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  1. KittenKong

    Need a reliable WIFI solution for my condo!

    I live on a high floor and have no problems with True 4G data, though I dont use it very often as I have VDSL also.
  2. That's odd. I wonder if they have changed that? I'm sure that when I checked a few years ago the charge was levied on all holdings outside of the special accounts. Either way, I find ii charging to be much more straightforward: it's capped at under £100/year and the charge takes the form of a trading credit and so may drop to zero for anyone who trades a few times a year.
  3. No visa of any type required.
  4. Dont worry. There are plenty of large blackened eerie unfinished hulks still available in Jomtien.
  5. KittenKong

    Shredless Marmalade.

    ^^^ More likely to be a minimum postage charge.
  6. KittenKong

    Shredless Marmalade.

    I dont know of any others apart from these two: Siamburys is here: https://en-gb.facebook.com/siamburis/ The Soi Siam Country Club is this one, I think, but the Google map pin seems to be in the wrong place so I'm not sure: https://en-gb.facebook.com/siamexpatfood/ Both on the darkside.
  7. KittenKong

    Compressed Air

    If it's for cleaning keyboards and fans, just buy 50cm of thin flexible plastic tubing (the type used for small water pumps and aquariums) from a hardware shop and blow down it. Should cost about 10B and is much more controllable and environmentally friendly than cans.
  8. KittenKong

    Shredless Marmalade.

    That's the sort of thing that I would expect to find in Villa in The Avenue in Pattaya, or in Tops in Central in Pattaya, or possibly from one of the two Pattaya expat shops (Siamburys, and the one on Soi SCC). All of them usually have a fairly wide selection of spreads.
  9. KittenKong

    What's the cost of a legal Win 10 license?

    Indeed, but your laptop came with a Windows licence, and presumably a valid key on a sticker which the shop presumably used to reinstall Windows from other media. Nothing wrong with that and entirely valid. The upgrade procedure officially still works for any device that has already had its digital licence authenticated by MS servers, which yours has.
  10. Staff have been sacked in my building without any co-owners being the worse for it.
  11. KittenKong

    How is T21 doing?

    He was talking about Harbor Mall.
  12. KittenKong

    curing or pink salt

    Even if it lasted a lifetime it would still be very expensive salt. Far more to the point to buy a small quantity of the active ingredient and mix it with plain cheap salt.
  13. KittenKong

    What's the cost of a legal Win 10 license?

    I believe that the majority of PCs in Thailand run pirated versions of Windows.
  14. KittenKong

    Good car insurance company in Pattaya

    May I ask why? Are you likely to improve on your online quote? My insurance doesn't come up for renewal until the middle of next year, but I will certainly be looking at you again nearer that time.
  15. KittenKong

    How is T21 doing?

    Places can change. It would be foolish to write them off forever.