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  1. Yes, the global price of butter, particularly cooking grade butter, has increased enormously. http://uk.businessinsider.com/butter-shortage-why-prices-are-rising-and-supply-is-falling-2017-10
  2. I looked at Del Mare a few times, but always wrote it off due to the empty plots all around. This being Thailand absolutely anything could be built there: factories, high-rise condos, shopping malls, pig farms, discos, open-air music venues ...... all equally undesirable as far as I can see. Not to mention the "boom-boom" vehicles parked on the beach most days.
  3. I suspect that a lot of these abandoned/derelict places have been foreclosed on by banks. They probably have a very overvalued book price for them and so cannot sell them. They certainly arent interested in developing them themselves. So they just sit and rot. Look at Jomtien beach road for several examples. Property taxes on commercial land would encourage the speedy unblocking of such places, though the banks would still have to take a hit on the asset values, and that might open another big can of worms.
  4. At least the Del Mare actually got built and isnt just an abandoned shell, though there is another abandoned shell right next to the poshest hotel/condo in Na Jomtien.
  5. Twiglets in Pattaya

    No, certainly not as weird as balut. But definitely a very British flavour. Back in the 60s/70s Twiglets were de rigueur party snacks. To me they conjure up an era of prawn cocktails, avocado bathroom suites and Hostess trolleys. Though interestingly I see they were actually invented several decades before that.
  6. You're wrong, but never mind.
  7. I dont know much about shops in Bangkok but I do have quite a lot of experience with multi-room setups from Sonos and Yamaha, and with soundbars. If you could give more details of exactly what you are trying to do, and in what locations, maybe I can offer some suggestions before you start your listening tests.
  8. Twiglets in Pattaya

    Very tasty and more-ish. I like them.
  9. party food

    How different? It all really depends on what style of food and presentation you want. The Sportsman still caters to outside events as far as I know. I expect that they can do 100 covers. Or if you want to go more upmarket all the big hotels do outside catering.
  10. Obviously a sill as pictured would not fit, but for a sill to work you only need an overhang of about an inch or so, and a recessed drip edge underneath. I used to have one on a 4 inch wall in Europe, with a flush window above it. In fact in Europe the sill (or flashing if you prefer) was optionally built into the aluminium window frame itself, and the whole thing was fitted as one piece.
  11. That one is nice enough, but it isnt quite the same taste as the Italian sort.
  12. Minimising sizing of aircon

    One of my neighbours recently replaced his old air-cons with Daikin ones. They came from a big store like HomePro. I was surprised by how cheap he said they were and when I went to the same shop and checked they were indeed no more expensive than other brands like Samsung etc. Whether this indicated a general price drop, or whether they were some special cheap local model, I dont know.
  13. They invented window sills to solve that problem. Many shapes and styles are available. If properly installed there should be no staining.
  14. Really no oxymoron, Looking for honest attorney

    For God's sake dont ask him. He's a complete idiot. And I know for a fact that he cant recommend any lawyer in Pattaya, so it would be particularly pointless asking him about that.
  15. Lifecare Lab (blood test clinic) update

    I think I paid about 4000B for a one-off ultrasound at PIH, but that was a few years ago.