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  1. Russia tells North Korea, U.S. 'hot heads' to calm down

    You bet! Russia now has a desperate energy customer who'll pay next to anything for the deflated oil & gas they have to accept bargain basement prices for from anyone else, if they can sell it at all! I wonder if Vlad has any problem with counterfeit currency, N. Korea's spécialité de la maison.. (If he's smart, he makes fatboy pay in gold.)
  2. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    So let's actually think about this... Without users (breaking the law) would there even BE any dealers(breaking the law as a consequence of the willing users)? As a former user, it sounds like you're kind of just pointing a finger and saying, "See! It's not me! It's that other guy!!" Why shouldn't a dealer say, "Hey, I only deal because somebody else wants to buy!"? 'Seems to me your skirts aren't that much cleaner than theirs. IMO, users deserve to bear their fair share of the legal risk as well.
  3. Wait, as I gaze in to the mystic crystal ball, the mists are clearing,,,,,,,,,,,yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,slowly,,,,,,,,,,almost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yes! I see it clearly now! There's definitely a new airport tax in our future.... 'That'll be B1,000 please.
  4. "she would have had to pay alot to get thru.casino,s" ... and your point is? We're talking about a Shinawatra here, not some Beach Road cheap Charlie. Any "tea money" required wouldn't even have amounted to pocket-change for her lowest-ranking accompanying flunky I'm sure.
  5. Whereas I've ALWAYS received a receipt, and over much more than 4 years.. Even when dealing with consulates by mail. Strange.
  6. For the 89,354th time, the law is whatever the authority on scene at the moment says it is. And what he says it is, is in the nature of an opening bid. It would be interesting to hear what happens if one of these cops actually discovers a farang working as a mechanic, who can actually produce a WP.
  7. Neither does the language of urban planning When it blows up in your face and contaminates everything for 50 miles in every direction, THEN start worrying about it...
  8. Pretty much what you have to expect in most third world countries. Hint: 3 submarines does NOT transform a third world country into anything but a (poorer) third world country with 3 submarines
  9. Lol. So since Sep 19 (72 hours) you've noticed the baht has "weakened" against the dollar by, what, 3 satang? You can have a change like that over the course of a single hour! What significance could you possibly find in such a small and short-term reading? A movement that small is just "noise". You should maybe explore the concept of 'moving averages'...
  10. Note to self: Keep passport out of washing machine (AND out of pants pockets...)
  11. 'No idea how the "regular child benefit" works in the UK, and the article says the couple doesn't claim any "state benefits" other than that, but unless earning well into the six figures somewhere, a family with that many exemptions wouldn't be paying any tax in the U.S.
  12. See? It's not just TAT. It's a Thai thing to go on like this. And expats pick it up quickly, especially if they sink their nest egg into a property or business. 'Part of what some people actually love about the place I guess. Recipe: take a glass that's half full (can be less...), pretend it's almost completely full, add a heaping tablespoon of advertising (or word-of-mouth à la bombaste) and a soupçon of heavy cheerleading, drizzle liberally with crème de delusion, and voilà!
  13. If Obama and that loon Jimmy Kimmel are panning it, then it must be worthwhile. Pass it!
  14. Indian tourist loses B5,000 to snatcher in Pattaya

    "5000 bht ain't the end of the world " Not to you (or many of us) maybe...