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  1. And this is possible at all border checkpoints without problems? By air and by land? I like to cross over to Savannakhet and turn around from there since Mukdahan is near to where I have family. Or should I fly out from Suvarnabuhmi Airport to get my entry stamp transferred? So I guess the wording on the embassy's website is simply wrong - "transfer visa or entry stamp" - since a visa is never transferred. One more question: I have three of 32 pages left in my passport. A trip to Laos would take away 1,5 pages. That's ok, since I know that my new passport is coming soon. But are there countries where I can get a problem having only that little pages (1-3) left? Does not sound likely to me. Just asking. Not sure about the last page. It has a special remark on it "This passport contains 32 numbered pages". I guess it is a normal page for stamps though.
  2. From reading on thavisa.com I was under the impression that a visa is not being transferred into your new passport. But I am getting different information from friends and from the embassy's website. I have a Non Immigrant O Visa multiple entry based on being married to a Thai. The visa was issued in May 2017 in Savannakhet, Laos. Since then I have been in and out the country a couple of times. Now my passport almost ran out of free pages so I will go to the embassy in Bangkok to apply for a new passport. I was under the impression that a visa is not being transferred into the new passport but that you have to present both passports to Thai immigration every time you are entering "within the validity of the visa in your old passport". Now friends are telling me that this is not possible but that the visa indeed has to be transferred to the new passport. Furthermore the embassy of my home country offers the service of providing me with a statement that I have to take to Thai immigration so that Thai immigration can "transfer visa or entry stamp" (quoted from the embassy's website). So now I am confused. What do I have to do?
  3. Quick feedback: Crossed the border to Savannakhet Laos last Sunday. Used the service of one of the guys waiting at the border. 1.000 baht, very friendly. Whole process took about 40 minutes (which is ok). Most of it due to waiting in a line at the Thai immigration when coming back.
  4. Thank you everybody. Yes, the bus sucks and by taking the bus you are ending up in the waiting line at immigration back on the Thai side with all the others from the bus. I used a "driver service" once. He spotted me on the Thai side and I agreed. Cannot remember exactly how much it was. 1.200 baht? @Paul Laycock1: Does your "trusted driver" also wait at the Thai border? How much was his service?
  5. I have asked a pretty similar question 6 months ago but wanted to see if anybody has more recent information or experiences. I will be near Mukdahan again during the next two weeks but have no time to spend in Savannakhet. So I was thinking about just doing a quick hop across the border and return with the next bus across the bridge to Mukdahan. I have a NON O Multiple Entry based on marriage and would like to activate my next entry. Any problems to expect if I stay in Laos only for a couple of minutes?
  6. Just a quick feedback: Drove the car to Phu Nam Ron. Quite a long drive from Bangkok but not too bad once you are outside Bangkok. Arrived at the border in the afternoon, a pickup took me to Myanmar for 960 baht. I was the only "customer". Quite interesting to see how the concrete road stops at the border. Never seen the Myanmar immigration guys. Got my passport back after 5 minutes in Myanmar. Back to Thailand. 10 people before me in the line. Everything pretty easy. Only strange thing: The immigration officer was checking my passport for a couple of minutes and was like talking to herself. Not sure what the problem was. Everything important was on one double page: - Exit stamp from Myanmar - Thai Visa - Arrival card with Thai visa number I had expected this to be an easy and quick stamp. Anyway ... back in Bangkok.
  7. Sorry ubonjoe, you had been so fast, I was still extending my first question: ;-) Are these vans that take you into no man's land going frequently? Is there a time of day that one should be at the border at the latest?
  8. Two more questions before I plan to go to Phu Nam Ron at the weekend: 1. Any changes for the opening times of the border due to the special days at the moment in Thailand? Are these vans that take you into no-mans land going frequently? Is there a time of day that one should be at the border at the latest? 2. Should I bring 20.000 baht in cash? Thanks a lot
  9. I have a valid visa, a Non O Multiple Entry. Still got this handwritten "visa run" beneath my entry stamp that I was given at Aranyaprathet. But yes, don't go to Aranyaprathet. If I wanted to go to Siem Reap I would fly out and in ;-)
  10. Hi all, I have read many good things about the Phu Nam Ron crossing near Kanchanaburi. I will be in Kanchanaburi for probably next weekend anyways so I thought I might cross into Myanmar to activate another entry on my Non Imm. O Multiple Entry based on marriage. Usually I am flying sowewhere for a small trip (KL, HCMC, ..) but a couple of months ago I was in Poi Pet and was told not to come back. The officer wrote "Run Visa" under my stamp. Now I am not sure if I should take another land border. On the other hand most people don't seem to have problems with Phu Nam Ron. I could only find one post of a guy who was told not to come back to Phu Nam Ron. So, should I better fly somewhere? Or is Phu Nam Ron ok? If so, what are the opening times? Thanks a lot
  11. That is the description of a "good cop" - doing their duty, but happy to see a demonstration of innocence, and happy he doesn't have to muck-up a potentially innocent-person's day. Hmmm? Good cop doing their duty? I understand that immigration and a consulate are two different institutions. But still strange to ask for the documents at immigration (copy of wife's ID card) without which the poster could not get the brand new visa in the first place. But even more important: Let's say someone has a Non O multiple entry based on being married. Some months later he gets divorced. As far as I heard the visa is still valid until the Enter Before date. So why would you have an original marriage certificate or a copy of your ex wife's ID card then? Anybody knows more about that? Because this is something that can happen to many of us (I guess)
  12. Wow. That's strange. I assume you just picked up your new visa shortly before you came from Savannakhet to Mukdahan. So asking for papers that you needed to get the visa in the first place sounds like a very strange requirement from immigration. Maybe I should better fly then. Let's see
  13. Thank you all for your answers. Guess I will give Mukdahan another try then. So far my experience from there is pretty relaxed as opposed to Aranyaprathet ;-)
  14. I have a Non O Multiple Entry based on being married. Got the current one 2,5 months ago in Savannakhet. Next week I will be in the Mukdahan area again and so it could make sense to go into Laos and come back to Mukdahan to activate my next entry. Have there been any news about problems doing that in Mukdahan? I could stay in Savannakhet for the day or even for 1 night. I am asking because I got some "problems" last year walking back into Thailand after just spending some minutes in Poi Pet (also on Non O Multiple Entry) and because of the news / reports coming from people who got problems at various border places (land/air).
  15. I am ususally quite happy with the Non O Multiple Entry too. But nowadays even with this kind of visa I can feel things starting to tighten up. I had these problems myself at Poi Pet some months ago. Was told not to come back there. Usually I make a small holiday trip by plane at the end of the three months. So Poi Pet was a last minute trip that I usually wouldn't do. Nevertheless ... even this kind of visa now has kind of lost its "easy and safe" reputation. So going for an extension is obviously the way the government wants it.