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  1. Cigarette smoke obviously doesn't read signs, so put a plug in yours.
  2. Amazing that so many smokers just don't get it. Cigarette smoke is cigarette smoke no matter where smokers are making non-smokers deal with it.... But that's the nature of true addiction; the addicted imagine "rights" to their addiction that must not be infringed. Smokers understand the toxicity of the foul, disease-causing crap no matter where they encounter it, indoors or out while the smokers honestly believe simply being "outside" absolves them of all responsibility. It's slow but inevitable: the lack of consideration and obsession with the fiction of "smokers' rights" only ensures more restrictions and higher taxes lie ahead.
  3. To stay or to go... Some went essentially all-in when they came here in the 1st place, have no viable Plan B, and can't just pull up stakes & return to their home countries now even if they want to. Some have families and/or businesses as well. They'll all spend the rest of their days in denial, defending and rationalizing and apologizing for everything Thai, and dismissing objective criticisms. 'Can't really blame them: it's just human nature to try & adapt and make the best of a deteriorating situation in which you're heavily invested, economically or emotionally. You see them here seeking vindication and commiseration all the time (i.e., the "have-never-seen-in-30-years"/love-it-or-leave-it/why-are-negative-posts-allowed crowd).
  4. And why are being such a moron? My post, the one which prompted your exceptionally dim "nonsense" response, led off with a prominent "IF ..." ! Clearly, you don't read at all. Suggesting you get on with your life sounds like it might reasonably be interpreted as something of a curse, so I'll refrain...
  5. The explanation for their irrational behavior is simply the fact that smokers are victims of an absolute addiction. The vast majority are helplessly addicted and, unsurprisingly therefore, are in total denial. NO amount of education or information will ever be accepted by them as accurate or relevant. Not even the prospects for disease and a torturous end scare or deter them. If they themselves are not deterred, why would you expect them to have any such concerns for others, i.e., non-smokers? That being the case, and I wouldn't say this very often, their opinions and preferences should be dismissed by the public. They are unable to deliver ANY intelligent, objective opinions or decisions on public policy with respect to smoking. There are a few who will profess a certain willingness to submit to some restrictions and appear "reasonable", but I suspect that's usually all really down to a fear of total prohibition.
  6. Oh do tell. Then why the Chinese broadcast "warnings"? Go Navy! 'Hope much more of this to come. Finally some backbone in the White House!! And while we're at it, let's put some escorted - heavily if needs be - recon flights directly over those islands. ... Escorted and with "meaningful" ROE.
  7. Another one of those "happens everywhere" crimes...
  8. Lol. Great! Maybe we'll be reading about you soon. Be sure and share your reporting experiences. (I'm not holding my breath...)
  9. My cc provider used FEDEX overnight. 'Course it didn't arrive overnight (it took 5 days, incl a weekend), but it cost me nothing and I was able to track it, even incl its progress within Thailand. The delivery service used was the cc provider's choice and not my option.
  10. And that's pretty much the thought process (trying to be kind here ...) that brought us to this point. Fatboy thanks you.
  11. Not sure what you're trying to say, but if your phone has a camera and you try and use it as suggested here, someone ELSE with THEIR camera in THEIR phone will be taking a picture of YOU having the stuffing non-surgically extracted ...
  12. Because you think you've "been there", and beheading parties aren't usually held in the town square, and you've shared a few meals, you're "sure" you know what's going through their minds. Many of us have our personal anecdotal evidence experiences, and they can't be generalized any more than your "assurances" can be.
  13. Lol. Comedy awards time again, already? Can't wait to hear the tone of your witless mockery after fatboy pushes HIS button.
  14. Why sure. Go ahead. Pull out that cellphone and start snapping away at riders up on the sidewalks. Then, on your way to the hospital, let us know how it worked out for you...