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  1. KittenKong

    amazon firestick from UK to Thailand

    It will work, but for geo-locked services like the ones you mention you would also need some sort of VPN or proxy or smart DNS service. And it may not be possible to run those directly on the Fire device, in which case you would need to install them on a suitable router.
  2. KittenKong

    Flight Cancelled.

    Yes, that's also a suitable option and one I mentioned earlier. Sometimes some airlines also have sale prices that are only available via their own website and which are not available at all from third parties. Over the last couple of years I've had some brilliant sale fares that way: anything up to 75% off the normal list price. But those deals are usually only available for a couple of days so you have to be quick.
  3. Car loans are secured by the blue book of the car. Loans for domestic appliances generally have no security.
  4. Probably because the words "lend" and "give" seem to have the same meaning here.
  5. KittenKong

    Flight Cancelled.

    In my experience this usually happens at the airport at check-in time. I've never come across it happening the day before, except in case of an equipment change. I find it very odd that the OP only found out about it when he called the travel agency, and that the agency/airline didn't call/email him. When there are any changes on my itineraries - even just a schedule change of a few minutes - I get an email straight away.
  6. KittenKong

    one-way flights bus.class/ FRA-BKK

    The usual comparison sites will find them: Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, LastMinute, Opodo, Google Flights etc. You should try several for completeness. Also check the individual airlines' websites as they may have sales on that are not included in the comparison results.
  7. KittenKong

    Flight Cancelled.

    "Always", except apparently last year and this year. Up to you what you do, of course, but I will stick with online brokers who issue the ticket instantly.
  8. I cant comment on marriage extensions but my retirement extension gets quicker to obtain every year. And as I own my own condo in Jomtien I am not affected by the away-from-home reporting requirement either. The 90-day report can be done online or by post, but as immigration is just a few minutes' walk from my condo I can easily do it myself. At Jomtien there is rarely any queue at all for this. The re-entry permit is slightly irritating - it could easily just be an optional part of the extension - but it only took me about 20 minutes to get mine this year. You can do it at BKK airport also. I dont think that 1MB for a visa stamp is a bargain at all and if I had to pay 1MB for mine I would probably look for somewhere more welcoming to move to.
  9. KittenKong

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Even 50B is over the top. Look at Spain where a decent coffee generally costs one Euro (38B) or just over. The price should be lower here.
  10. KittenKong

    Flight Cancelled.

    Your agency sounds like a right shower. They were probably just waiting till the last minute to buy your ticket, hoping to save themselves - not you - some money, and both times it backfired. Trouble is, this year they couldn't find another flight on the same day so you got delayed. When a ticket is purchased you get a PNR and a 6-character record locator. You can put that record locator into the airline's website along with your last name and it will show you your status which should be "OK" and all your flight details. You may also be able to select your seat and meal, depending on the airline. If you dont have a record locator or PNR then you probably dont have a ticket at all. Next time use a proper agency that issues the PNR and locator as soon as you click on "buy now", and sends them to you instantly by email. Or buy direct from the airline which will do the same thing. Anything less is to be avoided. If no ticket was issued by the airline then you are very unlikely indeed to qualify for compensation from them.
  11. KittenKong

    3BB FTTH FibeHome and Asus RT-AC86U settings.

    Fancy that. Must be some bizarre translation from Chinese. I've never come across the expression anywhere before.
  12. KittenKong

    3BB FTTH FibeHome and Asus RT-AC86U settings.

    You mean DNS. If you want to use a DNS server other than the 3BB one, put the desired IP addresses in your Asus router where it says "DNS server". Do you currently have a problem with the wifi? If not you probably cant improve it. Leave it alone. "Famous" settings? If IPV6 is disabled then you dont need it.
  13. KittenKong

    What is the first thing you eat when you go home?

    Runner beans.
  14. KittenKong

    one-way flights bus.class/ FRA-BKK

    Depending on dates you can get FRA>BKK for around 40,000-50,000B Whether it's worth doing will depend entirely on how much you will be charged for refunding the Qatar ticket.
  15. Amazing. Pattaya could do with something like that.