twits standing by to support it and cheer.
  12. No, housekeeper in a 5-star hotel... Sweet dreams, all!
  13. Oh! The nanny states have conquered cybercrime, have they? No phone scams in the nanny states either? What rubbish. Nanny states are so busy running one big institutionalized scam they call "government" themselves ("just let us grab most of your hard-earned wages and we'll take care of every li'l ol' thing..."), they don't have any better hand on these criminals than any other country. Nanny states are the UN-solution to this problem. They'll actually PAY some witless drone a union-scale salary just to answer the phone and suggest you call some other union-scale witless drone (rinse & repeat)...
  14. Does the position include lodging & meals (I expect it does)? A menu of other perks as well? And I don't expect we're talking about a head chef here, or even a sou-chef. Finally, let me see the schedule for raises after the first six months employment (and is the salary negotiable to begin with!). All this gnashing of teeth - is anyone actually being forced into the position? But so far, 'sounds mostly like the usual resentful moaning from the usual loser peanut gallery expressing the usual "anti-elite" animus. <yawn> I'll bet they have NO trouble lining up applicants.
  15. LOL. "Give the man a chance." Sure, like any of us have a vote. I honestly don't get your point. Do we have any choice? What's going on here is called "comment", and most of it is based on past experience with maybe a little knowledge of the local "culture" mixed in. If you want to be a cheerleader, then go ahead and enjoy the pompoms while ye may... The rest of us are entitled to our opinions and are not going to get our hopes up, just as experience teaches. If anything actually changes, we'll be very pleasantly surprised. So far - just the usual grand proclamations...