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  1. One thing that should be remembered about Transferwise (and other similar services) is that if they go belly-up whilst your money is with them then you do not have the official protection that you would have with a "real" UK bank. I'm not saying that it's likely, but who knows? It's also not at all clear to me what official protection you have should funds just vanish in transit, for whatever reason.
  2. True, but most are miles from anywhere and in places where few people want to live. I certainly bought my condo for its view of the sea (and mountains) rather than because I want to be close to the sea for swimming. If I ever bought in Bangkok it would probably be on the river or overlooking some park with a lake.
  3. Very unlikely when the deceased has a will in his own country. Hence my comment specifying that.
  4. WU seems to be the preferred payment system of most scammers.
  5. Yes, as long as things are straightforward a foreign will should be acceptable. Problems may arise if some Thai person contests it. So I would say that a farang with no Thai partner or child leaving his own-name condo to some other farang should not be a problem. Of course having a Thai will that confirms what's in the farang one should only make it easier, and perhaps safer if there is any likelihood of fake wills appearing.
  6. Of course it can.
  7. There's a place very close to Tony's on third road that does things like that. Just opposite the new high-rise condo being built. I have only seen it when driving past so it's not a recommendation.
  8. 1. Changing addresses on forms is easier than you might think. Banks even easier. 4. In Jomtien at least the retirement extension is very simple and straightforward. It takes me less than one hour spread over two visits on two days. It's rare to hear of people having problems with it here though it can be quite common elsewhere. At the very worst you could just pay an agent a couple of thousand Baht to do it for you. That would be much cheaper than the Elite visa, though maybe you think you will get some other value from the Elite visa. 5. You wont find much in the way of decent large condos 20 minutes drive from Pattaya as that takes you out into the wilderness, though possibly the ones a bit closer at Na Jomtien would suit you. Look at Ocean Marina and the half dozen or so others nearby and in Ban Amphur. That's about 10 minutes once you are on Sukumvit. Should be in your budget. The older ones you will find to be particularly spacious. I would live there myself only I would feel a bit daft in such large condos on my own. Lost of nice houses for rent round that way, and out near the lake. For me houses are just too much potential hassle here (I like to travel for weeks or months without worrying about anything) and I really like to have a good high-rise view.
  9. 1. A three-bedroom condo should have three bedrooms, plus at least one other living room or maybe two. It will probably also have a separate kitchen though this may form part of the living room. I dont see why moving should present serious admin problems, but maybe your life is unusually complex. 2. The best landlord is a dead good one. I dont think that skin colour makes much difference as there are plenty of bad ones of all skin colours. The law is heavily stacked against tenants here. Study your contract and change the parts you dont like before signing. 3. For rentals agents seem to get about one month's rent for a year's contract. Maybe more if they are also managing the property etc. 4. I dont see what anyone over 50 really gets with the Elite visa that's worth paying so much for, but it's your money so it's up to you. 5. (Noise.) Thais are very noisy people and noise can be a nuisance everywhere in Thailand, but naturally more so in party towns like Pattaya. If you want quiet perhaps you should go to somewhere like Hua Hin, and even there you may be unlucky as you only need one idiot as a neighbour to mess things up for you. The same applies to Pratumnak as this has a high proportion of Russians who are also not very quiet people. As far as Jomtien beach itself goes, only a couple of parts of it seem to suffer from "boom boom" trucks. If more people complained I dare say it would stop.
  10. +1
  11. This forum lacks a "satire" emoticon.
  12. U-turns dont worry me. Thai drivers worry me.
  13. Just thought I would describe my experience with the Samsung service centre in Pattaya. My phone, bought in Central Festival, is a few months old. For no obvious reason it developed a fairly large white spot on the screen, often called a "watermark". My research indicated that this is often to do with the battery expanding and applying pressure to the screen. I took it to the large fairly new Samsung service centre on North Road. There are actually two buildings next to each other: one just for phones/tablets and one for other appliances. The girl on the counter carefully removed the SIM cards and memory cards and gave them to me in a sachet, and a technician looked at the phone within 30 minutes. Whilst waiting I enjoyed a nice free freshly brewed coffee from a Nestle machine. His conclusion was that the battery needed replacing. Surprisingly they had no stock but I was told to come back in 48 hours. 48 hours later I went back and within 10 minutes I had my phone back, after the girl had carefully cleaned it and replaced the SIMs and memory card. I was also told they they had replaced the USB port though I dont know why. Cost 0 Baht, as one would expect. They didnt need to see my receipt as the vendor had completed and returned the warranty card. My only previous experience of getting in-warranty service here (for a kitchen appliance from LG) was like getting blood out of a stone, though they did finally replace the item with a new one. So all in all I was very pleased with how Samsung dealt with it. YMMV
  14. I wonder which upstanding citizen filed the complaint about this appalling behaviour at that time? Could it be one of the hundreds of overweight and ugly hookers who line the beach all night? Or one of the many lady-boy hookers who will grab the crotch of any male passer-by (whilst often also grabbing his wallet or gold necklace)? Or one of the many Thai men who call out offers of drugs for sale? Or one of the many pickpockets and ride-by motorbike snatch artists? Or one of the fake watch vendors who beats up anyone who doesnt want to buy their wares? Or one of the taxi drivers who refuse to use their meters? At that time of night it cant have been one of the jet-ski scam artists as they are all at home and drunk by dusk.
  15. Personally I'm all in favour of illegal pubs operating at 3am being shut down. Anyone living nearby would probably be in favour of it also.