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  1. KittenKong

    Stereo system

    Actually that's wrong. Deezer costs 258B/month (some limited offers are available) for their "hifi" version, which is the only one that is lossless. The regular 129B Premium package seems to be similar in quality to Spotify Premium.
  2. I agree. Many farangs here dont have the faintest idea what money is worth and overpay for just about everything. That includes many who live here.
  3. I dont know. I have a car and I never take taxis here. Sometimes going to the airport I will take a pre-booked "taxi" from the likes of Mr T, and that's a fixed 1100B for 100+km. Anyone who expects me to pay 160B to go anywhere in Pattaya is dreaming.
  4. KittenKong

    Thai Bank Account

    As far as I know neither TMB nor CIMB nor Krungsri charge for ATM use in their own ATMs outside the home province, though that probably depends on which sort of account/card you have. I certainly have used all three cards in other provinces without paying any fees. I also think that some or all of them dont charge for using ATMs of (some) other banks either, though I've never tried it. Most banks do seem to have rules about issuing bank books and cards only at the home branch, but I've never tried to do it anywhere else either.
  5. I thought the starting price on Grab was cheaper than that.
  6. They say that Thais have long memories for faces. As someone who generally forgets people within about 30 seconds of meeting them, I've often wondered if it is true (and, if it is true, how on earth they do it).
  7. In 8 years I have only been fined once, for not wearing a seat belt, and I was 100% guilty of that. It is not a mistake I will make again. The policeman suggested that I could pay him 800B or go to the police station and pay 400B. As the police station was only a couple of km away, and on my route, and has plenty of parking, you can probably guess which I chose. I will never forget the glower on the face of the policeman when he appeared on his motorbike a few minutes later, having been summoned by radio to the station to give me back my licence. It may have lost me 20 minutes but it really made my day.
  8. KittenKong

    Stereo system

    As I mentioned, the quality on Deezer is indeed better but the choice as far as I know is not. Spotify apparently have 40 million tracks available but above all when I tested it I found that Deezer had a lot of new tracks but not so many older ones. I am not interested in anything new at all so Deezer was fairly pointless for me. This may have changed and clearly it will depend on the individual. The price is indeed now the same for both (129B).
  9. KittenKong

    Stereo system

    I tried that once. The sound quality is good but at the time they had very little content that was to my taste, and I found the price to be very high for what you got. That may have changed since.
  10. 500B prints a lot of photos. And 500B is more than many (most?) Thais earn in a day.
  11. Everyone here is on the take? I'm here, and I'm not on the take. In fact I manage to live here quite nicely without paying bribes to anyone and without accepting them either. Right and wrong kinds of bribery? No, they are all wrong, and if you play along with it you are just selling your soul. Not much of a loss for many people in Thailand though, of all nationalities.
  12. No. But one can run a successful business without just being a money-grabber. I managed to do it for 30 years, without ever getting involved in any criminal activities of any type and without making any enemies.
  13. I never turn mine off. It's much too hot and sticky here for that.
  14. Mine also paid for itself in just over a year. What I dont know is how much of the saving was due to the inverter and how much just due to the new one being new.
  15. KittenKong

    Stereo system

    This is true. Only the pay version has this option and it is very well hidden.