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  1. None, normally.
  2. Yes, come and look at a few condos and rent one for a year. Make a short-list from websites before arriving. If you aren't into bars and nightlife then you would probably find Jomtien quieter and cheaper, even near the beach. If you will have your own transport then there are many places on Pratumnak. North Pattaya/Naklua also has its supporters. Then you will have a year to find something better. Be aware that there are rules about importing your personal effects without paying tax. You might like to consider putting your visa extension in place before doing this. If you are bringing money here and are over 50 (from your description you probably are) then you can easily get an extension based on retirement very cheaply or, much less simply, one based on marriage. You dont need to live here to have a retirement extension. You dont need to be retired either. Many details in the visa sub-forum. Fair enough. You can clearly make up your own mind. But I've seen so many people lose their shirt (and more) here that I feel some sort of warning should be given.
  3. The BBC has been indicating for some time that registration would soon be required but I think that it is a separate issue. That said, I cant imagine that they will introduce compulsory registration for all valid users overnight as their servers would never cope with the rush of registrations. So maybe they are targetting just some users/IP address ranges as a registration test?
  4. The BBC seem to have blacklisted some VPN nodes as of today. Mine is broken also. Hopefully the VPN provider will fix it fairly quickly.
  5. As mentioned, in my experience the problem is not bandwidth but latency and jitter between you and your SIP provider. I'm not aware that there is much that can be done about either apart from looking for a provider that is closer, and even then it may not make much difference.
  6. You should study some of the older threads in these forums as all your questions have been covered many times. There are thousands of condos and houses available for rent here. Oversupply is endemic. Most advertised prices are way over the top and you should negotiate very hard. Cant say that I've ever heard of an agent with a good reputation here but, like hookers with a heart of gold, there may be some somewhere. There are literally hundreds of websites advertising condos for rent and sale here. You should study them but dont believe everything you read. I would be inclined to do some research before moving here but not actually renting anything until you have seen it with your own eyes. There are plenty of hotels and weekly/monthly apartments and condos to stay in while you look for something more permanent. Deposits are generally one or two months of the rental price. Some tenants have trouble getting their deposit back even if they have caused no damage. A contract can be monthly or yearly. You should pay a lot less for a yearly rate. Jomtien immigration covers all the Pattaya and Jomtien area. You are very unlikely to be in a condo outside this area. Long-term flooding is not really an issue in Pattaya. You can get brief flooding during storms just about anywhere, but it generally subsides quite fast. If you are worried just make sure that you live on a hill or a slope, even a small one. In another thread you ask about bringing all your money to Thailand and putting it in your wife's name. Given that your knowledge of the country appears to be less than minimal, I strongly suggest that you leave your money in Switzerland in your name for several years until you are much more experienced about life here. Many people have come here and lost everything very fast. Another suggestion would be to rent for a year, or even a few years, before considering buying any property if you are at all likely to do that.
  7. Even worse indeed. I certainly dont want to see what people are doing here when I walk past their front doors. Eyes front!
  8. Apparently I was wrong and they aren't fully part of the military, though they are often described as such. However, the RTP is directly under the office of the prime minister, who of course is currently also the top military man. So the end result currently is that the top military man is indeed in charge of the police.
  9. In your landlord's defence, the corridor door rule probably comes from the building and not him. Many buildings prohibit visible changes to the outside of a unit, or specify particular front door types. Personally I think that screen doors into corridors should be completely banned as I dont want to smell cooking (or worse) or hear noise from other units in the corridor. And much of the electricity price difference may have been because the landlord was paying the commercial rate rather than the domestic one. This is particularly applicable to company-owned units.
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I dont think that wood windows would be acceptable in my building as they would surely have to be done in several small folding panels which would alter the external appearance. I did see something like that in another condo near me, and it was very nice, but in that one the windows werent visible from outside (unless from a drone) so no one would know or care. Aluminium and uPVC are the only real options I have, and I find uPVC to be much too thick and clunky.
  11. Hmm. My service book is quite clear: the full service has to be done every 6 months maximum or the warranty is invalidated. I certainly had no option to not do the oil change.
  12. I think she said 5%. Not seen the full renewal form yet.
  13. I got my discount. The agent took photos of the installed dashcam working, and a copy of the invoice with my name on it.
  14. I also never get near the full distance between 6-monthly services, and if your vehicle is still under warranty then you have no choice. It has to be done every 6 months at most or you invalidate the warranty.
  15. Same. Never had the slightest problem at that garage, and small problems that occasionally occur between services they just fix for free. My half-yearly service usually costs around 1300B total though it varies slightly depending on which filters they change.