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  1. KittenKong

    Condo curtains and fly screens

    For mosquito screens go to any aluminium/glass shop. There are hundreds around town. Many curtain shops in Thepprasit Road, and also several aluminium shops.
  2. KittenKong

    Is Thailand a bad idea?

    Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you. Beats me how anyone can be bored anywhere. I never am.
  3. The people can speak for themselves and, for the most part, are not chained and beaten to make them do things they dont want to do. So in that respect I am much more concerned about animal welfare here than I am about human welfare.
  4. My God. An entire hour without snacks. Oh, the humanity.
  5. No. The JPM has control and the committee are there to oversee and monitor, as mentioned, and, as elected representatives of the co-owners, to indicate to the JPM the course the committee and co-owners want him to take. But the final decision belongs to the JPM always. In a sensible building the cheques will be co-signed by committee members, and that gives them a real veto, but the JPM is still in charge and can overrule the committee if he sees fit. A strong committee may have more influence over a weak JPM, but this is down to individual politics rather than the law and will vary from building to building. Also in a building where a representative of a large management company also acts as JPM then he may be more inclined to follow the committee's wishes, but he does not have to. So the selection of the correct JPM is a most important matter in a building. Few people understand this.
  6. That is exactly what I wrote. I know my facts. Courts can come into it if the amount owed becomes large enough to warrant getting them involved, again exactly as I wrote. Been there, done that.
  7. KittenKong

    TMB Secured CC Account

    TMB are pretty useless for providing information. If I wanted a secured Thai credit card I would just get one of these: https://www.krungsricard.com/en/Product/CreditCard/Exclusive/Krungsri-Visa-Platinum.html Their mobile app is better too, and they do a better high interest savings account, and there is much more English on their website. And as a bank they are also better than both Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn. In fact the only reason I still have my TMB account is because it is linked to the direct debit for my monthly PEA bill, which for some unknown reason cannot be linked to my Krungsri account.
  8. KittenKong

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    Surely. But what's the average wage in LA? And what's the average wage here?
  9. KittenKong

    TMB Secured CC Account

    Obviously. Hence my belief that all such cards are secured here.
  10. Assuming nothing changes between now and then, a retirement extension is far and away the simplest and cheapest procedure for most people over 50. It's never too late to get one. Pointless doing anything until nearer the time anyway.
  11. KittenKong

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    I'm not shocked that people can afford to spend 50K on a condo. I could also afford to spend that. In fact I could spend double or triple that. What shocks me is that a small condo in Bangkok is considered to be worth that amount.
  12. KittenKong

    TMB Secured CC Account

    I thought that all credit cards were secured here? Hard to imagine a bank being stupid enough to lend money to anyone in Thailand without security. I certainly would never do it. In fact, I would think twice about doing it even with security. Do you really not have a single friend or relative whose UK address you could use for billing purposes?
  13. I also like cats. In fact I had them everywhere I have ever lived until I moved into a condo here. But even without the rules, a condo seems a very unsatisfactory place to keep a pet to me. It also seems a very unsuitable place to raise children, and if I had any I would be living in a house. For what it's worth I also think that cooking on balconies, laundry on balconies and leaving front doors open should all be completely banned in condo buildings, with no exceptions, along with short-term rentals of the AirBNB type. People who want to live in a pigsty can easily move to one. There are plenty available in Thailand.
  14. The fine will sit on your account until such time as you want to get a debt-free certificate, at which point you will be obliged to pay it. If you owe a large amount then the building can apply to the court to force you to pay, and if you still dont pay then it can go as far as the court allowing the sale of the unit to cover the debts.
  15. KittenKong

    AIS - 6 month a 6 Mbps = 1800 baht

    No, one of the suppliers definitely shows the VAT-inclusive price for at least one of its offers. It's printed on the SIM package. Cant remember which one though. It certainly is not True.