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  1. I suggest trying the guy in the tent in the car park of BigC on Klang. His products do look fairly good. Not cheap but the quotes I got from him were still lower than those I got in the fancy places in Thepprasit, including Mai Thai. Reliability and work ethic is always the problem in Thailand. Anyone who does a good job today is likely to do a crap one tomorrow, or indeed to disappear completely. As mentioned, you have to check every single thing yourself or it will probably be bodged.
  2. I think they have a 48 hour service, and possibly a 24 hour one too.
  3. I'm not looking for the best: just someone moderately competent at their announced profession. Given that other skilled people earn about 500B per day here it does not seem reasonable to pay more than 100B for a haircut that takes just 20 minutes. But that isnt really the issue. The issue is the general lack of competence.
  4. Everything that Facebook does is done in order to increase page views and, as a result, increase advertising revenue. They dont care about anything else.
  5. They may be the best but they dont answer emails or requests for quotes made via their website. I've spent a lot of time over the past four years trying to find someone to fit good quality replacement aluminium double-glazed patio windows and have been remarkably unsuccessful. Few places respond to enquiries, or respond without paying any attention at all as to what was asked for. Those that do respond are rarely equipped with good quality materials, and those that do have good quality materials ask for preposterously high prices often three or four times what the same thing would cost in the west. It's just a window for pity's sake. uPVC is far too clunky and cheap-looking for my taste.
  6. Look at her face. In daylight she would never get close enough to anyone to pick their pocket.
  7. I dont get much post but all of it seems to arrive eventually. Important documents (usually credit cards and suchlike) are sent by Royal Mail tracked which seems to add a few GBP to the cost. I've noticed that according to the tracking it only takes a couple of days for letters to get to Thailand, then anything up to a week to get to the local delivery centre, then anything up to another week for them to get from the local delivery centre to my condo front office and then up the elevator to me.
  8. Title says it all really. Announced yesterday (April 24), though it is strangely reminiscent of 10 years ago. Personally I've never really seen the point of Utapao as getting to/from BKK is very easy from Jomtien and Utapao has little or no public transport. Of interest to those who live further along the coast or who have someone who can drop them off and collect them, I suppose.
  9. At least one of those Nancies is Sacha Baron Cohen.
  10. Classic Thai cartel commerce. 7 different people all charging the same price and all doing a bad job and all spending most of the day doing nothing.
  11. Where exactly is this person located? As far as I can see it is not the place described in the message to which you replied (lady barbers, 100B, very close to Klang).
  12. I tried this place, assuming it is the one about 50 yards from the corner of Buakow and Klang. Yes, it's aircon. Yes, it's 100B. Yes, the barbers are ladies (on the day I went). Yes, they do the usual bad "dabbing" job with electric shears. I maintain that it is impossible to cut hair properly without using scissors and am still looking for somewhere that does.
  13. Apart from the lack of pork, how exactly can you tell the difference between halal and non-halal when it's on the plate?
  14. A couple of months ago a friend of mine was charged double for his Indian eVisa (USD100 instead of USD50) and so far he has been unable to get it refunded. Personally I think that countries that charge so much for short tourist visas are mad. Many people must be put off by these fees; I certainly am. In this respect Thailand is very sensible, though they make up for it with the dual pricing for national parks.
  15. Transit (2 days) visa still free. Otherwise up to USD40 depending on your circumstances.