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  1. 10 noisy days ahead on Jomtien Beach

    On an unrelated but similar problem that was affecting a friend I think I discovered a procedure to follow that actually works. Yes, you can call 1337 but as far as I can see they just pass the complaint on to the police (who do nothing) and, above all, 1337 doesn't seem to make any sort of note or report about complaints to their superiors at City Hall. So there is no follow-up. So what I found was that to complain effectively you need to go in person to an office called (something like) the department of public health. It can be found at City Hall, on the third floor in the rear building nearest to the car park. It is not very easy to find as the place is a sort of open-plan rabbit warren. The staff in that office speak some English and are helpful and, above all, they actually do something about complaints received. You will make a written complaint in English, describing the noise (dates and times are helpful) and you will include the address/location of where the noise comes from, and draw a sketch map. Obviously if you can be accompanied by a Thai speaker who doesnt mind complaining then all the better.
  2. Company owned house - City Hall TAX

    I see your point but condo owners (like me) are not liable to any of those taxes. Nor indeed are people who rent.
  3. Company owned house - City Hall TAX

    Indeed. But Naam appeared to be suggesting that the tax liability being with the company rather than the owner of the company was in some way relevant or important. In the case of companies used by farangs solely to own properly here (which would be nearly all of them), I dont think that it matters who gets the bill.
  4. I have accounts with several different Thai banks. I have never been asked for more than the bankbook and ID (driving licence is the one I generally give). Indeed for half of those banks I have no ATM card anyway.
  5. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    I'm ashamed to say that it is on Facebook. Link was given above. I dont have a Facebook account but as this place doesnt seem to have a proper website a search only produced links to FB, TripAdvisor and a few local media articles. So I was reduced to looking at the FB page for inspiration. I did find that offer on it, and a photo of their menu (which is very short). From the menu I expect that I will go for a takeaway whole chicken plus potatoes plus salad at 400B (less 10%), and that should make a meal one day and sandwiches the next day and soup the day after that. Those who want to eat in can have beer for 50B or water for 15B.
  6. I think that in a condo building someone from management (manager, assistant, or some representative of a management company) should indeed be on call 24/7. It's part of what they are paid for. This especially applies in a large building. Up to them to decide whether what they are being called about requires immediate action or whether it can wait till the next business day. Either way, the request should be recorded in writing for all to see and the committee can consider later whether the decision was correct or not. If no one is on call then the problems simply dont get noted at all, which is the Thai way of dealing with problems: pretend they dont exist. I will never accept this as valid. The manager is my building spends half the day with his thumb up his backside and the rest of the day playing Facebook. I dont think he is worth 10% of what we pay him. If he went elsewhere because he felt overworked we could replace him with a statue of Hanuman and get much better value and results. But he wont leave voluntarily because no one else would ever pay him the sort of money we do (not even mentioning the amount he earns from various scams, and from other activities that he performs in the building instead of his job). Indeed he would be lucky to get a job delivering pizzas and would be even luckier to keep it for more than a week.
  7. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    " Take advantage of now and until 10 September inclusive of 10% discount on your order Whole chicken 250 B NOW 225 B Half chicken 150 B NOW 135 B valid on menus also " Even better.
  8. Company owned house - City Hall TAX

    I suspect that more and more people who own property via companies will be getting demands for this, once the government and revenue people understand what an easy source of quick cash it is. And unlike most Thai laws, this one seems to be worded in such a way that there are no obvious loopholes or grey areas. Some 30% of my building is company-owned and a quick calculation of the total amount due from all those units backdated for 10 years gives a surprisingly high result.
  9. Company owned house - City Hall TAX

    Does that make any difference given the type of companies under discussion here?
  10. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Apparently it's rotisseried a la Francaise. If that's true then it will be streets ahead of most chickens available elsewhere here, as it wont be drenched in nasty sweet sauce. Properly cooked roast potatoes and veg cant be bad either. For 250B I will try one.
  11. Only to a bad manager. And who needs one of those?
  12. Road closures announced for Pattaya Marathon

    I watched them running past my condo at dawn today. It left me feeling rather faint so I went back to bed.
  13. I cant comment on the other hospitals but I have never seen any item on a Phyathai bill for translation services. Just the normal (or abnormal) "hospital fee" of about 400B per visit which seems to cover everything and nothing. I generally dont need the translator there because all the doctors I see seem to speak enough English for my purposes. But once or twice a translator has followed me around. I cant comment on complex in-patient treatment there as I have never had it.
  14. Convert Vinyl LP to Memory Stick

    I digitised about 200 LPs a few years ago before disposing of them via a charity shop. I actually had many more but I only digitised the ones that weren't available on CD. I suspect that for some of them mine may have been the only recordings still in existence as they were unreleased studio samplers from the 70s, and some of those bands/performers never did get a record contract. I did it all using Audacity, a free cross-platform sound editing programme. I connected the tape output of my hifi amp (fed from a very expensive Audio Technica cartridge on my turntable) to the line input of my PC. Audacity then recorded the sound as a wav file (in real time of course, so that was an interesting month of needle dropping). The nice thing about Audacity is that it has built in filters for de-popping and de-clicking, and also for hiss removal. I found it worth spending an hour or so getting to know how the filters worked and playing with the settings so as not to remove too much top-end along with the pops and hiss.The final result was little short of excellent and I find my digitised recordings are much nicer to listen to than the original LPs ever were. Certainly good enough for my 60-year-old ears. After editing and processing, Audacity saved the file in FLAC format at about 200-250Mb per disk. Once the settings are correct the entire process can be automated via macros. I also actually saved the unprocessed wav recording in FLAC format, just in case. http://www.audacityteam.org/download/
  15. Need advice on installing condo hidden safe

    Have you ever looked at a condo building under construction? Apparently not. Try it, and pay particular attention to the floors. The structural integrity is neither here nor there. The discussion is about the ownership of the (dividing) walls and floors. In a condo building these are owed by the building, not by the unit. Permission must be obtained from the building before doing anything invasive to them. And as fas as I can see the suggestions for putting a safe in the floor would involve a lot more invasive action than just putting a safe on the floor and bolting it to the floor. And a safe on the floor would not be exactly hidden, which is the topic.