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  1. For TOT Fibre users

    Certainly sounds like it.
  2. I find everything to do with coconuts to be extremely expensive in Thailand, like many other things. Oil, water, milk, cream, the things themselves. All very overpriced for something that really does grow on trees (well, on palms). The 200B price mentioned for "cheap" coconut oil is more expensive than any other locally bottled cooking oil that I know of, including rice bran oil, canola, sunflower, corn etc. Only imported olive oil is more expensive, as one might expect given its origin. And in fact you can get olive oil here for under 250B that is perfectly suitable for cooking, in as much as any olive oil is suitable for cooking. I use it all the time in my bread.
  3. I'll do that myself when it is for my own condo for me to live in, though I would not enjoy it at all. But I would never do it as a source of income. Nor would I want to change condos/houses any more often than I have to: I hate doing that too. So that just about excludes me from doing renovation work here, at least more than once. I'm not surprised that doing this enabled you to sell at a profit, but I would be surprised if those who just want to sell their condo here in the state they found it manage to show much profit. In Europe it's fairly easy to do this, unless you happen to buy at the very peak of some property boom.
  4. Numbing Condoms

    You probably bought these by mistake: https://www.durex.co.uk/en-gb/condoms/p/durex-extended-pleasure-condoms-12-pack The gel contains a local anaesthetic.
  5. You cant really argue with people who think that buying gold is an investment. I gave up long ago.
  6. Flight from Suvarnabhumi 4am on Apri 19 ...

    I certainly would not suggest driving anywhere during the day on the 19th, but I dont remember much traffic after midnight in previous years. Even on the evening on the 19th the traffic in Jomtien seems to be clear by about 9-10pm. My only objection to the hotel scenario is that the OP's flight is at 4am, which means check-in at 2am, which to me makes taking a hotel rather pointless. I would rather stay awake until 4 and sleep later on the plane, always assuming that the flight is long enough to allow time for sleeping. I suppose some people would rather go to bed very early and get up at 1am, but I cant see myself doing that. My next flight is at 9am and for that I will certainly be overnighting in a Bangkok hotel, as I did last time I flew at that hour. Though I prefer to be in central Bangkok where I can have a nice early meal out the evening before followed by a good sleep. Getting through Bangkok to the airport at 6.30am is not much of a problem and it means I can get up at 6 rather than at 4, as I would have to do if I spent the night in Jomtien. 6 for me is easy: 4 is hard.
  7. Yes. I think that renovating old condos is about the only way that you can turn any sort of profit on them here. But who in his right mind would want the hassle of dealing with contractors and suppliers and suchlike here? Not me, not at any price. Nor do I want to have to deal with real estate people or building managements here. It's all massively tedious and unpleasant. There are far easier and more enjoyable ways of earning money, I think.
  8. Given the relatively high level of transfer taxes and sales fees in Thailand, and the apparent stagnation of prices, it is a bit of a mystery to me how anyone can break even on Thai property let alone make a profit. Maybe Bangkok really is different. I dont personally know anyone at all in Pattaya who actually made a clear profit on a condo sale, but I know many who lost a little or a lot, or who simply have not been able to sell at all even after several months or years. Maybe I just know a lot of unlucky or stupid people. I compare with property I owned in the EU, all of which increased systematically in value over time and all of which increased in value at least 4-fold over 20 years. My own condo here is surely not now worth what I paid for it, due to general building degradation caused by bad management, and massive oversupply of new buildings. However I'm not complaining because I do like my condo and have not seen another one that I would like to live in at anything less than double the cost.
  9. That sort of money in Bangkok will indeed get you something fairly shitty. Even in Pattaya it would not buy you anything I would describe as nice. You would have to double it, at least.
  10. This you want to read when selecting an ISP for use Kodi

    Your conclusion is erroneous. In Thailand this is much more likely to be some sort of routing issue, probably just temporary. It happens quite often and with every Thai ISP I have ever used, including 3BB. To form any sort of valid conclusion you would have to test the connection to many more servers in many more places, and with many more types of streamed data, over a period of several weeks. So do that and come back. I very much doubt that your log files actually tell you who or what caused the disconnection. I expect that they merely indicate that there was a disconnection.
  11. Lower moler extraction

    In Thailand the trick for every job is finding someone competent to do it. There are many people here doing all sorts of jobs, but few seem to really know what they are doing. This applies to every walk of life, including the health services.
  12. Where to buy a genuine Antivirus software package in BKK

    Whatever you download online, just make sure that it comes direct from the official manufacturer's website and not some dodgy third party link.
  13. Do you ever bump into people you know in BKK?

    I once bumped into someone in Terminal 21 who lives in my Jomtien condo. He was there just for the day, just like me. Neither of us goes to Bangkok at all often. And a couple of years ago I found myself in business class on a plane from BKK to LHR, sitting right next to the man who lives directly opposite me in my condo building. That was just plain spooky. Neither of us goes to the UK more than once a year, and he generally only goes every few years. The odds of both of us being on that flight on that day and on that particular airline (which doesnt even fly direct) must have been very low.
  14. Flight from Suvarnabhumi 4am on Apri 19 ...

    This is true but it could happen at any time, not just at Songkran. Also the motorway is very wide so an accident blocking the entire carriageway would be rare. And there are other alternative routes, particularly at that time of night. Bear in mind that the official holiday period will be completely over by then and Bangkok traffic will be normal. I think for a 4am flight I would also be inclined to go the airport at midnight as you can just wait up for that. It's flights leaving at 9am that I am more inclined to go up the day before for, and to take a nearby hotel room. It's too easy to oversleep and who wants to get up at 4am anyway?
  15. Flight from Suvarnabhumi 4am on Apri 19 ...

    I would expect both times to be OK for traffic, though you should be wary of drunken drivers (who, by then, may be passing out at the wheel).