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  1. "May interest...." Not In The Least
  2. How about the very bottom of some big-city landfill. Let his worshippers have their black mass there... He could do the world a whole lot more good as worm-feed than he ever did alive. But if they do put him in an actual grave somewhere (a public park with no restrooms where the homeless hang out might be a good choice...), I hope the location gets wikileaked so his "worshippers" can go pi$$ on it. Hey, Charlie! Were those last moments painful? Agonizing and drawn out? Pure torture? Gosh, I hope so. 48 years the taxpayers had to pay for this vile creature's care & feeding. Over $2M they say. 'Couldn't execute him though. Oh my no. The bleeding hearts would scream that they might have gotten the wrong guy... He might've had a mark on his forehead, but I doubt even the Nazis would have him.
  3. Social Security from USA.

    What are you talking about? The retirement benefit, which I assume is what OP is talking about, is most certainly contributory. SSI (for the aged, blind, disabled with little or no income) is non-contributory and I believe they stop benefits if you're out of the U.S. for more than 30d a year, but I hardly think that's what OP is referring to.
  4. Yes, Trump actually was the correction for the previous monumental 8-yr blunder that's true, and it's certainly true the NORKs are capable of nonesuch. But if they've got their graves all dug I guess maybe they can reasonably say they're "ready".
  5. money transfering

    Something to bear in mind is that transferring money IN to Thailand can be much easier than transferring it BACK out of Thailand again. RETAIN the paperwork proving that these funds were sourced from your home country and that what will eventually be the funds in your Thai bank account were in fact the result of an international money transfer (and not earned from some source inside Thailand). I've never transferred very large sums into Thailand - more than a few thousand USD at a time - and so can't speak authoritatively, but I always thought the foreign transfer fees charged on the Thai end were on a percentage basis (something on the order of 1.0 - 1.5%, or maybe more or less at some Thai banks), rather than capped at 500B. Each Thai bank should have a fee schedule posted somewhere on its website (not always easy to find) that includes mention of this - sometimes easier just to google for it. (The online transaction record includes no mention of it, but it happens.) My broker charges me no wire transfer or other fees, and does not use a correspondent bank (so there are no intermediary fees either). (They also manage to have completed the transfer with my money available within about an hour of the opening bell of the next business day in Thailand (so usually an overnight thing due mostly just to the time difference). If you're going to be making regular transfers, you might want to "shop" the different financial institutions you already use, or perhaps even consider setting up a new one if these fees are of any concern. The actual "method" used to initiate these transfers (fax, phone call, online account access, authentication methods, etc.,,,) might also be something you care about.
  6. If influence on local policy and governance were the criteria, this forum would be one very quiet place... Why would you even suppose that what's written here actually changes ANYthing (or has to IOT be posted)? Oh. I see. New member... Sorry. OK, so newflash: what's written here has no influence on local policy or governance. It's not a suggestion box. 'Just a discussion board for English-speaking foreigners. "It could be worse"... So insightful. So I have a question. Can anything, anywhere, at anytime, as perpetrated by anyone, for any reason, not ever and always be "worse"? I mean, I can think of worse than Hitler, Stalin & Pol Pot, 'worse than Ebola, 'worse than the Great Depression, 'worse than world war, 'worse than Obama, 'worse than someone saying "it could be worse". So how does saying "it's worse somewhere else" contribute at all to the discussion? Did someone actually SAY "this is as bad as it gets", or "it couldn't be any worse", or "this country has hit rock bottom"? I think what's got most of us so entertained here with this topic is the suggestion that "fears of bribe-taking nationwide" are merely being "stirred", rather than the solid gold understatement of the last few decades. No one's saying corruption is unique to this country.
  7. Well then the "culture" needs to change. Yes, I'm a foreigner and a lowly farang. No, it's not my country. No, it's not my culture. None of which matters one gram. Slavery and serfdom were once part of various cultures. Religious persecution and intolerance were once part of many cultures (and still are, as we all too well know). Institutionalized racism and bigotry. Child labor. Tribal warfare. Human sacrifice. Genital mutilation. Sexual harassment. It's a long list, and always included/includes and was/is always facilitated by how those respective societies "saw things". And that list includes corruption. So don't whine and pontificate about "my" culture vs "their" culture. I don't care HOW they "see it". It's in-your-face dishonesty and corruption and it needs to change. It's up to them to determine how and when, but it DOES need to change, doubtlessly including how they "see" things... Apparently, they can't quite get past step one...
  8. I'm with PA. 'Not looking good, and I doubt if he'd be a candidate for a liver - or any other organ - transplant even if one were readily available. I don't think his dementia necessarily has much to do with substance abuse as it apparently runs in his family, as dementia often does.
  9. Media and right wing stooges. Yeah, right. The media and its RIGHT WING stooges. ROFLMAO You must mean back when Lincoln was running for president. 55555555555555555
  10. Years of sequestrations, 273 ships and crews trying to do the work of twice that number, and a service ethic that almost totally precludes a CO or force commander from EVER saying unable to comply and fulfill a tasking . 'And not a matter of "lately"; it's taken a decade and more of withheld resources for things to deteriorate to this point. The piper is just finally being paid.
  11. Nope. He's saying he wouldn't carry out an illegal order, if the President should inadvisedly give one, which, notwithstanding the hysterics and antic ravings regularly heard hereabouts, isn't even a remote possibility. "First strike" - and we're all talking about nuclear strike here - does not necessarily equal "illegal order". Much less than meets the eye here; it's just the usual anti-Trump losers with their customary yammering. Trump is no more likely to order nuclear first-use than any of his predecessors, but under certain extreme circumstances - mostly theoretical - might see the need and would NOT necessarily be violating ANY laws by doing so. Presidents, certainly not beginning with Trump, will exercise and have exercised emergency powers. Lincoln, FDR, and Truman all exercised "emergency powers". Lincoln's use of them (suspension of habeas corpus, 1861) was actually struck down by the Supreme Court and Lincoln totally ignored the court. Truman did not consult with Congress prior to using the atom bombs against Japan If Trump should actually come to even believe that Gen Hyten would refuse an order pursuant to his exercise of emergency powers (or was ever so misguided as to actually do so), I'm sure he'll merely relieve him on the spot, as would any president (as Truman did with MacArthur).
  12. And that's the real tragedy here. This aircrew cost the taxpayers a LOT of time & money to train, and is as likely as not capable of executing their tactical assignments competently and perhaps even exceptionally. But then these two morons get a wild hair and go do something incredibly stupid like this, flushing that entire investment not to mention their careers down the toilet. What a thing to have to explain to the wife & kids... "Hey Honey, 'know that promotion we were planning on?..." (Wouldn't it be funny if one or both turned out to be female?)
  13. So your answer to Kim's intimidation is to give him exactly what he demands? Look, I realize some people are frightened and intimidated by Kim, and their natural response is to scurry away and find some place to hide. Fortunately, that's not the majority who understand the peril posed by an insanely aggressive, brutal, sociopathic dictator with a million+ man army and nuclear weapons at his disposal, that the run-away-and-hide reflex is juvenile and offers no real protection, and that the appropriate response to repeated provocations and threats backed by military force is in fact a ready military force AND the commitment to use it if necessary. One attention-seeking pol in S. Korea makes an absurd public statement. She's not S. Korea and doesn't speak for S. Korea even if she thinks she does. I imagine most rational S. Koreans are quite aware of the drooling attack dogs waiting just across the DMZ and are at least tacitly grateful for and comforted by the U.S. presence even if partially intimidated themselves. (I'm NOT so sure the existing U.S. presence is actually a reliable and sufficient deterrent at this point, but that's another discussion.)
  14. "It is the IOs who are not following the law" LOL And your point is??? You DO realize that the person standing in front of the IO does NOT get a vote, right? (And I'm sure IOs just LOVE legal advice and lectures from the arrivals.) And actually, using a particular type of visa for any purpose other than that for which it is intended, IS illegal. And a tourist visa is not intended for permanent residence (duh). Like I said boys & girls, bad advice, really bad advice... And from someone who's simply gotten away with it himself so far and is in denial himself.