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  1. Great post, lots of info to decode and store :) thanks m8
  2. Nope, not really. But there's some areas in thailand that cater mainly to sex tourists. Pattaya and patong (phuket). Although thats half truths as best too.
  3. To all you people posting about empty bars and restaurants: Can you please mention where you are talking about? Maybe these chinese tourists are flocking to new unexpected areas?? How are the restaurants in chiang mai for example?
  4. That's what im wondering, yes, how many million from china come on some type of arranged tour that will never set foot near pattaya, patong? Or, if its not about sex tourism being the issue,, is it possible they go to china owned restaurants / bars mostly? Ofcourse still most likely just a made up nr from TAT
  5. Its a war on the people. Its a war on the taxpayer. Its a war on police resources (they get wasted on the war on drugs) all in all i like the war on drugs, i give it 2 out of 10 emmies.
  6. Haha no idea what any of that is? Its not the brakes?? :) b-quik is scammers i heard.. Go there to check the brakes and they will try to change the engine, or so ive heard. I will check if that orange stuff is rust.. It didnt look like rust when i used my eyes.. But in the photo it does... Hmm.....
  7. Ok, attached photo of what i hope is something u wanted to see. It seems like silver
  8. At least she is honest heheh. It IS stressful to be speeded out into paranoia and constantly being horny and having to measure drugs to sell lol
  9. Is it possible that you are confusing sex tourists with tourists? The hordes from china might be less sex-touristy? Please dont take this as personal attack. And please for the sake of god dont think i believe the numbers from the officials lol. Just curious here.
  10. Good idea. Im pretty sure its dust or rust. Because when they clean everything it goes away for a few days at least. And yes, they say its normal and not to worry. I believe them. But i still cant accept that its impossible to get rid of the noise.. What type of driving habits would promote this type of thing? Breaking hard? Breaking too often? Breaking too little? Never breaking hard?
  11. are you trying to mock me?
  12. Ok, they didnt say anything about putting anti squeal stuff on the pads. Why wouldn't they?? If i can find a good garage in cm i can ask them to put the anti squeal stuff..
  13. Update, Back in july honda cleaned the breaks and removed a scratch on one of the brakes. After that the sound stopped completely around 2 weeks. Then it came back more and more again. Went back to honda again, they cleaned again, only to have noise come back again after a couple of days! Went back to honda a third time. At this point they said "it's normal, it can happen for the first few brakes when the car has been sitting still for a couple of hours" .. I didn't argue because I don't want to have a bad relationship with these people.. Now what do I do? Is there some garage in Chiang Mai that I can go to besides the official honda one? Should I raise this issue further with Honda? How? *edit* For those that don't remember what the issue is, it's that the brakes make a squeeling/squeeking noise for the FIRST FEW BRAKES every single time the car has been parked for more than 1-2 hours. The only good thing about this problem is that it's 100% reproducible! Meaning, If i park the car 2 hours or so, and then start it and break, the noise is there 100% of the time! As a computer programmer I know bugfixing is always easier when you can reproduce the bug. :)
  14. Cops have tremendous power over people. They can just "find" a bag of heroin in your pocket. Now how you like your chances?? Ofcourse it's a risk for them to behave like this too but hey.... Anyway, corrupt cops that abuse their power by exploiting innocent people have a special place in hell. Frankly, they deserve to get executed for treason as they abuse and betray the power that was trusted upon them by the people of this nation. I understand they need to make a living, but they could go find some actual traffic violators for that.. There's plenty. Meanwhile they are extorting innocents, real murderers, rapists, child molesters are walking free.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "kill cops" or whatever. I'm just saying that cops that behave like this should go to trial / court and be tried for treason and if found guilty they would possibly face the death penalty. I'm no lawyer or expert in Thai law
  15. Yeah and mom&pop are not paying tax on their sales. They are paying tax when they buy from their supplier, or, actually, the supplier somewhere paid tax.. The price increase now is just people being opportunistic!! The real prices will normalize in the coming weeks as everyone restocks and find out the actual price.