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  1. Jesus, people, get down to the Earth, that happens in EVERY COUNTRY! Every country of the world has similar cases, it doesn't depend on anything, but human nature. Prospering USA never has such cases? Or you can google Ann Arbor Hospital. But of course, grumbling murmuring people get used to blaming Thailand, it's economy, people, no matter what facts and arguments you gonna tell them.
  2. The only mistake the rider did - he drove away from the scene. I don't see any of his fault before he fled away, but kid's parents are real morons - I'm sure they still don't even realise how deep shit they are still and blame only the evil rider. If he'd stay, got lawer - he wouldn't be punished I think. Not sure, bt seems it even was a breaking line there, means that vehicles can do overtaking. And still these idiots keep crossing the road.
  3. Only in Thailand a foreigner selling food "entertains the community". Anyway good luck to this woman with her job, I bet this hype around her is a good thing for her.
  4. Deep condolences to the people. The whole era has gone for them with His Majesty.
  5. If the guy was hiding from his criminal past I bet no one reported about missing body as well. Everyone knowing him wouldn't report to police or anything. Same in Thailand if he's in criminal underground - most of people know what's happened and keep their mouth shut. I think won't be hard to identify him after they identify all those guys. BTW, why don't check fingerprints in databases, I bet they have them in Federal US or Interpol.
  6. It's all just rumors of course, but I believe the shooter killed before and somehow it's connected with this body - as he was the one easily shooting in the cop - it's usually hard if you've never shoot before. Just thoughts, don't pay too much attention.
  7. Yesterday there was police with news reporters near the house. The door was opened and they were waiting for something. May be they brought them for some kind of experiment or just search the house.
  8. So when you think of disgusting people you think of Russians? And you consider yourself not a scum, but useful masterpiece of this world, mr."Western peaceful tolerance"? Isn't that too much to decide who's worth being on this planet?
  9. Police stared at me, I didn't want to be involved, so I had some from distance: Here's how the place looked Friday evening and then how it looked on Sunday. On Monday the car has disappeared, but still have those cross lines.
  10. This place is on the way to my gym - I walked near and the house looked like just built and waiting to be rent, didn't see anyone there. Next day after that happened was REALLLY lots of police and road closed - it's like 30 policemen there.. And they controlled road and asked everyone around about the place.
  11. Hello! Could anyone recommend affordable pet-friendly place to live in Bangkok? I'm going to move from Chiang Mai with my Shiba Inu puppy and have no idea where to stay. Near BTS or near center place where possible to ride bike may be?
  12. Segmed

    Payap University: Class Notes

    Sorry for offtop may be... Is the whole course (and student visa) only for 3 months? Or usually it takes longer?