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  1. Well, the longer she waits the stronger my case gets. It will be pretty hard for her to explain why she hasn't checked the condo and still holding on to my money after say 6 months... But yeah, most likely she doesnt intend to go but she is just stalling until she gets a new tenant. She didnt go to chiang mai when i moved in either.. I think her signature was obtained through agent somehow. Dont recall...
  2. You raised a good question about buses and taxis. In chiang mai everyone is aware about the red cars making sudden stops. This means that if thai people learn to recognize the self driven cars they would learn that they will do silly (in thai eyes) stops for pedestrians and stop signs etc.
  3. Good advice, but i have decided to wait a while for her next move, i assume next up she will check the condo and make up a bunch of damage.
  4. Haha, i know, its funny how hope works...
  5. If not trolling lets just agree to disagree. I believe i have stated my reasoning enough.
  6. Yeah, also i feel like there's a huge opportunity to raise a ton of money by setting up cameras everywhere and start fining people. Increase the fines as well. The fact that they are not increasing the fines tells me that they will never figure this out... Also, i try to be good and contribute to road safety, but it's tricky when you get hit from behind as soon as you stop for pedestrians etc..
  7. Yeah, about that, mate, you looking for a place to rent in chiang mai? Its a lovely condo and The owner is a saint, first month 12000 and 2 month deposit. Let me know if you want a viewing
  8. Are you also seriously blind to the danger? Or just trolling?
  9. Possible. Are you suggesting that I lay low and just wait until the next tenant deposits at which point she would have the money?
  10. No that's the thing, i have stopped like 20 times, and I've been involved in 2 accidents. The first time I was not hit, but two vehicles behind me collided when i stopped. Obviously because of me. The second time was recently and I was driving around 30-40km/h and stopped. Motorbike behind me hit me. And other times when no accidents happened it was close sometimes and sometimes they honked their horns behind me etc. So you have to be: 1. the luckiest man alive. 2. doing something differently, (this is why i'm asking you) 3. Lying to me. *edit* Also every single person that I spoke with in real life thinks it's insanely dangerous to stop, including my driving teacher who was in all other ways very serious about safety. He was visibly upset when i stopped at a stop sign and had a talk with me about how dangerous that is in thailand. Anyway, I bet you're lying at this point. Your story makes no sense at all. No way you stop every time and never had any reaction behind you, that's just impossible here in Thailand.
  11. Hi guys, I am currently fighting to get the deposit money back from my previous landlord (condominium rental). So the deposit was 36000, 12000*2 for deposit + 12000 first months rent. We moved out the last day of March. First she said they need to check the room, a couple of weeks went by. Then I asked again, and they we owe a months rent, and I explained that we paid in advance. This went back and forth until today. Today she admitted that she owes me 24000. BUT, Today she said again that she needs to check the room first. It's been 2 months since we moved out. Can she really postpone checking the room this late? According to our contract it says that she has up to 30 days to pay back the deposit. Because this way she can check for unpaid utility bills etc. The condo was rented in Chiang Mai. The owner lives in Bangkok. Everything has been done by agents etc. She claims she is really busy and don't know when she can go to Chiang Mai to check. I think that's not my problem and that she is in breach of the contract right now. Should I wait for her to go there and I guess she will make up a bunch of damage.. Or should I to the police or something immidately to get a head start in the case? Do I even have a case? At first I just assumed I wouldn't get anything back, but now I'm starting to feel like I have a strong case because her stupid inability to check the room. She has known for like 5 months that we were going to move out end of March etc. She can not have any justification for not checking the room...advice?
  12. A majority of them change lanes without indicating... Smart breed they are...
  13. Wow, and you have no accidents? No close calls? Most people I talked with agrees that what you're doing is extremely dangerous. Do you drive really slowly long before the pedestrian crossing so that people behind you have time to adjust and will have time to break? Or how? Have you noticed any funny reactions behind you?
  14. I think theoritically it could be argued in court that the traffic police have grossly neglected to perform their duties and thus are guilty of something equivalent to manslaughter in thousands. Death penalty would be on the table...