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  1. And a branch of Greyhound Cafe.
  2. FYI, Jolly Friar on Soi LengKee has always offered the choice of battered or breaded for their fish dishes.
  3. Miss Terry is really Dr. Ian. Parking seems to be a major criteria for his reviews, along with hobnobbing, and keeping his mates happy .... Jamesons must get a review every 6 weeks or so.
  4. I presume you are referring to Cafe Pitini ?
  5. From past experience it makes no difference whatsoever. The same people over and over again, need to be lead by the hand to a new restaurant.
  6. Twins Hotel.
  7. I remember Spinneys where Dicey O'Reillys is now.
  8. In the late 80's the only supermarket I can remember was Spinneys.
  9. + Friendship (upstairs)
  10. No, that is not what I am saying, as I said I am with the OP on this subject.
  11. BTW, I am with the OP. And it is not just the ones on Second Road that I am talking about. I would say this past couple of years, every soi seems to have at least one "Indian Restaurant" open up, and they seem to do none to very little trade. I don't get it myself.
  12. Wrong, the aloo in a Vindaloo stands for garlic as it has it's roots in Portuguese Goan Cuisine. Vin + Aloo = Wine and Garlic.
  13. 1. No number, but if you board one at the northbound queue at Pattaya Tai - Second Road, then they will go all the way to Naklua Market on Sunday. 2. No
  14. Did not realise that there was another restaurant on 3rd Road serving Northern Thai Food (Khao Soi, Ganglay etc.) On the Corner of 3rd Road and Chalermprakiat Soi 3.