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  1. That is the description of a "good cop" - doing their duty, but happy to see a demonstration of innocence, and happy he doesn't have to muck-up a potentially innocent-person's day. Hmmm? Good cop doing their duty? I understand that immigration and a consulate are two different institutions. But still strange to ask for the documents at immigration (copy of wife's ID card) without which the poster could not get the brand new visa in the first place. But even more important: Let's say someone has a Non O multiple entry based on being married. Some months later he gets divorced. As far as I heard the visa is still valid until the Enter Before date. So why would you have an original marriage certificate or a copy of your ex wife's ID card then? Anybody knows more about that? Because this is something that can happen to many of us (I guess)
  2. Wow. That's strange. I assume you just picked up your new visa shortly before you came from Savannakhet to Mukdahan. So asking for papers that you needed to get the visa in the first place sounds like a very strange requirement from immigration. Maybe I should better fly then. Let's see
  3. Thank you all for your answers. Guess I will give Mukdahan another try then. So far my experience from there is pretty relaxed as opposed to Aranyaprathet ;-)
  4. I have a Non O Multiple Entry based on being married. Got the current one 2,5 months ago in Savannakhet. Next week I will be in the Mukdahan area again and so it could make sense to go into Laos and come back to Mukdahan to activate my next entry. Have there been any news about problems doing that in Mukdahan? I could stay in Savannakhet for the day or even for 1 night. I am asking because I got some "problems" last year walking back into Thailand after just spending some minutes in Poi Pet (also on Non O Multiple Entry) and because of the news / reports coming from people who got problems at various border places (land/air).
  5. I am ususally quite happy with the Non O Multiple Entry too. But nowadays even with this kind of visa I can feel things starting to tighten up. I had these problems myself at Poi Pet some months ago. Was told not to come back there. Usually I make a small holiday trip by plane at the end of the three months. So Poi Pet was a last minute trip that I usually wouldn't do. Nevertheless ... even this kind of visa now has kind of lost its "easy and safe" reputation. So going for an extension is obviously the way the government wants it.
  6. Thanks ubonjoe. That clarifies a lot. Three months of tax statements to show the monthly 40.000 THB seems to be an easy way then. On the other hand I guess most people with a work permit and an extension of stay are not married to a Thai citizen. So getting all the required paperwork from your employer should be doable.
  7. I am trying to figure out how a Non Immigrant O multiple entry Visa based on marriage, a work permit and a 1-year extension "play together". If I have a Non Immigrant O multiple entry and want to start working for a Thai company how will be the process? - The Thai company provides all the paperwork required to obtain a work permit? - I have to go to the Ministry of Labor and apply for a Work Permit? - The Work Permit will be granted? - I go to Chaeng Wattana and apply for a 1-year extension of stay? Is that roughly the process? Can I do that with a non immigrant O multiple entry? Or do I have to leave the country again to get e.g. an Non B? Or if I stayed on the Non O multiple entry I won't get a 1-year extension but rather have to leave the country every three months (regardless of having the work permit)? If getting a 1-year extension are there any other prerequisites other than having a work permit?
  8. Thank you ubonjoe and elviajero. And sorry for bringing up a new date just now. Wife is giving me a hard time and asked me 10 minutes ago "why don't we change plans and go before Songkran". ;-) But that would mean that I would go to the Thai Consulate in Savannakhet on April 10 already (pickup visa on April 11). So ... current stamp valid until May 11, Enter Before May 25 and application for new visa on April 10 ?!?! What do you think? I really don't want to make the trip into Laos for "nothing" ;-)
  9. Car rental Mukdahan

    Does anybody know of a car rental company in Mukdahan? I have been renting cars at Ubon Ratchathani Airport before. But I would like to "get rid" of the car in Mukdahan and I don't think that was possible when renting in Ubon. So I am either looking for - renting directly in Mukdahan - or renting in Ubon and returning the car in Mukdahan By the way ... this would only be a short term rental of 2-3 days.
  10. Sorry to revive this topic but my last question got no answers and i am about to fix my plans. I have family 100km near Mukdahan and I will be in that area either around April 24 or May 2. My current stamp is valid until May 11 and the Enter Before date in my Non Immigrant O multiple entry is May 25. So I know I could extend my stay in Thailand with my current visa until August but I will be in Isaan anyway around the dates stated above. And since I will likely switch to a 1-year extension at the end of the year or beginning of next year I don't mind getting a new Non O multiple entry in Savannakhet "early". Could I go to Savannakhet and get an new visa on the dates stated above? Ubonjoe said something about as early as a couple of weeks before. Is there any rule to that? How many weeks are that? Should I contact Savannakhet by phone? I just don't want to drive the 100km to Mukdahan, buy a Lao visa and then get denied for being too early ;-)
  11. Thank you for your replies. Yes I know I could use my current Non O until August or even 2 months longer. But if I wanted to go to Savannakhet early are there specific laws / rules about how early I can go to get a new visa? "Up to the last day" means "up to the enter before date"? And how many weeks are a couple of weeks? Please don't get me wrong ... I am just trying to find out if there are specific laws about this since I don't want to travel to Savannakhet and being turned away over there for coming "too early" ;-) That would mean that I could go to Savannakhet any day (even tomorrow) and get a new visa and at the same time the current still valid one is being made void? Thanks again and sorry for being a little bit "pedantic" on this issue. Just don't want to travel there for "nothing" ;-)
  12. My current Non Immigrant O Multiple Entry Visa based on marriage issued in Savannakhet has an "Enter Before" date in May 2017. - What is the earliest date that I can go to Savannakhet again and apply for another / a new Non O Multiple Entry? - Before the current visa I had another Non O Multiple Entry issued in Europe. Same passport. Have there ever been reports of people getting problems on "back to back" Non O in Savannakhet and/or even with another Non O from Europe before? - If going to Savannakhet do we have to fly now? I am asking since there have been reports from land borders (namely Aranyaprathet) where immigration gave a hard time because of "hopping" over the border and coming back on land border
  13. Thank you for your answer and sorry for missing that other thread. What is the latest time that I should arrive there in order to be able to make my crossing and coming back? I will drive a car from Bangkok.
  14. I have seen a post here which is only about 1 month old stating that Phu Nam Ron is working for people who want to activate another entry on their Non O Multiple Entry. But with the reports going on about Poi Pet I thought it might be wise to ask for the lastest information again: I have a Multiple Entry Non Immigrant O Visa based on marriage. Usually I fly somewhere for a short holiday and come back via an airport. This time I thought about renting a car and driving to Phu Nam Ron. Can I still just go in and out to get another 3 months? What time should I be there? Is Poi Pet (don't really like it) a viable Plan B? Thanks a lot
  15. True DSL almost unusable, with VPN ok

    Are you saying that there is a signifanct difference between the 20/7 and 50/10 package and that it might be worth getting the 50/10 package? Also it would be interesting if it is possible to switch to their PowerPRO Package. They advertise it with the slogan "100% optical fibre". That means that the PowerHOME packages are using VDSL2 (as you stated) for the last meters as opposed to the PowerPRO packages where they install the fiber into your apartment? Hmmm? not sure which one to choose. Keep in mind .. I am coming from a crappy TRUE DSL 13/1 connection right now.